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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 515


Chapter 515: Demon God of Death (III)

How could Valefor not understand the goal Saminaga had when chasing after Long Haochen? Saminaga was by no way the only one who would suffer a punishment: he had his own share of responsibilities as well regarding great damage sustained by the Demon Emperor Legions. This divine tool, which would reduce the rage of the Demon God Emperor, was necessary to get, and therefore, he obviously couldn't let Long Tianying disturb Saminaga.

’’F*k off!’’ Long Tianying let out a loud shout, and the sky became completely golden blue colored, creating a contrast with the gray Domain of Death.

The magnificent golden blue armor on him covered his whole body, and the blue moonlight shape on his back was the transformation from his divine Throne of Order and Law.

He had a single weapon, a very huge hammer. Even with Long Tianying's cultivation, his two hands were needed to manipulate it.

Quite coincidentally, Valefor was using large hammers as well, one on each hand. Fully yellow colored, they seemed like two huge sculpted crystals..

With rumbling sounds, the hammer clashed against the dual hammers violently in the sky.

Valefor didn't activate his domain before that, but the instant the three hammers collided, a tall area spread to over three hundred meters distance, in the midst of which a yellow gigantic bear appeared. Roaring to the direction of the sky, he shook the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with great envergure. Alongside shockwave, Long Tianying was stopped, blocked forcefully, and sent flying a hundred meters away.

The Demonic Bears' strongest point was their physical strength, so even with Long Tianying's divine armor transformed from the divine Throne of Order and Law, his sheer brute force was unable to compete with Valefor at all.

As the sixth demon god, how could he be such an easy opponent to handle? Without sufficient power as basis, how could Valefor dare contest the seats of the top fifth demon gods?

Long Tianying was repelled a bit, not letting out a single word. He saw clearly the distant gray fog, but wasn't able to discern Long Haochen and the Demon God of Death Saminaga's figures.

He had crossed hands with Saminaga a few times already, and also had an ample comprehension of Long Haochen ability. He knew that even if Long Haochen didn't keep his strength concealed, he couldn't last for long in front of Saminaga. Moreover, the divine tool power of Long Haochen's divine Snail Shield was far beyond his own grasp.

But for him to actually keep calm even in such a situation, and in this dangerous crisis, Long Tianying truly deserved to be called divine Knight of Control and Law.

The golden blue hammer in his hand was slowly lifted up above his head, where one could see that its length was about four meters. Its blunt part was circular, and about two third of a meter in diameter. On that part were several imprints of moon shapes, full moons, waxing moons, waning moons, and every other variations. Every one of these imprints were colored in golden blue brilliance.

After lifting it up, Long Tianying chanted gravely, ’’Heaven and Earth, Law and Order. Listen to my call, Moon God's power. Shine!’’

Immediately, the golden blue radiance covering the whole sky undulated, and took the unexpected shape of a quarter moon. As it shot out moonlight spreading sacred light, a pure and simple golden blue radiance lit upon his hammer.

When Valefor's two hammers pushed Long Tianying away, the shock he sustained was actually important too. This was especially due to the massive light essence poured inside Long Tianying's divine tool graded gigantic hammer, requiring him to spend time to scatter.

Right now, looking at Long Tianying's hammer spreading moonlight, his expresion became all the more serious.

The Demon God of Death Saminaga told him before that Long Tianying's gigantic hammer was called Moon God's Power, and had light properties. And at the times he would put his whole power in it, his domain would turn moon shaped. At this time, Long Tianying is the most terrifying. The greater this moonlight's volume is, the more terrible Long Tianying's attacks will become. And upon reach of the full moon state, even Saminaga had to avoid a direct clash.

His both arms spread wide on his sides, his chest was sticking out, and Valefor shouted loudly. A yellow gigantic bear abruptly took shape behind him, and Valefor's body instantly swelled, letting out very wild imposing manners.

In terms of cultivation, Valefor was only a bit inferior compared to Saminaga. But out of all demons, only the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu could dare declare he could win easily in physical strength. Even if Long Tianying was even stronger, he wouldn't able to escape damage while launching his attack. That was one of the greatest battle methods of expertise for Demonic Bears.

’’Myriad of Bears' Ultimate Power.’’ Against Long Tianying's golden blue Hammer of Moon God, Valefor let out a snarl and lifted his dual hammers, preparing to clash head on. With a bang, the two sides clashed once again, as the three hammers collided altogether. Behind Valefor was the gigantic bear shadow, while behind Long Tianying was a first quarter moon, bursting out with an incomparable brilliance. The distorted light fog behind took the shape of a huge spiral shaped tornado, seemingly litting up the whole area between the Dragon Resisting Mountain and the demons' camp.

Valefor's originally wild look gradually became filled with shock. That's because he clearly sensed that his power was being gradually suppressed. And the air surrounding his body was astoundingly rapidly compressed. This compression of the air was cutting him off from his domain: the surroundings became under the full control of Long Tianying, as the great power of 'law and control' resided in domain control. Although this divine throne was ranked in the latter part amongst the six, its pure ability to counter enemy domains was only second to the divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Long Tianying's domain could not only greatly amplify his power, but also damage the enemy's domain. And at the ninth step level, a domain's utility was really important.

Bang! Vassago's two hammers was sent flying, just like huge yellow artillery shells launched afar.

The Demonic Bear Demain behind him that used to amplify his physical abilities was unexpectedly shattered, and the bluish golden half-moon on Long Tianying's back became twice larger. And the bluish golden radiance emitted by the Moongod Hammer became incomparably resplendent.

Long Tianying's face suddenly became abnormally flushed: beating Valefor back was easier said than done. He had already exceeded the normal use of the divine God of Order and Low, but for the sake of saving Long Haochen, he was willing to pay an even higher cost.

Taking another deep breath, as he was planning to launch an attack against the Domain of Death materialized by Saminaga, an extremely shocking scene came to his view.

Saminaga's Domain of Death was bursting out, and from inside, a myriad of bright rays of light were rushing out. Despite the strength of his domain, it was totally unable to stop the development of these rays of light. The whole domain was not only violently stirred, and severely shocking, but everywhere the light passed, the gray colored Domain of Death disappeared frantically. The whole domain was like a giant creature at its final struggle.

How could that be? This was Long Tianying's first thought. He was fully aware of Long Haochen's strength, and to say nothing about the fact he was still unable to use the divine tool level ability of the divine Snail Shield, even if he could, the gap of strength between Saminagan and him should make it impossible for him to break through Saminaga's domain.

When Long Tianying was clashing with Vassago, he was only praying that Long Haochen could keep going for longer with the help of the divine Snail Shield, to give him enough time to come to rescue. But he really didn't expect such a situation. That golden bright color was clearly of light attribute, and from this, Long Haochen actually seemed to have the advantage, and a definite advantage at that.

To a powerhouse of the ninth step, his domain was like a prolongation of his life. In case the domain gets broken, the damage inflicted to the powerhouse of the ninth step will be incomparable. Such a damage will not only be limited to heavy wounds, but also be represented internally! But how did Long Haochen achieve this?.

Actually, Long Haochen himself was shocked in the extreme too.

When Cycle of Death appeared and engulfed Star King and him in an instant, Long Haochen immediately knew that this was something he was totally unable to resist.

Saminaga was too powerful: on the basis of his spiritual energy exceeding 400,000, when used by him, this ability was already approaching the might of a forbidden spell. Don't underestimate it because it doesn't need time of preparation;its terrifying power is like a completely solidified Spiritual Highland.

Although Long Haochen had the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon to defend himself, even if the latter could resist this degree of power, he would certainly not be able to resist, and would end up lacerated by the powerful oppressive force.

So the instant Cycle of Death descended, he immediately sent Star King back to his own space, while stimulating the Eternal Melody on his chest without any hesitation.

Only by escaping through the Tower of Eternity, could he cope with the situation. In there, Long Haochen was quite safe. As his strength increased, his connection to the Tower of Eternity came to deepen. Now almost just a thought sufficed for him to link the Tower of Eternity. Even if Cycle of Death was terrifying enough, it was unable to sever this connection, which enabled him to escape. This was the major reason why Long Haochen didn't feel anxious in the slightest.

But when Long Haochen activated the Eternal Melody, making an instant full contact with the Tower of Eternity, a change occurred.

On his chest, the Eternal Melody abruptly released an incomparable golden radiance and scorching heat. That severe scorching heat nearly burnt Long Haochen's body, and even with his willpower, he couldn't help but scream in pain. Immediately, he saw a myriad of light rays of light burst forth, as the Eternal Melody transmitted him an undescriptible feeling of ecstasy. And then, he actually managed to repel the Cycle of Death as the myriad of light rays wrapped Long Haochen.

Long Tianying and Long Haochen already sustained such shock, but that was not comparable to Saminaga's feelings.


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