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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 595


Chapter 595: Chapter 595: Long Haochen’s choice



Chapter 595: Long Haochen’s choice

Long Haochen explained, “The information came from Yue Ye. While we were still in the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass, she came to learn about my position from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce. A short time later, she was suddenly called in by the Moon Demon God Agares, who wanted her to use her Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce’s information networks to look for our position. He also told her that for the sake of killing me, the Star Demon God Vassago had been performing a defying prophecy reading before the start of the Holy War. That prophecy said that we would the proceeding for the Exorcist Mountain Pass around that time, but did not inform them of the precise time. Now, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu, and Moon Demon God Agares have already all the demon forces in Modu Capital City outside the heavily wounded Star Demon God Vassago toward the Exorcist Mountain Pass, to set an inescapable net to kill me. ”

The members of Bright Glimmer of Hope almost simultaneously let out gasps. They weren’t afraid, but shocked, thoroughly shocked.

From the start of the Holy War to now had passed already two full years. But from beginning to end, the Demon God Emperor and his Defying Devil Dragons, the Moon Demon God, the Star Demon God and their various clans had yet to participate in the Holy War.

But at the very moment, Long Haochen was suddenly telling them that the Demon God Emperor had already personally set out, and brought along all Modu Capital City’s elites. The demon gods in Modu Capital City were at least ten, and under the lead of the Demon God Emperor, plus those Defying Devil Dragon Clan and Moon Clan’s powerhouses, this terrifying force alone would be sufficient to instantly wipe out all the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ forces. Let alone the important troops already arranged in the frontlines, the arrival of the Demon God Emperor alone was sufficient to crush the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ defenses.

Though, these forces weren’t directed against the Exorcist Mountain Pass but specially arranged against them. One may well imagine the high value of Long Haochen in the Demon God Emperor’s eyes.

Lifting his head and looking afar, Long Haochen’s eyes were filled with special feelings. Only he had seen Yue Ye’s letter, and although these were only characters, Long Haochen felt the deep feelings of concern and hastiness she had when writing the letter.


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