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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 597


Chapter 597: Chapter 597: Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus (II)

Chapter 597: Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus (II)

“Did you recognize that demon god?” Long Haochen stopped Chen Ying’er as she nearly shook with emotions, with a motion to signal her to calm down. Chen Ying’er stuck out her tongue, finally calming down without continuing to examine her.

Hearing Long Haochen’s question, Cai’er’s look became immediately much more stern, “That was the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus.”

The previously extremely excited Chen Ying’er immediately let out a gasp upon hearing Cai’er, becoming much paler. The others didn’t look good either: they had just run into great trouble.

As excellent figures of the younger generations, they naturally had a very good understanding of the seventy-two demon gods.

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus ranked thirty-second amongst the seventy-two demon gods. The demon gods’ ranking being based on their global strength after all, despite this demon god's rank at thirty-second, his fighting strength was surely at the top among the ones following the top twenty-four.

Asmodeus wasn’t a possessor of many special abilities such as the Demon God of Deep Vision, but his fighting strength in frontal battles made him greatly renowned among demonkind.

Asmodeus had grown three headsof the ox, human, and ram typehad a snake tail, and had his Hell Dragon as a mount, and was equipped with a pike adorned with a human skull.

With the ox head specializing in attacking, the ram head in defending and the human head in intelligence, his abilities achieved great balance, causing an uncountable number of human powerhouses to fall under his hand.

It was really no wonder that Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s two Demon Hunt Squads were annihilated upon encountering the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s cold feeling hand, “Very good. With precise information, we will be able to make good preparations too. Immediately have a rest.”

“Yeah.” Cai’er nodded and became silent, making haste to sit down and immediately took a meditative posture.

Long Haochen hinted at everyone to sit down, and sat beside Cai’er, “The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus is a powerful demon god. I’m afraid that killing him will be very hard for us with our current strength. Be it in offensive or defensive abilities, that demon god is extremely tough, and his mount is approaching the tenth ranks’ standards. Plus, we cannot yet reveal our identities for now, so Haoyue won’t be able to join the battle to help us. For now, we can only attempt to draw up some tactics.”

Saying that, Long Haochen picked up a branch on the side, drawing up some explanatory drawings as he spoke, as everyone nodded repeatedly.

“Everyone, remember. Our goal is to save people and not to fight zealously. After saving Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, you will immediately gather. With the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus present, escaping won’t be an easy task. If we cannot do otherwise, we will have to rely on the Tower of Eternity’s teleportation ability. My teleportation ability can cover roughly fifteen meters diameter, so stay gathered while keeping close to me, understood?”

Everyone nodded consecutively, but only Chen Ying’er became hesitant, “But Boss, in that case, you...”

Long Haochen showed a smile, “How about it? Are you distrusting me?”

Chen Ying’er shook her head with force, clenching her fists. Not saying anything more, she was filled with thankfulness. She deeply noted the investment made by Long Haochen and the others for her sake.

A demon force of ten thousand was rushing in the wilderness, formed fully of Ox Demon heavy infantry.

The Ox Demon Clan was a strong clan, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any demon god inheritance. Therefore, despite being rich and powerful, their race was far from comparing with the likes of Demonic Bears or Hell Demons. But of course, they were still far greater than the likes of the Dual Bladed Demons or Wolf Demons.

The main force of the Ox Demon Army was fighting on the battlefields of the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass and Spiritual Temple. These ten thousand Ox Demon heavy infantry forces were transferred by the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus in support for the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ side.

Two demon gods died suddenly in battle on the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ front, and the Emo Demon God Sytry sustained injuries. Adding to that the continuous skirmishes and ambushes, their original decisive advantage suddenly turned around. The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus therefore received the order from the Demon God Emperor to reinforce the Exorcist Mountain Pass camp. Although the battle on the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass was fierce, the Spiritual Temple’s summoned beasts were too hard to handle, and no progress would be made for a certain time. As the Ox Demon didn’t have a demon god inheritor, they were very close to the ox-headed Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus. After meeting him, they immediately formed a reinforcing group for him to transfer the soldiers.

The Ox Demon God was entirely constituted of lofty individuals. Although not matching the Demonic Bears in this regard, they were also over two meters tall, their upper bodies covered with bronze colored thick muscled flesh, their backs especially wide. Their swelling flesh could really cause one to tremble. The pair of horns on their heads would, in case of collision, even be able to pierce through a fifth of a meter thick steel plate. The most ordinary Ox Demon Warriors were powerhouses of the fourth step, but this clan’s cultivation was able to attain up to the eighth step.

The weapons used by Ox Demons were, like the large majority of the demons, extremely varied, but most of them would prefer the axe or hammer types of weapons.

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus was easy to identify within this group of Ox Demons. Although robust, they paled in insignificance in comparison to this Dragon Rider Demon God.

Asmodeus’ upper part was also bare, wearing only deep blue shorts. Dark skinned, his stature reached an impressive height. As for his three heads existing simultaneously, the middle one was the human head, and on the left and right were the ox and ram heads. His dark flesh let out a metallic gloss, and his majestic body stood like a hill in the midst of the towering army.

The Hell Dragon he was riding reached a size of fifteen meters, quite resembling Bone Dragons, except that its bones weren’t as thick, but its whole body was dispersing dark flames. Inside its eyes, a deep purple hellfire flame was pulsing. The surrounding Ox Demons kept themselves at a distance of at least twenty meters, out of fear of getting roasted by its hellfire.

The Ox Demons were always running forward, and this had gone on for ten days already. The greatest trait of these Ox Demons remains their great endurance, being close to the strongest on this aspect compared to all demons of the same grade. They are good at long distance raids, and also large weight transportation.

Not far behind Asmodeus was a prisoner chariot pulled by eight Ox Demons. That chariot was a huge cage with four wheels below, and two people with locked hands inside.

If it was not because Asmodeus believed that they could still be of useful value, they would have been killed long ago. However, these two humans were severely wounded, and not far from death. If it were not because Asmodeus gave his subordinate the absolute order to keep them alive, they wouldn’t have been kept for so long in that state, relying on the little food and water kept in reserve for them.

Riding his Hell Dragon, Asmodeus lifted his heads upwards. His three heads had three different thinking circuits, and only shared a common body.

The ox head said quite impatiently, “It is really too slow! If I knew about that I wouldn’t have brought these young oxes.”

The ram head let out a snort, “Weren’t you the one who insisted on bringing these young oxes for your honor? If we went by ourselves we would have arrived long ago. And we not only brought so many Ox Demons, but also these two burdens.”

The human head in the middle spoke coldly, “You two calm down. Still need me to keep explaining it to you? These two humans are Demon Hunters, and captains of their Demon Hunt Squads. To reach such levels of cultivations at such young age, they cannot be nameless figures among humans. If we can exchange their lives to retrieve a Demon God Crown, it will be a great merit for us.”

Listening to the human head, the ox head and ram head immediately behaved.

The human head wrinkled its brows, “At most we will take three more days before reaching our destination.” After reaching that point, the previously resolute looking human head suddenly turned around to a certain direction, coming to a sudden stop there.

Right as the group was passing through a hillside, in a series of roars, a large amount of magical beasts were rushing from the top of the hillside, heading toward the army of Ox Demons.

Ox Demons being of a naturally fighting expert race, they didn’t need at all to wait for Asmodeus’ order to already respond in a ready formation.

The magical beasts going up the hillsides were really numerous, and although some in the lot were weaker, the overwhelming majority reached at least the fourth rank, with some especially strong ones at the eighth or ninth step.

In the midst of these magical beasts stood a huge Demonic Eye of one meter diameter, whose four long tentacles were waving around. Psychic undulations kept being released from that huge Demonic Eye, and these magical beasts seemed as if under its command, advancing accordingly as they flagrantly clashed with the demon army.

Bang-- An intense wave of distorted ripples descended in the midst of the heavy Ox Demon cavalry.

Under the influence of these twisting ripples, the large expanses of Ox Demons went stiff and immediately sank into disorder upon contact.

The over one hundred magical beasts immediately launched frantic attacks relying on their basic instincts.

The Demonic Eye Commander was still keeping watch from the central rear, launching magic of psychic attribute to stimulate the magical beast on its side while harassing the demon army with psychic shockwaves. Immediately, despite being in an overwhelming numerical inferiority, their side killed their way and put the Ox Demons in a pitiful state.

However, these ten thousand Ox Demons were still an undoubtable standing army. After a short time of confusion, they very rapidly settled down their advance, and formed a correct formation to confront these magical beasts. One magical beast after another were gradually killed, while damage was also continuously sustained by the Ox Demon side.

A thick reeking of blood gradually arose in the air.


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