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Shinmai Maou No Keiyakusha - Volume 6 - Chapter 2


The Other Side to the False Smile[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Naruse Maria woke up very early today.

The moderate faction had sent her to the human realm to be responsible for protecting Naruse Mio -- the only daughter of the deceased former demon lord Wilbert and the sole inheritor his power.

So, the moment when the delivery person put the morning paper through the mailbox--


Maria immediately had a protective reaction. The small noise that came from outside the outside the house, made her open her eyes and exit her bed without waking Mio, and slightly opened the curtain to peek outside.

-- A black automobile then drove past the house at this moment. Upon seeing the familiar back of the person that indeed was the one who usually delivered the morning paper, she released a sigh in relief and released the curtain.

After doing her routine morning stretches, she silently returned to the side of the bed. Seeing Mio who was still in her dreams, she thought to herself once again, that the reason that she was here, was indeed to protect this person here.

After staring at her for a while, Mio's cheeks then began to slowly become red.

’’A..Ah...Yahh... oniichan....Ah♥’’


Upon hearing those sweet and hot words that she said out in her sleep, Maria's two eyes widened and she immediately began moving -- she retrieved the camera from under the bed and immediately pressed the power button to turn it on, while thinking [Ah ha!]--

...I can't let this rare opportunity slip by!

It wasn't just to record her sleep talk. Although that will be something she will definitely record too, what she really wanted to record down this time -- was Mio's dream.

The dream that Mio is currently having is likely to be one that being subjugated by Basara, and the main thing is -- that dream wasn't one made by the succubus Maria, but Mio herself. Now, would that be caused by Mio's hidden desires, or by her subconsciousness?

...No matter what it was, what it had created was definitely something great.

From the viewpoint of a succubus, this is something to celebrate about;as her rationality and self-control is weakened in a dream, she might do things even more unbelievable than what she would've done outside of a dream, showing a even more debaucherous side of herself... Oya~, my energy is back already!

Being this excited, Maria wanted to immediately touch Mio to peek into the dream. But--

...No, that isn't enough!

Naruse Maria tried her best to suppress her desires. Peeping into the dream now would only grant her some instant gratification;if there isn't any proof, she wouldn't be able to use it against Mio at all, if she were to deny it ever happened. Which Maria knew will happen.

For creating solid evidence that cannot be denied by Mio.

For recording down Mio, to add to her secret collection.

....Indeed, recording Mio-sama's dream and saving it is justice!

Having prepared for such situations, Maria had already made some modifications to the camera already;By slightly altering the inner structure and inserting her demonic power within -- not could it only record Basara subjugating someone, but by synchronising with the targeted person's brainwaves, it could also record a dream.

After turning on the power and inserting her demonic power, she began setting up what she called the [Amphibious Armament Prototype], which was the camera stand. Just what is the contents of the dream~..... Swallowing her saliva from anticipation, she aimed her two eyes at the small screen. And--

’’...Ah? The synchronisation with Mio-sama...!’’

She then exaggeratedly displayed her surprise. By right, the dream should've been displayed on the screen -- but instead, what was displayed was a black screen.

’’Could it be... She's not there anymore?’’

Completely wrong. When she looked up at the bed, Mio was still on the bed, with only the sheets slightly moving --


Letting out a sigh with a groan, her two eyes slowly opened heavily.

Anyone who saw this would all unanimously agree that she had the face of a cute teenage girl and the body of a mature women, combining the two completely contradicting elements into the body of a single girl. The tips of those full breasts poked out from within her sleepwear, prominently presenting themselves -- it was probably the dream about basara that caused her sensitive body to have a reaction. Being so stunning this early once again, it was really something worthy of praise.

Since it has already become like this, then why not just take a normal recording this time? However -- what Maria wanted to record this time wasn't the appearance of a Mio fresh out from bed.

It was how far she would take it while following her desires in her dream.

’’Hu.... Ah, Maria, good morning.... -- Hey, what's with you, crying and smiling while holding the camera in your hand?’’

How could I not cry? I really wanted to give you many praises for what you had done!

But then, Naruse Maria hadn't given up just yet, and also had another up her sleeve...

’’...Mio-sama, what you had said when sleeptalking was really erotic... Just what kind of dream was it?’’


Hearing Maria talking about it as if completely knowing about it, her face immediately flushed red. In that opening--

’’--Come, Mio-sama, continue dreaming with me!’’

After saying those words that were practically asking for a beating, she suddenly stretched out her left hand towards Mio's eyes, and released magic.

-- In a normal situation, Maria's magic would have no effect on Mio.

But it was another story if she was totally unprepared and defenceless when she had just woken up.

’’Eh-- ...Ah...’’

Mio's eyes widened in surprise, and they then turned hazy.... And her body slowly fell onto the bed again.

’’Hohoho... Forgive me, Mio-sama, I had no other choice.’’

After only letting Mio have a few light breaths, in order to stimulate her consciousness, Maria had reminded Mio of the dream, and had released the aphrodisiac dreaming magic. With this, now she will be able to record down that dream just now

’’Right! This time, I must peek into Mio-sama's innermost desires hidden deep within her heart...!’’

Hyped with excitement, she then proceeded to raise the camera once again to begin shooting the dream. [Just how hot will it be~] - Moving her hips about, she also swung her succubus tail about, holding very high anticipation with her, staring at the tiny screen.

Immediately after that, Mio's room appeared on the screen, with it being at night. Under the moonlight shining in from the window, Mio was lying on the bed, shyly looking in the direction of the camera.

And from what Mio was saying previously, Maria managed to deduce the nature of the dream already.

’’Hoho... Doesn't this mean that, Mio-sama's secretly wishes for Basara to ravage her in the middle of the night~ ...Mio-sama~, so you are a super M!’’

Mio had a shy personality, plus being frank with herself wasn't something she was good at, so she wouldn't take the initiative with Basara. However, if Basara was the one to take the initiative, she would accept it all despite having some resistance initially. Like the day before yesterday in the girl's bathroom in Hijirigazaka Academy, she was subjugated by Basara through quite some resistance. Back then, she had given the excuse of that she would be fine with it no matter what happens and showed off her charms and gorgeousness -- but from another point of view, that was most likely her passiveness.

In that aspect, it was just the same as like Basara's childhood friend Yuki.

...Yuki really is something great to be reckoned with~

But on whether she could do those things without a trace of embarrassment, it's not necessarily so...

It's just, for someone usually so indifferent and cold like her to so be embarrassed with totally red cheeks, and yet still take the initiative in displaying her sensual side to him, scored very high marks in the succubus Maria's books.


The reason Yuki would show her affection to Basara regardless of her embarrassment, was that Mio was present.

Similarly -- Mio also didn't want to lose to Yuki. Basically, Mio would try to halt Yuki when she went on the offensive;but once she found out that she wouldn't be able to stop Yuki, she would then begin to compete with her, doing all sorts of lewd acts together with her. Supporting her chin with a hand, Maria then nodded with a [Hoho...] and said:

’’Oya~ It really is nice to have competitiveness between the two of you~ ...Eh?’’

Within the camera screen that was capturing Mio's dream - she was lying on the bed shyly, seemingly as if waiting for something or someone while looking in the direction of where Maria is. The one Mio should be looking at now should be Basara, but since that there hasn't been any actions taken in the dream so far, it shows that -

’’Pleasepleaseplease, just what the hell is the Basara in Mio-sama's dream even doing! He couldn't possibly have had a bout of stage fright after coming into the room, right? Just where the hell that damned demon who smeared the cake in the bathroom go!? Your audience here is about to fall asleep!’’ [1]

Excitement bursting at the seams, she then let out a sigh from disbelief. Just then--

’’Ah... Could it be...!’’

She then suddenly used her free hand to lightly caress Mio's skin, and a hand also appeared on the screen, touching Mio's cheeks in the same manner as in reality, with what was indeed Basara's hand. Although her shyness was visibly showing, Mio returned the caress to the hand with her face.

’’What a big blunder that I had made... To even mix up the [Observation Type] and the [Participation Type] of the lewd dreams magic, just how careless can I be?’’

She said that with her forehead buried in a palm. Actually, the lewd dreams magic of female succubi originally could make the target one's dream lewd, while its administration was the [Participation Type]. This is so that when they have se* with the males, they could absorb the essences created from having se* with the one they wish to do with in their hearts.

But since what Maria wanted to see was Mio's deepest desire hidden in the depths of her heart, what she had originally to release was the [Observation Type] which allowed her to put her consciousness into the dream to observe;but from the heat in the moment, her excitement led to a mistake which led to her releasing the [Participation Type] instead. In a sense, and in short, Maria had become Basara's substitute.

’’Hah... How unlucky... I have never played the male's role before...’’

She sighed while experiencing a headache.

’’Ah... Nevermind, nothing else can be done to change the situation now, right? I had also wanted to find out how far will Mio-sama take it anyways. Normally I would be spectating from the sides while Basara makes Mio-sama reach the skies, and since that looked interesting, I might as well make good use of the current situation on hand, right...?’’

She left the side of Mio's bed while saying that regretfully, and grabbed a stuffed panda doll placed on the cabinet;opening the zipper, she took out the stuffing almost as if like a routine, and put the camera into the doll, positioning the lens through a small hole.

’’In situations like these, I always feel like that I made the right choice in buying an upright. Its developers must have been moved to tears by this, right?’’

While saying things that would probably move the developers to tears for other reasons, she hid the camera so that it would be camouflaged in its surroundings, and then turned around and said:

’’Oya~ I've lost this time to you... I originally had no intention of doing such things, it's true, ok? But since Basara wouldn't wake up so early, this is a golden opportunity. As a succubus, not taking any liberties with Mio-sama, it really is impolite. Well, I was in a totally helpless situation... Totally helpless helpless helpless with totally no hope!’’

When Maria finished her speech, her eyes had already become red, panting at the direction of the sleeping Mio.

In the camera, Maria should've assume the appearance of Basara. Hence, she cleared her throat with a audible [Ehm!], and said with an expression and tone as if being serious about an unknown something:

’’Sorry to keep you waiting, Mio... Your most beloved master Basara is here!’’

Perfect. Maria had imitated her impression of Basara, and then began to start playing with Mio.

Straddling the Mio who was sleeping with her back facing the bed, she began playing with the pair of breasts that was separated from her by a layer of clothing.

’’Ah... Haah,Aahh... Ah... Noo... Ah♥’’

Mio had almost immediately began to take heavy pants, and began to slightly wriggle.


Just from massaging and kneading Mio's breasts, Maria's satisfied expression had melted away very quickly.

This... was much more fulfilling than I had imagined it to be! Not only could she totally feel their size and softness even through the sleepwear, Mio's pleasured expression was also fully visible to her! Since what Maria released was the [Participation Type] lewd dreams magic, as long as she was touching Mio, she could experience Mio's point of view from her dreams. Mio was actually sleeping in reality, her eyes were closed -- but Mio was awake for Maria who was totally into the dream's scene, with her own sounds being the same as Basara's.

...T-This situation, can make people feel wrong from many aspects.

Maria chuckled softly, and at the pajamas Mio was wearing - the buttons that was done nicely. She stretched out a hand towards them, and undid the first button.

’’Ah -- No... You can't...’’

Mio then shyly covered up her breasts, but--

’’What's there to be shy about. Mio, move your hands away, and let me see all of you clearly.’’

In Mio's dream, with the voice and appearance that had become that of Basara's, Maria said so cheerfully.

And even staring into her eyes with impartial and strict eyes. However, Mio averted her eyes with a reddened face, and shouted [No].

...Ah~ I knew that it would be like that.

The fight between rationality and embarrassment. Even though it was a dream, the aphrodisiac curse of the master-servant contract still haven't activated;if she were to ignore Mio's will and press on, she might develop feelings against Basara, shaking their master-servant relationship.

And more importantly, Maria didn't want to force Mio to do things she feels disgusted with. Hence--

...That's it, I guess, Right?

’’...But, if oniichan really wants...’’

When she was about to retreat from the battlefield, she suddenly heard Mio say that softly.

Looking on with dismay, a light collar-like marking appeared on her neck.

The master-servant contract's curse has activated. Probably not being honest with her own desires, she said[If onii-chan wants], pushing the blame onto Basara, hence causing guilt within her.

Following that, she slowly released the hands covering her breasts, looking up towards Maria with teary eyes.

’’It's fine... You can do whatever you like to.’’

It was totally unexpected to her that Mio would have such a 'sudden thrust'reaction, so it would seem that Mio did harbour such a desire about Basara -- but, what made Maria even more surprised was Mio's current expression.

That, was an expression that a normal 15 year old girl should not have.

That, was an expression that a normal 15 year old girl would never have.

That -- was an expression that only Mio who had no experience with males, and with her body and heart being carved with unbelievable pleasure could have. Totally alluring and filled with fawn, the breath-taking expression of a [woman].


Crap, it was originally only intended to be only a evil prank.

...I-It's all Mio-sama's fault.

She nervously swallowed her saliva. It wouldn't just happen to males only, anyone who saw this reaction will not be able to resist it.


Feeling her succubus instincts burning, she began to undo every button on her sleepwear slowly;when her breasts were completely exposed, she put her hands near her neck, and slid them from her collarbone to behind her shoulders -- Mio's upper body is now completely bare, with her breasts prominently on display.


A light gasp was released shyly from Mio, and moved very seducingly. With the scene in the dream, along with the succubus magic 'turning'Maria into Basara and her having played with her breasts, the tip of Mio's breasts swelled as if to show off it being filled with pleasure.

’’For you to have become like that... You really are lewd, Mio.’’

’’Ah... Since when... You're the one who caused my breasts to become like that...’’


Maria giggled while kneading Mio's right breast. After that, she brought her mouth towards it and while intentionally avoiding the sensitive spots, her tongue drew lines and curves on her sultry breast.

’’Ahh! ... Don..Haa... Ah... Aaahh... Ah... Aaooo♥’’

Anguished moans was then released from Mio, her waist being turning about, her thighs clenched together, and the waves of her reverie gradually began to overwhelm her.

’’!...Please, don't bully me...’’

Just like that, Maria had slowly and gradually teased Mio to her breaking point, making her beg.

It seems that I had went slightly overboard with this... But still--


Maria herself does not feel any regret over her actions at all. Mio's cute charming coquettish actions and sounds has already completely sunk her rationality to the bottom of the ocean. With that, she took that tip of Mio's breast into her mouth, and while attempting to take in a deep breath by sucking--


Her whole body gave a short and violent reaction.

Just look at how cute that face and reaction is -- which was what made Maria's mind, from that moment onwards, be filled with ideas and thoughts of playing with Mio.

From the effects from the contract, the tuning and development of Mio's body sensitivity was indeed veerryy interesting.

When Maria licked Mio's neck and torn off the clothes belonging from the upper half of her body, she only put up some very light resistance;but when Maria had kneaded her breasts to various shapes while taking off Mio's lower half of her sleepwear which would leave her in only her panties, any resistance from her was already gone. Following that--


When she regained her senses, Mio already had a face seemingly as if melting in pleasure for some reason while kneeling down with her back facing Maria;and Maria's hand, was gripping Mio's panties for some reason, and the on the clock, 15 minutes has already passed from when she had begun.

’’Umm... Why am I holding this thing?’’

What's even worse and perplexing to her, was the thing that she was holding in her right hand.

A banana. That was what she was holding within her right hand. What a minute, that banana seems familiar... Reason being that it was the banana that she had bought for Yuki and Mio for consumption - ¥398 a stalk including tax. Normally, a stalk would comprise of 5 bananas, but Maria had specially picked a stalk that had three bananas that were thicker within the stalk.

...It was all for the little stuff that makes me, Naruse Maria, happy.

Previously, Maria had sneaked into Basara's room very early in the morning, and secretly measured the dimensions of a particular part of his body;and had then went to the supermarket to find an ingredient that had dimensions very close to what she had measured and was suitable for a particular purpose. And then after all that, she had finally managed to dig up a treasure.

Of course, it would be this banana... and the correct pronunciation in English would be BANA~NA.

Recently, she had been giggling from her hiding place while watching Yuki and Mio eat the bananas she had bought for them to eat, and it had already become her secret pleasure - releasing stress while refreshing and giving her mind a wonderful time.

...Although if she were to pursue in also getting the texture right, matsutake or the large hot dog from convenience stores would be a more suitable product;if she were to pursue in getting the hardness right, a cucumber or the likes would be better.

But unfortunately, a hot dog would not be too soft and thin;the skin of the cucumber would make it too hard, and Mio wouldn't contain it whole in her mouth if the cucumber were to be cooked;and matsutake would simply be too explicit, leaving no room for imagination.

But a banana would be different. It is highly nutritious, professional athletes would take it as a snack;additionally, it has a potent cosmetic effects, giving beautiful skin while having a detoxifying effect, and it can make Mio and Yuki take a few mouthfuls of it unsuspectingly.

Right now, that very banana is being held in Maria's right hand.

’’Ah... Just how did it turn out like this...?’’

She then began to attempt to recall what happened in that blank space of 15 minutes in her memories. Memories of getting more and more into the mood and saying 「I want your all」and similar things began returning to her mind.

’’Which means... I...’’

She couldn't have been thinking of using that banana to take away Mio's first time... Or was she?

’’T-That was close... To think that in that moment of following my instincts, I had wanted Mio-sama to eat the banana with her lips down there. Mio-sama's match could never be the banana that's ¥398 a stalk... It really is preposterous...’’

Not forgetting--

’’The price of a single banana is 136.666... It's basically indivisible!’’

Still, despite having said that, she herself has already brought Mio into that state already.

In times like this, she has to take up the responsibility that was that of a man's... Even though she's not a man.

But as a human, she has to be respectful to females... Even though she's not a human.

I am a succubus! With that, Maria then arrived at an answer.

The verdict--

’’Inserting it in a little through the panties should probably be fine, I guess?’’

Setting a safety margin should be the correct way. Just as Maria deepened her decision--


Mio turned around suddenly, setting off panic within Maria.

...Uhh, at times like this, Basara would usually...

She then remembered what Basara would say when subjugating Mio.

With that, Maria then hurriedly took off her underwear and threw it aside. Gripping that especially thick banana with her thighs, she carefully adjusted its angle, and then with her two hands firmly gripping Mio's butt, she then said with the expression of her hundred percent loli succubus without any hesitation:

’’Sorry to keep you waiting, Mio... I'll immediately make you

’’---YOU IDIOTTT!!’’

Something hard suddenly came down upon her from above, accompanied with ridicule and disbelief.

’’GaEeekk! What...!’’

Maria was dragged back to reality with that hit, and she hurriedly turned around to look.

’’B-Basara... Since when were you here!’’

How is it possible... I hadn't even sensed him at all?

’’It was not long from when you started taking off your clothes... And I'll say this, 398 divided by three isn't 136.666, it's 132.666.’’

After hearing Basara saying all that in just a large breath --

’’H-How could you do this, entering a girl's room without even knocking first!’’

’’I had knocked for quite some time already, but there wasn't any answer. Additionally, as the sounds coming out from behind the door doesn't seem to be that of sleeping, my only option left was to come inside to take a look... Just, what the hell are you even doing this early in the morning?’’

’’What else could it be... You should already know by just looking, right?’’

’’I'm asking because I don't know.’’

Is it really that difficult to understand what's happening? She slightly tilted her head to the side, and then looked once again at Mio who was in only her panties while kneeling on the bed, and herself who was completely naked while gripping a banana in between her thighs.

’’...Well, I guess it is somewhat difficult to understand.’’

She regretfully removed the banana sandwiched between her legs, her fun time having been interrupted mid-way, and waved the big banana around in the air, which then subsequently landed a smack on Mio's butt.


As it was just at the perfect angle, it caused Mio's unbearably sensitive body to release an intense shiver.

’’So just what the hell are you even doing!?’’

And just like that, the red-faced Basara snatched away the banana from Maria's hand.

...To think that you would be this drastic.

I already am totally naked, and now that the banana, the last and final bulwark has already been taken away from me, there's nothing left of me already... I really am totally unarmed and naked now...

I wouldn't have resisted, and this is just too drastic an action taken.

’’I only just... wanted to let Mio-sama see a little more of it...’’

And Naruse Maria showed a lonely smile, looked at the empty space on the other side of the room, seemingly looking at a faraway space and said:

’’To let her see the continuation of that original dream--...’’

Part 2[edit]

The attempt at creating a sensual and se*y atmosphere under false pretences failed.


Having received a blow from Basara to the tip of her head and two layers of swelling being visible, she then reluctantly dispelled the lewd dreaming magic she had cast on Mio, helped her put on her clothes again and tucked her back in bed, and left the room together with Basara. Although it was still quite early compared to their usual wake-up time, but compared with the option to return to sleep, it would be better to do some activities early in the morning.

And after that, Maria entered the kitchen after putting on an apron, to prepare breakfast.

’’Do you really not need any help?’’

Basara politely asked, while sitting at his usual place on the sofa in the living room.

’’No, this is my duty after all, and I wouldn't ask you to help me just because you made me wake up earlier, so just sit back and relax and just wait for me to be done.’’

Maria's task wasn't just to be Mio's guardian, but also to look after her daily life. Hence, in the Toujou residence, Maria's duties consisted of preparing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, etc.

’’And since I have more time on my hands today, I would like to challenge doing something which I had always wanted to do from a long time ago, a dish which would take more effort to prepare than the other dishes. When it's done, I would like Basara to assist me in tasting it;if it's good, I'll also like Mio-sama and Yuki sis to try it too.’’

After saying that with a smile, she then began to diligently prepare it.

That dish she was making would be a stewed dish using fresh high-quality ingredients, and it would first need the broth to be prepared. If it's done in western-style, she would first use the big pot to simmer vegetables or chicken bones to prepare a clear broth. But no matter how early she were to wake up, there wouldn't be enough time to prepare it. Hence--

’’Now's the time to use the delicate Dashi to finish it~’’

For it to match with the high-class cuisine being prepared, it would of course have to use none other than the best Rishiri Kelp.

After rubbing it with a slightly damp cloth, the kelp was then put into the pot with water. As the main objective of this step was to emphasise its delicate taste, the fire mustn't be lighted right at the start to allow it to soak for a while, letting it absorb the water.

What would be done while waiting for the kelp, would be the main ingredient of the stew to be put into the pot later. In order to preserve its innate taste and flavours, its processing would be minimal, which means that the seasoning used for it would be light.

’’Ah... It's almost that time already.’’

Finishing with the necessary preparations for now, Maria moved along the kitchen counter until the living room came into her view, where she then saw Basara buried within the just delivered newspaper.


Reading the newspaper by slowly scanning through the first page;it closely resembled the image of the father Jin Toujou, it created the atmosphere of a mature Basara.

...Hoho, the Basara like this is really handsome.

HmHmm~... Satisfied, Maria nodded. Jin wasn't just only a father, but he was also known as the strongest hero in the previous war, so his presence in various aspects were important;But now that Jin has left the Toujou residence for the demon realm, the burden of supporting the Toujou household has undoubtedly fallen onto Basara. Up till now, he has already saved Mio and herself multiple times from various crisis. Hence--

...I must properly thank him.

With that determination, she then lit a fire below the pot.


’’Alright, it's done! Basara, please try it~’’

Soon after Basara had finished reading the first page and moved on to the other pages on the sofa in the living room, he heard Maria say that excitedly.

’’Oh, it's done already...?’’

He left the sofa, and walked to Maria's side.

’’Here, please have a taste, Basara, it's hot.’’

With a big smile on her face, her two hands presented to him a bowl. Within the bowl that had steam rising in curls from it, several white circular objects were floating within it.

’’Those are... fishballs?’’

That's right, it looks just like the fishball in Kanto cuisine. Maria had said that it was a dish that required a lot of effort in preparing, so the final dish had somewhat disappointed him. Of course, Kanto cuisine is a traditional cuisine, and is one were to invest time into it, one would've needed to wake up early.

’’Here, just try it first before saying anything. If you thought that it's fishballs, prepare yourself for the shock that would come, okay?’’

’’What would it even be if it's not fishballs...?’’

Just as Basara was about to cut it into bite-sized pieces--

’’Ah, Basara, I'll like to request for you to just eat it whole in just one bite, and then guess just what it is.’’

’’...I guess that would be fine. I'll begin now if there's nothing else?’’

With that, he put it into his mouth, and the soup within it dispersed.

’’! ----- ?’’

It really wasn't a fishball, and it was slippery to the point where he couldn't bite it apart.

It's texture was completely different from his expectations. In an attempt to not let the soup overflow from his mouth while not wanting to return what's in his mouth back to the bowl, he closed up his mouth.

-- Even then, he still couldn't bite it apart.

He concentrated on chewing for a long while, but in the end, it still only travelled around within his mouth, as if avoiding his bites.

’’...Oi, Maria, just what... is this...?’’

’’Oya, Basara, you still can't tell what it is? This is your most favourite thing after all~?’’

’’My most favourite...? While it tastes great, I totally have no recollection of eating something this bad at all...’’

Although it might have been a little disrespectful, he answered like that with that 'fishball'still within his mouth. Immediately after--

’’THAT'S TOO MUCH! Just in what way does Mio-sama's panties taste bad!?’’

’’Oi... --- !’’

Basara hadn't returned a reaction in the moment after, just had already realised what Maria had just said.

And his shock caused his [late] reaction to have an unintended effect -- leading up to the following unfortunate result.

-- Have you been in a situation where the shock made you swallow on reflex?

Basara's body stiffened, and he began to unconsciously swallow. 'Crap'- the moment when he then had that thought, he had already swallowed that unchewable 'fishball'whole, and he was already feeling it sliding down his throat.


He looked at Maria in a daze, only to see the culprit giggling and saying:

’’How is it, Basara? How does your sister's panties freshly harvested this very morning taste?’’

Hearing that line, he put down the chopsticks in his hand on the kitchen counter, and after that--


’’Basara, why did you straight out materialise your sword without a word!? Could it be, that you had wanted it raw? I had went the extra mile in specially slowly simmering the panty rolls... And all that was just me doing extra things!?’’

’’Extra mile your head! How can you loli succubus give someone something like this to eat! You had just made me carry the sin of eating my sister's panties, a giant big cross!’’

You'll scare people to death if you continue like that... Just how do you want me to shoulder that sin! Wait, what's more important is--

’’...Panties are made from synthetic fibres right? This wouldn't be just ending with something simple like diarrhea...’’

It wasn't just only questionable morally. Although female panties had less materials than male underwear, they still have to be surgically removed if accidently ingested.

Additionally, when the doctors and nurses in the operating room finally manage to cut open his stomach and find a women's panty within it, who knows what they might think or feel about it. If a solution isn't thought of quickly, tomorrow's headlines on the newspaper might be [A high school student sent to E.R. after ingesting sister's panties!].

Stopping his train of thought here, his whole body shuddered, and his face turned green.

’’No need to worry about that, I had cast a magic beforehand to turn it into protein if it enters the body.’’


’’Of course, I would never do things that would harm Basara's body.’’

Hearing Maria say so, Basara patted his chest in relief, for now.

’’From now on, Mio-sama's panty shall become one with Basara's bold and body, and it shall become your energy by tomorrow... WooHoo~’’


’’B-Basara? Why did you suddenly just raise your sword without a word!’’

No need for any worry - I'll use only the back of the blade on you. Just as he got closer and closer to Maria with each step he took--

He then suddenly turn back in panic, having felt his back being watched. There was a girl standing right behind him, wearing the uniform of Hijirigazaka Academy, but it wasn't Mio.


That's right, standing at the door to the living room is someone who is the opposite to the bright Mio, someone who has breathtaking beauty. That someone is Nonaka Yuki.

...I-I'm saved...

If Mio were to find out that Basara had eaten her panty, both Basara and Maria would've been seriously considering how they can survive.

’’......’’ ’’Umm... Miss Yuki?’’

He then once again patted his chest, but upon seeing that Yuki wasn't quite normal, he had accidently used honorifics on her. Her face clearly showed displeasure, hence it seems like that she had heard about him eating Mio's panty. Although the fact that the one who discovered them wasn't Mio was the silver lining to this dark cloud, that was still something that Yuki shouldn't be allowed to know. Within the awkward atmosphere, Yuki had crossed the living room and had arrived at the kitchen where they were at.

’’I-It's not what you think it is, Yuki... What she just said was--’’


While standing right in front of Basara who was trying to attempt to explain, Yuki suddenly did [something] without saying a word-- while slightly bending forward, her hands extended towards the insides of her skirt from below.

’’Eh-- ...?’’

Yuki shyly lifted her skirt right in front of Basara's eyes, and began to slowly move her hands down towards the floor. Hooked between her thumbs, and being revealed from under her skirt, was indeed the white panty that she was currently wearing. When it had reached her knees, she raised both her left and right legs in succession, and then presented a small bundle rolled up to Basara.


’’Oioioioioioioi, what are you even 'aaa'ing for!? Just what are you even thinking of, Yuki?!’’

Desperately shaking his head towards Yuki who held out her panty wanting him to consume it, it apparently seems that the situation has already began to spiral downwards rapidly out of control .

’’No need to for any politeness... After all, I have only just found out that what Basara likes to eat most is female panties.’’

It's too late for him already. Hearing Yuki say so as if beginning to blame herself, Maria began nodding. [Hoho~]

’’It's not Yuki's fault that Yuki sis didn't know that, since after all, you both were separated for five years, and Basara had grown up a lot in the meantime... He's already at the age where he would prefer panties for all three meals for about over three years...’’

’’I won't deny that I had changed a lot in those five years, but I had never been like what you just said!’’

He landed a hit onto the head of the loli succubus speaking nonsense.

’’...No need to be shy in front of me, I'll let you eat as many of my panties as you want in the future. Coincidently, I had wanted to make a trip to the lingerie shop at the mall later after school, so why not just come with me? I am still unfamiliar with your tastes and preferred textures, so take your picks to your heart's content, and let me settle the bill.’’

’’That's not fine at all! Are you trying to kill me!?’’

Upon hearing Basara abruptly fiercely trying to refute the accusations, her expression suddenly clouded over, and said:

’’...So you mean that you are fine with eating Mio's ones, but not mine ones?’’

Letting slip her countryside accent with her emotions in a great mess and ready to explode at any time, her face pressed closer, and asked again.

’’Ah... I wasn't deliberately eating Mio's...’’

’’Fine fine fine, no matter which way you go, it's still my fault in the end, so just push all of the blame onto me if anything happens. The one who messed up and reversed the contract making Mio-sama into Basara's servant was me, and the one who also made made a mess on Mio-sama's body with cake in the bathroom was also me, it's all my fault~~’’

’’That's right! It's all your fault!’’ Stop pretending to be so piqued to escape responsibility!

’’In other words, Yuki, I'm very sorry. I will not eat your panty, and I will not be accompanying you after school to shop for your underwear;so please, I'm begging you, just let me off just this once-- !’’

It'll end someone's life. He had first put Maria aside, and desperately tried dissuading Yuki.

’’....Alwright, since you so strongly deny. Me can't do things about it too...’’

Pouting, and after that she then began taking off the top of her sailor shirt.

’’Oi... Yuki, what are you doing!?’’

With her top off, she then extended her hand towards her back;specifically, the bra clasp behind her back, and said:

’’When me approached you in the bathroom to help you wash your back, you rejected me;but when me asked again after stripping, you agreed. So this time you would also--’’

’’Wait a minute! Who would even throw a tantrum in such a strange way, it's just too weird a way!’’

’’...It's not weird at all. You had ate Mio's panty so happily, yet you no eat me one... Who would even insult people in such a way...’’

’’That's right, who would even insult people in such a way... What's more, I hadn't insulted or humiliated you at all! --Oi, Yuki, stop it! Stop taking even more of your clothes off!’’

Just when he couldn't take it anymore and reached out a hand to grab onto the hand that was about to undo the skirt's clasp--

’’Rightly said, Yuki sis! You're already naked on top, and you're wearing skirt without panties... From a certain perspective, this could just be the very most impressive status!’’

’’Is this even the time to get so excited with your eyes sparkling like that, you loli-ero-succubus!?’’

’’...Basara, please...’’


She then wrapped around Basara coquettishly while acting like a baby, and his body stiffened up.

-- However, it wasn't because of Yuki's hugging.

It's just like the plotline of a television drama -- the teen girl who he had hoped the most to not show up in this situation, had just showed up in this disastrous situation standing at the door to the living room.

’’It seems that you're all having a lot of fun very early this morning...’’

After those words left her twitching mouth, her body released a pale light, and it began to spread around the room with crackling sounds. That, was an effect from holding back the electrical discharge that she was likely about to release.

’’Did you hear me? To-day. After I had some very weird dreams, I found my panties missing when I woke up, and they could not be found no matter how I looked for it;that's pretty weird... Later on, I thought I heard that Maria had cooked my panties for breakfast and served it to Basara, or something like that. To ascertain that it wasn't a vision, the two of you over there... Can you repeat what you have just said just once more? And why not also explain why did Yuki want to hug Basara without anything on while you're at it too?’’

With that, Naruse Mio, began to slowly walk towards them with a cold smile,

Facing Mio in her current state, the half-naked Yuki could only stay still while hugging Basara;at her side, Maria was indifferently shrugging her shoulders while sighing.

’’Aaah~ I still couldn't do anything meaningful... Just how did it even turn out like this?’’

’’ ! - You still have the cheek to say that kind of stuuufffffffff!?’’

With Basara's loud roar as the signal, Mio's lightning exploded in the living room of the Toujou residence.

Part 3[edit]

Was almost charred black this morning.

...It was unexpected that Mio-sama would get that angry.

After finishing the embarrassing breakfast which the two women had butted heads over, they were finally sent on their way to school with Basara - Maria was in the kitchen washing the dining utensils, while recalling Mio's reactions which had exceeded her expectations.

--It's been quite a while since I've suffered from Mio's lightning, I'm lucky that she had somewhat restrained her power.

As recently Yuki had moved into the Toujou residence, the number of instances of Mio exploding over such pranks had went down a lot. As long as the excuse [It's all for Basara] was used, Yuki, who clearly expressed her love to them, would agree even if she had to sacrifice her image. Just now, Yuki forgave him (naturally), she had also put up with the instigations caused by herself;It's almost the same for Mio too, thinking that if she couldn't do it, it shows that she was just all fluff, and it's because of the feeling of not wanting to lose to Yuki that made her not to explode.

And that was the reason why Maria had just daringly did what she had just did. It's just--

「So Mio-sama would still get angry even if the one eating her panties is the one she likes, huh~」

While using the antiseptic dishwashing soap 「WhitePaoPao」 to clean it until it is very clean, no, shining clean, she released a sigh while deep in thought.

There probably wouldn't be any problems on Yuki's side. But as expected, once she found out that Mio had taken away the initiative from her, she would attempt to immediately catch up;but then again, I had never expected for her make the move of taking off her panties and making him say 「Aah~」.

「My initiations seem to be really insufficient... I must continue to work hard!」

To not have filmed that scene, it really pains her. From the moment Basara had hammered her head, she hadn't had a chance to retrieve her camera yet.

「At least remember to clean up after the closing of a chapter...」

If she were not even able to procure Mio's dream this morning, then her being punished this morning would just plainly be punishment, it'll all be for naught.

’’All right.’’

Done with the dishes, she then continued with the other household chores.

「Since today's weather is so nice, why not just sun dry it instead of putting it into the dryer? 」

After throwing the to-be-washed laundry into the barrel of the washing machine and canceling the auto drying program and pressing the button, it began to rotate while calculating the amount of clothes to be washed;humming while pouring in the soap and softener, bubbles began to gradually appear. After confirming it had begun it's operation normally, she then started cleaning the house.

--When she lived her life with only Mio, she would also attend school together with her, protecting her from the shadows.

After moving in with Basara, it had changed to her only needing to send them off to and welcome them back at the school before and after school respectively;after Yuki moved in, she didn't even need to accompany Mio up to the school gates anymore.

Hence, her free time had increased a lot, and even cleaning the house and doing all the laundry could all be competed in the morning.

Today's sun is shining brightly, shining on the freshly washed quilts and sheets used by four people, which had somewhat added to the time taken for the washing machine to complete the cycle, but it was still done not long after noon.

After finishing a simple lunch with what's available in the house, what Maria does in the afternoon would be to make use of the computer in the house to gather information and do research.

--Between Basara, Mio, and Yuki right now, deepening their relationship would be of utmost importance.

Hence, Maria had to often help create situations and games that were fresh yet not repetitive;and she was different from Mio and Yuki. Right now, while she knows her feelings towards Basara was a 「warm, nice feeling」, she was certainly oblivious to the fact that it was 「love」.

That being said, it shouldn't be long before Mio herself starts to realise it -- thinking about the reaction Mio will have, makes her hyped up about it. Who knows, she might no longer lose it over just a few of her panties being consumed.

「Things might change to the point where she would beg to eat Basara's underwear... No, things would get dull and wrong if she became that perverted.」

Everything needs to be done in moderation. For example, no matter how the tuning will be done in the future, both Mio and Yuki will still need to retain some of their embarrassment... If the subjugation to get obedience to Basara were to become something like a routine, then playtime with the succubus effects under the master-servant contract would be over.

And that was the reason Naruse Maria was on the terrace at the full length living room windows, in clothes that was swaying in the wind, with the laptop taken from Basara's room on her lap.

’’--Right, I must work hard today too!’’

After saying that seriously, she started the download for the beta of a eroge fresh on the market. This was look for anything that would catch her eye -- the moment she find anything noteworthy, she would immediately download the official version, and offer it to to Basara.

When one thinks about it, she has been working hard everyday without slacking even once, precisely just to support Basara and the Master-Servant contract with them--

「No matter what happens, I can't afford to cut corners at this stage...!」

Additionally, if Basara were to discover that they have been doing some questionable stuff, her own desires would be left unsatisfied, and she would also feel bad inside. If she were to meet the same situation as this morning again and have it end up having Mio's first time being taken away by her hand... What should she do? Especially since now is the era where all one ever thinks about silently is 「I'm...... bananas!」[2].

Hence, in order to deepen their master-servant relationship and satisfy their se*ual desires, Maria today will also continue to battle armed with a sincere heart and ero games. Determinedly skipping over and avoiding any confessions, carefully listening to every word spoken through earphones, she full-heartedly played on.

--As if wanting to sweep away the gloomy mood that would set in when she's alone.

Time passed quickly while engrossed in the games, and the afternoon passed in the blink of an eye - it was already three when emerged from the computer.

Time to have some dim sum. For quite a while already, all that progressed in the game was the oral se* scenes, which made Maria to say:

’’No wonder I had an urge to eat something since just now...’’

And she pulled a something out from her bosom. It's big and thick, and it's handsome from every angle - the banana from this morning that was almost used wrongly.

「An afternoon alone is really lonely, if only I can experience Basara just once with my mouth...」

If Basara or Mio were home, Maria would be taking off her panties whie smiling and saying : 「Of course, I'm referring to my mouth down here, and before and after 'it', I would also like to fill my tummy ♥」. But only someone who is really vacuity would do that, and so she gave up on that idea. Peeling back the skin with gentle actions, Maria brought the banana towards her mouth, and then realised--

’’Ah! ...What's going on here? The dimensions are totally different from Basara's once the skin of the banana is peeled off! To think that there's this structural defect! Damn, a mere banana dared to trick this succubus on its se*ual aspects... -- Ah! So, when my heart raced while seeing Mio-sama and Yuki sis consuming the banana, it was all totally for nought... This is such a horrible joke!’’

She had originally wanted to secretly suck on the banana [3] for thirty minutes before bringing it into her stomach, but since its dimensions were different from Basara's, it would be meaningless.

Just as Maria was about to bite the banana in frustration, the Toujou residences suddenly had a visitor.

’’Oh? You're here...’’

Maria's expression naturally turned into a smile, and the visitor neared the terrace with carefree steps. Deftly jumping onto the wood flooring, it raised its head and began to meow cutely.

The visitor was a female tabby cat, with three shades of colour of fur. Not long ago, Maria saw her while on her way back from the supermarket and proceeded to chase her;and they got lost together. Hitchhiking a ride back in the end, and the cat had continued to visit since then.

As cats have their own territories, Maria had sent the cat back to a place near the supermarket later;But for reasons that might be that she had taken a liking to Maria or moving around in the area around the toujou residences... it would occasionally come to visit Maria, like now.

This time, it was staring straight at Maria as if like it had a request for her.

「Do you want this?」

Maria asked that once she realised it was looking at the banana in her hand, and the visitor gave a 「meow~」as if giving her answer.

’’Eh... Bananas contain a lot of potassium, and it might not be good for your health...’’

Since there is no collar on this cat, it is most likely to be a stray.

In order to survive, it probably just ate anything that seemed to be edible.

’’Well, I guess just a little would be fine...’’

Maria squeezed off a bit off the tip of the banana which she hadn't even had a bite of yet, and placed it in front of her.

Stepping forward to sniff, the cat then began to happily eat.

’’So, this banana was about the same size as Basara before its skin was stripped, huh~?’’

As Maria petted her head while saying that, the cat raised her head again after finishing the meal in a few bites, and mewed once more. But this time, she was not asking for more banana.

’’Oh, rightrightright... Please have a seat.’’

Maria pushed the laptop to one side, and the tabby cat jumped up onto the just vacated space on Maria's thighs. Every time this cat came by to visit, Maria would always have to have the space on her legs given to her. 「Prrr~」After yawning a few times, as usual, it would curl up on Maria's thighs and close its eyes, letting Maria stroke its head while she chuckled.

--Maria had not given a name to this cat.

This was to avoid getting too attached to it. The tabby cat seemed to also think similarly, and didn't drop by everyday. It would disappear after borrowing Maria's lap to nap on for an hour. Although they had hit it off together quite well after meeting by chance, they cannot get too attached - to be able to spend time together happily despite not knowing each other's names like now, just like relationships between mature women, and being able to leisurely spend afternoons together, was all things Maria like a lot. Going out when the visitor wakes up, also lets her get some groceries before the supermarket starts to get crowded.

However -- she will not able to do that today.

’’...What is it? Didn't you already agree to not show up here?’’

Not wanting to wake the cat having its afternoon nap on her thighs, she said while smiling softly.


But the tabby cat seemed to have sensed a change in Maria's atmosphere, and suddenly widened its eyes.

It then jumped off her thighs, and anxiously stared at an empty space while supressing her body movements.

The space in Toujou residences' courtyard suddenly twisted, and a beautiful demon woman suddenly appeared from nowhere.

Brown-skinned female demon -- Zest, directed her cold gaze at Maria.

’’--Zolgear-sama has some information that he had ordered me to pass on to you directly.’’

And she continued:

’’Zolgear-sama had completed his preparations to extract Wilbert's power from Mio's body, and has decided to make his move tomorrow - you are to provide your assistance when the time comes;that is all.’’


Hearing Zest's words, Maria stayed quiet, and thought -- the moment has finally arrived.

--However, Maria actually already knew about it. The day before yesterday, Maria and Takigawa Yahiro -- the scene of talking with Lars, was unfortunately accidently seen by Basara. Back then, Lars had taken the initiative to talk to her, and she had tried to muddle through;who knew that Basara would be there.

Zolgear attempting to capture Mio, was to take Wilbert's power that was sleeping within Mio's body for himself;this was no different from showing betrayal towards the current demon lord Leohart who also wanted to get that power for himself. Lars is currently sent by Leohart to monitor Mio;if he came to question her and showed any hints of any intentions being seen through, giving an excuse and acting dumb to the end wouldn't work.

After Lars left, Basara asked Maria what that was about when he saw her. Although it seemed that he had believed the excuse she had made up on the spot, some doubt remained in her heart. And that was why at that moment, Maria felt that she could not hide it for much longer already.

The current situation -- or her own heart.[4] Upon seeing Maria suddenly becoming quiet, Zest asked softly:

’’--Are there any problems?’’

’’None. It's just, there's no need to come here just to tell be this.’’

Maria replied:

’’Basara and Yuki sis had set up surveillance magic around this house. Because Mio-sama and I are here, it does not prohibit entering and leaving - but once a demon irrupts, it's going to leave behind traces of demonic power. What if they were to find it?’’

Since the plan was to be set into motion tomorrow, such reckless actions should be avoided, right?

However, Zest replied while seeming not to mind that at all,

’’No need to worry about that. Before I entered, I had already suppressed my demonic power to a minimum. If the two heros were still to find traces of my demonic power, please give them an excuse. Something like 『A low-class demon came by, attracted by the previous demon lord's power , and I eliminated him』 would do, I guess...’’

That should probably be fine.

’’You had already given them a lot of lies... Adding one more wouldn't be too be of a problem, right?’’


Those words caused Maria to have an reaction. She stood up on the terrace, and angrily directed her eyes filled with killing intent at Zest, and the surrounding air froze. The tabby cat at one side saw Maria suddenly become another person, and ran away as if she was more afraid of Maria than Zest.


Zest continued to quietly look at her, seemingly not afraid of her killing intent.

’’ ! ----’’

And she understood why Zest had specially came here.

...He's currently watching me.

It can't be wrong - via Zest's eyes, she could relay what she sees back to Zogear.

Zolgear didn't come in person while sending Zest instead, and it was definitely just to see what sort of reaction Maria would have, since she was about to betray Mio, as entertainment;and he's probably looking at all these while playing with those women whom he treats as his se* slaves.

--That scum--!

’’--I'll be taking my leave now.’’

Maria couldn't hide the gloomy expression on her face, and it seemed to give satisfaction to the Zolgear who's observing this scene. After saying that, Zest disappeared into the air.


Maria who was still towering at her original spot, tightly gripped her fist, ignoring the pain.

...The time has come.

Tomorrow, she will totally betray them.

But - Maria didn't want it all to end here.

Once Mio was at hand, Zolgear's attention all be gathered on her. She has to take this opportunity, and defeat him and Zest before he defiles Mio - and try her very best to rescue the prisoner Sheera, her mother. Even though the normal Maria had no chance at all of winning against Zolgear or Zest--

...If she were to use her ultimate move, she probably...

But if she were to temporarily lift the limiters and overload the spirit of her central nervous system[5] -- for a short while, it should be enough to let her have a chance of winning. Fighting against either Zest or Zolgear alone would be very draining but it was the only way. If it's still not enough to win against Zolgear--

...At least, I must make use of that woman...

Maria had not quietly obeyed Zolgear's orders. To rescue Sheera, she had taken advantage of the times Zolgear and Zest were not present to sneak into Zolgear's hideout to investigate.

Of course, from the start, Maria already knew that Zolgear wouldn't keep Sheera in a place that would be easily found, but she still wanted to try to find clues. While she didn't manage to find any clues in the end, she found something interesting in Zolgear's room. It was a device that could produce three-dimensional images, seeming to be an ancient magical tool. Starting it up after pressing a button, the device shone a female's image.

--It was Zest.

That's right, Zest is Zolgear's right hand man;but comparing his beloved se* slaves, his attitude towards Zest seems to be a bit cold.

Zest's powerful demonic powers, is derived from her chastity -- hence, Maria originally thought that to the lustful Zolgear, while Zest could do jobs related to battle or reconnaissance, she was a failed product when it comes to providing entertainment as a woman, hence giving her differential treatment.

However -- finding that device made Maria consider of new possibilities. Zolgear might value Zest the most, hence he does not see her as a disposable se* slave, but instead cherishes her as a gem. His usual apathy towards her, was to maintain a distance, to avoid encroaching on her with a mistake... That would be a pretty reasonable theory.

--Of course, this could be just Maria overthinking things.

No matter what, it would be very difficult imagining that Zolgear having such pure love.

But still, Zest is undoubtedly Zolgear's right hand man. To Zolgear who had betrayed the current demon lord Leohart, his fate lies on her. If well utilised, a weak point of Zolgear's might be created.

This must succeed -- as Maria made that bleak vow in that heart, something soft touched her leg.

Looking down, she realised it was the tabby cat that had ran away just now, rubbing herself against her leg.

’’You can't anymore... You can't come here anymore in the future.’’

She said while smiling bitterly, and the cat raised her head, seemingly worried for her.

’’...Don't worry about me.’’

She squatted down to pet her head, and then muttered to herself.

’’...It's almost time to get the groceries for dinner.’’

On her way home, Maria told herself, that she must work harder than usual today. This will be her last time making dinner for them. When tomorrow comes, she will never be able to return to this home ever again.

--Tomorrow, I must defeat Zolgear, and rescue Sheera.

But, between severely betraying Basara and the rest, and putting herself into life-threatening danger, one could never draw an equal sign between the two.

That's why -- even if everyone's safe when it all ends, Basara and the rest will likely never forgive Maria, and Maria herself will also never forgive herself... After rescuing Sheera, she will return to the demon realm, and receive her punishment from the Moderate faction. Her strict older sister will definitely never forgive what she had done, as well as what errs she had made.

But that's not important. In Naruse Maria's heart, there are some things that she must protect at any and all costs.

In order to protect them all -- there was simply no other way.

「...There's no other way.」

Confessing everything to Basara, and asking for his help -- Maria desperately to expel the notion from her mind. The her who has always been lying to them, is already in no position to be asking for help and depending on others, and there is already no chance at all for her to get out of this mess.


Stopping her train of thought, Maria suddenly felt something warm flow down her face, hence she quickly rubbed her eyes.

’’Ah haha... Really, why am I like this at a time like this?’’

Maria smacked her face with her hands.

--Basara and the rest will be home soon. Ignoring Mio, Basara and Yuki were fairly sharp.

As long as she acts a little differently from who she is normally, she would immediately bring about their suspicion.

The reason her 「Lie」 had not been found out yet to this day, was that while she was near Basara and the rest, she tried not to think about her mother who is Zolgear's hostage and his demands and orders.

That's why -- she needs to return to her previous mood and state.

Since the answer of being able to protect everything or losing everything painfully, will soon be known.

Although until the end, she had continued to lie to them.

...But even so.

Naruse Maria is not willing to let her heart's intentions become a lie.

Whether was it her mother Sheera, or was it the important members of another family.

She must never let her own intentions -- become a lie.

Part 4[edit]

Later -- at night.

Naruse Maria had completely suppressed her true thoughts, as usual.

Instigating Yuki, shocking Basara, and angering Mio.

Correspondingly, she had also meticulously one-by-one prepared their favourite dishes.

As usual, the three of them are full of praises, making everyone happy until their tears were making their heads spin.

Maria deeply etched every single one of their expressions and words into her mind, intending it to be her very last happy memory, and that she will never forget it.

The her right now, was her smile real?

Did she do a good job re-enacting the usual Maria?

Not only just Mio and the rest - did she thoroughly fooled herself?

These questions, continued echoing within Maria's heart.

Translator Notes and References[edit]

  1. Jump up↑ Getting very impatient
  2. Jump up↑ I'm c_mming! Or just it means that all one ever thinks about is s_x.
  3. Jump up↑ A 'BJ'
  4. Jump up↑ Heart/Feelings. Both terms are correct.
  5. Jump up↑ 使灵子中枢超载, I have no idea... This term was also mentioned in Volume 3 Chapter 3


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