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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 734


Chapter 734

Chapter 734: The Trial of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation (II)

The trial was formed of a series of missions, and only by completing all of them would one have the possibility of gaining the approval of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation . As for the missions involved, according to the records of the Knight Temple’s elders and Yang Haoyu’s personal experience, each trial differed from every other, but the common part was that each time involved a series of missions, chained each to the others and not allowing of the slightest mistake, as one would be followed by the trial’s failure, getting the one involved transported back .

All Yang Haoyu’s attempts had ended in failure . His warning to Long Haochen was that during the trial given by this divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the biggest challenge was absolutely not the test of strength, but the test of heart and humanly attributes . His two failures were on this aspect . And, the last time was when he was the closest to that point, only to be finally informed by the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation that his light was not pure enough, and had created too many spiritual bonds . Thus he would be rejected forever .

 These spiritual bonds referred to the Starry Sky Mythological Beast . But back then, after Yang Haoyu had pondered over and over again, he still chose not to forsake the Starry Sky Mythological Beast . Not only were the two of them deeply attached to each other, even if he had forsaken the Starry Sky Mythological Beast, that would perhaps only make the final trial even harder to complete .

He told Long Haochen to learn from him, not to compromise in his qualifications in the initial determinations, but insist in showing all he has . Back then, maybe Yang had not been persevering enough, because after rejecting him in the end, the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had told him if you don’t even have the conviction to insist, how can you even gain approval and reach terms?

This, in addition, was the reason why Long Haochen had not moved in the slightest in those previous four days, and had allowed the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to exert such an immense pressure without batting an eye . By insisting on showing his own dedication, as expected, the divine Throne was really the compromising side .

Although Haoyue had also compromised on this aspect, the fact that Haoyue’s bloodline force within Haochen’s body did not stop the trial from getting started implied that the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation did not necessarily require a body of absolute purity .

These thoughts only briefly flashed through Long Haochen’s mind, as a multicolored gold spread out in front of him, forming an immense curtain of light to block the bash from that pair of immense hands .

With a large Bang! Long Haochen felt as if smashed by a mountain . His body was propelled through the air, and although he did not sustain wounds, his Heart of Eternity instantly increased its throbbing speed by threefold .

While his body was blasted back, his right hand brushed through the air at his side, just so as to sweep across that girl’s waist, and carried her away with him in the midst of a screech . In the meantime, the body landed down in the forest below, and because that massive figure was already completely exposed above the treetop, Long Haochen understood that dealing with it in the air was no wise choice .

This was a kind of monster resembling an gorilla . Only, it had a pair of immense wings grown on its back . Its thick and solid body measured over twenty meters, and its shoulders were over ten meters broad . This was also why he had brought such immense shock to Long Haochen before . Those terrifyingly thick hands were its absolute best weapons . His dark gold hairs were even a match for armors of epic tier . As its fierce bloody-red colored eyes gazed at Long Haochen, two blood-colored lights shot out from his eyes, heading straight for Long Haochen .

The multicolored golden curtain vanished for a slight moment before it shrank for a bit, protecting Long Haochen and the white-clad girl Sisi in its midst .

A terrible scorching feeling of burns instantly spread to the divine Snail Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, as a vast area of the surrounding shrubs turned into ashes . The tyrannical impact force used up a large amount of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy, and furthermore it immediately pushed his body away into the woods .

What powerful strength!

This immense gorilla’s attack force caused Long Haochen deep shock . He even bore some doubts toward Yang Haoyu’s judgment . Didn’t he say that in the trial of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the opponent wouldn’t be too strong? But, this gorilla . . .

From these two collisions, Long Haochen could clearly confirm that this was a magical beast of the tenth rank, and not an ordinary one . This offensive power proved a spiritual energy over two hundred thousand, and more terrifyingly, its immense physical power in no way fell short of its spiritual energy .

A figure flashed as Long Haochen returned into the woods, and the gorilla appeared out of nowhere, those thick forest trees breaking one after another, appearing like frail chopsticks . The gorilla’s pair of giant palms formed a fist, directly smashing toward Long Haochen . As these fists smashed down, an intense red light surfaced atop Haochen . The strong fire essence even caused the air to twist .

Long Haochen knew that he couldn’t afford to remain in such a passive position, otherwise his body’s tiredness would only increase . While thinking so, he flung his right hand backward with strength, and shouted out, “Just leave first!”

Battling with a person on his back undoubtedly greatly affected his battle performance . While throwing Sisi from his back, he went to face off against the gorilla’s two descending hands .

Two divine swords instantly appeared in Long Haochen’s hands . The Aria of the Goddess of Light pointed to the sky, and on Long Haochen’s back an immense golden figure rose: Light God’s Descent .

A boundless sword intent spread through a large beam in the sky, rushing straight toward the gorilla’s wrists . In the meantime, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was also waved forward, and a three meter long golden sword struck through, aiming to send the gorilla’s head flying .

In his

In his understanding of sword intent, Long Haochen’s current prowess simply reached number one of the continent . Relying on his sword intent’s might, he had defeated countless enemies above him in cultivation .

The terror of sword intent lay in its perfect integration of the sword’s soul and power . In particular, after Long Haochen’s soul’s promotion, no matter whether in perception or global strength, he had made some progress .

With a sonorous bang, the sword intent expelled from the Aria of the Goddess of Light hit the gorilla’s wrist, although the attack stll kept going . Only, the latter burst out with a painful cry . In the meantime, its eyes once again shot out two red streaks of light, crushing Haochen’s sword beam .

Long Haochen’s figure flashed, his spiritual cavities avoiding the gorilla’s fists . However, he had still underestimated this gorilla’s strength .

With a large explosion in the air, its fists smashed onto the ground, and terrifying earthquakes instantly pounded against Long Haochen’s body, causing it to be shot away like a little rock . A severe vibrating force caused the internal spiritual energy within Long Haochen’s body to stagnate, his head filling with instant dizziness .

This actually even carried seismic waves-like effects? Long Haochen was a bit dumbfounded, but his fighting experience proved its worth, as the Heart of Eternity within his chest throbbed rapidly . Pushing his hands onto each other, the two divine swords made one, turning into the Sword of Life and Creation .

After the gorilla’s fists pounded a deep hole into the ground, its massive body suddenly jumped out, rushing straight toward Long Haochen . A terrifying flame surged out from its body, appearing gold-red in color . The red-hot streams of air emanating from it turned a large area of the surrounding plants into ashes .

Right this instant an ice-blue colored water dragon suddenly came out, heading at the gorilla, and simply intercepting it in midair .

The water dragon and the flame emanating from the gorilla caused bursts of white mist, and as the gorilla’s body was restricted, its snarls gained even more in fierceness .

Long Haochen was slightly distracted . He had made an appropriate made an appropriate response, and was the one benefitting the most from this adjustment period . Turning his head, he caught sight of the young girl Sisi waving an ice-blue staff and continuously chanting . Catching his glance, she responded with a light nod .

Long Haochen also lowered his head toward her, and immediately rushed out .

Previously, all his sword intent did to the gorilla was to leave a mark on its wrists . This gorilla’s hairs formed the greatest armor, and it had astonishing defense .

In strength, this gorilla didn’t utilize the power of his domain, but its ability was absolutely describable as terrifying .

Both hands grasping into the Sword of Life and Creation, the golden figure behind Long Haochen’s back turned even more brilliant . An intense gold instantly filled the air, spreading to the surroundings as it formed Light God Domain .

In absolute power, that gorilla’s physical prowess added to his spiritual energy placed him completely above Long Haochen . Only by relying on the domain’s force could he stand a chance against the gorilla .

Upon use of the Light God Domain, Long Haochen shockingly found out that his domain had made considerable progress . This improvement stemmed from his control of the domain: it went from something originally somewhat hard to control to a relaxed feat . His perception of all light became many times higher than before .

In this world full of light essence, light was in no way lacking . The pure light essence, under the appeal of the Light God Domain, immediately gushed toward Long Haochen like a river .

A dim smile surfaced on his face, and while the Light God Domain was in the midst of expanding, it encompassed Sisi as well as that gorilla .

Sisi found out with shock that her own spiritual energy instantly felt as if boundless . That light of extreme purity actually changed into the water essence characteristic of her body . Her use of magic didn’t change, but was turned into a dual elemental water and light magic . And moreover, there was no longer need for worry about the supply of spiritual energy .


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