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Sheng Wang - Chapter 21


ang Qi faced the water mountain, circulating his Qi-Gong and violently smashed his palms into the encroaching water-mountain. The impact of the two forces sounded like the roar of a waterfall.

The water-mountain collapsed.

But an inescapable net-like water surrounded and trapped Yang Qi within.

These water-ropes strangled each of Yang Qi's limbs. The white ape's control over the flow of Qi had already reached perfection.

That water-rope was also serrated, and while twisting around, it would ferociously hack at the person twined amidst the rope.

Just as a constantly moving rope can cut through wood, and dripping water can wear down stone, any shield-type QiGong could be cut by this water-rope's sawtooth-attack.

’’The [Power of divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] could completely subdue every demon for thousands of miles into submission ....’’

Yang Qi was trapped in the midst of the rolling water, and was being cut on all directions. These serrated water-ropes were truly formidable, Yang Qi's body was in danger of being sawed apart. He couldn't even see where the white ape was;he could only see a frantic stream of water squeeze and hack at him.

It was fortunate that it was Yang Qi who was caught up in this;if it were any other human, (s)he would have died horribly.

Of course, this one blow had not killed Yang Qi. The white ape was careful not to display his full power as he wished to capture him and force him to spill out his cultivation techniques.

At this moment, Yang Qi had fallen into a deep realm of consciousness. The Lightning Mammoth's essence began to circulate faster and faster, replenishing Yang Qi's consumed Zhen Qi with each circulation. Additionally, the particles within his body began to show signs of an awakening.

On the outside, the white ape was endlessly circulating its QIGong while restricting Yang Qi.

The Ape was baffled, Yang Qi, who was trapped within his water ropes, had become more spirited instead of becoming tired. It had never encountered something like this before- that a person of the 6th tier dared to fight against a Demonic Beast of the 8th tier.

The Ape was just about to increase the power of its attack and whittle away at what remained of Yang Qi's Zhen Qi, when Yang Qi, who was trapped within the water, burst out from within the water, panting.

Under the immense pressure of the ape's attack, Yang Qi's Lightning Mammoth had once again fused with his body, causing a 5th particle to awaken inside him, he now posessed the power of five ancient mammoths.

At this moment, Yang Qi's entire body was just like that of a newly awakened ancient mammoth. Huge lumps of Qi erupted from within his body. As these lumps of Qi hit the water-ropes they created earth-shattering explosions and the water-ropes began to fracture and then completely explode.

Yang Qi's Zhen Qi was too vigorous, causing his meridians to crystallize. The Zhen Qi which was originally in a gaseous form gradually liquefied. Every unit of Zhen Qi became thick and viscous, flowing within his dantian. His Zhen Qi had condensed over 10 fold.

If Yang Qi closed his eyes and looked within his body, he would see that the liquid Zhen Qi in his Qi Ocean had taken form, some had become dragons, tigers, white cranes, mammoths,.... these forms were in a constant cycle of life and death.

All the parts of his body became very active and full of power, at this critical juncture, he had broken through to the QiGong 7th tier, the 'Qi Imagination' realm.

From the 6th tier Qi Armament to the 7th tier Qi Imagination realm, the Zhen Qi would change its nature. The most notable feature was that it would ’’liquify’’. The Zhen Qi flowing within the body would turn into liquid and its quality would be sevenfold greater than the original. Thus, its power would also considerably increase.

Many experts would be unable to break through to this realm for 20-30 years, and there were even some who were unable to accomplish this in a lifetime.

Breaking through to the seventh realm indicates a new realm of a person's QiGong cultivation. Regardless of which aristocratic family one belonged to, a cultivator who reached the seventh tier was held in high regard.

Absorbing items from mid air, gathering Qi to take shape as one desired, flying across natural barriers, etc........ all kinds of things were possible if one reached the QiGong 7th tier, ’’Qi Imagination’’ realm.

And now, under the violent pressure from the white ape, Yang Qi could at last breakthrough to the realm that he had been very eager for.

When Yang Qi broke through, the Zhen Qi within his body suddenly magnified by ten-fold. With just a light attack, the air around him seemed to explode continuously. He leapt into the sky, breaking through the trap and with his Zhen Qi in circulation, after his leap it was as if he had defied gravity as he no longer came down to the ground.


Two wide wings appeared behind him.

These two wings were made from condensing Zhen Qi. They were wide and pitch-black in color, as if the darkness of the universe was contained within them. Beneath the dark wings were traces of runes. In addition, with these wings, he gave off an appearance of the Dark God, with the aura of the devil assaulting the senses. Using the wings as the centre, a pitch-black, thick fog heavily clouded the area within a radius of a hundred paces;it was as if Hell had been brought down to earth.

These wings, though vicious, they were mysterious, pitch-black, boundless and incomparable.

Compared to the [Wings of White Crane] and [Wings of the Roc], it was unknown how much more powerful these wings were. Even the QiGong, that caused the [Wings of the Roc] to appear behind the white ape, was suppressed by the [Devil's Wings].

With a pair of [Devil's Wings] flapping behind him, Yang Qi stood upright. Floating in the air like this, with his tall body he looked like the Dark God. He looked coldly at the white ape, giving off an aura that he could completely see through this ape.


Although the white ape was amazed, but inwardly it was also fiercely excited. It was not frightened on seeing Yang Qi's cultivation advance;on the contrary, it was pleased. It bellowed and its palm once again made a grab as more flood condensed into a very large cudgel as big as a tree, a remnant of a tree that was hacked down.

’’[Spear of the Dark God]’’

Yang Qi also did not dodge;he also made a grabbing motion and a spear appeared like magic in his hand. This spear was several times thicker, with the Qi of the Dark God flowing through it. When it whooshed by in the sky, it emitted a dreadful clamor which overshadowed that of the waterfall. Thin streams of black Qi emitted from the spear transformed into a robe on his body;it was faintly discernible as the coming of the Dark God, who in Hell, dominates over life and death.

The [Spear of the Dark God] whooshed towards the large flood cudgel. It had not even yet come into contact but the large cudgel was unable to bear the oppression of Hell's willpower. Inch-long cracks appeared on it and then the cudgel immediately fractured.

’’The Dark God strikes!’’

Yang Qi did not relax;dodging with the [Devil's Wings], he held the [Spear of the Dark God] in his hand and thrust it straight into the demon ape's chest.

The white ape yet again bellowed and the flood in front of it condensed into several tens of powerful layers that attempted to block the spear's attack. But, this time, it was ineffective. Like a hot knife that cuts through butter, the [Spear of the Dark God] skewered the water-walls and neared the body of the ape.

Pu Chi!

The white ape's body was slashed by the spear, causing the white fur to be in disarray and the blood to spurt out. The willower of the Dark God of Hell had deeply penetrated and entered its soul.


The white ape had never anticipated that the fish within its net would completely reverse its fate and furthermore manage to injure it. It kept bellowing, and using its agility martial techniques, it evaded the spear's attack and disappeared into the waterfall without a trace.


Yang Qi was startled, because when the white ape was passing through the waterfall, he saw that there was an entrance to a tunnel behind it;it appeared to be very deep and was pitch-black. This 'cave with waterfall curtain' was simply an ideal and impressive sight.

This white ape was not an easy opponent. Its QiGong was very profound and it also had its own hideout and had achieved the realm of [Long-distance Soul Lock-down]. If it was not ruthlessly dealt with, it would carry a vendetta and wipe out the Yang family completely.

The white ape wanted to break through to the 9th tier Qi Lord realm. Once it did, it would be very terrifying.

Furthermore, this time, when the white ape wanted to capture Yang Qi, it was stabbed by Yang Qi while they both were fighting. Thus, in its eyes, deep hatred towards Yang Qi could be seen and in the future, it would exact a very horrific revenge on him.

In such a situation, Yang Qi wanted to bravely enter and kill the ape, thus preventing any troubles from happening later on.

This white ape's intelligence was much more profound than that of humans. It would never forget this kind of defeat and humiliation.

’’[Protection of the Dark God]!’’

Suddenly, when he was circulating the [Power of divine Elephant that suppresses Hell], the QiGong, shaped liked an egg-shell, enshrouded him completely. It was so airtight that even water could not drip inside. This Qi shield for the body was rotating like a whirlpool. It was like a giant steel ball that was rotating at high speed such that even a small move would set-off continuous and violent explosions.

With this kind of protection, even an attack with as much power like that of the white ape, not only would it disperse the force, but it was also possible that it may rebound onto the attacker.

It was the most powerful protection.

Relatively speaking, [The great Golden Bell Shield QiGong] was as weak as charred paper when compared to the [Protection of the Dark God]. With a single stab, it would instantly break.

Like a carp that swims upstream, Yang Qi also rushed into the abyss of the waterfall and into the cave that was screened by the waterfall.

Splash! thump!

He planted his feet firmly onto the ground;the ground was made of hard and smooth rock. This rocky cave was as tall as 3-4 people, it was no wonder that the white ape could enter it. Moreover, the farther he went inside, the wider the cave got. It was as if he had penetrated deeply into the belly of the mountain, it became as wide as a palace inside the mountain.

Figures of primates leaping and running were carved on the rocky walls on both sides of the room. There were some carvings of some primates who were fencing, some fighting with bamboo sticks, and even some who were meditating and circulating QiGong. The drawings of the flow through the meridians were sparkling and shining - these were many martial techniques of primates.

On the ground were some bloodstains, which showed where the white ape had fled to.

The current Yang Qi was very bold and daring. Since he had cultivated to the 7th tier Qi Imagination realm, he now had the [Devil's Wings], [Protection of the Dark God] and his body also had the power of 5 ancient Mammoths. Even if the white ape was injured, he could chase after it using the bloodstains and thus he once again went deeper in.

After a while, it brightened up and suddenly Yang Qi saw a wide, spacious, rocky room. The white ape was standing inside it, its hands holding giant steel bars with large diameter and unknown weight. On top of these many patterns were carved.

This rocky room could accommodate 1000 men. there were stone bookshelves all around, spread on which were the hardcopies of books, sheepskin scrolls, metal and stone inscriptions, the ancient bamboo slips, all of which were interesting and appealing. Besides these, there was a weapons rack, containing all kinds of swords, spears, hatchets, hooks and all one could think of.

What was more unimaginable was that there was a pill furnace away from the fireplace at the south end of the room.

Apparently this was used by the white ape for refining pills.

Moreover, not far from the pill furnace, there was a zither. The cave appeared more elegant like a place belonging to a learned and virtuous scholar and not like the filthy dwelling of a Demonic Beast.

At this precise moment, the white ape was standing in the middle of the cave. The injuries on its body had stopped bleeding, and the bloodstains had also disappeared;it was as if it hadn't received any wounds at all! It appeared lively, with sufficient Zhen Qi and within its two eyes, it revealed an ominous glint as it spoke in a human voice, ’’Kid, you are very good! You even pursued me and came here. This time you won't be able to escape.’’

Human language's words sounded out from the white ape's mouth.

’’Of course, I can leave right now.’’ Yang Qi was also not startled. With a smiling expression, he said insipidly, ’’But are you sure that you don't want to take revenge on me?’’

’’Kid, I have never before been forced into such a state by humans. I will wipe out and devour your whole family;only then will my shame be washed away!’’ the white ape snarled angrily.


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