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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 514


Chapter 514: Demon God of Death (II)

With thin flickers of light all around, Long Haochen displayed a cold smile on his face. Right now, all he could perceive around him was death and darkness. But from within him, that liquid sword intent burst forth at an incomparable speed.

Long Haochen felt that his heart produced a Ding' sound. That feeling was very hard to describe, as if something had been broken, while something else had appeared. After that, a flash of understanding surged through his mind.

However, he currently didn't have the free time to ponder over these matters. From that disk of light came out the whole power of his sword intent.

Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass

A dense bluish-golden glint was shooting toward the demon camp at an incomparable speed.

At the very moment, Long Tianying was totally fired up. He absolutely didn't expect Saminaga to act against Long Haochen. In the original plans, the chance of the demon gods acting directly was calculated, but in these calculations, they were estimated to be most likely to act at the first stages. That is, if they didn't care about the explosion of these forbidden spells, they would then attack the knights belonging to the first wave of attacks. And amongst them was the powerhouse He Jun.

His protection would be enough for the Mythril Foundation Knights to withdraw. Moreover, during the discussions the odds of the demon gods intervening were estimated to be negligible.

Those forbidden spells were aimed at the three Demon Emperor Legions! Even if these demon gods extinguished the first one, they should do their utmost to dispel the other two blasts, and reduce their damage. The Demon Emperor Legions were very precious to the Demon God Emperor. Who could have expected Saminaga to suddenly stop caring about the forbidden spells, in order to aim solely at Long Haochen?

Long Tianying was now filled with regrets to the last bone. He suddenly realized the major issue they had overlooked. Long Haochen couldn't be recognized: riding another mount, using other weapons, and showing an overwhelmingly different strength. Unless Saminaga had X-ray vision, he couldn't possibly recognize Haochen's identity.

Then, there was only one explanation for why he aimed at Long Haochen. That was the divine tool he displayed earlier in the day.

Long Tianying understood that he had really been careless, neglecting the possibility of Long Haochen's exposure. If Long Haochen's spiritual wings were the same as other people's, he simply wouldn't have been targeted by Saminaga and would have returned safely. But his spiritual wings were a set of four, which was an overly extraordinary sight. Therefore he had no choice but to call forth the Starlight Unicorn King, which Saminaga surely recognized as the mount belonging to the powerful knight that killed the two Fiend Commanders that day. Which is why Saminaga targeted him.

Since the situation had become like this, regrets were useless. They hadn't planned this situation;no one expected that things could turn out this way. Now, the only thing he could do was to go to Long Haochen's rescue as fast as possible.

Among all the high-ups of the Knight Temple remaining in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, only Long Tianying knew about the importance of Long Haochen toi the Knight Temple. Moreover, all of this aside, Long Haochen was his grandson, and his only grandson at that!

Long Tianying initially felt great guilt towards Long Haochen, but at this very moment, seeing his grandson attacked by Saminaga and already completely caught within his domain, how could he not be anxious?

A bluish golden flow of light remained on the trail of Long Tianying's back, and one could clearly see that the brilliance belonging to the divine Throne of Order and Law was coming out from his back. Bolts of bluish-golden light were continuously following after Long Tianying, transforming into an armor that equipped itself to him.

Every time the bluish-golden armor gained a layer, Long Tianying's demeanor became more imposing, and the sky behind him lit up with more intensity. In his state of full power, Long Tianying showed no reserve. Even if he fell in the battlefield, he would rescue Long Haochen no matter what. That was his sole wish.

However, Long Tianying was not very optimistic. But since he had already closed the distance after all, Saminaga's offense now became slower.

At the time he set out from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Saminaga's Hand of Death had already gotten hold of Long Haochen and Star King.

Bzz With buzzing sounds, an extraordinary burst of power came out abruptly from the Hand of Death.

The originally overwhelming gigantic gray hands suddenly became stiff, and an orange glow of light spread out.


Just like a pile of snow, the gigantic gray hand transformed from the Hand of Death instantly smashed into pieces, transforming into surges of gray fog, and a resplendent orange colored radiance came out, piercing through the fog.

A mystifying scene followed. In the originally quiet night, a golden pillar of light suddenly descended from the sky, going through Long Haochen's body. Riding Star King, he had a holy look, and the divine Snail Shield in his hand already increased its size to two thirds of a meter in diameter. The imposing orange radiance became more intense, and as if refracting the golden ray falling down from the sky, it changed the trajectory of the pillar of light to direct it straight at Saminaga.

’’This...’’ Saminaga was shocked: when his Hand of Death grasped Long Haochen, to his stupefaction, this Gold Foundation Knight didn't seem as powerful as he predicted, but another shock rapidly came to him.

From the orange halo burst forth an incomparably tyrannical sword intent. That sword intent was just like a sudden explosion of spiritual energy, only countless times more powerful, to the extent that it tore the Hand of Death to shreds.

To Saminaga's astonishment, the Hand of Death was not lacerated by a powerful spiritual energy, but by the mental force coming out from the sword intent. In other words, it wasn't Long Haochen's cultivation that enabled him to resist the Hand of Death, but that sudden burst of tyrannical sword intent which severed Saminaga's control over it, annihilating his blow.

The refracted golden pillar of light was filled with boundless holy power: when the golden pillar of light illuminated Saminaga's gray domain, an impassioned and clear melody could be heard. Every time the gray fog made contact with the pillar, it melted at lightning speed, totally unable to resist the attack from the golden pillar of light.

Long Haochen was now in Saminaga's domain! Inside a domain, the whole control and quantity of elemental energy were under its control, but he didn't seem affected in the slightest. This could only prove one thing, that the purity of Long Haochen's light element exceeded the purity of Saminaga's deathly darkness element. Being the fourth ranked demon god, how could Saminaga not be in a state of shock?

But being in a state of shock didn't mean that he would stop attacking. On the contrary, his fighting spirit was roused by Long Haochen's powerful resistance.

Confronting that golden pillar of light, Saminaga's eyes became extremely chilly, and lifting his right hand, he slowly charged.

His slow moves compared to the refracted light were totally incomparable. And Saminaga's punch finally clashed with the descending pillar of light without deviating in the slightest.

An inexhaustible gray spiral clashed against the golden pillar of light, and gray fog surged in response, but this time didn't disperse from beginning to end. A grim shrill spread out in the midst of the sweet sounds, and twelve fierce Fiend skulls appeared, intertwining with each other, and planning on shattering the pillar of light.

Long Haochen was using God's Descent, borrowing power from the Goddess of Light.

This was far from being his first time attempting such an attack. This was naturally quite weaker than the power of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, but the purity of the spiritual energy involved was a lot greater.

However, in the end his opponent was still too powerful. Even God's Descent didn't have much use in front of the Demon God of Death.

With a stuffy groan, Long Haochen's body shook and Star King had the same reaction.

This looked like a simple attack, but Long Haochen already put his full power forth. Resisting the attack Hand of Death' which reached the ninth step and furthermore launching a counterattack was already the most he could do.

The difference of strength was that huge. Even with a greater sword intent, the insufficient backup of spiritual energy would have made it unable to display its full glory.

Saminaga was far from using his full strength to dispose of Long Haochen. While rushing there, Long Tianying obviously paid attention to this. Although this was a simple exchange of blows, how could he, at his current level of strength, not sense Long Haochen's actual cultivation through this?

The Demon God of Death already understood that this was only a knight of the eighth step that had a divine tool in his hand, his cultivation still very far from the ninth step. But regardless of his cultivation, the most important was to get that divine tool. The reason why Saminaga had yet to use his full power was that the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon hadn't yet released its power, so he had to remain careful. The seven-colored light from the daytime made him really apprehensive. He had to confirm the extent the might of this light reached before anything else.

After causing the rupture of the golden light, that gray whirlpool gained in volume at a tremendous speed, almost instantly covering Long Haochen's whole body in its sphere of influence, and even Star King was engulfed inside along with him.

Cycle of Death was Saminaga's ultimate technique. Against it, even Long Tianying had to rely on the power of his divine tool to have a chance of resistance.

Could Long Tianying make it in time to rescue Long Haochen? That was hard to say.

That's because, on his way here, a robust figure came to block his way, the Demonic Bear God Valefor.

Although Valefor coveted Saminaga's position, he remained globally sober-headed as a demon god.

After resolving the first forbidden spell, he had the other five demon gods go weaken the other two forbidden spells' power and rescue the members of the Demon Emperor Legion, and came himself, flying past Saminaga, to block Long Tianying's way.


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