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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 732


Chapter 732

Chapter 732: The divine Throne’s Rejection? (II)

Although in the midst an expense of boundless white, those purplish gold rays gave off an aloof and remote feel, and in the confrontation, none of them seemed really able to suppress the other. It only came down to a continuous clash.

This was Haoyue’s power, and was the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation rejecting that? Long Haochen was secretly overwhelmed with shock. If things were really so, what kind of choice would that come down for him to?

Deep inside, Long Haochen started to struggle.

Haoyue was his companion, a blood-bound companion. Discarding Haoyue would come down to causing his death. And the divine Throne was a must in his eyes: as the Union’s chairman and unprecedented knight of ultimate gifts, being unable to gain the divine Throne’s approval would be a major blow to both his growth and prestige within the Union.

Out of the two, which one to choose?

Furthermore, there was not only that purplish-golden ray’s rejection, but also another dark gold-colored gloss appeared within that golden glow.

Compared to the purpish-gold radiance, this dark gold radiance was far less eye-catching, but it similarly connected to the golden light originating from Long Haochen himself. And from its appearance, its intensity was not much less than the purplish-golden light.

The purplish-gold originating from Haoyue was part of the blood connection between them, a bloodline’s power. But what was this dark gold? If that was also a bloodline’s power, since when could it be that he had it?

This dark gold was not representative of darkness, but it also gave off a feeling of extreme power. Moreover, a power that mainly came from the depths of Long Haochen’s soul, in other words, intricately related to his very soulforce.

Long Haochen had never had an irresolute character, and thus made up his choice after short considerations.

He chose Haoyue.

If a choice had to be made between the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and Haoyue, he would still choose the latter.

Haoyue was not only his mount companion, but a good brother to Haochen. Even if the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was a supra divine tool, that was still no more than a divine tool.

When weighing the balance between a brother or a divine tool, the choice was not difficult at all in Haochen’s mind. Even if that meant that he would get no divine Throne, he would absolutely not give up on Haoyue.

In over ten years, he had personally seen Haoyue’s growth bit after bit, during which time Haoyue saved his life not only once or twice.

They depended on each other, and helped each other to reach their current achievements. Haoyue was his good brother, good companion, and would in no circumstances circumstances discard Haochen.

This firm belief suddenly started to fluctuate in the midst of this land of fantasy.

That purplish-gold radiance enlarged, and although its volume was no match for the white light, its aura of loftiness and pride became even more domineering. Even the dark gold radiance followed suit, as if following Long Haochen’s state of mind, wthout any automonous features of its own. Under Long Haochen’s firm belief, it appeared especially tenacious, supporting Haoyue in resisting the white light.

What should be a little clash became a mutual resistance. And it seemed that Haochen was drawing further and further from the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Long Xingyu’s anxiety became more and more intense. After two hours passed, Long Haochen’s trial had still yet to begin.

After such a long time, even if it had already started, then perhaps he...

For a moment, Long Xingyu’s heart became a total mess. Furthermore, he came to notice that the white light drifting from the statue representing divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was getting more and more intense, yet faintly gave off an invading feel.

And on Long Haochen’s forehead, nine lines of purplish gold came to view, faintly giving off an aura of devastation, as if withstanding that divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Haochen, ah, Haochen, just what are you doing?

But no matter how worried Long Xingyu was, there was nothing he nothing he could do at all. Earning a divine Throne’s approval could only be done by one’s own efforts, so he could only stand there looking on in anxiety.

Time passed very fast, and in a blink of an eye, it had already been one day.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang’s trials were unknown, but contrarywise Long Xingyu was at ease for them, as after one would get taken into a divine Throne’s trial, the longer it lasted, the higher their chances.

As for Long Haochen, maybe he no longer had an opportunity.

Long Xingyu actually had already resolved himself, and as time passed, the purplish-gold color expending from Long Haochen’s forehead and confronting the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation started to get more and more intense.

Although that purplish-golden radiance could amazingly stand its ground against the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, this also meant that it was only becoming harder for Long Haochen to gain the acknowledgement of the divine Throne in front of him.

His Heart of Eternity was pulsing quietly, and the holy aura dispersed around him was very clean. That kind of purity even brought continuous sensations of insight to Long Xingyu who was staying nearby . Only, his too-nervous self had no thoughts of grasping these insights.

If that won’t do just end it. When Long Haochen would break through the second rank of ninth step to the third, to the third, there should be a chance.

Long Xingyu gasped secretly, unaware of why Long Haochen was supporting that purplish golden radiance with such dedication. Based on his own experience, should Long Haochen just consent to discard that purplish-gold radiance’s power, the divine Throne’s power would be released, thus initiating Long Haochen’s trial.

In the time of one day, two days, three days, Long Haochen still didn’t move in the least, resisting again and again. By chance, that was only his aura and thoughts resisting, and not spiritual energy. Otherwise, given the folklore behind the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, although Long Haochen’s cultivation was not weak, that was still not enough for him to resist in any way.

Long Haochen felt he was in a special mode. These three days were not wasted: in his mind, he felt his soul continuously sublimating in the confrontation, as that aura of dark gold blended in, continusouly integrating itself into his soul.

This was a wonderful feeling, just like when he had originally undergone his awakening of light. Only, it didn’t give off that kind of feeling of connection with the Goddess of Light.

Long Haochen knew that perhaps there was no way he would obtain acknowledgement from the divine Throne, but his soul could make an evolution, thus achieving progress in the training of soulforce which was an area no one had ever studied.


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