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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 484


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 484: Do you dare? (III)

This Demonic Bear Commander was completely terrified. His only wish was to get away from the city's edge, from this terrifying man wielding metal ball.

Boum! Letting out terrible colliding sounds, the body of the Demonic Bear Commander was bombarded continuously. Right as he wanted to make use of the momentum to escape the area, a massive shadow swept down, falling on his back, and he backed up.

And that massive shadow was precisely the mace that used to be in the hands of the Demonic Bear Commander at the beginning.

The mace was kicked by Sima Xian heavily, and although the Demonic Bear Commander had blocked the Gigantic Ball of Light using Bear Force, he was unable to block this launch. The thickest part of this mace smashed fiercely against the bare back of the Demonic Bear Commander. A loud impact followed, and the mace cut his flesh, before falling to the ground once again.

And shockingly, that bald man disappeared completely in the meantime. Along with his descent came a fireball extending on a diameter of half a meter.

The Demonic Bear Commander felt really depressed this time. In his peak state, such a fireball would be totally harmless. But it wasn't the case at this point.

Left without choice, he raised his hands to resist the fireball.

A Demonic Bear of commander rank was indeed quite strong. Taking the blast from this Bursting Fireball of the fifth step only caused his body to come to a standstill in midair, before falling. He didn't sustain any damage, only had some blood leaking out from the charred wound on his chest

But right this time, the Demonic Bear let out a terrible cry. Falling downwards, and falling violently on the wall, his last scream became fainter and fainter.

At some unknown point, that overwhelming priest had appeared on his back, slashing on the central nerves of the demon with a silver dagger, before aiming a thrust at his brain.

The wings on his back disappeared, and Sima Xian gasped loudly for breath. At the time the Demonic Bear was struck by his own weapon, Sima Xian was already in the air, flying in his direction, reaching his target at the same time as the fireball. And this terrible dagger, reaching two third of a meter in width and one meter and a third in length, a shrunken version of Wang Yuanyuan's weapon Bloodstorm.

Although its formidable power was by no means equal to Bloodstorm, this Blood Dagger, which was nearing the legendary threshold, was made from horns of Saw Skate?. Its penetrative power was nothing the Energetic Ball of Light could compare. Knowing well of the Demonic Bear Commander's tough defense, and being in the Berserk state, his reserves were already greatly used up. In case he didn't manage to stop the Demonic Bear Commander, maybe the side effects would permit the opponent to dominate him.

For this reason, he used this Blood Dagger to achieve the large strike, wrecking the vital parts of this Demonic Bear.

Seated on the corpse of the Demonic Bear Commander, Sima Xian gasped for large quantities of air. The bloody scent was still present, and he simply dug out the magical crystal of the Demonic Bear Commander without reservation, collecting it in his storage device. Perhaps he was influenced by Lin Xin, but Sima Xian was enjoying and never getting tired of collecting high ranked magical crystals in the battlefield.

The enemies were too numerous, so they were clearly not given enough time to gather the corpses, but collecting the magical crystals was no issue. And he already lost the count of the high ranked magical crystals he collected.

The Holy War inflicted severe damage to humans, but in the same way, the opportunities coming along with danger multiply.

The female mage seeing Sima Xian's tired look, displayed a blazing look, taking quick steps in front of him and handing him a bottle of pills.

Sima Xian took this bottle of pills, taking out a few of them to swallow these at once. Unhappily, he complained, ’’That enemy was really strong. Just a bit more and I wouldn't have beaten him.’’

The female mage had an ashamed look on her face, ’’Sorry that I couldn't help you at all.’’

Sima Xian lifted up his head, showing a grin to that pretty female mage, ’’Don't worry. This fellow was at the eighth step. Your magic power is not sufficient, there's nothing you can do about it.’’

The female mage beat her well developed chest, declaring, ’’You just gave me a terrible fright! Just before you pushed his attack away, I really thought you were going to abandon me.’’

Sima Xian let out a mischievous laughter, ’’So you only trust your brother this much! As long as this man is alive, no one shall make a single move on you.’’

The female mage felt her chest turn red, calmly nodding to him.

Then Sima Xian turned to the side.

Jumping down from the back of the Demonic Bear commander, he gave a kick to the side. This was the corpse of a demon of the eighth step, which would fetch a very high price. Kicking it out of the town would be really a waste.

A bit ahead, he took the massive mace glinting in dark golden light and picked it up.

At the time this guy struck the back of the Demonic Bear commander, he clearly saw that as his mace glinted in golden light, a fierce power burst out from inside it.

However, this thing was just too large. Although Sima Xian was tall, the handle of that mace was impossible for him to control. The reason why he didn't use his storage tool to take in the corpse of that Demonic Bear was to keep store it. After coming back, he'd look for a craftmaster to transform it, and make it useable for him. After getting used to the Energetic Ball of Light, he grew a fondness for heavy weapons.

When the powerhouses coming for reinforcement arrived, Sima Xian's side had already gotten rid of this Demonic Bear commander of the eighth step, with all the surrounding fighters as witnesses. Seeing how exhausted he became, there was naturally someone else who took over his area.

Sima Xian didn't try to be brave, and rapidly retreated to the back, finding a corner to sit, where he breathed insatiably. Although the previous battle was thrilling, and it turned out to be immensely enjoyable in his eyes. Beating a Demonic Bear of such level gained him a great treasure that would undoubtedly enable to raise his strength enormously.

The female mage sat beside him, handing him a sack of water.

Sima Xian wasn't polite, and emptied it entirely.

’’How fulfilling. But how is it that this water contains such a sweet fragrance? Almost making me sneeze.’’

The female mage unhappily glared at him, ’’This water is personally used by this lady. What's with my smell being sweet? Do you think I'm a barbarian like you?’’

Sima Xian laughed in response, scratching his head, ’’It won't do then. You're a girl after all, don't share your own drink like that again next time.’’

The female mage snorted to him, ’’What's with me being a girl? In the current situation, there's no saying whether we can stay alive tomorrow. Everyday is filled with countless slaughters. Didn't you see how frail our lives are? Do you dare accept if this girl dares sleep with you right here? Do you dare?’’

’’Eck’’ Sima Xian really didn't expect her to be so intrepid. The previously frantic and unstoppable Discipline Priest clearly became somewhat embarrassed.

’’Are you having a fever?’’ Sima Xian cautiously asked.

The female mage bit her red lips in reaction, ’’Who's having a freaking fever? So you won't accept? So even if it's sitting in front of you, you won't dare take it? This girl is okay with anything.’’

Sima Xian forced a smile, ’’Don't be like that. I find it a bit hard to accept.’’

The female mage let out a cold snort, ’’Let it be then.’’ After saying this, she sat to another side. Actually, only she knew this, but her heart was really beating fast.

Right! In this Holy War, who knew how much longer they would be able to keep living? Perhaps they would be dead the next instant. This female mage knew clearly how many times Sima Xian saved her life. Every time, his tall figure was standing in front of her, protecting her and stopping the frantic attacks of the enemies.

At the time he got rid of that Demonic Bear, the female mage felt her last defenses being overcome. She didn't know whether what she felt for him was love, but her thoughts towards him were frantic, even willing to give her most precious thing to him. At least this way even if she died in this southern mountain pass, her life won't have been lived for naught.

’’Sorry girl. I already have a girlfriend.’’ Sima Xian tried to explain. He could tell that this girl was clearly far from undisturbed in this situation.

’’I know that. Isn't that about that little white flower'? You are taking a look several times every day at the letters she wrote to you. Who among the people knowing you doesn't know? Even so, this girl doesn't mind.’’ The female mage suddenly turned her head, staring with a very fierce gaze at Sima Xian.

Sima Xian shook his head, ’’Won't do. I am a loyal man.’’

’’Let it be. You think I really cherish you??’’ The female mage abruptly stood up, giving a slap to Sima Xian.

Sima Xian looked blank being hit by her. Right as the lustrous tears were falling from the eyes of the female mage, she suddenly realized that the look on the face of this bald priest suddenly changed, abruptly pushing her down with the pressure of a mountain.

Isn't this too fierce?

The immense weight that pressed the female mage down caused her to be unable to breathe, letting out a sweet and strong smell.

It was blood, flowing from the corners of Sima Xian's and dripping on the face of this girl.


Sima Xian abruptly rolled to the side, taking her along to a corner. The female mage then saw that on Sima Xian's back, an immense wound had appeared. And at the place from where Sima Xian fell before, an invisible figure was struck by the blades of the powerhouses from the Alliance.

Dyke Invisible Demon, at least at the sixth step of cultivation.

’’How are you? Don't scare me like that?’’ The female mage held Sima Xian's head, looking at his lips dyed with blood. For a moment, she didn't know what to do.

’’It's nothing, I won't die from this. The f*king weapon had some penetrative effects. By chance I avoided getting struck in the vitals.’’ Sima Xian was gasping with large breaths, gulping a few more pills.


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