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Sheng Wang - Chapter 38


Chapter 38: QiGong 8th tier

[Power of Heavenly Serpent Silk] was one of the Chen Family's secret techniques. It was a high-level QiGong technique that allowed one to transform their Zhen Qi from strands of silk to snake spirits. They would intertwine and wrap around the enemy, and forcibly take control of their enemy's bone marrow. After the enemy's bone marrow was taken over, it was simple to control the enemy's Zhen Qi and martial techniques.

One could see traces of white silky threads appear which were quickly converted into snake spirits. These snake spirits weaved through the air, using their tenacity and flexibility to attack Yang Qi.

Chen Tianxiong's real power came forth.

The humanoid Zhen Qi which obstructed Yang Qi underwent numerous changes, becoming more and more like a demon

This was the power of the 'Hundred Hands Sorcerer.

With the entirety of a Qi Lord's Zhen Qi, the Zhen Qi replica became a true monster;it was impossible to effectively defend against it's attacks.

Yang Qi felt his [Spear of the Dark God] had encountered an enormous obstruction. While the spear still struggled and spun wildly in the air, it seemed to have gained one hundred thousand catty of weight. This caused Yang Qi's two arms to go numb, no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't move them one bit, as if they had been removed from his body.

’’[Power of the divine Elephant that suppresses Hell]!’’

While it appeared that Yang Qi was in a fix, he wasn't the least bit worried. The strength within his body once again surged, and the power of all seven ancient mammoths within Yang Qi's body condensed into the [Spear of the Dark God].


[Spear of the Dark God] suddenly seemed to emit a devilish song, an obscene music that seemed to have come right from Hell.

This sound was so intense it caused bewilderment, and so fierce it caused complete reduction in the Qi. It had a peerless killing intent;this was an intensive showcasing of its murderous power.

*Chi la* A sound echoed all those silken threads completely withered away under the thrust of the spear. And then a raging black flame ignited upon the spear;this was what occurred when the [Spear of the Dark God] reached its peak a QiGong flame appeared. It contained within it, an intent to set everything on fire, and to destroy everything.


*zizizizizi zizizizizizi*... Under the effect of this flame, the Hundred Hands Sorcerer's, Chen Tianxiong's Zhen Qi was burnt to ashes, thus being annihilated.

That humanoid Zhen QI was reduced to half its size.

’’What is this QiGong? It is not a king-level QiGong;rather it is an existence that surpasses king-level QiGong? Could this emperor-level QiGong?’’ Chen Tianxiong was gobsmacked;soon after, a greedy look appeared on his face. ’’Boy, an ordinary man is innocent but treasuring a jade ring is a crime. You possess such a QiGong, if this were known, the whole world will be out to kill you! All the Chen Family's experts obey me, set up the Devil QiGong formation to capture this kid alive and interrogate him about the method to cultivate his QiGong!’’

In front of an emperor-level QiGong, even a Qi Lord realm expert like Chen Tianxiong couldn't restrain himself and thus he had to capture Yang Qi.

He had already understood that this kid, Yang Qi, was one whom he could not easily triumph over;if he stubbornly persisted in fighting with him, he himself would end up getting killed. Moreover, his opponent possessed a QiGong that was at king-level or higher, which was worth boundless wealth.

’’What? A QiGong that is king-level or higher? An emperor-level QiGong is something only big academies can have, right?’’

’’The emergence of an emperor-level QiGong is bound to shock the entire continent, it will cause waves in the entire Feng Ruo continent!’’

’’What kind of a lucky encounter did this kid get? He actually got an emperor-level QiGong?’’

’’If it is an emperor-level QiGong, then there is nothing to say, our Chen Family's main branch having been destroyed is just normal. Even in the big academies, these emperor-level QiGongs are secrets that are not passed on.’’

’’If we get this emperor-level QiGong and then train bitterly, then in 10 years we may become a top-tier Family within Feng Ruo Continent. There won't be anyone pointing their fingers at us, perhaps we can even establish an independent empire.’’


’’Seize this kid, we cannot let him die, we must capture him alive. Then Elder Tianxiong can use his hypnosis QiGong and force him to reveal the secret of the emperor-level QiGong.....’’

After this sentence was said, all the experts of the Council of Elders immediately went berserk.

What concept was an emperor-level QiGong?

In Feng Ruo Continent, QiGong was split into low-level, medium-level, high-level, king-level, emperor-level, saint-level, divine-level and god-level.

Common wealthy families all have high-level QiGong, the great sects all have secret techniques of king-level QiGong. Emperor-level QiGong were earth shattering secret techniques. If one got such a QiGong, they would have reached Heaven in one big leap and it wouldn't even be a problem to reach the fate stealing realm.

The Hundred Hands Sorcerer, Chen Tianxiong, was a Qi Lord, he was very experienced and knowledgeable;60 years ago, he was already famous in Jiang Hu(the world of cultivators). He was not mistaken when he made out that Yang Qi's QiGong, surpassed a king-level QiGong.


Not less than 20 elders roared out and each one released their QiGong.

They were the Chen Family's Council of Elders, each and every one of them was an expert at the 8th tier of QiGong;otherwise they wouldn't have the qualifications to be treated as an Elder.

Among them, the most vulnerable was a 60-year-old QiGong master.

Everyone's QiGong had reached the peak of perfection. Each one released his Zhen Qi and those interwove to form an 8-Trigrams pattern [1]. The pattern was suspended in midair where it kept spinning and then it swooped down, the frantic Zhen Qi enveloping nearly the whole mountain range.

A huge tree issued- breaking and creaking noises and those mountain rocks on the ground- all became dust which settled in the air.

This was the Devil Trap Formation where all the experts of a family combined their zhen Qi and with their corresponding cultivation it kills elite demons. Thus was the birth of this technique that uses a combination of Zhen Qi from multiple people to capture prey.

More than 20 QiGong 8th tier experts acted together, and among them there was also a Qi Lord, proving that this was an event of great significance.

Generally speaking, even if a QiGong 7th tier expert faced such a huge Devil Trap Formation, he would be extremely disadvantaged and may even lose his life. There won't be any suspense in fighting in such a situation.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi was a freak of nature;he cultivated the [Power of the divine Elephant that suppresses Hell], which was not some emperor-level QiGong, but it was a god-level QiGong that far surpassed an emperor-level QiGong by an unknown factor it could be classified as a QiGong cultivated by a heavenly deity, and which did not belong to the human-world.

Moreover, his body contained the life essence left behind by a mysterious elder.

The more he was under pressure, the more Yang Qi could rouse his latent potential. One simply couldn't use common sense to predict his growth.

The miracle of his body broke people's understanding...

As the Devil Trap Formation's frantic Zhen Qi enveloped everything, it did not cause the slightest fear in Yang Qi, rather it just made him more excited.

Then, he yelled.

It was like a million Mammoths trumpeting together. The Lightning Mammoth in Yang Qi's body started to move, and one after another, whirlpools emerged all around Yang qi. These whirlpools emitted the smell of sulfur in hell and even the heat of the lava that was within hell.

’’Suppress him!’’

Chen Tianzhen, an elder of Chen Family, an old woman with white hair and wrinkled skin, shouted. She saw that Yang Qi erupted with more power to contend against the attack of all the elders, causing her expression to turn sinister as she used her QiGong which bubbled forth and permeated the air, containing an intense toxic gas.

This was no longer the QiGong of the Chen Family, but a skill of the Shadow Poison Sect.

’’[Huge Serpent Rising from Water]!’’

Another elder shouted, and then a huge palm appeared, making a grabbing motion. Its strength was like that of a mountain and it brought forth an overwhelming power. The Zhen Qi then transformed into a huge hammer which caused sparks to appear whenever it hit a mountain stone, as if an ancient gigantic spirit was tearing its way through the mountain.


*Peng peng peng peng...*

These attacks then came upon Yang Qi's body.

His black, illuminated shield, the [Protection of the Dark God] undulated and many fissures appeared on it. Being at QiGong 7th tier, contending against more than 20 experts of 8th tier and a Qi lord expert, whilst already having a large amount of his Zhen Qi exhausted was already a situation only a god could fight in. And although he cultivated a god level QiGong, he was certainly no god.

*huuu huuu!*

He gasped.

’’This youngster is unable to resist!’’

’’Suppress him once more!’’

These Elders all laughed out, but their expressions remained sinister and cruel. Soon, that emperor-level QiGong would be theirs, a huge fortune was approaching them and deep down in their hearts, there was cruelty and excitement.

’’I am the reincarnation of a divine Elephant, I engulf the stars, I breathe seasons in and out, I suppress hell and with a body like a furnace, I shall step on even the Dark God’’ Yang Qi shouted, while he was breaking through.

Under boundless pressure, his life essence exploded and the power of those attacks against him all permeated into his meridians and bombarded the Lightning Mammoth which resided within his Qi Ocean.

The Lightning Mammoth released a large quantity of its life essence and poured into the 8th particle.

If the Lightning Mammoth's life essence was unlimited, Yang Qi's potential would also be the same. Any attack that excited this life essence would cause him to make progress in his cultivation. This was the only thing that he counted upon when he came up here all by himself to kill so many experts.

With so many experts around, even if Yang Zhan or Yan Gufeng were at that place, when being attacked from all sides they could only give up and try to flee. But even then, they would be totally beaten till they die. But these experts only became a target practice for Yang Qi's cultivation;Yang QI broke through in the midst of a life or death situation.

*Ka cha*

The 8th particle then awoke.

In quick succession, the 9th particle and then the 10th particle all awoke.

Having successfully woken 3 particles, the three Ancient Mammoths' power poured into his meridians and with the previous 7 Ancient Mammoths' power, he now had the power of 10 Ancient Mammoths.

His QiGong was peerless and profound.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi's body underwent another transformation and his QiGong permeated into his blood. If he closed his eyes and looked, he would immediately see that [Power of the divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell] had combined with his blood and that his blood appeared to have a faint golden hue to it. It was no longer bright red, and the golden color signified grandeur, grace, dignity, might, the sovereign king, and even immortality!

When an average person cultivated QiGong, although they could transform their physique, it wouldn't be very obvious. Only when one understood the mysteries of all creation between heaven and earth and then used it to seize their fate from Heavens can they reach the Fate Stealing Realm and only then can they use QiGong to gradually transform their body.

At most what could happen is that their physique would become a little stronger.

Even Qi lords such as Yang Zhan, Yan Gufeng, etc., all had the same physical strength.

But then again, Yang Qi's cultivation did not follow the common understanding. If there was a Fate Stealing Realm expert at that moment, he would have been able to immediately see that Yang Qi's body was gradually transforming into something inhuman.

Only if his corporeal body was powerful, could it contain a lot of Zhen QI.

The power of 7 Ancient Mammoths had already thoroughly surpassed that of a Qi Lord, it couldn't even be compared to Yan Gufeng. Within Yang Qi's body, his QiGong began to circulate, emitting noises of earth, wind, water, fire and thunder. His blood ignited and the Zhen Qi in his body became ebullient and he condensed his intent, then his body began to transform, pondering over the mysterious principles of creation, to take control of all creation between Heaven and Earth.

From hell one can arrive in paradise.

The quantity of QiGong in his body finally reached a certain amount and Yang Qi's QiGong underwent a qualitative change. As if like a chain reaction, the Zhen Qi which had previously crystallized, now sublimed and turned into a gaseous form that combined with his soul with only a thought from him.

This was the QiGong 8th tier, the Qi Transformation realm.

He had reached the peak of perfection of this realm.


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