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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 736


Chapter 736: 736

Chapter 736: Easton’s King (I)

The multicolored spiral landed on the gorilla’s head, and immediately turned into countless multicolored lights making their way into its body.

The little gorilla stood unmoving with a blank face, its body filled up with multicolored glosses.

What Long Haochen had declared he was having a try about, was mainly about comprehension. After his cultivation had made such a qualitative leap, comprehending nothing was impossible given his level of understanding.

Never look down on that multicolored spiral: that’s his post evolution domain’s domain technique, an extraordinary life seal.

Long Haochen didn’t know how long this seal could last, but after it entered the gorilla’s body, he found out that all its aura of life was assimilated by his seal. Should no one get rid of this seal within seven days, it would make the life alteration of this gorilla permanent. In other words, really turn it back into an infant. Only by restarting from scratch would it gain the chance of reaching this boundary anew.

Withdrawing the domain, although Long Haochen felt somewhat tired, the happiness in his eyes stood with no doubt. He had gained his second domain technique, and this domain technique was truly miraculous. In some meaning, it could determine a person’s age, life, or death. To be in control of life, what kind of cheat was that!

The young girl Sisi couldn’t help but stare at the scene in front of her eyes. Although she remained vigilant toward Long Haochen, his domain’s power of nature and life had unwittingly raised some feelings of cordiality in her.

“It should be okay. I have sealed the growth trajectory of his life. His body has been restricted to this state and would only return to its original power after growing back. And that will be a long process.”

“Thank you for your benevolence. May the lords of nature praise you.” Sisi gazed at Long Haochen, and said very earnestly.

Long Haochen seemed to want to say something as the emotionless voice from before once again sounded out within him.

“Second mission opened. Assist Sisi in rescuing her family, and moreover, earn her trust and have her take the initiative of offering her treasure. Failure of the mission will cause the test to fail.”

Although Long Haochen was already thinking that rescuing Sisi was just the start of the trial, after accepting the mission, he still couldn’t help but be alarmed.

Easton’s king that Sisi had spoken about was absolutely the most terrifying existence of this plane. For one of his house pets to be so strong, how could the person himself reach such a degree of power? Even if he didn’t reach a level such as the Demon God Emperor’s, at least he would be a match for the likes of the Moon Demon God or Star Demon God. Such a degree of strength was nothing the current Long Haochen could contend with, especially when he’s unable to get Haoyue’s assistance.

“Sisi, what are your plans from now on?” In the previous conversation they had exchanged names with each other.

Sisi’s expression darkened, her cute face showing a helpless expression, “I don’t know either. That devil is just too powerful, my family...” Saying so, she couldn’t help but cry again.

Long Haochen furrowed his brows, and declared, “Stop crying for now. It won’t solve anything. Tell me in detail, how many clans are there in Easton? Among the lot, some are intimately related to Easton’s king, and some are enemies. Although I am thinking of assisting you, I’m still afraid our strength is not sufficient.”

Saying so, his thoughts only got even more serious. On one side, Long Haochen was standing as an onlooker, but on the other side, Sisi had just witnessed his strength, particularly his control over life going through this mystical force. But even after seeing these, she still hadn’t asked from him the favor of helping. This proved either that she didn’t trust him, or that she didn’t believe him to be a threat for Easton’s king.

Long Haochen was more inclined to believe the latter. After all, he had already rescued her, and although they didn’t have a deep contact with each other, his Light God God Physique and the incomparable purity of his light, even if he couldn’t gain Sisi’s complete trust, at least it wouldn’t make her apprehensive.

Sisi silently shook her head, “No. Because I have found that thing, I have already caused devastating damage to my clan. I won’t give it to that devil, whom I want to destroy. Even at the cost of my life, at worst I will be joining my family’s side.”

Seeing Sisi’s eyes gradually becoming filled with a resolute look, the first thing that came to Long Haochen’s mind was not his own mission, but admiration for this young girl.

She was not only kindhearted, but also courageous. She may not be wise enough, but for such a beautiful girl to still have this kind of character meant she felt extremely attractive to any man.

Long Haochen nodded lightly, “I can comprehend that you are unwilling to implicate someone else. But that way, I’m afraid your family would hardly make it through alive.”

Sisi replied in distress, “Perhaps, but that is fate. Sir Long, you have saved my life, and I am unable to return the favor. This Sisi was originally about to die. If you give in, I am willing to offer my clean self to you: this could be considered a repayment for the favor of saving my life. Anyway this body will come clean again in my next life. ”

Long Haochen jumped in start, his ears immediately reddening. If he was told this back when he was not very aware of matters between males and females, he wouldn’t give it much thought. But just before taking the test, Cai’er and him had just crossed the line! That was the first time he had experienced that beautiful act. Sisi was moreover such a beauty, her white clothing being completely insufficient to cover up her magnificent curves.

When facing a beautiful woman, anyone would show some reaction. One could for instance show admiration, have dirty thoughts, or get awkward and embarrassed. That last was exactly Long Haochen’s case.

“Sisi, don’t be like that.” In front of Sisi’s expression of distress as distress as she looked about to take him under her embrace, Long Haochen really felt somewhat at a loss. Grabbing her shoulders in his hands in a hurry, he forced her into a certain distance from him.

Sisi raised her head to look at Long Haochen, her eyes hazy with tears, “Sir Long, am I not to your liking, or are you afraid of getting involved with me? My body is really pure, and has never been in any man’s hands.”

Hearing all she said, Long Haochen immediately felt his hands loosen as if electrocuted, as he forced a smile.

“Listen to me, Sisi. I just happened to be here to save you, and had no intention to get repaid in such a manner. Moreover, right because I happened to encounter such a matter, I was thinking of helping out. I may not be capable enough to contend against a powerful opponent such as Easton’s king. But I will still give it a try. If we are lucky enough, maybe your family can be saved. Even if we are unable to succeed, you mustn’t renounce living so lightly. There is always a hope for the living, but nothing can be done for the dead.”

Sisi silently nodded, “Thank you, Sir Long. I really don’t know how I can thank you. As you have saved my life, you can have my body anytime you want.”

Long Haochen waved his hands repeatedly in embarrassment, “Don’t be like that, Sisi. Let’s first think up a way to rescue your family. Where did you say Easton’s king lives? Are you able to draw out a map?”

Sisi nodded, “Yes.” Immediately, she crouched in front of Long Haochen, drawing a detailed map using branches on the ground. Her drawing was pretty good, and as she drew she also told Long Haochen about the arrangements around Easton’s king’s residence.

“Easton’s king doesn’t have his own army, but wields a formidable power of nature. At least ten magical beasts of that previous gorilla’s grade serve as his house pets. If we want to break past them into his cave, then we must avoid its must avoid its guards. My family is very possibly in the deepest part of this cave.”

Long Haochen calmly listened to her arrangements, continuously nodding, and engraving her words in his memories. Sisi’s body frequently let out a thin fragrance entering Long Haochen’s nose, different from the fragrance emitted from Cai’er’s body. The sweetness from Sisi’s body was imbued with the aura of life, just like a flower full of enticement: fresh and clean, elegant and magnificent.

However, Long Haochen showed an unflustered attitude. Neither his eyes, nose, mouth, nor his heart paid any special attention to Sisi.

“The map and arrangements are such.” Sisi revealed to Long Haochen a sweet smile, apparently having already suppressed her pain compared to before. When she smiled, she truly was a peerless beauty.

Long Haochen gave it some thought, “I suggest scouting the area first, to search for some specific information. If there is a chance, I will be entering the cave to search for your relatives. Remain outside in a safe spot, ready to provide support.”

“How could that be okay? How could I leave you to take care of my matters all alone?” Sisi shook her head firmly, “I will be entering with you. Back when my father was still alive, he had formerly taken me to Easton’s king’s cave, so I’m more familiar than you with that place. And Sir Long, I disagree with your plan. By attempting to scout the area, it would be very possible to inadvertently alert the enemy. In case Easton’s king gets on guard, it will get even nearer to impossible for us to succeed. The king has a habit: he takes a nap every day at noon, and for about a duration of one hour. In this process, he will be in a very, very deep sleep, but will have his body protected with a divine tool. His house pets will be guarding him extremely closely at this time, but I believe that this will be our best chance. If we can avoid those house pets as we enter his cave, we will definitely be able to save my family.


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