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Shinmai Maou No Keiyakusha - Volume 6 - Chapter 3


Always Wanted to Confess to You[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Nonaka Kurumi had a good affinity with spirits at a young age.

Five years before the tragedy attacked the 《 Village 》, while her older sister Yuki learned sword skills one after another increasing her abilities as a MultisaberSkill-Type Swordsman [1], Kurumi bloomed her talent as a Element MasterSpirit Magician. Right now, among the Element MasterSpirit Magician in the 《 Village 》, her skill developed to the extent that she could fight with one or two.

However──Kurumi couldn't use her ability well right now. The place that usually serves as a channel for the spirits to lend their power would not open that easily. It's because... they have come to the Demon Realm.

Wildart is a city which served as stronghold of the Moderates faction. In the past, this city was declared as the strongest, ruled by the Demon King Predecessor Wilbert for generations, a luxurious royal castle and bustling castle downtown. Surrounded by the rich nature of the forest Oldora, Nonaka Kurumi right now, was at the middle of the Fost River which flowed nearby Wildart Castle.


As Kurumi stood still in the riverbank as rocks and gravels roll, she reached her left palm which materialized the spirit gauntlet [2] to reach the water surface of the river, her consciousness was concentrated and the channel for sprits was opened.

Simultaneously, in the Soul Purity Arts that Kurumi pushed out in her left hand, ──a magic circle unfolded in the thin air, disturbing the flow of water in the river. A vortex began to gradually occur and grew to a size of a meter, and the water rolled up to the sky. As small droplets fell down, Kurumi raised her concentration once more, and the water that shot up gradually formed a certain divine beast.

A dragon.


From the top of a huge rock nearby, the little succubus companion who followed after her raised a voice of admiration ── she's Naruse Maria. In front of what Maria is seeing right now,


Kurumi unexpectedly made a severe expression── At once, the shape of the water which curled upwards lost control, the dragon's shape turned for worse, and the large quantity of water fell down the surface of the river like a waterfall in the sky.

’’Isn't that amazing Kurumi-san? Today, compared to yesterday, you're able to use it up to this extent.’’

’’......this isn't that good at all.’’

To Maria who claps her hands in admiration, Kurumi replied with a frown.

──What Kurumi called for was a spirit of a water attribute. Usually, Undine and Nereids, and various spirits such as Apsaras [3] lend their powers to Kurumi.

But due to the Demon Realm's[4] influence, Kurumi wasn't able to open a channel with spirits well right now. She should be able to produce an even bigger water dragon if that isn't true, and make them soar into the sky just as it is──but the results ended up to a degree that even a small size wasn't possible to maintain.

Even as she appealed to a spirit like usual, their voice and reactions felt very distant. Perhaps Kurumi today can only take out half of her powers in comparison to when she's in the human world.

Maria gave a bitter smile, then jumped off from the top of the rock and closed the distance to Kurumi. Then,

’’Well, since training is going to end soon, let's have lunch. The maid in the kitchen had made us sandwiches.’’

Maria opened a big basket held in her hands and showed it to Kurumi. With meat and vegetables in the inside, the sandwich also have jam-packed various ingredients such as eggs tightly. As expected of a dish from an entrusted maid serving at a castle indeed, it seemed so delicious even by only looking.

’’Isn't this amount a little too much to eat for only two people...?’’

’’Because Kurumi didn't eat a proper meal this morning, this is just right as it is’’


To the words of Maria, Kurumi went silent. She's right──Kurumi had hardly eaten her breakfast. Though she took a seat in the dining room and started eating, she left the seat in a hurry.

Kurumi's behavior is something that cannot be permitted. Beside the quiet Kurumi, in a hemp-woven rag, Maria took a seat, laid her back to the grass of the dry riverbed and asked,

’’...Are you still angry about Basara-san and Zest-san's Master and Servant Contract?’’

She's right──this morning, Kurumi was told by Basara that he and Zest made a Master and Servant contract.

Of course, before coming to the Demon Realm, declaring ’’It's necessary to protect Zest, so a Master and Servant contract should be made’’ is really the kind of what the gentle Basara does. Kurumi thought so and agreed upon. However, when she was made to hear that it happened ──Kurumi knew the fact that she admitted him to have a Master and Servant Contract with Zest due to her condition. But,

...I can't believe it, to think that even sis or Mio not to say anything...

For Mio who was targeted by Zolgear, to even have a connection to the one that murdered her adoptive parents cruelly──She was so to speak was the sole enemy for Mio and Basara. As for Zest who was a subordinate of such a man to enter a Master and Servant Contract with Basara, even if real thoughts came from their lips, Kurumi thought that those intentions will never be accepted no matter what.

However──after a brief silence, Yuki and Mio approved the contract of Basara. Kurumi cried ’’What!?’’ immediately, and stood up from her chair,


Kurumi wasn't able to say anything more than that. Because in the past, she had become undoubtedly an enemy of Basara before. Therefore, since Yuki and Mio who have not betrayed Basara accepted it, Kurumi had no choice but to accept.

──Still, everybody seemed to have understood Kurumi's feelings. Basara and Zest whom are to blame remained silent for granted, and for sure, the three people: Yuki, Mio and Maria also understood Kurumi's and Basara's feelings, so they didn't say anything. However, unable to bear the eyes which turned to her right now──as she came to her senses Kurumi ran out of the dining room and walked along the hallway alone. Then, passing each other by chance on the hallway, Kurumi asked Noel the housemaid whether there is a river nearby, and told her this place.

──There was a reason why Nonaka Kurumi wanted to come to the river.

Before the tragedy that happened five years ago, when Basara was still in the 《 Village 》of the Hero Tribe──Kurumi had often gone out to play in a nearby river with Basara and Yuki. Fishing together, swimming together, they get along well just like true siblings. Being the younger one,Kurumi always loved Basara and Yuki, and piled up many wonderful memories with the two people.

One time, those memories──due to the tragedy five years ago, she thought that they were lost completely.

After the sad reunion five years after, they had fought one time──still, Basara remained unchanged from the old days, and valued Kurumi as she was. Therefore, even though it's her mission to live under the same roof as them, she was really happy. Even little by little, she thought that that she could go back to the old days from the bottom of her heart. She actually wanted to come to this river together with everyone. While remembering her childhood with Basara and Yuki and their past relationships, she wanted to make a new memory here, with Mio and Maria added. And then──if desired, Kurumi won't even mind even if Zest was there.

...However, she making a Master and Servant Contract with Basara is a different story.

She heard the story that Zest has a power of an S class. By making a Master-Servant Contract with Basara, she'll become stronger than before, raising his power, thus finding herself useful to Basara.


Nonaka Kurumi thought──she doesn't want to lose to Zest.

Therefore when Kurumi came here alone, she began her training in order to manage even a little the darkness element that she got from Lucia. Maria followed behind a little later. As Maria finished arranging the sandwich and side dishes on the seat,

’’Anyway, let's have lunch first. The brain doesn't act properly when hungry, and I think that's not good in various ways.’’

She said so, beckoning her. Therefore,


As Nonaka Kurumi nodded, she sat down next to Maria and began eating the food on that day.


The sandwiches the maid had made were delicious.

Though they thought that the amount in the basket was too many to fill in two people, partly due to the fact of almost runniing outside in the morning, she was able to eat it up with Maria in no time. Even if feeling depressed, if the stomach is filled with something good, a person can get well in a little while.

Was the state of Kurumi being perceived? Maria said with a smile.

’’Hey, have you had your meal properly?’’ ’’......Un[5]. Thank you.’’

As soon as Kurumi finished eating, Maria poured a drink to a cup from a portable jug,

’’Here, Kurumi-san.’’ ’’Thank you......’’

As she received it, the tea in the cup raised a warm steam. Filling her with a faint sweet warmth and fragrance from her mouth through her nose as she sipped it, Kurumi relaxed her body naturally. Then,

’’──Did it settle you down a little?’’

Maria said with gentle eyes.

’’Because Kurumi-san is a Element MasterSpirit Magician... if you use magic in that in that irritated state, even if you are a part of the Hero Tribe, don't you think that spirits in the Demon Realm would turn cautious and wouldn't answer?’’

’’I wasn't particularly irritated...’’

As Kurumi told in a sulky way, Maria who gave a bitter smile replied,

’’I know that you're bothered with Basara-san and Zest-san... You could relax with a delicious meal and a cup of tea. This is more deserving rather than wasting yourself feeling depressed.’’


Maria was certainly right... to establish an emotional bond with the spirits of the Demon Realm, if you don't believe in it in the first place, it won't start. But even as she focused on how she materialized her spirit gauntlet and fitted in the slot, for spirits of highly compatible attributes it was duller than usual.


Even though things appear this way, there is still an improvement. Yesterday, when they have only just arrived in the Demon Realm, elements completely become corrupted due to the evil influence, and she wasn't able to feel any spirits from within.

So Kurumi, reaching to the point of using magic to this degree was because of that woman who gave the dark element which made contacts with the spirits of the Demon Realm made easier.

’’...What do you think about my older sister?’’

While looking at the element of the dark color that fitted into the slot, Kurumi replied.

’’To me, who was given such a thing... and even getting along well with her, I'm thankful. However, isn't she the adjutant of Ramses who dislike Mio?’’

’’it is so... that merciless Lucia ane-sama[6], to be on good terms with me and even give me a special treatment, it's difficult just to think about it.’’

Hmm, thinking through, Maria said

’’Possibly, she may have taken a liking to Kurumi personally, don't you think?’’

’’How... I, what part did your sister took a liking in particular?’’

’’Oh my ── then don't you have any ideas?’’

’’There is no way, right?’’

Kurumi replied with an immediate answer, then

’’......Hmm, is that so?’’

Maria uttered in a casual tone,

’’──then I'll tell you’’

She replied, pushing down Kurumi on her seat.

’’Wai- Maria...?’’

Kurumi uttered and cried in surprise, but her clothes were unbuttoned until the front was opened up all the way by Maria's experienced hands. And, as Maria reached out her hands and took off the hook of Kurumi's skirt,

’’I heard it. the office of Lucia ane-sama yesterday’’


Startled and gasping for breath, in that small opportunity even the hook and the zipper was opened, and the skirt of Kurumi was dragged down.

’’ not it......!’’

Though Kurumi tried to stop her desperately while turning red, before the physical strength of Maria who is a power type, her resisting at this level became futile. afterwards,

’’I, until now, have been cooperating so that Kurumi-san could catch up to Yuki-san and Mio-san. Nevertheless, Doing it with Basara-san in front of Lucia Ane-sama without me addition, hearing that it's because of you stealing glances at Basara-san that it happened, is it true?’’

Maria asked, stripping off Kurumi's jacket together with her brassiere.

Yaa......I, idiot!’’

Kurumi tried to cover her chest with both hands in a hurry, but Maria bound both of her arms with her tail, making Kurumi raise both of her hands on the top of her head. And, revealing the good things that the both hands were blocking, while Maria slowly unclothes the socks and shoes of Kurumi one by one,

’’Fufu, Kurumi-san is such a bad person...... in the bath last night, didn't you say such things right?’’

’’but, tha-that's because...’’

Without regarding the hesitation of what she wants to say, Maria continued unclothing Kurumi──and then,


Kurumi raised a voice that seemed to faint at last.

With her upper body naked, she has been left with only her panties. Exposing her skin under the blue sky which reddened in shyness, Maria looked down with eyes that seemed to have ignited her succubus instinct, and took off her own clothes too. Then, as she ended up only in her panties similar to Kurumi,

’’For Kurumi to be liked by Lucia ane-sama, I'm very happy as a friend. There is no need to hide anything. Really now...... there is no need to be reserved in these sort of things for me.’’

Maria made a small laugh.

’’──Now I have to punish you for this’’

She said, and began prying open her both legs.


Though Kurumi tried to refuse desperately, she wasn't in a state to resist as both of her hands were bound up. As she entwined her legs around, Kurumi's modest chest was rubbed lasciviously by Maria's own chest──and now,

’’ah, Aaahh......AaaaaAaahh♥’’

Kurumi leaked a sweet cry. The pleasure brought of the touches of love of the succubus Maria is unbelievable. Additionally, Kurumi, to the whisper of the devil called Maria to catch up to Mio and Yuki, indecent things have been done to her almost every day by Maria in the Toujou house.

Of course, Kurumi's body completely remembered the taste of that pleasure──though she didn't enter a Master and Servant Contract in particular, her body has made sensitive almost the same as Mio and Yuki recently.

’’Yaaah......I, such thing......, outside......’’

Though ashamed, her body trembled helplessly in the sweet sensations running through her whole body. Then,

’’It's all right...... I'll make Kurumi-san a woman of Basara's liking who doesn't lose even to Mio-sama and Yuki-san’’

Maria replied, then tried to lick her cheeks this time.

’’Ah ──...’’

I can be a woman that Basara would come to like ── as she thought so, she accepted Maria's unreasonableness, and as Kurumi became weak to pleasure,

’’Fufufu...... other than Basara-san, who in the world is it that Kurumi likes? I'll make you remember properly’’

Maria, while expressing a sadistic smile, put her lips near her left side quietly.

And then ── the next moment, her weakest place was breathed with all her might,

’’! ──FUaaaaaaaaahhhnn ♥’’

Nonaka Kurumi, reaching her peak under the blue sky, raised a flirtatious voice as her body trembled in delight.

Part 2[edit]

Doing an exciting act outside, Maria was more intense than usual.

Caressing Kurumi's body dearly until she's completely unable to stand up, she continued giving pleasures of a woman badly until Maria is satisfied. Therefore, it has not become just a simple training anymore ──afterwards, having taken a break till the sun sets, the two people returned to the Wildart Castle.

And now, heading for the bathroom, Kurumi stepped her foot inside. She couldn't return for the reason of having a smell of a woman, though she washed it at the river with Maria, her body had become a little chilly by that cause.

If she caught a cold with this, she herself will become an even more burden to everyone.

She wanted to avoid such pitiable situation,


Because she has taken such an attitude on that breakfast, it is still difficult for her to face everyone.

Especially ── Basara and Zest, as she didn't know how she should receive them.

Though she couldn't keep on running away forever, she wanted to delay it a little more... and as Kurumi parted with Maria at the hallway, she took off her clothes in the dressing room, went full bare, and set foot in a large indoor bath.

Then, though it's still early for dinner, Kurumi found that there were figures of somebody who came ahead of her in the wash place[7].

It was Yuki and Mio.


The moment Kurumi raised her voice in awareness, the two people who have been washing their own bodies noticed her. To Kurumi who had an awkward expression in a moment, Yuki and Mio looked at each other, then expressed a gentle expression at once.

’’Welcome back Kurumi...’’

’’Maria seems to have gone to you, did that child cause you trouble?’’

They greeted with a smile. It was an expression that didn't mind what Kurumi had done this morning at all ── for this reason, as Kurumi approached at Yuki and Mio apologetically,

’’...Both of you, I'm sorry for this morning.’’

She spoke words of apology while bowing her head.

’’Although elder sisters had agreed upon the contract of Basara......Of all things, I did such behavior’’

And as Kurumi looked at the girl gentler than herself with pure intentions

’’And on how Mio... after all that things Zolgear has done to you, still accepted it.’’

’’There isn't anything for Kurumi-chan to apologize. I also, am a little surprised at myself... After talking about it with Basara beforehand, to tell you the truth my feelings are too complicated understand even for myself after all. (!)

As Mio gave a wry but gentle smile,

’’Hey, sit here.’’

She moved the bath chair and placed it down next to them.

The space between Mio and Yuki had become available. However, Kurumi couldn't sit down on that chair. Between these two people... it was the seat similar to the dining room this morning. Kurumi became emotional, as it was the place which she ran away from. Then,


To Kurumi who stood there, Yuki gently pulled her hand towards that place.

Then, having got the permission, Kurumi sat down carefully.

’’Kurumi...... your body is a little cold’’

Noticing her body temperature, Yuki uttered. Kurumi nodded deeply.

’’...Because I entered to the river outside a little while ago’’

’’Then, step in the bathtub early to get warm......we'll continue the talk over there’’

In the suggestion of Mio,Kurumi nodded again, and washed down her body in hot water.

And then── Kurumi went to the bathtub with Yuki, submerging herself in the hot water, sandwiched between the two people. Wrapped up in tender warmth, it relieved the tension in their bodies, relaxing them for a bit.


To each hands that were feeling the stone bottom, Mio and Yuki's hands overlapped hers gently.

’’──About Basara and Zest, there is a reason that I permitted it’’

Making an introduction, Mio on the left said,

’’The reason that I permitted the contract of those two, is all thanks to Yuki and Kurumi-chan.’’

’’... elder sister and I?’’

’’That's right. Yuki and Kurumi-chan, didn't you guys fought against me and Maria at first? But now, we are all living together. Though it was all thanks to Basara's assistance, it is really dangerous if you think about it, no matter what Basara says to you two, aren't we taking advantage of him overlooking us?’’


’’Yuki and Kurumi-chan didn't do such a thing...... because you believe that Maria and I won't ever harm Basara, right?’’

’’Well that's......’’

To her hesitation to voice out her affirmation, Mio smiled, then,

’’I am also the same, right? Without opposing Basara, Yuki and Kurumi accepted us as friends, therefore I also thought you as such too.’’


’’While meeting Zest again in the Demon Realm... Right now, revealing her lack of intention of harming us, I thought that it's possible to approach her in the same way as Kurumi-chan, don't you think? Plus, while working as a maid and Sheera-san's bodyguard, when you see her who is looking at Basara with eyes which seems to be in pain...... I see my former self overlapping her.’’

’’Mio's former self......?’’

’’Yes... After father and mother were murdered by Zolgear, I have been through various circumstances. There was a time that I even couldn't put my trust on anyone aside from Maria──a man above all in particular.’’

Mio stated with a face as if remembering something unpleasant, then abruptly made a gentle expression.

’’However... to us who approached and deceived him from the start, Basara was still gentle. After knowing about our circumstances, he chased us all the way in order to help us. At that time, Yuki advised Basara not to be involved with me anymore...’’

But, Mio;

’’Basara said that that he will still protect me... and Yuki will remain as his an important childhood friend, but that doesn't mean he did forgot what happened five years ago, so if the Hero Tribe who protects this world can't protect me, then it will be his duty.’’

That's what I that time.

’’if it's Basara and Jin-san, I believe that they are reliable. Such thing as Zolgear, our trusted lawyer, the men in town, there are no such man as them. Like a true family... like Onii-chan, they are people who think of me importantly.’’


’’Thinking about it, it was so wonderful that I cried.’’

To the expression that Mio showed,


Once more, Kurumi understood the feelings of the girl named Naruse Mio towards Basara. That profile too, that she had gazed ever since she was young──Yuki was also the same when she yearned for him.

’’For Zest who was entrusted to the Moderates, Sheera's existence, probably, was just like Maria's case for me, I think. And, as I encountered Basara, and having needed that fellow, Zest met Basara too, and like that──he was needed. Yuki and Kurumi-chan too, even though we had met through various ways, Basara and I altogether accepted you in the end. And, Basara, with the same feelings at that time when he helped me, was trying to help Zest.’’


’’For this reason, I have to accept Zest... I think.’’

’’Even she is the subordinate of the enemy who murdered your parents?’’

Kurumi asked, and nodding with a ’’yes’’, Mio;

’’But supposed that...If Zest was the one who killed my parents, I would never forgive her. But she's not... and as for opposing us, it was only in accordance with Zolgear who is her creator and as his subordinate. Then, it is just the same as with Maria being threatened on the pretext of Sheera-san's safety. In addition, Zolgear who was the main culprit for all of this was no more. Being on good terms with each other all of a sudden may be difficult, but by understanding each other little by little, I think we can.’’

It was the statement that made them accept the Master and Servant Contract of Basara and Zest from the bottom of their hearts. Then,

’’...elder sister?’’

Looking towards the opposite direction, Kurumi asked,

’’My thoughts haven't changed ever since five years ago.’’

Yuki said in a smooth tone.

’’Even this time, I'll still follow Basara ── and for that I became stronger.'


’’Basara right now, in the same way as that time when he protected me five years ago, has been desperately protecting everybody... My mission is to protect his side and support him. If their thoughts are the same as I, they may be accepted as a companion separately. But if it's the opposite──’’

Suddenly, Yuki stared with cold eyes,

’’──if there is an existence which seriously tries to hurt Basara, who ever that is, I won't forgive them. Even it is Zest...or even Mio and Maria’’

Mio who heard it leaked a wry smile. But rather than being disgusted, it was a bitter smile that felt a certain kind of hope.

──However, Kurumi wasn't able to smile. Instead, she asked in a soft voice.

’’.........Even me?’’

’’.........As I said. I would not permit any existence to seriously hurt Basara.’’

Therefore, the hand which was held in the hot water was clenched. Then, she gently embraced her.

’’Elder sister......’’

Kurumi in which her waist was held in, looked up at Yuki before her eyes with a little surprise,

’’Until now, and also from now on──I know best that such behavior is impossible for Kurumi. When coming with Takashi and Shiba before, even though you said that you hate him so much, you didn't seriously try to kill Basara till the end’’

Yuki smiled, and gently pat her head. From there, Mio,

’’...You know, after Kurumi-chan left this morning, Did Maria go to Kurumi's place by the river afterwards to have lunch later on?’’

’’? Un...’’

Saying in a significant tone, Kurumi nodded to her question,

’’That, you see, if someone were to take Kurumi back, she should be the most suitable... well, this was because Maria volunteered for the position.’’

To this extent, the lunchbox was brought intentionally. As for being worried about her she understood it, but,

’’Maria... she has a reason why she did it that way.’’

After coming to the river──Maria also had a similar feeling that was close to Kurumi.

For her worries, she was grateful, though she had been pushed down forcibly at the end, she certainly thought that she would intend to leave it unsettled for pleasure as always, but,

’’...then, perhaps, even now...?’’

In the Toujou Household, well, Maria had often entwined with Kurumi in various ways ── could it be that, were she doing that on purpose for the sake of Kurumi? As Kurumi yearned for gratitude to Maria,

’’But, Maria's just like that, losing her calm more than usual, a fellow who has been trying to chase behind Kurumi-chan immediately. Though Kurumi-chan couldn't understand the Master and Servant Contract with Zest at once and left, that person said ’’I must explain it to her properly’’ with a straight face.’’

Mio's voice said with a smile.


To Kurumi who asked again in reflex,

’’Well, we saying such things had gotten an adverse effect... and thus Maria went. So...’’

Fufu, Mio laughed,

’’We then were able to leave Kurumi-chan as it is. Maria asked the maid for a box lunch, then went to Kurumi-chan's place as soon it was ready. It took her some time, but... right now for the current Kurumi-chan, due to the influence of newly arriving to the Demon Realm, is unable to take out her original powers. It is for something to do in the meantime’’


’’Even though you didn't call out, so as to make sure you weren't in danger, Maria came out without notice. That said, there was also a guy who chased after Kurumi immediately──did you not notice?’’

’’...Basara, to me?’’

’’Yes. By the way, the maid who prepared the lunchbox which Maria took... Who do you think it is?’’


To the implied words of Mio, Kurumi wasn't able to speak anything. Then,

’’Kurumi... as you come out from here, to those two’’


To the question urged by Yuki, Kurumi nodded obediently.

I'll apologize to the two people properly, and give them my gratitude──she thought strongly in her heart.

Part 3[edit]

Kurumi however, wasn't able to tell those words of gratitude to Basara and Zest during dinner.

Before the two, Kurumi wasn't able to confess her feelings. It's because

──Basara and Zest didn't show up at the dinner table.

Basara didn't only just entered a Master and Servant Contract with Zest last night. Regarding Kurumi's affairs Basara explained midway, though Mio didn't know the reason either, it is said that Basara made a conflict with Ramses who was the present top of the moderates.

His chasing of Kurumi who have gone out this morning has become a problem, and because of that, they are forbidden from going outside the Wildart Castle. Basara was forbidden from going out of his guest room tonight, so he was unable to meet Kurumi until tomorrow morning. A maid was standing in front of his room, preventing anyone from going in and out.

In addition, Zest making the bentou which Maria brought to Kurumi, was blamed for entering the kitchen in defiance of the original order imposed to her, which was rearranging the archives.

──Normally, entering the kitchen wasn't supposed to become a huge problem.

But, even though there was Sheera's mediation, having made contract with Basara without notice to Ramses, Claus and the other moderates seemed to have quite an impact to them. Although Sheera talked to Ramses and the others to ignore the matter of the Master and Servant Contract, Basara had done another problematic conduct this time, spreading to Zest which became his subordinate. In other words,

...both of them, were my faults......

Night at Wildart Castle──as the moonlight creeped in behind the courtyard, Nonaka Kurumi sat down on one knee. Before that, she was in the guest room fitted for a girl, taken care of Mio and Yuki, until she became impossible to endure and left the room ──arriving at this courtyard.

’’...though I don't intend to stand in their way with my behavior...’’

Knowing how long herself been troubling everyone around her, Kurumi bore an intense self-hatred.

Then again── there were also other existences worrying about Kurumi besides Basara and Zest.

Ever since she came back from leaving the castle, she didn't see Maria's figure at all. According to the story of Noel the housemaid, there seems to be a person who saw Maria being invited into the room of Sheera, her mother, but when she was called for dinner, there weren't even an answer inside the room. After looking inside, there were not a single sign of the two people.

......don't tell me, Maria too......?

Because she was connected to the issue with Basara, it seemed that she was also punished as Zest was.

Because of the incident with Zolgear, the situation of Maria who has betrayed Basara in order to help Sheera who was taken hostage, at present, is in a very delicate position among the Moderates. Yesterday after arriving at the Demon Realm, she was called by Lucia and was severely punished to an extent in her office.

Worrying about Kurumi, Basara went outside, but Maria didn't chase Kurumi immediately, for the reason of letting Zest prepare their lunch box. According to that point of view, Maria was connected to Basara and Zest's misconduct. Finding an opportunity for something like a false charge to find an error of the other party's behavior, then blaming them and putting one selves in an advantageous position is commonplace in politics, therefore a calm judgement is required more than anything.

’’...I have to be careful’’

Nonaka convinced herself once more, and put up her face which was looking down.

She has certainly troubled Basara and Zest, and may have also involved Maria ── that's why she mustn't trouble them any further. Though she is not a leading figure of the government, Mio who inherited the traits and talents from the family line of the Demon King Predecessors had set foot to the spot that greatly affected the fate of the Demon Realm. That matter in question must be borne in her mind ── As Kurumi renewed her determination, a person came and quietly stepped over the lawn of the courtyard.


On the spur of the moment, Kurumi stiffened and stood up on the spot.

What had come was a single maid. However, that maid is different from the amiable Noel and other gentle maids, a beauty with coldness of absolute zero. After that,

’’──What are you doing in a place like this?’’

Looking down, Lucia approached before Kurumi's eyes. Those eyes, are the same eyes that witnessed Kurumi fall into pleasure by Basara. Recalling those as she reached in front of her,

’’......nothing......I just want to be alone for now.’’

Reddening her cheeks in embarrassment combined with tension, Kurumi averted herself to those eyes.

’’I see... ── by the way, did you see mother and my younger sister?’’

’’No, I didn't see them... I was here for a while, so...’’

Answering honestly because it's no use to lie, Kurumi asked again on the contrary.

’’You haven't seen them? I thought you had dinner with the two together...’’

’’Yes. They seemed to have disappeared somewhere. I don't know where.’’

’’Are they ok? That... they may be dragged into some trouble?’’

Kurumi became uneasy of Maria not returning. Then,

’’Don't worry about it. Mother and little sister's disappearing is because they are running away from me.’’


’’Though I can't tell you the details, those two are fine... rather, this would be a whole lot better. It's just because they had done a selfish behavior without me noticing.’’

’’I-is that so...’’

Though she said it displeasingly, No serious tone was seen in those words of Lucia. Perhaps, those two extravagant people have conducted a behavior that angered her.

Knowing that Maria is safe, Kurumi heaved a sigh of relief.

’’...On a side note, I cannot help but admire them very much.’’

Saying so in reproving tone, Lucia touched those cheeks softly.

’’I have received the report of the story of Basara-dono and Zest. About those two having been blamed, perhaps you may feel responsible, but...if you're all alone in this place, you will only make those people around you worried for nothing again. You shouldn't become a stupid daughter who repeats the same mistake over and over.’’


As she said in a gentle voice, Kurumi looked down and remained silent.

Lucia, in the present top of the Moderates ── is the adjutant of Ramses. Typical to politics, although they have the same agreement to avoid Mio become a Demon King, because Ramses is harsh to Mio, they have a complicated relationship and are emotionally fighting against each other.

──But now, Lucia was gentle to Kurumi. The first time she saw her, she could only think of her as a coldhearted woman, and when the succubus'baptism was poured in front of her in her office, she even felt awe in her overwhelming force. However ── when she came to see the state of Kurumi and Maria later on, it became a cool atmosphere that lets you feel the gentleness inside, and when Kurumi tried to use the spirit magic at the Demon Realm, she even gave a darkness-colored element to her.

Certainly, she thought that Lucia wasn't interested in the likes of Kurumi, but,

’’──that reminds me, how was the condition of the element that I handed over?’’

She said so, continuing the conversation.

’’I heard that you went to the river and tried it in various ways.’’

’’Though I can execute it... usually, as compared to the power at that time that I spent in the Human Realm, it was awful.’’

Without understanding why Lucia paid attention to her, Kurumi waved her neck from side to side.

Yesterday, Maria can exercise it to a playful degree without a problem from the bathtub of the large indoor bath.

However, it was far too ineffective to be used against an opponent in battle. Thereupon,

’’...Can I see your state for a moment?’’

As requested by Lucia, Kurumi materialized the Soul Purity Gauntlet on her left hand, and switched the main slot to the darkness element that she got from her. As Lucia took her left hand,


She stared at the dark colored crystal ball fitted into the slot patiently.

──in this situation, Kurumi shouldn't get along well with Lucia this much.

However, she got this from her. she cannot refuse if she wanted her to show it to her,


The relationship between Maria and Lucia, though they are sisters, is a little constrained in some way. Therefore, Kurumi who can get along well with Maria to have an interaction with Lucia, as long as their relationship improved even a little── Kurumi wants to be useful to them.'s also because,

Kurumi too, after the tragedy five years ago── after Basara left the village, her relationship with her elder sister Yuki became somewhat awkward. However, when Basara was made to fight when the village assumed Mio as an extermination target, Kurumi and Yuki's relationship was restored because of that.

── Of course, she doesn't think that she can do the same thing as Basara. Yet this morning, Maria worried about Kurumi chased after her. For Maria's sake, she wants to repay this kindness even a little──Kurumi is willing to do what she can. Then,

’’I see......certainly, it appears that it is still in its sleeping state.’’

’’...sleeping state?’’

To Kurumi who asked like a parrot in return, Lucia nodded with a ’’yes’’.

’’Just like what I already told you, divine protection of a high ranking spirit dwells in this element. However, that doesn't mean that it has an effect of protecting the user. Only a part of a young spirit body resides in this crystal ball, separating it from the high ranking spirit.’’

’’That means... it's the same as our 'sacred treasures'so to speak?’’

The Demonic Sword『Brynhildr』of Basara and the Spirit sword 『Sakuya』of Yuki, and also the Soul Spear 『Byakko』that Takashi used in the Extermination mission of Mio. Each weapon alone possesses a strong power, but that's not all. If it has recognized its user like Yuki, the user can utilize its original abilities at its maximum power.

’’Yes. If you can perfectly establish a bond and unite with the spirit, the element will be awakened, and will come to lend you its original power.’’

Simply because there is no ’’established bond with the spirit’’ that Lucia says, Kurumi's condition is still the same as she showed Maria by the river. To her who fell silent,

’’──The ’’Negative[8]’’ part inside yourself, accept it.’’

Lucia said with eyes staring at her.

’’As you know, there exists the『Holy attribute』and the 『Dark attribute』, and the Hero Tribe can borrow both of these powers. Basically, just like when you operate on ’’Positivity[9]’’, to use the Dark Attribute, we the Demon Race utilize it using ’’Negativity’’... however, this ’’Positive’’ and ’’Negative’’ rather than good and evil, has a concept that is almost near as the plus and minus [10] or positive and negative values of temperature.’’ (!)

And now,

’’Perhaps until now, to establish a contract with the ’’Positive’’ spirits in order to borrow their power in this world, you have also tried to be ’’positive’’ by yourself. To appeal to the spirits in order to borrow reasonable power... naturally, that is the right way to perform it in the human world. It's because most of the spirits in your world belong to the ’’positive’’ state.’’


’’That method does not apply in this Demon Realm. In this world where Dark Magic is strong, most of the spirits here exist in the ’’negative’’ state. Even if you appeal as ’’Positive’’, spirits will only be cautious. Rather than that, I'm surprised that you had borrowed power in that way even a little.’’

After telling her, Lucia quietly embraced Kurumi, and then,


’’There's no need to fear thinking that as a mistake. Both the positive and negative are parts of you...... if you understand these things properly and communicate with a spirit, they should respond to you for sure.’’

’’......I understand. I'll give it a try.’’

In the arms of Lucia, Kurumi honestly nodded. Then,


The beautiful maid succubus softly applied a little more force to her embrace.

Then──the hand which rested in her waist fell down for some reason, and softly touched Kurumi's butt. Putting up some fingers, to that fingerwork that felt and stoked the place accurately,


Sniffling sweetly, her body wiggled and raised a discomfited cry. Afterwards,

’’Nonaka are too good after all’’

Lucia said in an amorous voice.

’’Yesterday, from the time when Basara did it with you, as I thought──You are very cute’’

Then, her fingers made a snap. In an instant,

All of the sewn clothes of Kurumi were removed, and pieces of cloth fell to the ground in a blink of an eye. Even the bra disintegrated, and in just a moment made Kurumi with only a single piece of panty,


She tried to scream in reflex, but her lips are sealed gently by the hand of Lucia.

’’Do not be surprised. The skill of this level, is a very easy task for me who has mastered the maid's work.’’

Kurumi, who was told for granted, as she was pushed down on top of the lawn with her mouth being blocked up,


This is bad, and as Kurumi whose flustered instincts tried to escape from the hands of Lucia,


After witnessing Lucia's pair of eyes looking down at her, she forgot to resist in an instant. What was over there, in truth was the reverse of the usual coldhearted eyes of Lucia──romantic eyes which seemed to be totally charged with heat. Those eyes, similar to Maria's expression as she trained her to become the girl of Basara's preference,

’’During the day in the Demon Realm, it seemed that you had done it with Maria in broad daylight ... in that case, this time in the broad moonlight of the Demon Realm, I will fill you with lots of love.’’

With the background of the waning moon on her shoulder, Lucia put her hand inside Kurumi's underwear──but then,

’’──Lucia-sama’’ Suddenly, two maids appeared nearby from the side of a certain bush. In contrast with Kurumi becoming shocked all of a sudden, Lucia who remained calm while her mouth was held down,

’’......what is it?’’

’’Just now, Maria was found at the third floor of the west tower.’’

’’However, capturing aside we barely even managed to reach her... at present, she is being chased by several people.’’

To that report, Lucia's pupils regain its calmness,

’’I see... what about mother?’’

’’The whereabouts of Sheera-sama is still...’’

’’......Very well. If we manage to capture Maria, we will make her spit out her story and end this. Nina, to those who are chasing that child, don't lose sight until my transmission.’’


To those words of Lucia, the maid called Nina turned back her heels and ran,

’’Lucy......for you, send her to her room in place of me. Then’’

’’Mend her clothes, isn't it? ── Please leave it to me, Lucia-sama’’

Lucy replies with a nod, and as Lucia released her hand away from Kurumi's mouth,

’’After doing a little rough thing, then stopping just before reaching the good part, I'm very sorry... I have to go to punish that younger sister of mine.’’

Seemingly reluctant to part,

’’As for the continuation of this, next time...’’

’’Ple-Please, don't worry about it......Really.’’

Kurumi said while her face reddened. It will really trouble her if they continue this later── In fact, she wanted to forget everything that happened in this courtyard to begin with.

’’──In that case’’

Lucia followed after Nina who went ahead and ran to the other side of the courtyard.

Kurumi who was left sunk own the lawn above in her underwear.

’’Good for you, Kurumi-dono. Lucia-sama seems to be very pleased with you.’’

’’Yeah, to the point of disintegrating my clothes and pushing me down...’’

To the sarcasm that Kurumi returned, Lucy without minding at all,

’’You don't have to worry about the clothes, because I'll make it over properly in return...’’

As she picked up and gathered the pieces of her tattered clothes,

’’Well then, Kurumi-dono... Please wait for a little bit. Because you probably won't be able to come back to the room in that figure, I will bring something for you to wear.’’

Then at that timing,

’’──No, that won't be necessary♪’’

Just beside Lucy, a succubus younger than Maria appeared suddenly.

’’Eh......?’’ ’’──Sheera-sama!?’’

To Kurumi who became dumbfounded, Lucy who was startled leaned back and made a stance, but she was too late. Sheera, as she stick her forehead to the forehead of Lucy, while looking into her eyes,

’’──Return to your room alone, and begin mending Kurumi's clothes.’’

’’...............Yes, Sheera-sama’’

Then, Lucy's eyes became drowsy and returned an obedient nod to Sheera at once.

’’If you are asked by Lucia when she returns, well... tell her that Kurumi came back to Mio's room first── is that Ok?’’

As Lucy nodded with a ’’yes’’ at Sheera's order, she returned inside the building and went just as it is.


Kurumi who's thoughts couldn't catch up with the sudden events,

’’That was a close call, Kurumi-chan......but now that I've come, it's already OK♪’’

The moment she said so, the Loli-Mom-Succubus smiled.

Part 4[edit]

After the incident in the courtyard, Kurumi was invited by Sheera and was taken to her private room.

Though she really wanted to return immediately to the rooms of Mio and Yuki to express her true feelings,

’’──if you were to return with that appearance, Yuki-chan and Mio-chan will definitely worry again you know?’’

As she said so, her will to go back to the room wavered. She who wanted to be alone said ’’I need some fresh air for a moment’’ and left the room, but if she were to return wearing only a single panty, everyone will surely get worried.

Not wanting such thing to happen, Kurumi obeyed Sheera's words. And, even though the room is identical to what Mio was using, Kurumi was led to a more gorgeous space.

Though it's inferior to the guest rooms which Kurumi and the others use that emphasizes more people, the space had excellent quality decorated with luxurious furniture, eloquently indicating the rank of Sheera's position among the Moderates. And now,

’’Uhm......Why am I, in this appearance......’’

Forced to sit before a high quality dresser, Kurumi raised a perplexed voice.

’’Well, you will catch a cold if you continue to remain in your underwear forever, right?’’

’’But...... these clothes are a bit......uncomfortable for me......’’

Kurumi said shamefully, dropping her gaze down below. There, her figure wearing a se*y blue baby doll negligee that reaches her bellybutton with thin laces that see through the tips of her chest lasciviously, even more, a T-back setup with matching garter belts and fishnet stockings reached her own eyes.

’’............’’ Kurumi reddened her cheeks in intense shyness. Then,

’’ expected from my excellent daughter, these materials are great! ~’’

Behind her back, Sheera who wore a luxurious necklace said gleefully while standing over a stool. As she readjusted the position of the large jewel hanging on her chest,

’’And, its done── how is it?’’

She said, satisfied. Kurumi who was asked for her opinion raised her face unwillingly, and with reddened cheeks, looked at her own figure being projected in the mirror.


She was speechless. What Sheera had put on Kurumi, though it's different when put on Mio and Yuki, was an underwear which looks like too adult-like for her who is a junior high school student. And yet──No, for this reason,

...for me to become like this...

Kurumi who had undergone a complete transformation with an indecent underwear, couldn't hide her surprise. With her youthful face and her developing body with traces of immaturity completely standing out as she wore them, the unbalanced lasciviousness──the appearance that even Mio and Yuki who weren't born in that figure would never reach, a taboo-like beauty.

’’Fufu, you look rather happy.’’ ’’...Ho-how can I be happy with something like this ...?’’

As she looked back panicking in denial, Sheera had already descended from the stool and was going to the center of the room. She took a teapot at the table, and then,

’’Come over here......I made some hot milk’’

A dull-white colored liquid was poured out of the pot. And as Kurumi sat down in front of Sheera, a cup was handed to her──a faint sweet aroma spread all at once.


Kurumi who received the cup hesitated to drink immediately. However,

’’Playing tricks to one's drink is only a work done by a worthless man;I don't imitate it. Supposedly, if I want do something to Kurumi-chan, I will do a more elaborate method in a way that I can enjoy myself more in various ways.’’

Sheera's childish eyes turned cold for a moment, then sip her share.

’’──If it suits you, why don't you give it a try?’’ ’’N-No......I'm sorry’’

Kurumi apologized immediately. Though she had a childish figure right now, Sheera was once a great succubus that is famous all over the demon realm, and Kurumi is only just a little girl. Though she doing such behavior will only hurt her pride as a succubus badly, she didn't know what she had done. As she put out her lips to the hot milk which Sheera made,


With a warm and pleasant feeling, she muttered over the mild taste unintentionally.

’’It seems that it suites your taste. Good.’’

Observing Sheera who smiled, Kurumi put her mouth to the cup again while heaving a sign of relief.

And this time, she felt the hot milk warming up inside her body.

’’──About Zest having a Master-Servant Contract with Basara, does it disappoint you that much?’’


As she saw Sheera, Kurumi whose mind is still wandering in the clouds momentarily held her breath.

’’I heard it from Maria this morning. That daughter of mine was really troubled you know?’’

’’Is it because I'm the only one who opposed Basara's Master and Servant Contract...?’’

As Kurumi asked in a stiff voice in reflex, the young succubus smiled wryly.

’’No. I understand your feelings, but I want to clear it in my mind somehow, however it seems that I can't do it by myself. It's somewhat really irritating...I say’’

’’Such a thing bothers you...?’’

’’And I'm also anxious whether Lucia-chan did or did not make passes at you. ’’Kurumi is only mine!’’ or something like that’’

’’......I don't belong to anybody in particular!’’

What the heck did she confess to her mother, that loli-ero-succcubus. Saying things like Maria in the daytime, as Lucia was saying a while ago, what on earth do they want to demand Kurumi to that intense?

’’ I releasing some kind of pheromone that makes a succubus excited?’’


To Kurumi who asked with upturned eyes, Sheera's eyes rounded from surprise. Then,

’’I see...those daughters should think you're very cute.’’

’’What do you mean?’’

’’Because you're so pure and defenseless, that they want to teach you various things’’

To her who stared blankly, Sheera 'fufu' smiled.

’’Hey, Kurumi-chan. To you, me who is the mother of those daughters, while being dressed in such clothes, asking whether it excites me, perhaps──’’

As she said, with her eyes became like a snake eyeing for its prey,

’’──Are you saying that you want to do it with me, too?’’

’’?! No......I, I don't really mean by that at all!’’

’’Fufu......just kidding. If I make passes at you, it would be really bad for Maria’’

As she denied it in a hurry while blushing in an instant, Sheera returned her snake-like eyes to its former innocent ones. Feeling relieved from the bottom of her heart,

’’I have troubled that child in various ways during the incident with Zolgear.........So if my cute daughter consulted her worries, as a mother, it makes me really want to help her, right?’’

’’So that's why, I, in this room......?’’

’’Yes. By the way, that baby doll was my present to Lucia-chan from a long time ago. It's a gem that I took pride of, but unfortunately, that child didn't wear it, not even I sneaked into her room and stole it in secret. Because it was stowed it's likely to be hidden in the depths of her closet, so I have searched that closet from inside and out with Maria♪’’

In addition to that,

’’During the search in which we had found various things like her old diary or album from a long time ago along the way, Lucia-chan came back to the room, so I seized Maria in the scruff of her neck and threw her towards Lucia and escaped. ──though it appears that Maria seemed to have escaped well, too’’

So that explains why Lucia was looking for Sheera and Maria. As Kurumi was shocked by this,

’’The other reason is......I'm the one who incited Basara to enter a Master-Servant Contract with Zest’’

As Sheera ’’Have you heard about it?’’ inquired, Kurumi who contorted her face a little responded.

’’.........Yes. Basara told me the details during breakfast’’

’’I'm also partly responsible for the vexation Kurumi-chan is holding...... These don't really mean as an apology, but I think your feelings have become lighter this time’’


’’This is something serious for Maria and Mio-chan, you know?...... so I have to tell the truth in order to ease these feelings’’

’’What do you mean about the truth?’’

Knitting her eyebrows in inquiry,

’’Oh my......Is it alright to say this?’’

The child-like succubus said with a light sneer,

’’Are you jealous of Zest? ── Is it because even though you're also yearning for Basara, you couldn't enter a master-servant contract with him?’’


Kurumi blushed at Sheera's sudden remark. In response to the reaction of that person who has been hit by a bull's eye,

’’Come on, Kurumi-chan...... If all you did is to receive all that indecent teasing from Maria, your feelings will never catch up with Mio and Yuki you know?’’

With her pupils turning like the snake's, she said that as if she had seen through the depths of Kurumi's heart.

’’Like you, it's also a big deal for Maria who couldn't enter a Master and Servant Contract with Basara, you see? Besides, Maria is indebted to Basara, whom she betrayed regarding the matter of Zolgear. You tried to eliminate Mio-chan by the orders of the 《Village》, and have fought against Basara too, and for that, this child who is mentally indebted thought of you as a companion in a similar situation’’

’’No......I'm different...’’

To Kurumi who denied with a bitter expression,

’’Is that so? If that's true then don't you think it's impossible for you to get along well with Zest?’’


’’Mio-chan has the pretext with Zolgear, and unlike Yuki who participated in the battle, you don't have any direct grudge to Zest...... Besides, due to the fact that she's Zolgear's subordinate, she has a higher debt that you and Maria. However, though Basara have mentioned of the possibility, you judged that he who valued Mio shouldn't exchange a master and Servant Contract with Zest’’

The reason why is,

’’Because she inherited the power of Wilbert, for the sake of solving her problem of being the target of the current Demon Lord Faction, coming to this world should have taken a grave determination with a big anxiety for Mio-chan... so it should be too cruel for her to accept Zest who was the subordinate of Zolgear who harmed her foster parents, as a companion.’’

Nevertheless, Sheera said:

’’......As for Basara having entered a Master-Servant Contract with her that easily...... for Zest, she has a debt similar to you who was once an enemy of Basara. Mio and Yuki whom you thought should get mad and object them, had accepted Basara and Zest's Master and Servant Contract, contrary to your expectations.’’


’’In the spur of a moment, it has been decided that you'll raise your voice in protest in place of Mio and Yuki under the pretext of Zolgear, so you justified yourself out of jealousy and criticized the contract of Basara and Zest. But since Mio has forgiven such a thing, it didn't have any meaning...... for this reason, it became impossible for you to endure the atmosphere and went out of the dining room’’

Then, Sheera spoke her finishing words at last.

’’──Would you like to enter a master-servant contract with Basara?’’

Kurumi who was asked the main question trembled. However──after a moment of silence,


She gave out a voice of denial to answer her own question, then a wry smile formed in front of her eyes.

’’Anyway, it's not possible for you to enter a Master and Servant Contract with Basara after all. Well, You might think, why not?...... I think Basara-san understands the reason, probably.’’

After all, Sheera thought,

Perhaps──he is already aware of my true mission.

’’.........and what will that be?’’

’’well, I wonder......’’

Kurumi turned a sharp glance to Sheera, but she returned with a calm smile.

’’But, it's apparent that the person who made the master and servant contract is more advantageous if we are to fight in this world......Yet Basara didn't do so, because he treats you with great care. When you had to do that in front of Lucia-chan, didn't Basara touch you only for patching things up for the moment?’’


’’Yes......You know it perfectly well. On top of that, you ran away, opposite of your real intention. In war, it's important to attack the enemy's weak point ── for the current Demon Lord Faction, the present you will be an easy target, right? You who always worry and hesitate, causing you to suffer. Not to mention yourself, are you even aware that you are exposing Basara and the others to danger too?’’

’’────Then how should I do it!?’’

As Kurumi declared sardonically, she reached her limit of patience and raised her voice at last.

’’You shouldn't make a Master and Servant Contract with'absolutely no good!’’

Sheera understood the risk. If Kurumi were to enter a Master and Servant Contract with Basara, and if it were to be found out by the 《Village》, all will be finished. If she were to become known to have a contract with the Magic of the Demon Race, Kurumi will be punished without hearing her talk. If the 《Village》were to launch an investigation in full scale, it will be noticed immediately that Yuki had entered a Master and Servant Contract. If so, then the responsibility will extend to their parents, and the《Village》will not overlook Basara and Mio this time.

......I must not let this happen by all means......

I will protect Basara and the others──that's the reason why I came over. There,

’’──Nothing. As I said, entering a Master and Servant Contract is impossible’’


As Sheera said indifferently, she was stared with round eyes.

’’That's because──even if you are being jealous of others and cannot make a Master-Servant Contract with Basara, I have a method for you not to feel a sense of inferiority. By doing that of course, becoming a weak point for Basara and the others will be nullified.’’

’’Such thing......How?’’

’’Face your true feelings...... didn't Lucia-chan talked about this too? Not only to take pride of feelings of righteousness[11], but also to accept the weak『Minus』part as well. Not only you will be able to make a contract with a spirit.....but you will also be liberated from your suffering right now.’’

Sheera corrected.

’’Because that feeling of yours is a feeling of yearning for somebody, it won't be able to let go if you keep holding it all alone. If you want to face it seriously, you'll have to convey it to your partner properly, right?’’

’’Convey to my partner......’’

Kurumi muttered softly. Sheera then nodded.

’’Have you looked at Mio-chan and Yuki-chan when the curse of the Master and Servant contract activates? Those children who have obtained guilty feelings being eased, from just the existence of being lead by their feelings, and this talk isn't only limited to the person who entered the Master and Servant Contract’’


’’Go face its the place of the person whom your feelings have to go to. When you were able to become honest with yourself, there will be no need to think that you will become a burden to Basara and the others. If you do so, the spirits of this world will surely answer to you.’’

’’But, I can't meet Basara tonight......’’

Because of Kurumi, Basara is banned from going out. So not to add more of this, she mustn't trouble Basara and intrude for her own convenience. However,

It's alright. My Space Tunnel is connected to the guest room which Basara uses. Besides, that baby doll negligee that you wear, didn't I say that it was the gem of my pride?’’

Sheera with great confidence said,

’’as long as you wear it, your voice and the other the person's voice who is looking at you will never be heard to the other parties. It has that magical effect.’’

’’? Why does it have such a function......?’’

Though it's certainly convenient for her, Kurumi who seemed dubious asked.

’’eeh, that's ──’’

That time, Sheera smiled. Suddenly, Kurumi noticed that her body was feeling hot.

’’Huh? Eh......what is......’’

Although she was in such appearance, it became strangely hot. The moment she thought so Kurumi who fanned with her hand,

’’Nn ──......Fuaaaaan ♥’’

As the wind that was fanned by hand swept the scruff of her neck ── Kurumi leaked a sweet moan.

...No, No way...this is......?

A sweet, hearttending sense swelled up inside her body......the one that Kurumi knew of too well. In other words,

’’Yes. The other effects given to the baby doll negligee with multiplex structure, is that it has a delayed action that will bring a strong aphrodisiac effect to the one who wears it’’

Sheera revealed the secret to Kurumi.

’’However, different from the baptism of the succubus and the curse of the Master and Servant contract, it will also have an effect that invokes『charm』towards its surroundings’’

’’Nn...... this『charm』......should I, to the partner...’’

’’Yes── you will absolutely be in a situation that not a single voice will come out you know? Therefore, try not to be noticed other than the person concerned, as later on you two will no longer hear voices around you.’’

Well, Sheera said.

’’Besides me who is the maker, 『charm』isn't effective on a person unless it meets a certain condition......but feel relieved, because it will certainly work for Basara and you.’’

’’......was I deceived......?’’

Within intense horny condition, Kurumi who desperately tried took of the lingerie off,

’’Nfufu, you should better stop. Your horny condition won't be solved even if it's taken off until you satisfy the right conditions...... it will only grow even stronger if you try to take it off all by yourself’’

After she said so, Sheera who tried to approach over the table said:

’’Besides, you know I'm not the type who tells lies right? I don't do something as boorish as playing tricks on someone's drink, and that negligee you're wearing right now really suits you well......Also, the obstinate you have no choice but to become obedient in front of Basara, so that Basara can do you to the extent without you being jealous with the other girls again, because that's his intention for you in the first place’’

’’......Basara is......with me......’’

Kurumi gulped down hard.

’’......then, just like elder sister and Mio......?’’

To Kurumi right now whose consciousness began to melt by her horny condition, Sheera's words seemed so charming like a whisper of the devil. Then, as if adding insult to the injury,

’’Yes. Coming from the Hero Tribe, Basara has a bit magic resistance against『Charm』but there's no need to go on the verge of losing his sanity ......there's no need to worry.’’


’’But ──once he say that he really hates Kurumi, that horny condition of yours will be cured right away. It's an easy task for me who made the underwear, and it's because I don't want to bully you particularly.’’


’’If you really want to be freed from that state, if you want to really help Basara and everyone, please be serious from then on......I'll be there to support you. Now go, to the person who will liberate you from your suffering ── to the place where Toujou Basara is’’

Saying those words to that extent, her resistance is already futile. Her situation, her condition, all of them urged the current Kurumi to go under Basara. Therefore,

’’............’’ After Nonaka Kurumi took a gulp, she conveyed her wish to Sheera with a quivering voice.

Part 5[edit]

After carrying the dinner to his guestroom.

Toujou Basara who immersed himself with training in his room every day washed off his sweat in the bathroom's equipment.

──And now, as he turned his back on the bed, he rearranged his present circumstances.

Now is the night of the second day they came to the Demon Realm. Though it's quite different from his first assumption, many have already moved in parallel with the situation, though several problems that need dealing with and necessary interaction have arisen.

Among them, he didn't imagine Ramses who desired the power of Wilbert which Mio inherited refused to have a talk with him.


On the day they arrived in the Demon Realm, he didn't think that he would enter a Master and Servant Contract with Zest.

Of course, considering the situation he had put Zest in was the best choice. Basara didn't regret having entered a Master and Servant Contract with her. Even with complicated feelings, Mio and the others still consented. But──there is one person who was against his Master and Servant Contract with Zest.


Because of the incident in the dining room this morning, Basara muttered the name of the girl he wasn't able to talk to softly.

Zest in the past completely fought against Basara as an enemy. For Kurumi who is an active member of the Hero Tribe, she would obviously reject the contract by all means. Though Yuki seemed to have accepted somehow, she who has gone to the point of going against Takashi and defying the orders of the 《Village》 in order to protect Basara, is a special exemption. As Kurumi had said, she was ordered to become Yuki's support and monitor the situation from the 《Village》, in case Mio was being targeted again by S-class Demon Race such as Zolgear, in order for the damage not to appear in the Human Realm, that's why she came to Basara's place again.

......perhaps, monitoring Yuki is also included in that order, too.

Therefore, the worst case scenario is not only Mio, Maria, even Basara ── to get rid of them all together with Yuki, the 《Village》 won't restrict themselves to launch that order for sure. As for Kurumi having chosen as a double agent, did the elders judge that they could investigate this trend without him being cautious if it was her?


Did Kurumi volunteer to avoid the harm being extended to her elder sister Yuki at any cost? ── Or maybe both? Although Basara entering a Master and Servant contract not only to Mio but also to Yuki already became a problem of the Demon Race, if it were to be known that he entered a Master and Servant Contract with Zest who was a subordinate of Zolgear, the 《Village》 might eventually regard Basara as a dangerous existence. Yuki's situation right now will only worsen more, too. Thinking at Kurumi's viewpoint, it's natural for it to be unforgivable for her.

Still, Sheera has urged him to have a Master-Servant Contract with Zest, but it meant that he was now in a situation where he had driven her into a corner. Basara couldn't leave Zest alone like this──entrusting her to the Moderates, Basara reassured that in particular.


Towards the ceiling, Toujou Basara stared at the back of his left hand.

──They are something I want to protect.

Mio and Maria who became his sisters-in-law, and Yuki who is her childhood friend have become like a family to him. And Zest newly joined there, too. However, there is one who cannot accept it the same as them - it was Kurumi.

Just like Yuki from a long time ago...... She was already valued like their younger sister from her discretion. There is the tragedy five years ago, and even though they fought a few days ago, Basara had already thought of Kurumi as a member of his family he wanted to protect no matter what. However ──he cannot leave Zest alone. Even if it will be called a selfish whitewashing.

Even then, Toujou Basara will never hand them over ── no one, not any one.

Basara in silence firmly grasped his left hand which he pushed out towards the ceiling,but from his distance, a dry sound rang twice unexpectedly. It was a knock from the door to the hallway. As he descended from his bed, Basara moved from the bedroom to the living room and then,


Demanding a reply from the other party, he made a short answer with all caution.

’’ is Zest. Basara-sama, I apologize to call you at this late hour.’’

Basara suddenly knitted his eyebrows to the familiar voice. Meeting other members is completely forbidden tonight, and if he wasn't mistaken, Zest should have certainly given an order of rearranging the archives in the library.

Then, Basara──using the position detection of the Master and Servant Contract just to make sure──after knowing it was really Zest on the other side, He opened the door. Then the beautiful brown-skinned maid stood there.

’’What happened, at time like this──?’’

Then, Basara noticed that there is no figure of the lookout that should have been here a while ago.

’’......what about the maid on the lookout?’’

’’She exchanged places with me and returned to her room......from now on, I'll be in charge of this place until tomorrow morning.’’

It seems like these maids have their own respective works, too. Basara's restriction will be until tomorrow morning, so in order for them not to stay up all night and interfere with the duties they're in charge of the next day, to Basara's problem which caused them trouble, have they judged that he's suitable to let Zest become his subordinate?

’’Is that so? Sorry about that, Zest......Zest?’’

Basara knitted his eyebrows all of a sudden. The body of Zest before his eyes is shaking a little. And then,


In a moment, Zest fell down, so Basara embraced her at once.

’’What happened......are you alright?’’

Basara noticed the bruise-like collar appeared from the surface of her neck. Then,

’’You, why......?’’

The curse doesn't activate if the person doesn't have a guilty conscience at its master. It should be rare for Zest who became obedient as a maid to have such feelings for Basara.

...No, not until now.

He cannot let Zest stay on the corridor in this condition.

’’I'll carry you to the's fine Zest.’’

As Basara said so, he carried Zest and brought her in his room.

He cannot let her in this constitution lay like this in the sofa of the living room. Therefore, Basara decided to use the other bedroom different from what he's using. And when he laid Zest down the bed,

’’......I'm sorry, Basara-sama......I'm so sorry......’’

Zest who thought to have bothered Basara apologized many times.

’’It's alright, you don't need to apologize......the curse will only get stronger so don't think of it too much, okay?’’

As Basara told her, she exposed Zest's bare chest while trying not to see it as possible.

’’Now, take a deep breath, slowly......’’

He spoke to her gently and urged her to calm down. Whenever Yuki and Mio's curse activated lightly, he exercise this kind of action. If she wasn't relieved by this, then he will have no other choice but to yield her to pleasure to ease the feeling. Then, following his words, as Zest commenced to take deep breaths,


Basara averted his glance momentarily. As Zest who has bountiful chest took deep breaths in such state where her bare chest was exposed to light, with those soft bulges rising and falling lasciviously, the stimulation is too strong for Basara who has fully tasted that sensation last night. It made him want Zest to surrender to her desires, but

......Are you an idiot, me......!

Basara desperately gave up. If he were to make Zest submit without understanding the reason why the curse activated, it will be no longer a master-servant relationship for them.

As Basara suppressed himself, Zest's curse settled down after a short while.


’’What the, Zest... how did this happen?’’

Basara asked for the cause while looking at her with anxiety.

’’I'm very sorry. I had endured this for a long time, but......’’

Rising up from the bed, Zest apologized while lowering her gaze.

Then, she spoke the reason why the curse of the Master-servant Contract triggered. That is,

’’Because Basara-sama had entered a Master-Servant Contract with me, who has the incident concerning Mio-sama, a discord has begun to occur among everyone...... for that, I cannot bear to meet Basara-sama and the others.’’

While entering a Master-Servant Contract, Zest worried that she may cause a problem to Basara, and that triggered her curse. Basara said to Zest that it was alright, so she surrendered herself to pleasure and made her at ease. After Basara told them, Mio and the others had accepted her entering the contract with him......but when Kurumi ran away from the dining room, the curse had come out, but she got it over somehow thanks to Basara and the others'support. After that, she planned on asking Kurumi for her forgiveness when she returned to the castle.


She wasn't able to make it. She was criticized because of using the kitchen for Kurumi without permission, instead of arranging the archives of the library which was ordered to her.

......Even so,

Zest thought she made the right choice. It wasn't anything in particular. The real problem is,

’’The fact that I entered a master-servant contract with Basara-sama caused you to be confined in this situation......because of the contract with me, I have brought trouble to Basara-sama.’’

Zest is the reason why Kurumi ran out of the dining room, and why Basara who followed after her was subjected to punishment. A disorder occurred to his team, all after Zest made a contract with Basara.

──this is bad, Zest thought. The current Demon Lord Faction is a powerful enemy. Even if we have a chance to win if we take absolute precaution, it will be too dangerous to face them to a battle with our current condition. Therefore,

’’Basara-sama......if Basara-sama prefers, it's alright’’

Simply because I love you dearly more than anyone else ── Zest proposed to her master. With her face that seemed to burst into tears,

’’To Sheera-sama, please cancel the master-servant contract with me......’’


Basara made a stiff expression to the words of Zest. She making such a face filled Basara's chest with pain.

──But the curse of the Master-Servant Contract didn't activate. Basara who is her master, was convinced that this is the best choice. But, As Zest thought that he should gave up on her, Basara made a sigh, and said,

’’No. that won't be necessary’’

He clearly declared── but Zest still doubted her ears.

’’Wh-why......? The way things are going, Basara-sama and the others will be in dange──’’

’’──Certainly, Both Kurumi and I might have lacked composure this morning’’

Basara interrupted with strong words.

’’But for example, if we were to cancel our Master and Servant contract here, even if we solved the problem of Kurumi's feelings......another problem will surely come out next time’’

’’Another problem......?’’

Basara replied with a 'Yes'.

’’I have entered a Master-Servant Contract with you because I thought it was absolutely necessary, and that there is no other way around. If we were to cancel the contract here, then I won't be able to retain my composure anymore’’


As if Basara said something unbelievable, Zest stared in blank surprise.

’’If you thought that I was brought to a difficult situation because of you, then it's even more painful for Kurumi right now...... I want to end this without anyone suffering any further. For this, we have no choice but to ease Kurumi's feelings right now.’’

Basara's words continued, and then──little by little, Zest understood how much she had yearned for him. Basara just made a Master-Servant contract yesterday, to her, who is a former enemy, and even said that she's important.


Zest then noticed that there was something overflowing beneath her eyes.

As she touched it softly, Zest felt a wet but warm feeling.

She cried.

She stared in utter amazement at the young man who regarded her with outmost importance. And as she entrusted her body to him, Basara hugged Zest tightly on the bed.

’’I don't intend to hand you over to anyone...that's the reason I made a Master-Servant Contract with you. Therefore, please don't regret entering a master-servant contract with me, and believe that our contract is not a mistake.’’ In this moment ──Zest, to the entire existence of Basara, the young man in front of her eyes, she decided to dedicate all of herself to him. She felt happiness......true happiness.

’’......Yes, Basara-sama......’’

Conveying how strong she held these thoughts, she embraced Basara with all her strength.

Basara then gently stroke her back.

’’......Thank you very's alright now.’’

Before long, Zest regained her presence of mind and stopped her tears, then as she separated to his body, Basara averted his eyes in a hurry. Upon noticing that her breasts have been exposed,

’’I apologize, this unsightly appearance’’

’’No, I'm sorry for doing something shameful to you...’’

To the blushing Zest aside, as she hid her large chest by her arm, Basara gave an apology. Because he treated her as a woman with great care, ’’......this is no good, Basara-sama, saying something... like that...’’ ’’? Zest?’’ Shaking his head to set aside the unbearable feeling, Basara stared blankly.

──why Basara, to her nakedness, it probably told her.

Zest was Basara's maid── despite this, he saw her as a woman.

When Zest thought so, her whole body shook from so much joy.

’’I am your maid, Basara-sama......’’

Zest leaned on Basara with clouded eyes. She couldn't endure it anymore. She wanted to serve Basara, she wanted him to seek his happiness──such thoughts couldn't hold back anymore, compressing everything on the word ’’maid’’.

’’Zest is... Basara-sama's maid’’

So, she doesn't mind whatever Basara liked to do to her── because it is her joy in itself. So as to tell him, a hot sigh reached at a distance. Then with a gulp;Basara,


To his call, as Zest approached with her lips,

──GATAN, a loud sound reverberated the wall. Zest turned around in spur of the moment, to the sound that came from the big closet beside the wall. And, from inside the closet, noticing the clear presence which did not exist a while ago,

’’...... Sheera-san?’’ Basara called first. Because there isn't a clear proof, his voice was tinged with caution. Sneaking in the closet of the bedroom──moreover in the middle of the night, among many places on this castle, Sheera building a space tunnel here has the highest possibility.

’’Basara-sama, please leave it to me...’’

Descending from the bed, Zest stopped Basara, and stood before the closet.

──This Wildart Castle is the primary base of the Moderates. Moreover, Mio who is the daughter of Wilbert is staying here right now, in addition this is currently midnight where it is easy to blend to the darkness too, so the security level has been raised to the maximum. There is not a chance for an assassin of the Current Demon Lord Faction to enter, and to think about it, there are no such assassinations having done in plain sight to begin with.


Preparing for the worst case scenario fall on Basara, is the duty of his maid, Zest.


Basara called her name, urging her not to lower her guard. With a nod, she watched the handle ──and slowly opened the double doored closet. Then,


The moment they saw what's inside──Zest stiffened.

There was someone inside──of course, thinking something like that is obvious. But── a girl in a sensational underwear, wearing a glorious jewel was beyond their expectations.

Moreover, standing still, a body of a young maiden flushed in pink, giving off a scent of a woman.


Zest called her name in shock, and as Basara came over,

’’Kurumi, you...?’’

He saw Kurumi in an indecent appearance, taking away all his words.

Facing Zest and Basara, Kurumi adjusted her focus with drowsy eyes,


Wandering aimlessly, she sweetly uttered, collapsing on the spot.


Toujou Basara rushed and held Kurumi who was about to fall on the floor from the closet.

Kurumi's figure, dressed in a baby doll negligee, felt surprisingly hot.

It's like she was in the state as if she's totally under the aphrodisiac curse.

’’......Don't tell me, Lucia did something to you again?’’

Yesterday, recalling the incident in the office of Lucia, he asked,

’’No......It's different, I......’’

Kurumi spoke, in spite of writhing in agony in his arm. With eyes wet in tears alluringly,

’’I was dressed by Sheera-san ...and, as a result, I was brought here’’

’’...I knew it was Sheera-san after all’’

However, there was no figure of Sheera anywhere. Perhaps, after bringing Kurumi here, she left her as it is inside the closet, and have returned immediately by herself. Then,


Suddenly, Toujou Basara felt his pulse throb fast. And, for some reason he was unable to separate his focus on Kurumi. Although Kurumi is alluring to begin with, he felt a sensation similar to when he was in Lucia's office yesterday. Though her baby doll figure is certainly radical, she's like Mio and Yuki yielding under the aphrodisiac curse. Nevertheless,

’’......Wh, What is this......?’’

Out of the desire that is the man's greed wanting to ruin Kurumi, Basara got down with both his knees on the floor while hugging her.

’’──Basara-sama? Are you alright?’’

Zest rushed and knelt on one knee to support him. After that,

’’P-perhaps......because of this baby doll......’’

Kurumi said in a sweet feverish tone.

’’I right now...... to the partner that I saw, it casts『Charm』on it......’’

’’What a ridiculous underwear...... how can the effect be removed? Should I take it off?’’

As Basara asked in behalf of his desperation, Zest nearby shook her head,

’’ the past Sheera-sama has mentioned this for a play before...’’

Zest has also received the effect of the 『Charm』. Towards Kurumi, with her eyes turning to the same color of excitement as Basara, she stated her explanation.

’’Supposed that...if this is the thing which Sheera-sama presented to Lucia-sama a long time ago, the method to destroy the magic effect of the baby doll, as I remember it's only one.’’

’’Did you know it, Zest? Then please tell me, what should I do?’’

’’That is...’’ He asked her in desperation, then after a hesitating a little, Zest chose her words carefully.

’’First, the person who puts it on who is in a horny condition, the partner who saw her must make her feel comfortable. Next, for the person who has been influenced with『Charm』, he/she needs to make contact with the said person. It was necessary to be the person who has made contact to.’’


’’Supposed that the charmed people are two or more, when both se*es is involved, the effect will be repeated over again, so to solve it, it must be in sequential order of being charmed......’’(!)

’’W-Wait a minute...then’’ Basara who heard the explanation, stared Zest in utter amazement──the next moment, Basara felt an intense excitement with respect to Zest. Zest, on the other hand, while rubbing her inner thighs lasciviously, turned her pupils full of heat to Basara,

’’ this case, first is Basara-sama with me to Kurumi-san. Next is Kurumi-san with Basara-sama to me. Finally, Kurumi-san with me to Basara-sama becomes like this’’ (!)

’’...... It's a lie, right?......’’

What is that, an underwear that promotes group se*? Basara reached his blank amazement to another level,

’’I'm......Sorry......I-it's all ...fault......’’

With her eyes that will burst to tears in any moment because of the aphrodisiac state, Kurumi apologized.

’’No, it's not Kurumi's fau...──’’

Basara uttered, suppressing his desires in desperation while holding Kurumi in check,

’’Th-that's not it......I, went to this place......because I asked’’

’’Wha, then──...’’

Basara tried to ask something, but wasn't able to.

Because his mouth was sealed──with Kurumi's lips.

──Toujou Basara, with both hands supporting Kurumi's back of her head, was kissed. What the──Basara, confused with the sudden event, for the time being, in order to calm Kurumi down, and put his hands on both her shoulders,


Then, noticing something, he separated to her body.

Before Kurumi ── from the edge of her closed eyes, something streamed down her cheeks.


Kurumi was, crying while kissing him. So,


Basara moved his hands on her shoulders to her back, and hugged her.

Because of the Charm effect, impelling him with the desire to push Kurumi down, Basara tried hard to control himself. After a short while, Kurumi separated her lips. And then,

’’I, I heard...... I, with Basara, cannot enter a Master-Servant Contract......’’

To her words, Basara nodded at once. Matching her guess, more so in front of himself, Kurumi cried in pain. He almost said ’’I know’’ or ’’you don't need to worry’’.

──But, Basara strongly endured this welling desire and remained silent.

Perhaps──Kurumi right now, received a cruel order from the 《Village》. To her, speaking words of comfort is easy. But, such things are only for Basara's self-satisfaction.

Kurumi ’’I heard’’ said to Basara. Then, what he should do, is to let Kurumi spit out all the pains she is holding. On top of that, accept her──just that, and think of the ways to free Kurumi from her suffering. Sheera leaving Kurumi in this condition, surely aimed for that. For the stubborn Kurumi, taking off her mask quickly in front of Basara, is impossible within her normal condition. Then,

’’But......even so, I,...don't leave me out...’’

Before long, Kurumi, squeezed words from the depths of her throat.

’’About me......Elder sister and Mio......please treat me similar to Zest......’’

While sobbing convulsively, as Kurumi mentioned her desire in desperation, Toujou Basara listened.

That is, the wish of the girl named Nonaka Kurumi kept suffering from holding all alone.

Being assigned a cruel order, wanting to avoid the situation for it to be carried out, the situation advanced towards the wrong way one after another......Still, Kurumi being unable to say the truth, suppressed it with hard feelings she had been holding all alone.

Just how long would you be anxious......just how long would you suffer?

Finally spitting out her wish and pains, Kurumi spilled tears like rain. More than that, she didn't say anything......or rather, she couldn't say anything anymore. Therefore,

......It's okay now.

Toujou Basara wished to himself──you won't need to endure it any longer.

The kindest answer to Kurumi, perhaps might be able to return their relationship as it was in the past.

Simply those, innocent memories of their childhood when they were smiling happily.

Perhaps the village, to the tragedy five years ago──was still bound to the past.

Basara too, is the same. He has not forgotten the crime that he himself had committed. But, in order to protect Mio, he cannot remain captive by the past. Mio is also in danger, in suffering...... the way to save her, exist only in the future.


Now that he can never come back in the past, the way Kurumi can be saved is also in the future. Actually, Kurumi might have understood ── for this reason, she suffered even more. That's why,

’’......I understand. For you not to suffer, I'll do anything’’

Basara, to her childhood friend whom he loved like a younger sister, hugged with all his might.


Kurumi hugged tightly in return. And as she turn her face to the side in his arm,

’’......Sorry, Zest...... because of me, I have also involved you......’’

’’No......the truth is, Basara-sama, I wanted to make up with the two of you.’’

With Kurumi apologizing with a face that's about to cry, looked down to Zest in apology. So,

’’──You don't need to apologize, Zest’’

After Basara saw that,

’’Sheera-san is, the one who put Kurumi inside this that time, she should have certainly noticed that you were here’’

The incident this morning, was caused by the Master-Servant Contract between Basara and Zest. Assuming such conduct in order to convince Kurumi, she may have thought that involving Zest might be more effective. Basara also, although he was glad that the relation of Kurumi and Zest improved,

’’My bad...... probably because of the Charm effect, I cannot control myself anymore......’’

Just by hugging Kurumi, his reason seamed to blow away when he relaxed his guard. Then,

’’......I don't mind, for I am Basara-sama's maid’’

Zest delightfully, with eyes full of heat,

’’Basara-sama...... Please think of only satisfying oneself and Kurumi-san’’

Then, Kurumi which also heard it,

’’......I too, do me the same as Zest’’

In Basara's arm, looking up at him quietly,

’’Do it as promised......Basara-oniichan’’

She entreated with moist eyes due to the aphrodisiac state. So,

’’......I'll start’’

As Toujou Basara said so and lifted Kurumi, Zest accompanied them and moved to the bed.



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