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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 482


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 482: Do you dare? (I)

Therefore, no matter how large was the cost the demons paid every time, the Southern Mountain Pass always suffered a serious setback. There was a continuous decrease of the count of the priests.

In the end, the Southern Mountain Pass had no choice but to decide to recall all the priests below the seventh step inside the city, letting them be in charge of healing the injured. Only the priests of the seventh step or higher, with ability to protect themselves, would support the other powerhouses from the Alliance in fighting on the city walls.

But there was an exception to anything. For instance, right now on the walls of the Southern Mountain Pass, was standing a priest even more robust than warriors and even more intrepid than knights.

His build exceeded two meters, and his figure was even taller and bigger than the warriors, and his terrible large bald head felt as a terrifying weapon to the demons.

Discipline Priest of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Sima Xian.

It had been a long time already that Sima Xian returned in the Southern Mountain Pass. However, he didn't immediately join the battle unlike Wang Yuanyuan. For a short period of time, he was hidden in the Priest Temple. His teacher, current auxiliary head of the Priest Temple, retained him in a private room inside the Priest Temple, where he was imparted a large amount of abilities exclusive to Discipline Priest. When he complete his training, did he finally step on the battlefield of the Southern Mountain Pass.

Mentioning it, the big shots of the Priest Temple gave quite a lot of thought as his strength kept increasing continuously. Sima Xian was starting to stand out in the Temple Alliance. Although his fighting methods could cause the Priest Temple to blush, they couldn't help but admit that Sima Xian was powerful among priests.

This Holy War caused the priests to realize their lack of abilities in self-preservation. And the specialization of Discipline Priest, which originally ranked as a very unusual one in the history was finally mentioned in a meeting between the powerhouses of the Priest Temple.

Finally, the Priest Temple came to the decision to view Sima Xian's accomplishments as a trial. By fostering him with their all, they would see what final strength priests could bring out if they specialized in combat.

But as a matter of fact, the power of a Discipline Priest even surpassed the expectations of the higher ups from the Priest Temple. The first time Sima Xian stepped on the battlefield, he shocked everyone present.

When the terrifying power of the Gigantic Ball of Light and Sima Xian's extraordinary strength were displayed for the first time, it surprised them to see that priests could be so strong. Even among the warriors of the same rank, none could compare with Sima Xian.

In Sima Xian's hands, the Energetic Ball of Light gained in attack patterns. This was especially the case after he took the Forest Boa Training Pill, making Sima Xian's external spiritual energy rise rapidly. Currently , his cultivation brazenly broke through the seventh step, and who knows how many lower ranked demons died in his hands.

And furthermore, Sima Xian wasn't as reckless as his appearance would lead to think. In case an enemy turns out hard to handle, he wouldn't go stake everything in the battle. The Southern Mountain Pass was after all in human territory, thus guarded by many powerhouses. This was how his fighting strength blossomed, to the extent that the person himself lost the count of the demons deceased in his hands.

’’Sima, the demon offense is coming.’’ A petite female mage shouted loudly in front of Sima Xian. Her scouting through Eagle's Eye spotted movements from the distant demon armies.

Sima Xian turned back, showing a grin to this female mage, followed with a thumbs up, indicating his understanding of the situation. Lifting up the Energetic Ball of Light, an extremely tyrannical spiritual energy of the light attribute burst forth from it.

That female mage was a fire mage. In the past, she had always believed her offensive power as a fire mage to be the strongest compared to all vocations at the same rank. But ever since she got to know Sima Xian, she came to understand that she was mistaken.

This fire mage was only at the fifth step of cultivation, and thus assigned to support this side of the battlefield in firepower. When she came here first, seeing that the one standing there was a priest, she couldn't help but feel great shock. A priest defending a mage? Is there a mistake?

But after the demons came charging, she came to realize how excessive her mistake was. Those terrifying explosions, and the tyrannical bursts of light elemental spiritual energy made her personally witness the presence of a total meat grinder.

Later, she had been cooperating many times with Sima Xian. Standing behind his back, she very naturally had a strong feeling of safety. It was as if with him here, she didn't have to worry about her safety at all.

The demon armies launched another charge, with the Dual Bladed Demons serving as cannon fodder as usual.

Human warriors already accumulated a plentiful experience in the battle, and the mages didn't waste any of their precious spiritual energy against these cannon fodder, letting them climb above the city walls as they pleased. Although the massive amount of Dual Bladed Demon would impact the city walls to some extent, this prevented demons from more powerful clans to gather and attack.

When several dozen Dual Bladed Demons climbed the walls on Sima Xian's side, he let out a snort, not even throwing the Energetic Ball of Light, but charging at them with a kind of rude and unreasonable posture.

There was no fluctuation of spiritual energy, only physical force. Sima Xian even abandoned defense entirely, allowing the attacks of the Dual Bladed Demons to land on his upper body.

His tyrannical external spiritual energy became the greatest kind of defense. Sima Xian wasn't even clad in armor, and depended solely on his physical body to block the attacks of the Dual Bladed Demons. On his skin, all they left were invisible traces.

Choosing not to put an armor was a habit Sima Xian took after participating in this Holy War. He decided on the path he chose to take, and that was to use his domineering external spiritual energy to assist his internal spiritual energy.

Trained to the limits, his external spiritual energy was a frightful existence. Now Sima Xian's internal spiritual energy reached ten thousand units, but with his special talent, his external spiritual energy already surpassed 15,000 units, enough to compare with Long Haochen despite him being a god's chosen one. Among demons, even lower ranked powerhouses of the eighth step would find him hard to handle.

Upon encountering Sima Xian, Dual Bladed Demons were crushed one after another, like sand beneath a foot. When Sima Xian stood, his body appeared like an impregnable fortress, not letting the Dual Bladed Demons take the slightest step.

Even more powerful demon reinforcements came out rushing, blending with the Dual Bladed Demons, Berserk Demons, Birdy Demons, Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, Demonic Bears, Demonic Lions, and even Grand Fiends of the Fiend Clan started to join the battle.

Bangdang A Fiend Commander of sixth step jumped above the city walls, picking up his heavy sword to meet Sima Xian.

The incomparable power of the Energetic Ball of Light came to bombard him, performing a very intimate direct touch on his face.

That was a Fiend Commander of the sixth step! In front of the Energetic Ball of Light, he didn't even have the strength to resist. With violent sounds of explosion, the Energetic Ball of Light let out a sparkle of golden light, and the heavy sword in the Fiend Commander's hand was totally broken in pieces along with his breastbone.

Through incessant use and training, the skills that could be used with the Energetic Ball of Light were already not the same as the original ones. Sima Xian called it his most treasured weapon, and created a set of powerful techniques for using it.

For instance, the previous simple attack actually concentrated both Smash and Blast, but without Absorption, and without the use of the formidable might of the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove.

By separating the abilities and adding some self-created skills, he managed to spare himself from a large consumption of internal spiritual energy. For the things that could be done through the use of external spiritual energy, Sima Xian wouldn't use his internal spiritual energy be wasted. This way, his ability to retain his fighting ability would become way greater.

A rapid succession of fireballs was shot from Sima Xian's side, reducing the series of Dual Bladed Demons that were coming up to fragments. Sima Xian didn't even turn his head, perfectly aware that this work was done by the female mage around his own age.

The two of them could be said to have not cooperated for long, but their tacit understanding was excellent. However, every time he set his eyes on the blasting prowesses of a magic spell, it unawarely made him think about has-drug-bro.

Although Lin Xin was incapable of using offensive magic, thinking about those times, Sima Xian only had a smile plastered on his face unconsciously.

Oh brother, I can't help but think a little of you. I don't know when we'll stand in the battlefield together again. It would be so good to have you stand behind me now.

Groaa! A tyrannical howl rang out, pulling Sima Xian back from his thoughts. An imposing figure then climbed on the city walls.


Bang. Crushed bones flew away, as that large demon that just ascended the city walls swept its mace through the battlefield. A fierce and tough aura was mixed with the bloody stench coming all along.

Demonic Bear, one of the most tyrannical demon physically. Even Devil Dragons would find it hard to compete in strength with peak level Demonic Bears.

This Demon in front of Sima Xian's eyes was only three meters tall, which couldn't be considered to be a high number for a Demonic Bear. But each of its hairs was dark silver colored. Right after climbing above the walls, his imposing demeanor greatly boosted the morale of the other demons.

Demonic Bear commander. Demon of the eighth step.

Sima Xian narrowed his eyes. He knew that he had encountered a powerful enemy. The mace in the hands of this Demonic Bear reached a length similar to his size, about three meters. Its thickest part was close to the Energetic Ball of Light in diameter. This was a terrifying weapon, to be able to wreck the city walls so easily. Its terrible power was probably nothing he could compare with.

The Demonic Bear bellowed towards the sky, full of terrible might. His gaze was locked on Sima Xian, the Energetic Ball of Light in his eyes making him only too obvious.

The immense mace was abruptly raised upwards, blowing the wind in its way. The face of the female mage not far behind Sima Xian lost its color. If this kind of domineering weapon was aimed at her, she would directly turn into dust by fear.


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