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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Rise of The Stepping Stones

Translator: Kazeyuki Editor: Jimmy

At that moment, Xu Sanli utterly believed Qin Wushuang was a retard. A match where one

person would fight against three and with Qin Lianshan and his son as the only fighters? It

must be an intentional joke.

However, to prevent cheating, he still said: ’’Mr. Judge, only the offsprings of the family can

fight in this duel, right? Guest elders or side family members are not allowed to enter the fight,


’’Of course.’’ That representative was not stupid.

’’Then, inside the Qin family's household register, only the father and the son are part of the

family, correct?’’

That representative nodded: ’’That is correct. When it's time, we will check both parties'

household registration to prevent imposters. Whichever family tries to send out an imposter,

they will be disqualified.’’

Xu Sanli sneered: ’’That's great!’’

This way, even if the Qin family had the support of the Venerable Da Xi family behind them,

they need not fear them. Although you may be strong, if you were not in the household

registration, then you obviously would not be able to go on the stage.

Additionally, this duel involved the conflict between the two households. No matter how much

support a third party had given you, in the end, only the offsprings of the family could go up on

the stage.

When he saw that both sides had no objections, the official announced: ’’Since both of you have

finished discussing. Then it is agreed. Only offsprings of each family can enter the fight.

Bribery and fraud are forbidden. Moreover, if the Qin family is going to have one person

fighting continuously, then the Xu family can only send different people to fight each time.’’

To show that it was a fair due, the family that was going to send multiple people to the fight

could not reuse their people in the next round or any other rounds. In short, no one could fight

in the match for twice. Or else, it would turn into a repetitive and meaningless fight.

Both parties checked the waivers and signed the forms when they saw no mistakes. Then, they

stamped their family seals.

Xu Sanli said harshly: ’’Qin Lianshan, let me give you some advice. Go home quickly and prepare

a coffin. Regardless of whether if it's you or your son that will be entering the fight, both of you

will need it.’’

However, Qin Wushuang sneered on the side: ’’How is one coffin going to be enough? You

should prepare at least six coffins so that there will be enough for everyone from the Xu


The Zhen Wu official felt strange when he heard both parties openly threaten each other. Under

typical situations, when families fought for the seats, they always hid their murderous

intentions in their hearts. Rarely would they would be so open as to speak their intentions out


These two families were strange. Before the fight had even begun, they were already cursing at

each other.

Of course, they could only fight through their words. The fight for the Wealthy Class seats

would be the grand finale of this ’’Family Class Evaluation’’ session in River County. Naturally,

this event would take place last.

The fight for the Humble Class seats took place on the first day of the ’’Family Class


The first empty Humble Class seat up for grabs was the Qin family's seat.

Three powerhouses would fight for this seat. They were the Gu and Wen families of River

County and the Niu family of Eastwood Town.

A fight between three families would use the round robin system.

Qin Wushuang coldly watched the members of each of the three families. Although the Qin

family had decided to fight for the Wealthy Class seat, these three powerhouses had always

coveted the Qin family's Humble Class seat. Now, unsurprisingly, these three families were

finally competing for that seat.

Qin Wushuang also did not harbor any real feelings toward these three powerhouses. After all,

these powerhouses had dared to fight for the Qin family's Humble Class seat because they had

looked down on the Qin family. They had intended to bully the Qin family.


To that Gu family, the old Master Xu had supported them in the dark. They had already made an

agreement with Xu Sanli. Once they succeeded in obtaining the seat, the Gu family would take

the Humble Class seat, and Xu Sanli would get seventy percent of Qin family's assets. It was the

reason why Xu Sanli had been eyeing the Qin family for so long.

The Wen family were distant in-laws to Zhang Maorui. Although they had registered for the

fight, with Xu Sanli making his intentions known, they had been half-abandoned by Zhang


’’Father, this match is meaningless. I am going back to the inn first.’’ Qin Wushuang was not

very interested in a fight at this level. He did not want to waste his time.

Truthfully, Qin Lianshan was also furious as he watched them. They were fighting to their

death but were competing to get his Humble Class seat that had belonged to his Qin family. The

more he thought about it, the more frustrated he felt.

Although he had gained some reputation when the Qin family had stepped up to fight for the

Wealthy Class seat, it was a grave offense in the aristocratic circle when people challenged his

Humble Class seat!

Strangely, Qin Xiu also did not wish to watch the show as she agreed: ’’Ok, let's go back.’’

As the grand finale, the fight for the Wealthy Class seat had been arranged to take place after

ten days. In these ten days, they could come to watch freely. If they did not want to watch, there

was no need for them to come.

Of course, few people were free and easy like Qin Wushuang. In the twenty year ’’Family Class

Evaluation’’ session, each of the fights was a life and death battle. In each match, someone

would die for sure. It was very exciting and fulfilling, it was quite a feast for the eyes. Thus,

ordinary people would not miss it unless they had an emergency.

When they returned to the inn, Qin Lianshan stared at Qin Wushuang and lightly sighed.

’’Wushuang, Father has always refrained from asking you certain questions. Today, I want to

understand some things, or else, I will feel uneasy.’’

Qin Wushuang had a rough idea about what his father wanted to ask him. Thus, he calmly said:

’’Father, please ask.’’

Qin Lianshan did not speak immediately but continued to stare at his son with a meaningful

look. His son was a sixteen-year-old. If it were some other kid, they would still be a youngster

and at a stage where he would be enjoying all the fun.

However, his son had already assumed his familial responsibilities. Because of this, he felt

gratified and guilty at the same time.

’’Wushuang, I know that you have been working very hard since a young age. However, no

matter how hard you've trained, it's impossible to reach the Genuine Force at your age. At least

in the history of River County, there are no such records. Tell Father, did you encountered some

fortuitous opportunity when you were training at the Great Cang Mountains?’’

Qin Xiu blinked her eyes: ’’Fortuitous opportunity? What kind?’’

Qin Wushuang laughed: ’’Father has guessed right. I did indeed encounter a fortuitous

opportunity. Regarding what this fortuitous opportunity is about, Father will not believe me

even if I tell you now. I can only promise you that my actions will not let down the Gods and our

family's ancestors.’’

’’Great!’’ A relieved look flashed across Qin Lianshan's face. He remembered the significant

changes that happened to his son in these three or four years through his carefully planned

training routines. Thus, he slowly became reassured, and he said earnestly: ’’Wushuang, I am

relieved after hearing your words. From now on, I will not ask anymore. Starting from today, I

will support everything you are going to do with the Qin family!’’

The Qin father and son smiled at each other. This bond between those of the same bloodline

revealed itself within this smile.

Qin Xiu whispered: ’’Daddy, our Wushuang has grown up!’’

’’Yes, my Qin family finally has an heir!’’ Qin Lianshan sighed with emotion.

Qin Xiu pulled Qin Wushuang's hands to let him sit next to her. She asked conscientiously:

’’Wushuang, tell your sister. Are you sure you can win against the Xu family?’’

Qin Lianshan also stared at Qin Wushuang. He had refrained from asking this question.

He did not forget to conveniently add: ’’If you are unsure, then our Qin family can take a step

back. I believe that our ancestors will understand.’’

Qin Lianshan consoled his son because he wanted to leave his son a way out. While the green

hills still last, there'll be wood to burn. To a Humble Class, the Wealthy Class Xu family was

genuinely a monstrous existence.

Although Qin Lianshan did not wish to be the generation that lost the Humble Class seat, to

achieve a long-term goal, he was willing to take this blame. As long as his son could retrieve

the family's honor and prestige in the future, how much could it hurt if he lost some of his


It was the same when he had vowed before his ancestors in the ancestral hall He, Qin

Lianshan, would carry all the blame and shoulder the disasters. His son, Qin Wushuang, would

enjoy all the honor and reputation.

Qin Lianshan had his plans. The ’’Family Class Evaluation’’ took place every twenty years. After

twenty years, his son would only be thirty-six years old which would be an absolute and

flourishing age.

Qin Wushuang knew his father had given it a lot of thought. Perseverance shone from his eyes

as he stared at his father and sister.

’’Father, Sister, I will make a promise to you! This time, I will certainly take back Qin family's

long lost reputation and status. The Wealthy Class Xu family will be the first stepping stone in

our Qin family's journey in regaining our glory!’’

Between Qin Wushuang's words and his superior confidence, it had significantly influenced Qin

Lianshan and Qin Xiu.

Qin Lianshan could not help but rub his hands when he thought that there was hope of

rebuilding his noble family. He could not help but feel excited even though he was only

imagining their return to glory.

Although he was already forty-eight years old, inside him still burned a will that refused to

lose. His blood was bound to the fate of the family. So tightly bounded, it would never cease

even as he aged!

Qin Xiu let out a sob as tears streamed down her face. Her eyes were red, and she felt quite


Deep inside his heart, Qin Wushuang was also driven by this strange emotion. He knew very

well the importance of family in this world. His father and sister were this excited because deep

inside their souls, they were tightly bound to the family.

The rise and the fall of the family determined an individual's reputation. It would even decide

your survival and death!

Even if it were just to let his family straighten their backs and raise their heads higher, he must

take back this Wealthy Class seat.

Although the harvest would include more than just the Wealthy Class seat, deep inside his

heart, Qin Wushuang hardly cared about these things. He wanted to do this so his father could

smile more and so that he could find a more credible husband for his sister...


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