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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 513


Chapter 513: Demon God of Death (I)

Long Haochen already made his decision. To keep living, he had no choice but to use the Tower of Eternity. That was his only chance to escape. But that time hadn't come yet. He ought to use his all to stop Saminaga for a certain time, to at least help his comrades escape successfully.

’’Captain!’’ Han Yu also saw Saminaga, but didn't feel that oppressive force in the air. Saminaga's target was only Long Haochen, he didn't even consider the others.

’’Just go, I will be able to get away.’’ Long Haochen hurriedly gave Han Yu a glance. He was fully aware that given Saminaga's strength, the fallout of a single one of his attacks could very possibly be enough to ruin a knight at Han Yu's level.

Han Yu gritted his teeth. With his understanding of Long Haochen, he immediately understood what he was hinting at. Remaining would only make him a burden for Long Haochen. He immediately turned back and hurried rapidly to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with the other Mythril Foundation Knights. The difference was that these Mythril Foundation Knights had on the contrary not the slightest worry. In their eyes, Long Haochen was a powerful Saint Knight with a divine tool in his possession, a powerhouse taking the rear for the weaker ones to escape. This was the convention for knights, and what they now had to do was to hurry back at full speed, to avoid becoming burdens for Long Haochen.

Sensing that they were escaping, Long Haochen rapidly felt more at ease, looking at the figure that was growing in size in his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he put away Rippling Light that was in his hand, and an orange glow slowly began to shine in his left hand.

Long Haochen understood very clearly that a Glorious Weapon such as Rippling Light couldn't possibly have the slightest use against Saminaga. It wouldn't even be able to bear the release of his full strength. Therefore, he could only put it away. But this time, Long Haochen didn't intend to take out his own two divine swords. This was not only because they were in a state of being nurtured, which couldn't be interrupted, but also because if these two swords appeared in the battlefield, his identity would be leaked out. And this would certainly bring ruin to the Knight Temple, since the Demon God Emperor wouldn't let him go.

Long Haochen considered it thoroughly, and decided to rely on the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon to block Saminaga, and give his comrades enough time to go. At the same time, he was confident that from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, his grandfather surely took notice of the situation. Until it becomes absolutely necessary, he absolutely wouldn't transfer to the Tower of Eternity.

Seeing Long Haochen lift up his left arm, Saminaga reduced his chasing speed at once.

In the daytime, he had seen the might of that shield with his own eyes, and didn't know how the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon could turn into a divine tool. But in front of such an item, he remained extremely prudent despite having absolute self-confidence.

The air behind Saminaga took almost no time to take the shape of a vicious Fiend skull, instantly engulfing Long Haochen with a colossal gray airflow. In the midst of an overflowing aura of death, it felt as if countless specters were howling in grief.

This took a long time to describe, but only a few seconds had passed since Long Haochen had been overtaken by Saminaga's chase.

Long Haochen was now completely devoid of distracting thoughts. Another Saint Knight of the eighth step would perhaps have already lost his head in fear in front of this Demon God of Death, without even need to specify that Saminaga was using all his strength. But Long Haochen didn't: he was the Scion of Light, a god's chosen one, and having gone through over a year in secluded training, he had gotten rid of his distracting thoughts long ago. Therefore, he almost instantly entered the state of releasing Sword's Heart.

Saminaga's terrifying Domain of Death was surrounding him, but at this time, an orange glow was radiating from Long Haochen's left hand.

An incomparably dense sword intent came out from his shield, bursting out into the shape of an orange disk of light, and forcibly forming a zone exclusive to Long Haochen in the midst of the Domain of Death.

Saminaga's pupils shrank abruptly. His flying speed slowed even more: he had sensed a similar sword intent before, and in that earlier battle, the sword intent had actually even injured the Demon God Emperor.

Saminaga hadn't been living for as long as the Demon God Emperor, but he exceeded the age of three hundred long agi, and he had personally witnessed the scene of the Temple Head of the Warrior Temple, divine Sword Wielder Ye Wushang's challenge towards the Demon God Emperor.

That battle finished rapidly, after all how could Ye Wushang's strength compare to the Demon God Emperor? But he had staked everything on his powerful sword intent to injure the Demon God Emperor just before getting killed.

And right now, on the Gold Foundation Armor Knight before his eyes, Ye Wushang's sword intent seemed to have reappeared. So much that compared to the former, this sword intent didn't reach its degree of strength, but its intensity seemed even greater.

Ye Wushang's sword intent was filled with an incomparable sharpness. But this Gold Foundation Armored Knight's sword intent seemed to give off in addition a penetrating and overwhelming feeling.

That sword intent was different, but its might was clearly not inferior by much. Moreover, Ye Wushang was originally using a divine sword which was also a divine tool. Yet this knight's weapon was incredibly more strange as it appeared to be a shield that could release sword intent and unleash the power of a divine tool.

Saminaga had lived for over three hundred years, but this was the first time he saw such a thing. Therefore, he couldn't help but act prudently.

From Saminaga's point of view, to possess both a Gold Foundation Armor of epic tier and a divine tool, Long Haochen was surely a Holy Knight, powerhouse of the ninth step. That was not a divine Knight, but relying on a divine tool, his strength ought to be comparable to Long Tianying's. Therefore, his assessment of Long Haochen's strength reached a whole new level. Moreover, seeing the powerful sword intent overpower a part of the area of his Domain of Death, he became even more certain of his supposition.

Long Haochen didn't think about anything else. His sword was his everything.

Indeed, the divine Snail Shield was not a sword, but this didn't affect the propagation of Long Haochen's sword intent. Even empty-handed, his heart formed a sword.

If a year and a half ago his spiritual energy was used to materialize into his sword intent, the sword intent would at most have a foggy shape, at most a barely visible shape of sword. But after that year and a half, the entirety of the sword intent in him took a liquid shape, and his grasp on it was total.

Based solely on his sword intent, the current Long Haochen was indeed already able to compare with Ye Wushang. All he lacked compared to him was cultivation and deepness of understanding. After all, he was still far too young, the gap separating him from the veteran Ye Wushang was extremely wide.

This sword intent was unique and domineering;after all, shocking the Demon God of Death wasn't something just anyone could do.

Saminaga made his move at this time. Being afraid of Long Haochen's sword intent was the same as giving up on the divine tool in his hand. But on the contrary, Saminaga was currently determined. He had to kill Long Haochen no matter what. Killing a Holy Knight with such a grasp on sword intent was also a great contribution. Although the Golden Foundation Armor couldn't be kept because of the Knight Temple's special means to retrieve them, the spiritual core of a Holy Knight was also a good thing!

After more than nine spiritual cavities are formed, a spiritual pill, also known as a spiritual core, will be produced. Any human powerhouse can increase his spiritual cavities through cultivating, but will only have one spiritual core, which remains inside his first spiritual cavity.

Spiritual pills are far more useful than the magical crystals left by the demons. After all these were only possessed by powerhouses of the ninth step! The demons had the means to eliminate the elemental properties of a spiritual pill, to make it work with pure spiritual energy,and a spiritual pill could act in the battlefield as a life, even to a powerhouse such as Saminaga.

A spiritual pill could instantly replenish the user's whole spiritual energy. It takes no time and produces no side effects, which is why a spiritual pill is, to an alchemist, an ingredient of the best quality to make top rated medicine.

The stronger the powerhouse of the ninth step leaving the spiritual pill, the better its effects. However, using a spiritual pill is a totally forbidden thing for a human to do. In case a powerhouse of the ninth step dies, it will immediately be buried in a special cemetery, in a place only known by the supreme leaders of the Alliance. Of course, this is one of the highest rated secret in the Temple Alliance. Even if Long Haochen wanted to know about it, that could only wait for the day he would become the head of the Knight Temple.

A large gray hand pierced the sky, instantly enlarging to a size of ten meters, aiming straight at Long Haochen to grab him. At the time it just appeared, that hand was formed of gray airflow, but when it was about to reach out, it had already solidified completely.

Long Haochen wasn't afraid. Looking ahead with a limpid pair of eyes, he lifted his left hand high above his head, before slowly dropping it.

The orange glow intensified abruptly, and the orange disk of over ten meters diameter descended slowly. Then, the incomparably sharp sword intent on it disappeared in a brief moment, and the whole area was colored orange, except for the golden halo that was spreading from Star King to Long Haochen's whole body.

Bam! The bright disk and the large hand clashed.

Saminaga's right hand made a grasping movement. Immediately, a terrible aura of darkness and death surged out, surrounding Long Haochen before blasting out. Terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy could very clearly be sensed, even from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Holding the Demon God of Death's full attention, he was shown Saminaga's true strength. What powerful attacks!


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