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Skeleton Knight, In Another World - Volume 8 - Chapter 11


Chapter 11

Volume 08 Chapter 11

Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax

「The Defense of Uiru River」Part 2

The Dragon King Ferufivisurotte seemed small as she soared high amongst the clouds.

As she moved her majestic wings, her massive body collected the surrounding mana, mixing it with her own magic, and gathered the resulting concoction above her head.

The dazzling white sun gradually expanded as Ferufivisurotte poured more and more of her power into the orb.

Down below, the undead began crossing the Uiru river in unison, prompting the elves to prey upon them with their arrows.

However, the overwhelming number of undead meant that those who fell were reduced to stepping stones for the others.

Despite the threat of the elven archers, the humans could only watch as the two hundred thousand undead advanced without fear, while the elves could just wrinkle their brows and continue to fire their arrows.

However, everything came to an abrupt halt──

The Dragon King was primed to unleash her little sun upon the undead in the middle of crossing the river.

When elder Fargus confirmed that, he gave the signal to those who had been waiting nearby.

’’Drop your weapons and get down!! Don't get caught outside the wall!!’’

With the signal given, the unit leaders began instructing their subordinates...... the shouted orders breaking everyone from their shock-induced trance and spurring them to act.

Margrave Branier and the others quickly took a crouching poster with their backs against the wall, leaving only elder Fargas standing on the roof, laughing with teeth bared and a vicious gleam in his eyes.

The moment Branier called out Fargas to see what was going on...... the entire area was blanketed by a white light so intense, everyone unintentionally shielded their eyes.


An intense gust accompanied the ear-splitting explosion, the entire fort shaking as the ground rumbled, and a few soldiers screamed in abject terror.

The resulting upheaval sent wet dirt and pebbles shooting into the sky, covering the soldiers from head to toe in filth and grime.

What in the world happened...... the soldiers tried to confirm that they were still alive, the ringing in their eyes resulting in some rather loud exchanges.

They'd been informed beforehand that powerful magic would be used, and that they would have to brace themselves.

Still, what they had experienced just now was beyond anything any of them could've imagined.

While the humans inside the forts were thrown into a state of confusion, the elven warriors raised their fists to the sky and let out bellowing battle cries.

Elder Fargas didn't even bother to hide his excitement as he stood on the roof of the watchtower, pounding away at his chest.

The soldiers eventually regained their composure after seeing the elves' behavior and checked their weapons before staring out into the massive dust cloud.

The downpour of river water gradually cleared away the obscuring smoke and dust...... the collective attention of the soldiers focused in the direction of the uiru river.

The expressions on everyone's face reflected utter astonishment.

The Uiru river had been completely severed, a vast bowl-shaped crater had been blown into the earth, with the river now flowing directly into said bowl.

The bowl.

The river flowing from the mountains would eventually fill in the crater, and a new lake would be born here.

Countless undead had vanished along with a chunk of the earth as a result of Dragon King Ferufivisurotte's attack, and now less than half of the undead remained.

Margrave Brainier was left speechless by the display of such immense power...... only a groan escaped his lips as he took in the vastly changed landscape.

The stone bridge that previously led to the capital had collapsed as a result of the shockwave.

Only the remnants of the stone foundation remained standing.

’’Hahaha, as expected from Ferufivisurotte-sama! This is it! Although it can not be fired repeatedly, all we have to do is take care of the stragglers!’’

Only one person, elder Fargus, looked upon this spectacle with glee as he hosted his war maul over his shoulder.

The undead could not feel fear in the face of the great magic that had been unleashed, and mindless advanced into the crater.

They lacked the imposing presence their numbers previous offered them and appeared to be nothing more than shambling undead.

’’To desecrate the dead...... the body should be returned to the earth and the soul to the heavens, yet the dead have become the tools of the living.’’

Elder Fargas raised his mallet and pointed towards the remnants of the undead army before loudly shouting orders to the soldiers.

’’With that single blow, our victory is certain!! However, don't relax now! The promised peace of this land can only be obtained after every last undead is slain!! is slain!! Canadian warriors, slay the spider monsters! The others will scatter like leaves!’’

The stunned human soldiers, motivated by the Fargas' speech, raised their weapons towards the sky and joined in on the elves' war cry.

Although more than half of the undead had been exterminated, they couldn't become careless with the remaining ten thousand monsters.

After creating a new lake, Dragon King Ferufivisurotte wasn't in a state where she could unleash another powerful attack anytime soon.

However, the difference between the soldiers' morale when they had no hope of winning and when the victory was within reach was the same as the difference between the heaven and earth.

As the elven archers worked to eliminate the few remaining spider monsters, the elven warriors proficient in melee combat formed small squads and made a sortie.

The elven warriors were used to working in small units and act on the behest of their captain's judgment, but the same could not be said of the human soldiers.

Seeing the elven warriors bravely exiting the forts and seeing his troops standing there awaiting their orders spurred the margrave into action.

’’The cavalry is to be deployed first, sweep away the armored soldiers around the fort! Though they are few in numbers, it would be suicidal to oppose the spider monsters directly, leave them to the elves and only offer assistance when necessary! Drop stones on any enemy that attempts to scale the walls!’’

The Brainier soldiers were in high spirits as they complied to the margrave's orders.

However, Rhoden's forces under the command of prince Sect, who prince Sect, who had been stationed in the second fort, mobilized before they could act.

A thousand cavalrymen sprung from the forts the moment the main entrance was opened. They crushed the enemies they came in contact with, using large spears to deal with the spider monsters, trampling over the enemies like a giant snake.

To maintain the soldier's moral, prince Sect, dressed as a dignified knight, lead the charge himself.

Margrave Brainier observed the dazzling scene from atop the watchtower, before letting out a sign and soothing his wrinkles above his eyes.

’’Such is the strength of the youth...... I can't foolishly fight on the front lines anymore......’’

The faces of his family and the secretary he'd placed in charge of his formal affairs flashed through the margrave's mind as he muttered that statement.

The lack of common sense on display had made him senile for a few moments...... unlike him, the prince would recover quickly and leading from the front would inspire the soldier who would've been in a state of panic otherwise.

A bit of nostalgia for the times when he'd been the young leader brandishing his sword swelled up in the seasoned lord...... and a self-deprecating smile appeared on his face.

However, he gave his head a shack before looking for elder Fargus, the dark elf elder that had reached the same level of seniority as himself.

However, the figure of the massive man was nowhere in sight, and when his gaze returned to the battlefield he caught sight of a strange old man blocking the path of the prince's cavalry.


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