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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 733


Chapter 733

Chapter 733: The Trial of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation (I)

The divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had broad and boundless power . Appearing all-embracing, it was yet unmatchably imposing .

Long Haochen’s ultimate Light God physique scouted its moodiness, and twined along it, exploring it . This was the first trial the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was giving him .

But against all expectations, in the process of this trial, that dark gold radiance was affected by Haoyue and Long Haochen’s beings . Long Haochen’s faith never wavered, but the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation seemed to bring continuous changes to his senses .

At the start, the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation gave off a feeling of total inhibition, engulfing intentions . It was as if all the impurities outside the light within Long Haochen’s body was getting dispelled, but as time passed, these intentions quietly began to shift, as Long Haochen himself was not in the least aware of it .

In front of the boundless presence of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Haoyue still did not shrink back at all . No matter how the boundless power came in, Haoyue kept his proud heads lifted, with an air of nobility and coldness, and full of a terrifying destructiveness . Both parties confronted each other, with none of the two parties able to cope with the other one .

If someone truly knew about the origins of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, and were to witness this scene, that person would certainly be in extreme shock . Such a pure clash of intentions was simply reaching a whole other plane as they were both trying to demonstrate their lordship to each other .

When confronting the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, even Long Haochen’s light god physique was completely suppressed, to the extent that the dark golden force in his body and soul were gradually disappearing . This was a gap of the highest level . But Haoyue was not the same;his power seemed in no way inferior to the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s . It was at no disadvantage from beginning to end in the mutual clashes, but was similarly unable to deal with the throne’s intent .

The strife unexpectedly came to a gradual compromise . Haoyue’s purplish-gold gradually shrunk within the parts of light from Long Haochen’s body, and the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s white light was less insistent .

Within Long Haochen’s throbbing Heart of Eternity, the divine pellet born from his breakthrough to the ninth step had quietly become colored purplish-gold . This color symbolizes that bloodline force of Haoyue’s, completely integrated into his spiritual pellet . As the Heart of Eternity kept pulsing, this force seemed to be transmitted over and over to him .

A soft white color gradually filled Long Haochen’s whole body, and on the fourth day of his confrontation with the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Haochen’s body disappeared in a flash of white light .

Long Xingyu had originally given up all hope, so his son’s sudden breakthrough caused him a terrible fright . These four days of standing guard got him into a tired state, his body swaying slightly as his eyes grew heavy at once .

Can Haochen succeed? He could get evaluated only after a whole four days, making him an unprecedented case among all Holy Knights attempting to receive a divine Throne . All the geniuses that had ever come for that purpose had all without exception failed .

Long Xingyu took a deep breath, secretly sighing in relief for his son . Wishing you success . He knew clearly that, failing to obtain the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s approval would be an enormous blow for Long Haochen . He was already on the spotlight as the Union’s chairman, but being so young, proving himself by displaying sufficient strength was a must for him to gain a higher approval . The status as divine Knight was undoubtedly the best persuasive force, and in contrast, being unsuccessful would only mean his talent and ability were not enough to gain a divine Throne’s approval! This would raise doubts in a large majority of the people .

No matter how worried Long Xingyu was, all he could now do was pray .

The trial for the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had had formerly been failed and narrated to Haochen by Yang Haoyu, so whether Long Haochen could succeed would now only depend on himself .

The instant the white light from the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation wrapped around Long Haochen, he woke up from his land of fantasy .

As the previous pressure disappeared entirely, he felt like his body was soaked in warm water, causing an indescribable feeling of coziness . His tempered soul gained the best rest through this feeling, as if melting into his body, as it entered a short state of blankness and slumber .

After some time passed, the surroundings grew back to getting clearer . A peaceful feeling sobered Long Haochen, waking him up .

As a clear chirping sound spreading to his ears, Haochen gradually came back to his senses . With shock, he found himself in a forest, surrounded with tall trees with man-sized shrubs all around .

What is this place? Long Haochen looked all around with a feeling of puzzlement . The coziness in his body maintained his body in its peak state, and the progress of his soul sharply amplified his perception .

A rich vitality could be sensed all around . The most primitive nature, devoid of the slightest feeling of threat, surrounded them . A boundless aura of life gently poured itself into his senses .

Long Haochen had an extremely firm willpower, and naturally wouldn’t suddenly lose himself due to the changes in the environment . After shortly gazing coldly at the surroundings, his frame of mind returned to normal as well . In a flash of light, the six wings on his back spread out as he attempted to communicate with Haoyue . The connection was achieved without a doubt, but to his surprise, Haoyue had actually rejected his summon for the very first time, and moreover sent emotions of good-luck wishes into his mind .

Is he encouraging me to take the trial on my own?

Just what could the trial of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation be? In this pure great nature, Long Haochen at least did not have the slightest idea as of now . As such, he thought he may as well as well just look around .

Having such thoughts, he flapped the wings on his back, his body drifted upwards, and flying off a treetop in the blink of an eye, rose to the skies .

Flying this way, Long Haochen felt shock as he discovered an incredibly magnificent scenery unfolding in front of him .

When gazing into the distance, everything seemed all green . Those sky-tall trees that had been growing for who-knows-how-long occupied all the space . Not the slightest bit of mud or rock came into sight: only an endless vegetation which spread out the distance, giving off the same feeling as when watching an ocean .

Long Haochen flapped his wings, propelling himself forward at a slow speed, as his senses stretched out, sensing everything down below .

Since the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had let him in, his trial should have already started . He did not know whether he would be able to complete it or not, but knew that he was already giving his utmost .

As he flew forward, a screech spread suddenly to his senses .

Given Long Haochen’s current cultivation prospects, there should normally be no movement that could possibly escape his scouting in a range of fifty kilometers . That screech sounded human, yet seemed to contain a feeling of absolute terror .

Long Haochen almost unconsciously flapped the six wings on his back . His flying speed was originally able to reach an already extremely terrifying level, adding to that the boost of Lightspeed Flash made him cross a stretch of five kilometers in the blink of an eye, to find accurately the origin of the screeching sound . Right when he was on the verge of finding his target, he happened to notice a white figure below a treetop, heading for his direction . Without giving him the time to identify the white figure, another immense figure came rushing out, and countless tree leaves fell, as its terrifying oppressive presence forced a choking feeling into Long Haochen .

What kind of a creature could that be‽ All that came to sight was a bare upper-body across the treetops, before disappearing from Long Haochen’s line of sight, appearing just like a somber peak a somber peak coming from the thickets . Those thick hands appeared like water jars, forming fists with their immense palms, matching even giant hammers . Such a pair of palms rushed out at that white figure in front of him, which became entrapped within in the blink of an eye .

This very instant, all the surroundings suddenly became static . Even that white figure that was ejected to the sky, as well as the terrifying magical beast in pursuit of her stopped in mid-air .

Long Haochen heard a totally emotionless voice spreading to him, “The trial has started . Rescue the female human Sisi, and protect her . The trial will terminate upon failure . ”

This voice came very fast, and in the meantime, Long Haochen took the chance to take a look at the girl clad fully in white . Right now, her long black hair was in a total mess, her gaze full of terror . But it didn’t change the fact she had a stunning figure, looking in her twenties, her appearance actually bearing some resemblance with Cai’er’s .

The sound came to an end, and the surroundings that had came to a stop suddenly resumed their movement . That white-clad girl Sisi headed toward Long Haochen’s side in a flash, as that pair of extremely terrifying hands came straight at her, with Long Haochen right in the middle .

Facing such a situation, Long Haochen didn’t panic in the slightest . Since the trial of the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had already gotten started, and although the specifics were somewhat different from the Starry Sky divine Knight Yang Haoyu’s stories, the global situation was still quite a bit similar .

Some time back, in Holy City, Yang Haoyue had narrated to him some specific details regarding the trial given by the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation . Yang Haoyu had told him that the trial was not just a simple battle, but a series of tests . On the premise of being a qualified Holy Knight, only when the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation gives its approval will the tested person be enabled to enter its world to undergo the trial .


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