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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 483


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 483: Do you dare? (II)

Sima Xian was joyful and fearless. Similarly bellowing loudly, a dense light essence abruptly burst forth from him, his right arm immediately turning transparent. This was an amplifying skill similar to the knights' Brilliant Body.

Not only that, but his original majestic body grew sharply, the muscles on his upper body expending. Tinged in its golden color, the light essence coming out from him seemed to have gained a wild red color. And the spiritual energy surrounding him turned into a pure gold color. His imposing manner grew in a split second, as he strode forward in big strides, rushing to welcome that Demonic Bear.

The massive mace was directly smashed towards Sima Xian's head, its terrifying oppressive force producing buzzing sounds in the air. Using the word terrible was not even enough to describe that. Its weight ought to be over five hundred kilograms.

Looking at the scene, when the Demonic Bear Commander's mace collided with Sima Xian's Energetic Ball of Light, Sima Xian's steps became frantic, his body covering one meter on the side. His whole body stumbled, and even the Energetic Ball of Light disappeared from sight.

This move revealed the female mage behind him. Even if the Demonic Bear was unable to attack him with this blow, his mace was raised up and aimed forward, aiming to smash the female mage behind him to shreds.

She lost all color on her face. Staggering back, she could smell a bloody stench from the thick item aimed at her.

Right that moment, Sima Xian's Energetic Ball of Light made its move. Before the distance from the mace to the ground reached a meter, his Energetic Ball of Light was swept outrageously right on its target, interrupting the mace's attack.

With a large bang, the attack from the thick mace was pushed away vertically, and the movement of that Demonic Bear came to a stop. But at the same time, due to the powerful backlash, Sima Xian stumbled several steps away. But these movements were just right, as it propelled him ahead, and the jolted Energetic Ball of Light was brandished by the means of its chains, smashing at the arms of the Demonic Bear, gripping its weapon.

The enormous volume of the mace made it naturally heavy, and by borrowing force from that, along with his exquisite footwork, Sima Xian managed to actually reverse the situation, taking the initiative to launch the offense before giving the opponent an opportunity.

The Demonic Bear Commander after all deserved his name. His strength being at the eighth step, he didn't look affected by having his weapon pushed back by Sima Xian. Gripping his rough tail with both his hands, he used the conical back part of that mace to thrust at the Energetic Ball of Light.

But to his misfortune, this Demonic Bear Commander didn't pay attention to the eyes of Sima Xian, glinting in a mystical light.

Bang! A massive metallic ball clashed together with the back of the mace, and the Energetic Ball of Light was once again jolted. But that Demonic Bear Commander underestimated Sima Xian's strength, as this attack didn't inflict him any damage, causing him to stumble once again, his whole upper body making a forty five degrees rotation.

Sima Xian's external spiritual energy surpassed 15,000 units, which could be added up to the instant boost brought by Berserk ability. In raw strength, this couldn't compare to the Demonic Bear, but through borrowing the enemy's force and the additional abilities carried by the Energetic Ball of Light, he didn't suffer a loss in terms of power.

After the Energetic Ball of Light was once again jolted, Sima Xian who was pretty close to the Demonic Bear Commander caused the Energetic Ball of Light this time to spin, directed above, and aiming to smash at the lower jaw of the Demonic Bear.

The external spiritual energy of the Demonic Bear Commander exceeded 30,000 units, but even so, in case his jaw got smashed by the Energetic Ball of Light, Sima Xian was pretty sure that his brain would surely turn into a crushed watermelon.

The Demonic Bear Commander became furious. Falling back aside, his body was even pushed askew. By the time he recalibrated, the Energetic Ball of Light came back at him borrowing force, and this time, using the mace to resist was clearly impossible.

The Demonic Bear Commander was also a veteran in terms of battle. At the crucial point of the battle, he made the choice he deemed as the best, letting go of that heavy and terrifying mace in his hands. Aiming his claws downwards, he smacked onto the Energetic Ball of Light.

Having lost his weapon, the Demonic Bear Commander was like a clawless beast. But that didn't make him less frightful in terms of brute force. One could see that the dark silvery hair on the whole body of this Demonic Bear were bursting out with darkness elemental essence, which gathered in his palms, clashing violently against the Gigantic Ball of Light.

Bamdam! A thundering sound of explosion reverberated in the whole Southern Mountain Pass.

The incomparably dense burst of golden light was instantly dispersed, and purple electric light curled up all around. Letting out sounds of cracking, it let out a burnt stench.

The instant the hands of the Demonic Bear came in contact with that Energetic Ball of Light, a violent explosion was produced, and due to the difference in cultivation, his hands were violently shaken. And next, his right leg swept, aiming at the mace that was falling. Borrowing his horns' strength, he swept his mace and jabbed it at Sima Xian.

However, this move was not complete. That's because at the same time his palms burst out, an intense numbness hit his senses, spreading out to his whole body. Around his dark silver hairs, a purplish electric current was curling. The suffering from this feeling of numbness even exceeded the one that came from pain.

Right, in his attack, Sima Xian went all out. Using Saint Light Knock, Blast, Crush, Absorption, and tri-layered Blast. To all this, even his Berserk state, the full force of his external spiritual energy and Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove was added up.

This attacked looked simple, but consumed nearly a third of Sima Xian's spiritual energy . The Gigantic Ball of Light was made to emit its greatest brilliance.

Having both his arms repelled and rattled, the Demonic Bear Commander's chest was naturally open wide.

Sima Xian stomped heavily on the ground with his right foot, jumping high, ruthlessly smashing the Gigantic Ball of Light with all the force he could muster with his arms. This instant, both his hands had turned into a translucent white color.

Holy Spirit, an ability producing a pure burst of light essence.

Bang! The Gigantic Ball of Light was smashed by Sima Xian's full strength, striking the chest of the Demonic Bear loudly, producing a pure clash of strength between the golden ball and the thick muscles.

In a loud explosion, the Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove unleashed nine bolts of thunder, each of which was in the shape of a dragon , making way inside the Demonic Bear's body.

The heavy explosion directly sent the Demonic Bear flying, sending him away from the city walls.

However, this Demonic Bear's defense was truly terrifying. Even after sustaining such heavy damage, only his nose seemed to leak out blood. And when the Gigantic Ball of Light struck once again, it didn't even break through his hard chest. The title of greatest defense specialists among demons wasn't for show.

Would Sima Xian let himself be done like that? Even if he couldn't win, he wouldn't let his life be taken by this Demonic Bear.

Unfortunately for the Demonic Bear, from the instant Sima Xian started attacking, he didn't have the slightest intention of letting the enemy off. It will be either you or me. Without such mentality, how could he keep improving in the battlefield?

Large chains were suddenly pulled up, and the Gigantic Ball of Light stuck on the Demonic Bear's was abruptly pulled back, bringing along the massive figure of that Demonic Bear Commander.

The numbness from the Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove still present, the enemy wasn't able to show the slightest resistance. Sima Xian gave a kick on his weapon, immediately sending the Demonic Bear Commander to the sky. Immediately, the Gigantic Ball of Light followed with an horizontal swipe, aiming for the head.

With his great resistance and resilience, the Demonic Bear Commander finally recovered his senses in midair. Although the Gigantic Ball of Light didn't strike the bones on his chest, after sustaining the great killing power of the spiritual stove, a great part of the flesh on his chest was charred. The terrifying jolting force was unbearable to the demon which was already in a heavily wounded state.

But even so, the Demonic Bear Commander didn't understand in which aspect he could have lost. Be it in strength, cultivation, physique, he should be above this human. Although his weapon was outstanding, it shouldn't be enough for him to be so thoroughly beaten without chance of payback, being entirely led by the nose.

Of course, the Demonic Bear Commander didn't know how much Sima Xian invested in his physical strength or the ancient battle techniques he acquired along with Long Haochen. Each of them learnt in particular how to make the best use of chances, about the ways one can display the most of his power.

The Demonic Bear Commander indeed had a great defense, its spiritual energy surpassing Sima Xian greatly. But his weight became a burden. A Demonic Bear was only fit to stand at the front in a battlefield, but in a situation of one versus one, being so heavy was disadvantageous. Although, Sima Xian's weapon was not necessarily much superior than the enemy's, the two of them didn't wield their weapons with the same mastery. From the beginning, the demonic bear didn't have the chance to make full use of his power.

Facing the threat of death, the Demonic Bear Commander let out a mournful shout in the air, and the hairs on his whole body stood. A massive shadow appeared on his back: Bear Force.

This Demonic Bear at commander level indeed had a formidable power, only, he didn't have the chance to display it till now.

A dense black color suddenly enveloped his arms, swinging down with full force, and welcoming the bombardment of the Gigantic Ball of Light.


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