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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 485


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 485: The four letters of Little White Flower'


A golden light appeared on time, falling on Sima Xian's body. Who knows which powerful priest payed attention to this situation, giving him very effective healing.

The female mage bit her lips as she looked at this bald male. After quite a while, she suddenly grabbed Sima Xian's neck, fiercely kissing him.

This act was really too sudden, adding with the weak state of Sima Xian's body, there was simply no way to avoid being kissed like that.

At this time, Sima Xian's mind went thinking, How am I going to account for my little white flower?

This kiss came fast and also ended fast. The female mage abruptly lifted up her head, full of aggressiveness, ’’I don't care about whatever little white flower. I am set on you, and won't take any refusal.’’

’’But my heart is already taken...’’ Sima Xian spoke out his heart's content.

The female warrior snorted in disdain, ’’All I want is your body. I don't demand your heart.’’


Sima Xian simply kept his mouth shut, because he didn't know what he should say. The guts of this girl was such that even men wouldn't be able to compare with it.

In reality, his outside appearance was straightforward, but was very soft inside. He could feel some of the thoughts in the heart of this female mage. Behind her intrepid looks actually concealed a great shiver and a fear for the war.

She was simply earnestly looking for someone to rely on.

This f*ked up war! What a f*ked up war!

Seeing Sima Xian's expression, the female mage gradually calmed down, leaning on him, and murmuring the words, ’’I'm sorry.’’

Sima Xian lifted up his hands, embracing her shoulders, ’’It's nothing. You're the one who got the worse of it. The past is the past.’’

Realizing that her eyes were somewhat moist, she suddenly turned her head, and looked at him, ’’If your little white flower doesn't want you, how about letting me marry you? I am serious. At least you are a strong man.’’

Sima Xian stayed silent, his hands letting out a flash. A few parchments appeared in his hands. Immediately, his eyes became moist.

The female mage didn't speak further. When she saw Sima Xian stare fixedly at these parchments, she understood that she would never be able to get ahold of this man's heart.

Sima Xian cautiously opened the parchments one after another.

They were a total of four, each one preserved very well, without any damage on it.

On the first one was written, ’’Bastard, you know clearly well that I am unwilling for you to call me little pure flower, so why do you keep doing this? I hate you, and hate your freaking baldie face. But if you die in the frontline, I will hate you forever. You have to come back to me alive, no matter how long it takes. Also, send me letters. If your next letter doesn't arrive within the next three months, this girl will immediately marry off, not even letting you die in peace.’’

Sima Xian still remembered clearly the mixed feelings that surged in his heart at the time he opened the first letter. She gave me a reply, and told me to come back alive. She said that she would marry off if she doesn't get a reply from me. So she cares about me! Even he didn't know how great the propelling force and courage this letter gave him was. But he was certain that without these four letters in his hands, he wouldn't have smoothly broken through the seventh step.

Second letter, ’’There's hope as long as you live on.’’

Right, the second letter contained just those simple words, because at the time Sima Xian gave that little white flower' the response, Is it because you like me that you are so concerned about me? Then do I have a hope?

The third letter, ’’Don't you think I am terrible? If you don't fear me beating you, cursing at you, come and see me after the Holy War ends.

If you were to choose between your Demon Hunt Squad and me, which one would you choose? ’’

At the time the third letter came, Sima Xian was tangled up for a long time. His original good mood was totally overturned irascibly. That time, his display on the battlefield was especially fierce. The reply he gave Feng Ling'er was composed of the few words: Demon Hunt Squad.

Right, he liked Feng Ling'er. It was a love at first sight, a love beyond redemption. But this feeling of liking couldn't sway his conviction.


Feng Ling'er's fourth letter came very rapidly, ’’I found out that I am really starting to like you. That's because I like determined men. Train your muscles strongly, and don't dare womanize others. Then perhaps after these days pass, I will come and visit you. As long as you are still alive, you have a hope to have me by your side.’’

Exorcist Mountain Pass, Assassin Temple.

’’Ding.’’ A nimble figure made a turn in the air, floating above the ground. At the time its feet landed on the ground, it didn't look steady, actually staggering several times before barely standing firm. Sweeping away the large sickle in its hands, it aimed at an empty area ahead.

’’Ding.’’ Another crispy sound came. Only, this time it sounded even more prolonged. Cai'er's whole body shook, and the sickle in her hand was repelled, she was staggering and falling to the ground.

A cold ray of light appeared in front of her soundlessly, pointing at her throat, causing her skin to tremble slightly.

The cold ray vanished and an aged voice could be heard, ’’Very good. To be able to resist half an hour against my attacks, until your exhausted spiritual energy makes you unable to keep resisting, your battle techniques are already at the top of the Assassin Temple within the seventh step.’’

Cai'er stood up with the support of her hands, with her forehead dripping profusely. As if throwing a tantrum, she declared to Sheng Yue, ’’Great-grandfather, aren't you taking it too seriously? I'm soo tired.’’ Following this, she went to pick up her enormous sickle fallen to the side.

This was visibly not her Sickle of the God of Death, but a metallic one of same size. After all, when controlling the Sickle of the God of Death, Cai'er could hardly control her strength and very possibly be unable to stop her strength.

Sheng Yue shook his head.

Cai'er looked at her with some doubt, ’’Great-grandfather, what's with you? Haven't you just been praising me for learning fast and having great technique?’’

Sheng Yue let out a slight smile, walking in front of her and stroking her head, ’’Your current strength is pretty good. But you are lacking something necessary to an assassin.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’Murderous spirit.’’

Cai'er was startled, ’’Then, how can I train my murderous spirit?’’

Sheng Yue replied, ’’The murderous spirit of an assassin is engraved in his or her bones, cultivated from training since a child. Having lost your past memories, you lost your original murderous spirit. In a battle, the greatest time for an assassin to shine is when he instantly burst out with his strongest murderous spirit, utilizing his offensive abilities to inflict serious damage in an instant to the enemy.’’


Cai'er stamped her feet onto the ground, ’’Then, it's not too late for me to learn that! But you don't let me join the battlefield, and kill the enemies! How am I supposed to train my murderous instinct.’’

In Sheng Yue's mind appeared contradicted thoughts. With a light sigh, he replied, ’’I have no other choice! Originally, when you were very young, I had sent you to train in front of the Dagger of Samsara. That time I was fierce and determined, in spite of all the imploration from your parents. But as time passed, although you have lost your murderous spirit with losing your memories, you came to regain your childhood innocence and your happy memories. Your great-grandfather really cannot bear to see you back to your former self. It would be so great if we weren't at war. I would only hope for you to stay forever happy like this.’’

Cai'er opened her eyes wide, ’’But didn't you say that I am the Saint Daughter of Samsara, who should bear the mission that comes along? And I have to protect Haochen! In one year, he didn't think of visiting me. Really!’’

Sheng Yue revealed a faint smile, ’’Foolish girl, you can't possibly blame this on him. This child Haochen carries on his shoulders a far larger burden than you. And the pressure on his shoulders is a lot greater than you. If you wish for his well-being, you have to be a good wife in the future for him. I believe that as long as the two of you are given enough time, given your talent, you will surely command the counterattack of humanity against demons before too long.’’

Cai'er's eyes went deep black. This year, she tried who knows how many times, very hard to regain her memories. But things turned contrary to her wishes: no matter how hard she tried, nothing was recalled. To the extent that she didn't even manage to find traces of her lost memories.

The Exorcist Mountain Pass was her home, and after coming back here, her feelings of hesitation toward her parents and grandfather gradually disappeared. As a matter of fact, staying here was probably the best choice for her. Except for being unable to meet with Long Haochen, this past year was full of happy memories for her. Not only she fully recovered her past strength, and her cultivation made remarkable progress, her internal spiritual energy already surpassing the 20,000 units, making fast progress towards the eighth step.

’’Great-grandfather, let's do it once again. Even if my murderous spirit is insufficient, having sufficient strength will achieve the same results. Also, the issue of murderous spirit can be made up through my Sickle of the God of Death! Every time I wield it, I feel myself becoming someone else something else :), and all my fears will naturally disappear.’’

Sheng Yue calmly shook his head, ’’No hurry. Recover your spiritual energy first. Cai'er, a short time later, I'm afraid that you will really have to step on the battlefield, though your great-grandfather will remain by your side. Are you willing? If you aren't, great-grandfather won't force you. But if you want to be of help to Long Haochen in the future, that's the only choice left to you then.’’

Cai'er replied without hesitation, ’’Great-grandfather, I am willing. I want to be of help to him.’’

Sheng Yue patted her once again, full of tender affection. He was still tangled up in various emotions, as if Cai'er's extremely cold and indifferent behaviour toward him was even harder to bear.

Knight Temple, Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

With a glint of golden light, Long Haochen stepped out, and the illusory light surrounding him vanished completely. Finally, he was back to the real world once again.

Finally coming out from the Illusory Cave, even he didn't know how much time passed in total since the time he entered the Illusory Cave. But having come back to the real world, he had a kind of brand-new feeling, as if he had just been reborn under a new leaf.

Gentle light essence pulsed cheerfully in his surroundings. The changes on Long Haochen were indeed great. He grew a lot taller, his shoulders broader. But he didn't turn exaggeratedly robust, still giving off a very gentle and harmonious feel. Be it his face or the lines traced by his muscles, both seemed to be born from heavens.


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