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Slime Tensei Monogatari - Volume 1 - Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Choosing Softhearted People


They have decided to sleep in preparation for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I was absorbed in thought at the entrance of the cave.

Mira is on a journey from the Elven Village to see the world, she said that she is now under the care of a village nearby.

So recently, it would seem that in the village a child got poisoned by a monster and that won't last for 3 days since there is no medicine. The high level magician that can use detoxification magic is not there in the village, the antidote however is very expensive and cannot be bought easily with the meager income of a villager.

The possibility of it appearing in this area is rare, the monster called Angel Rabbit which has the skills to produce the medicine. That is why Mira is trying to catch it alive in order to make the medicine, there in that area, where she bumped into me.

The reason why it is captured alive is because it is impossible for the human race to acquire the regeneration skill. I may be able to do it if I defeat it but for this girl it is impossible.

The deadline is until tomorrow so there is no longer time, I am no longer able to talk to Mira, about me being able to acquire the skill because she is there crying.

Mira does not seem to have seen the figure of the angel rabbit which I have defeated, although I let it escape, I know that it is around here somewhere and that I can catch it tomorrow if she tells me to. Only me and Butcher knows that it is impossible.

The butcher did not receive compensation, I have to stay silent especially since this is in my information to sell. Whether to tell Mira the truth or not is up to me.

It is already something that I have taken down, there will be no such rare and convenient development such as 2 appearing in the same area.

I can make a cure for that child if you simply think about it. That is all there is to it.

(However, I rarely do something so simple.)

If I make medicine for them then Mira would be grateful, the child will also be saved. This undoubtedly is a good point. I would like to do it if possible.

But, of course it is impossible for it to only have good points. The Angel Rabbit's skill is so rare that adventurers would make a living out of it by looking for it and depending on circumstances they would be watering in the mouth for such a rare gem. Now I understand why the butcher even asked me to hunt it.

I cannot deny that there is a danger that I will be targeted if others find out that I have the skill. And the possibility of that is high.

Right now I am not as fast as an Angel Rabbit. I do not know how strong it is but it goes without saying that it is an easy target.

Making Mira keep quiet about this is absolutely impossible. As long as the contract holds no coercive power like the butcher then there is no stopping anyone from saying it, it is meaningless even if I borrow the power of the butcher. The reason is because the Butcher's contract is not perfect.

Although I do not know the reason why but there is a section that left a hole in the butcher's contract.

I do not think that he purposely entered into a contract just so that he can intentionally deceive me, it seems to be perfect at first sight but in reality it was full of holes.

Firstly, I cannot lie if I do not speak. There is meaning to saying nothing just like what the butcher did. In addition it would probably be safe if I just tell a part of it.

If you think about it in this situation you can already assume that there is something malicious about this deceit, you may think that if you lie that you do not have any malice. In this case I would not no choice but to defend myself.

So many holes appear when you think about it a little. It is close to impossible to cover everything. Even if you are able to make a perfect contract, I still would not trust it completely.

If asked if I would help other people who are at risk of their life being targeted, for me it is impossible. I'm nowhere near being neither a hero nor a saint.

Just to be clear I was originally a salaryman, that's me. Like that I have decided to not burden myself with another person because it risks being broken myself. There is no way that I can endure.

In that case the answer has been decided. I should keep silent as it is.

Even though,

’’Kuso!’’ (EN: Damn it!)

What is this murky feeling that I am feeling inside my heart?. No, I get it. It is a sense of guilt, a resentment towards myself who is nothing more than a hypocrite.

’’It seems like a lot of trouble doesn't it?’’

’’Good grief, what do you want. I have no time to follow along with your jokes.’’

Looking back at that voice, the butcher as always was sneaking up from behind me.

’’I do understand the gist of your problems, I will consider your warning.’’

’’I did not ask.’’

The butcher just kept on talking without even listening to my words.

’’Indeed when you take the Angel Rabbit's skill depending on circumstances, the danger of you being targeted will increase. As for this half this Skeleton suggests not entering considering the compensation, this advice is my true feelings. Your life is precious and that is why on this matter, you should not involve yourself with matters of Mira or that village.’’

It was unexpected that the butcher said that much.I thought that he would evade it or depending on the situation run away but that was not the case.

’’How come?’’

’’You should understand it exactly by all means. This way only one person would be suffer. Right?


So it is foresight isn't it?

’’I know by your actions that you have a very human mind. But, Judging by the fact that you want to help Mira-jou that you are a soft hearted person. But, in this situation you have shown yourself to be a nice guy, you without a doubt will definitely be lost around this area. No matter how much information you try to hide, it would just be a matter of time before everything is revealed.’’

’’Is there a difference if we go to that place and lend a hand?’’

’’To say it clearly, it would be tough. If you go from here, the east and west is blocked by the sea and it would be impossible for you to cross the town down south since you are a monster, the only one remaining is the desert up north but you are a slime, the consumption of your physical strength cannot be compared now since it is a dry place. This environment is suitable for slime wherein you can survive for days without drinking water, so you can live without drinking water for a few days, but in the desert you would need a lot more water than a human. You will probably not endure a few days. ’’

The more I listened, the more hopeless it became. I'm not optimistic enough to survive in such a harsh situation.

’’So, this time you should pretend not to have heard it. This skeleton does not wish such a valuable customer to go die in vain.’’

’’I am an important customer. Well, I will accept your feelings.’’

If the butcher says so seriously, then there is a high chance that it will probably come true in the future.

Then the answer is decided. I do not want to die, that is without a doubt.

Now that I think about it my body is unparalleled, but my heart is frail. The spirit is too fragile to live in this dog-eat-dog world. I do best when I am alone, that is undeniable.


’’Look, butcher’’

’’What is it?’’

’’Wouldn't it not be a problem if you store water in an item box?’’

’’What are you talking about? Please think about the environment not suitable in the first place and not try to solve the problem. You would have a harder time demonstrating your power, enemies as well would also increase right?

’’Wouldn't we be able to manage if you cooperated?’’

’’That may be so’’

The butcher made an unusually rough voice. He was clearly irritated.

’’Cooperation is not possible with Skeleton Merchants. it is impossible to cover it all with just the price of the flesh of an angel rabbit. Even if you pay for the price that matches then, then what?’’

’’For once, I think I might have an idea.’’

Close to sophism, the ridiculous plan was proposed.

’’...... is this alright?’’

I talk honestly as to not appear pretentious.

’’It is my flesh’’

’’Hai?’’ (EN: Yes? But more like Huh?)

’’Iya, I said I will give my meat.’’

’’... are you making fun of this skeleton? Or do you expect to fool me by not giving what I expected?’’

I gently explained it to the angry butcher.

’’No, even if I am desperate I do not plan to make fun of you. It is a contract that I will give you a piece of my flesh everytime I evolve.’’


The attitude of the butcher changes and becomes like a merchant. I wonder if he is calculating profits.

’’Why not I give you products and information that matches that amount Instead of making promises’’

’’That alone is not enough even though that is not such a bad idea.’’

’’It will only be a little bit and for a short while.’’

From here the game is on.

’’What I am saying is that I desire from you is an upfront investment, in other words I would like to receive services in anticipation for my evolution. So that is why you have to make sure that I do not die in order for me to pay the price, I would like you to cooperate so that i can return that debt. As you said to me earlier, the owner of a mighty soul can get a tremendous amount of power even with a little rest. The level goes idiotically high even if you just eat meat,you might even have a chance to obtain skills as well isn't that right? ’’


The butcher did not answer. The latter is completely in the dark and has zero chance of success. I cannot stop here after coming this far, I will just push on ahead.

’’I want you to support me until I become that being. Until then I would rely on you, in a way if it is successful then it would be possible to get the meat of a mighty soul owner as much as possible.’’

’’......I see’’

The butcher falls silent after muttering so. Which way will he fall into, this I have not the slightest clue.

After a while the butcher's mouth opens. Then,

’’Ii deshou (EN: Alright then). Let's accept that proposal.’’

He gave me a nod.

’’Ho, seriously?’’

Good thing it turned out to be the latter and heard me out. Although it is convenient, the risk that it brings to the other party should be great. It was easily permitted even though it was like this,

’’Yeah. If I must say a reason, it something since it is a wonderful idea in which you yourself decided.’’


What on earth does it mean?

’’In this world where it is the survival of the fittest and you would not know when you would die, being able to gain power and make a profit is important. All the more to those people who put their minds into battling monsters. If you die then it is the end if you think about what I said earlier. But this world will let you live in the moment no matter hard you think about for the future, you must try to do it as well. The monsters are, no, even humans in this world are not thinking about it, no even human beings in this world, they would not put into practice or action an innovative idea There is no innocent idea even if they thought about it. Besides I felt that the possibility of another skeleton out there who you could try to easily influence does not exist. I estimated your potential in the future, it is possible.’’

’’I, I see.’’

Thinking about it a few days ago when I first came here I had no idea what to do and I did not care about talking and the gathering the stories. With this I was able to connect the paths that lead to my survival.

Even though the potential of it was like a thin thread, it was still not zero.

’’But, It is no wonder why you thought this far without wanting to forsake this person as well. There is a way for you to be overwhelmingly strong if you become cunning.’’

’’Ah, the reason is simple.’’

Truly worthless, it can't be helped if given such a reason.

’’I cannot forsake a person’’

’’Is that so, you are showing a noble spirit as for this.’’

’’No, it is totally different.In some cases I may as well abandon people. ’’

The butcher tilted his head while I continue.

’’I do not want to die. I fear absolutely nothing more than death. But, at the same time it is equally frightening to abandon ordinary good people.If I came to kill then I would be nothing more than garbage and I would definitely come up with excuses and will not forgive myself.But, I am weak compared to normal people, if I abandon a child I am sure that I would be crushed by guilt. Regret means nothing, eventually I could simply imagine dying unable to bear it. I am weak and I am aware that I am best known for that. If the result does not change whether or not I abandon them, if it is to this degree then then it is better just to deal with it than regret it, I will.’’

’’I cannot help because I am weak, what a strange conclusion.’’

’’Certainly. But, that's me.’’

The answer came out. Then you will only have to go forward without hesitation.

This time I chose to help, but depending on the partner's circumstances I might choose the opposite.

It may be a contradictory to my way of life, but there is no way to live in a living environment that never experiences self contradictory things.

As long as it is not someone special like a hero.

I am not special. But as much as I like to I do waiver, to live a contradictory way of life. There are cases where I would shamefully escape. But that's fine,I am not me if I do not.

There are things that I cannot give up, if I lose it then I would definitely lose everything in my previous world. That is what frightens me above all else.

I will lose something that I cannot remember anymore such as my name.

’’So with that said, hurry up and give me your meat. You are an extraordinarily nice guy.’’

’’Allow me to refuse’’

I was refused normally. Why on earth would I not?

’’I will allocate you meat which I consider good so that we can make you stronger efficiently. It is because the amount of meat that this skeleton possess is only limited. ’’

There is no to complain if you think firmly. Because there is no time to change.

’’There is one thing to do for now, it is time to rest for tomorrow.’’

’’I see, let's do so.’’

Fatigue has accumulated. This will make me sleep immediately.

I entered the cave leaving the skeleton who would remain in that spot for a little while longer. Naturally Mira is sleeping there , but as I felt frustrated as I was falling asleep because I was feeling cold. It may be because of my sleeping posture that my body is coming out of the blanket, naturally it was cold.

’’Geez, can't be helped’’

I will secure my blanket firmly with my tentacles, but does not change the fact that I am trembling since it feels cold. I do not know if there are four seasons in this world but at least it seems not to be summer. Morning and night is quite chilly.

(I do not know if I can use it while sleeping but it is not bad to try.)

The newly obtained heat emission skill, when used in combination with the heat generation skills, the latter skill will produce heat inside my body while the previous skill releases it into the surroundings.

’’Up to this extent huh.’’

Because this skill that can also be used for attacks, carefully adjusting and keeping the temperature at a level so that it does not get hot, this completes slime equivalent of a simple heating equipment.


(I did not sleep well even though I slept that much.)

Since I watched Mira 's facial expression distort because of the cold, I went down to the world of dreams.


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