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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 735


Chapter 735

Chapter 735: The Trial of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation (III)

The gorilla gave off a whole other kind of feeling . It had lost track of Long Haochen and the young girl Sisi, as a sticky light essence covered its body from all over . Not only did it give him a kind of slowed feeling, more alarmingly, its body’s originally fiery red colored radiance dimmed completely, and even its hairs which should be reflecting dark gold light had lost their color, leaving a sight of all black .

Light’s assimilation . All forces related to light would get sucked into the Light God Domain . Long Haochen’s current display was a domain’s most basic power, amplification and weakening .

The divine sword in his hand was slowly raised . Now Long Haochen was attempting to see what boundary his domain’s power could now reach .

A soft multicolored light slowly came off from the united divine swords, a light full of aura of life, and, once in contact with Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, immediately produced a chain reaction .

Back in the Temples’ Great Gathering, Long Haochen’s battle with Yang Haoyu had made use of an evolution of the Light God Domain . But at that time, he was totally pressured by the opponent, completely unable to exert control over his evolved domain .

This time was not the same . Long Haochen was finding out with shock that this natural world full of aura of life was, after the evolution of his domain, causing its original intense gold color to disappear . All that was left was only a dim multicolored gloss, but that gloss was encompassing all the surrounding creatures .

That was really a splendid feeling . All the vegetation, and even the sky and nature, all became extensions of his spiritual energy and emotional force . He controlled their very lives .

Long Haochen’s eyes shrank, and immediately, two trees that the nearing gorilla was approaching grew out, becoming multicolored . Their thick branches immediately engulfed that gorilla .

While taking control over life, Long Haochen was in focusing deeply . This instant, he felt the bottleneck that had been limiting him getting split abruptly as the suppressed spiritual energy gushed out at once . The multicolored gold surrounding his body became even more intense and compacted in the process .

Within the Heart of Eternity, the spiritual pellet which was turned purplish gold by Haoyue’s blood force changed in the midst of the latter’s throbbing, growing larger by threefold in just the blink of an eye .

While cultivating one’s spiritual pellet, everyone would need different methods and encounter different limitations . But, without exception, a change in the spiritual pellet would always mean a qualitative rise .

Right, in this world brimming with life, after his soul’s sublimation, Long Haochen had finally completed his breakthrough from the second rank, formally reaching the third rank of the ninth step .

The domain’s power instantly spread outwards, covering an area twice that which was occupied before his breakthrough .

Controlling life, what a powerful ability that was! That gorilla had already shattered the two trees, but was completely bound by that multicolored golden light .

Long Haochen had a dim smile on his face . Pointing his right hand to that gorilla, he immediately shot two multicolored light rays from his eyes, striking at that gorilla’s eyes .

The gorilla’s body shook violently, as the surrounding multicolored light flocked toward his body .

The gorilla’s body kept shaking uninterruptedly, a gold-red light gushing out from its body in the meantime, rejecting the multicolored gold . However, it was just too weak compared to this post-evolution Light God Domain .

Only a domain could stand in front of a domain . This gorilla’s original strength should have been comparable to powerhouse at the third rank of the ninth step, but its flaw lay in the lack of a domain’s boost . Without such a support, it had no control over the exterior world, and in front of a domain wielding powerhouse, pure strength was not of too much use .

The gorilla’s struggle started to get weaker and weaker, and gradually, its body stopped shaking, as a look of terror gradually filled its eyes . Its massive body was shrunken gradually, starting from a small mountain’s mountain’s size it got smaller and smaller . . .

A short while later, the previously unprecedented gorilla was all of a sudden under one meter tall, looking like a mini, yet pretty, version . Right now, it had none of its previous ferocity and its eyes filled with an expression of loss along with a tinge of grievance .

Right, this was the power of control over life .

Long Haochen had directly turned it back to infancy . It had lost not only its age, but also its strength! Although this was a state that could only be maintained within Haochen’s domain, it was enough in the course of a battle . What threat could there be in facing such a miniaturized little guy for Long Haochen?

Haochen lifted his right arm, looking at the Sword of Life and Creation, a trace of regret revealing itself on his face . This was because this divine sword coming from the fusion of the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was gradually falling short of his cultivation, especially noticeable compared to the might displayed by the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword . He came to understand that although the Sword of Life and Creation was a good weapon, it was in the end no genuine divine tool . In some meaning, it could only be considered a weapon of Immortal grade at the nearest level to divine tool . But such a weapon was insufficient to sustain Long Haochen’s future growth . This was also why he gave such importance to gaining the approval of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation .

Going from second to third rank, and thoroughly completing his domain’s first evolution, now he would no longer need to use the Sword of Life and Creation as an intermediary to achieve that again .

Even so, this was a pair of divine swords he would forever treasure, even if they should only be kept for collection in the future .

A soft multicolored halation was emitted from the white clad girl Sisi at Long Haochen’s side . After escaping danger, Sisi was in a much better mood, looking at Long Haochen Long Haochen with a look full of curiosity .

“Hello Sir . Thank you for saving my life . ” Sisi bowed to Long Haochen . Her bearing looked no different from the continent’s mages .

Now far calmer than before, that irresistible beauty resembling Cai’er to some extent, and moreover no inferior to the latter in her looks, gave off the feeling of brimming with life . This was a great fit with Long Haochen’s post evolution Light God Domain, to the extent that she also got an immense boost from the domain .

From Sisi’s previous intervention, Long Haochen could feel that she was a mage of the eighth step . Such a mage looking only around twenty in age would definitely be a genius among geniuses in the continent .

“Hello . I just happened to be here at the right time . Why has this gorilla been after you?” Long Haochen asked confusedly .

Hearing this question, Sisi’s eyes immediately revealed an expression of sadness, and teardrops fell uncontrollably . That tear-stained peerless beauty really made a touching sight! In front of Long Haochen’s firm statement, she couldn’t help but shake slightly, causing in him the unconscious reaction of not daring to look at her beautiful face .

“That’s a housepet of the devil . That devil which has killed my clansmen, seized my family, and is chasing me to kill me . If I hadn’t encountered you, I’m afraid I would . . . ”

Long Haochen asked in puzzlement, “Devil? What devil?”

Sisi took a deep breath, explaining in sadness, “A powerful mage . Practically none of us in Easton can even stand in front of him . And, he has an absolute authority in here: all the clans here have to listen to his orders . I had accidentally found a treasure, but he found out for some unknown reason . So he sent people to my clan, requesting it . But this treasure was able to change my clan’s future, so our head refused categorically . A few days later, an army came to my homeland . Not even giving the chance for a compromise, they a compromise, they carried out a merciless slaughter . When escaping from there, I personally saw my father, mother, and brother getting seized by their people . ”

As it turns out, this was a world called Easton, an ocean of green nature in a human world . Mostly two races lived there: humans and fairies . This devil the young girl Sisi was referring to was the lord of Easton, known as Easton’s King, a half-fairy with a mixed human and fairy bloodline .

In control of extremely powerful nature magic, he was the greatest powerhouse of the world Easton .

Easton’s king was like this world’s ruler: he had no army, but his standing was like a king of the forest . Any being going against his wishes would ultimately get killed . His life seemed without end, having already ruled over this world for over three thousand years .

The young girl Sisi didn’t tell what treasure she had obtained . Long Haochen discerned some precautions in her eyes .

“How should we handle this gorilla?” Long Haochen asked Sisi .

Sisi replied hesitantly, “That’s the servant of Easton’s king, his faithful lackey . No one knows how many humans and fairies have already deceased by his hand . Our Noah Clan is pacifistic and doesn’t wish for confrontations . If only it could have just remained weak forever, at least there wouldn’t be a need for paying lives . ”

Long Haochen furrowed his eyebrows, giving it some thought, “Let me give a try . ”

Saying so, he slowly lifted his right hand, silently feeling the surrounding Light God Domain . A soft multicolored radiance started to condense in his hand, filled with the power of life as it formed a small multicolored spiral in his hand .

An expression of exhaustion appeared on Long Haochen’s face, as he was not only concentrating his force, but moreover borrowing power from the deep mysteries of life . If not for his soulforce having made great progress, there would be no way for him to accomplish that .

In a flash of multicolored light, that small spiral got flying, and landed on that miniaturized gorilla .


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