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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 481


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 481: Lin Xin wants to study offensive magic.

Hearing about Li Xin, Lin Xin whose face looked totally exhausted from making pills, immediately stood up from his chair, sprinting at full speed towards the door.

In fact, the Mage Temple gave the strict order that even the Temple Head himself didn't have the right to directly open the door, and the outside was strictly guarded. Entery was only granted after getting Lin Xin's permission.

Opening the door, he immediately saw a familiar face, that was Dyan, warrior of the former fourth soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, that advanced later as twenty-second general grade Demon Hunt Squad, from Lin Xin's team.

From the start of the Holy War, all the Demon Hunt Squads went to war. After getting the order, Luc Xi personally brought his Demon Hunt Squad to fight at the Mage Temple. Right as Lin Xin returned, he ran across Lin Xin a few times. All the members of her Demon Hunt Squad, were given permission to come to his pill-making isolated room, and they were given Lin Xin's freshly made pills for use.

Although Lin Xin was worried about the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad being in the frontlines, the most important matter in his eyes was to keep making pills. Therefore, all he could do was to hand his best pills for Lin Xin's side's uses, and was unable to help in any other way. What he feared the most was to hear Li Xin having an accident in the battlefield.

’’How's Li Xin?’’ Lin Xin asked eagerly.

Dyan was entirely blood-soaked, his complexion very unsightly. Visibly, he went past his limits, yet immediately came to inform Lin Xin at full speed. It was clear from this that a major accident had occurred.

Dyan's eyes were bloodshot, and seeing the tired Lin Xin, he showed some hesitation. Clenching his teeth, he still spoke of the matter.

’’The demon scoundrel just launched a charge, and to protect the team, vice captain stopped the enemy in an all out effort, and she, she...’’

’’What happened to her? Why don't you hurry up and tell me!’’ Lin Xin grabbed the shoulder of the much more muscular Dyan, almost about to spout out fire from his eyes.

Dyan took a deep breath, ’’Lin Xin, you have to stay firm. Vice captain's left arm was chopped off by the demons. She is having emergency treatment. Although Captain saved her life, I'm afraid that her left arm is...’’

Hearing that, Lin Xin felt his brain buzzing out, as if about to explode. The hairs on his whole body instantly stood, and his arms that were grabbing Dyan's shoulder actually caused his whole armor to clatter. Through the use of the Forest Boa Body Foundation Pills, his external spiritual energy reached a considerable level. Under the impulse of his emotions, his strength was enough to cause an armor at Glorious Tier to clatter.

’’Where is she? Bring me to her quickly!’’ Lin Xin's shout seemed close to a howl.

Dyan nodded, turning back and running. Lin Xin followed with haste, running at high speed.

The place where Lin Xin made his pills was located in the depths of the Mage Temple. The distance separating it to the frontline was considerable, but he didn't seem to give any consideration to that fact, only following Dyan at full speed.

’’Just who wounded Xin'er, who was it?’’ While running, Lin Xin asked Dyan, full of rancor.

He replied, ’’It was a Gold Dual Bladed Demon, who suddenly launched a sneak attack against Captain from the sidelines. Vice-captain was originally in battle with a strong enemy, but at the moment of the disaster, she stepped forward bravely and stood in front of the Gold Dual Bladed Demon. In exchange for that injury, she got rid of the bastard, but her arm is...’’

Lin Xin only felt surges of sharp pain filling his heart completely. To a knight, be it a Guardian Knight or a Retribution Knight, the arms were of an undeniable importance. As a Retribution Knight, losing an arm was like losing half of her strength to Li Xin! How could she bear it given her nature?

As the two of them were rushing as fast as possible, a group of people were running to them rapidly. Wasn't that everyone from the 22nd Demon Hunt Squad?

Surges of golden light kept glinting, as Han Daosi and Yijun were raising a stretcher. The mage who kept applying healing magic was Luc Xi, but both his eyes were bloody red, and his face looked unsightly.

’’Xin'er!’’ Lin Xin shouted loudly, taking a stride after another, actually pushing away the nearby Luc Xi as he threw himself in front of the stretcher.

Although he already guessed how Li Xin's current situation would be, at the time he saw her for real, tears fell from his eyes beyond his control.

Li Xin's left shoulder was cut from the root, and her cut arm was on the side. It was not only severed and cut, but her left arm was visibly used to resist the enemy attacks, her wrist being totally snapped. Her already separated arm was furthermore cut in two, making him pale after looking at that scene.

The blood loss was already stopped, but Li Xin's face was like a sheet of paper, her eyes deep black. The fluctuations of spiritual energy around her were extremely feeble, and her armor was extremely damaged. From this it could be seen how desperate her previous battle was. Her right arm was still tightly grasping a heavy sword, unwilling to let go of it.

’’Xin'er! Xin'er!’’ Lin Xin took out a bottle of pills, putting one in his own mouth, before transmitting it in Li Xin's pale mouth, letting the liquid from the pill pass through.

Lin Xin didn't lose consciousness, she was still completely awake. Seeing Lin Xin, she forced out a smile, ’’Idiot, why did you run out here? This place is very close to the frontlines, it's dangerous.’’

’’Dangerous? Look at yourself. How could I not come? You are the idiot, idiot!’’ Saying all this, Lin Xin violently turned back, grabbing Luc Xi's gown from the front, ’’Are you a f*kin' man? Having a girl stand and protect you? Didn't you promise that you would look after Xin'er well? Bastard!’’

Seeing the bloody red color of Lin Xin's eyes, Luc Xi didn't show any struggle. Letting himself being pushed, his face was extremely agonized. If it was possible, he would rather be the one lying on the stretcher to be himself instead of Li Xin! Everything just happened so fast, when that treacherous Gold Dual Bladed Demon mounted a sneak attack against him from the side there was no time. Luc Xi was after all a mere priest.

’’Lin Xin, calm down!’’ Li Xin cast an angry look at him.

Rapidly letting go of Luc Xi's hand, he returned to her side. Cautiously grabbing her arm, he declared, ’’Li Xin, don't be sad. No matter what the cost is, I will help you recover your hand.’’ Overflowing with tears, this was the first time he was confronted with such pain. He suddenly realized how powerless he was. To be unable to even protect a single girl. To say nothing of how he would explain the things to Long Haochen, even his own heart was unable to accept that.

Li Xin said weakly, ’’It's nothing. General squad members will hardly not die in battle, and moreover I'm still not dead. I will stay strong. With my other arm, I can still keep killing demons.’’ After saying this, she wasn't able to resist any further, her eyes shut down and she fainted on the stretcher.

’’Bring her to my place. I will look for the best doctor.’’ After saying these words, Lin Xin turned his head and ran.

Priests were able to heal injuries, but unable to reattach separated limbs. Lin Xin had enough good medicine to heal Li Xin, but to reattach her cut arm would require the best doctors. The earlier this was done, the better would her restored arm would be.

Two hours later.

Lin Xin stood silently in the room. The other members of the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad were all present. Speaking of which, they were rather lucky in this side of the Holy War. At least until now, their Demon Hunt Squad didn't have any deceased. Their Demon Hunt Squad was a lot better off than Zhang Fangfang's. Of course, this was because their Demon Hunt Squad couldn't be considered very strong, so they didn't attract a lot of attention from the demon powerhouses.

Luc Xi's self blame and pain was absolutely not below Lin xin. His eyes were also visibly bloodshot. They had been staying together all this time, looking at the doctor healing Li Xin.

Li Xin could be considered lucky. At least, the treatment was done promptly, as the priest Luc Xi having already broken through the sixth step and the grandmaster alchemist Lin Xin were present.

With the combined efforts of the best doctor, at least her arm was fixed back. At the current time, Li Xin's whole left part was entirely covered. It wouldn't recover so soon.

’’Doctor, how are things?’’ Lin Xin asked the middle aged woman that put Li Xin's arm back.

The doctor replied, ’’The reattachment has been done promptly, but it's just that she lost too much blood, and lost a lot of vigor. She will need a very long time to recover.’’

Lin Xin's face eased up a lot, ’’Doctor, after she recovers, will that left arm be able to use the same force as before?’’

The doctor shook his head calmly, ’’I'm afraid that it is impossible. Her arm was cut in two, and the most vital parts of her arm sustained terrible damage. Being able to use it for daily activities would already be pretty good, operating spiritual energy will be very hard. And that's still because you brought such good pills, otherwise I am not confident that I would have been able to fix back this arm. Take good care of her.’’

After saying that, the doctor hurriedly left. The soldiers that were waiting for her rescue were just far too many.

After the doctor left, the atmosphere in the room immediately became oppressive. No one had anything to say, because they didn't know how they should react. Li Xin suffered such a serious injury, and this was not only a powerful blow to Lin Xin alone! Having lost the ability from one of her arms, Li Xin would undoubtedly have a much lower strength in case she returned to fight with her Demon Hunt Squad.

Lin Xin understood her way too much. With Li Xin's strong character, this blow was really severe to her.

Sitting in front of the sickbed, Lin Xin declared in a gentle voice, ’’Xin'er, be at ease. No matter what, I will do my best to cure your arm. What doctors can't do, I will achieve it.’’

Luc Xi suddenly remarked, ’’Otherwise, how about we send her to the Southern Mountain Pass? If a saint uses his most powerful technique to heal her, it will perhaps restore the capabilities of her arm.’’

Lin Xin shook his head calmly, ’’Priest indeed have powerful abilities, but they can at most stimulate the body, with the objective of treating someone. If that kind of method is forced on Xin'er, I'm afraid that it will affect her vitality that already suffered a large blow this time.’’

Luc Xi forced a bitter smile, ’’It's my fault for having not protected Xin'er well. This is unrelated to your remark. I wish I could let myself get forcibly beaten up for that.’’

Lin Xin sighed, ’’It can't be blamed on you. It's all the fault of those bastards, the demons.’’ Saying this, he couldn't help but clench his fist.

’’Go have a rest guys. Having me to look after Xin'er is enough.’’

Luc Xi interrupted him, ’’Lin Xin, you are too tired. Pay attention to your own body.’’ He really didn't know what else to say to Lin Xin. At this time, words were not of much use. Leaving with his comrades, he left this place to Lin Xin and Li Xin.

Lightly fondling Li Xin's pale face, a change started to appear in Lin Xin's eyes, ’’Xin'er, everything is my fault, because I couldn't protect you. If that time I was by your side, even at the cost of my life, I wouldn't let the enemies harm you. It's all because I am too weak, as a mage who cannot step in the battlefield to protect his loved one. Xin'er, I have made my resolve. For you, I am willing to abandon my vow. I will study offensive magic.’’

After these last words, Lin Xin sobbed once again.

His disposition was somewhat weak. Having lost his parents early, some painful haze was buried deep in his heart. But seeing his beloved girl lying on the ground, seriously wounded, he felt like he was going mad from his powerless state.

He was thinking, If I obtain great strength, offensive power permitting me to fight alongside with her in the battlefield, even if the final ending cannot be changed, I'll at least die together with my beloved. Perhaps these were the thoughts filling father at the time he died by that spell, and mother maybe has never ever regretted. At least they died together.

Xin'er, I won't stay weak any longer. I will charge without doubt, and not fear offensive magic anymore. I will learn the most powerful attacks and use it to defeat the enemies, to protect you, my most beloved person.

The sky was densely covered by dark clouds. A dense smell of blood lingered in the air.

Southern Mountain Pass. In general strength, this was the weakest of the mountain passes of the Six Great Temples. Priests had powerful healing abilities, but attack was their weak point in the end. Moreover, cultivation was for a priest much harder than other vocations. This made the reason why high ranked priests are much fewer than the high ranked fighters of other vocations.

If not for the uninterrupted reinforcement sent by the other five great Temples of the Alliance to assist them, the Southern Mountain Pass would long since have been broken through.

Back then, when Long Haochen's group was present here, wasn't the Southern Mountain Pass broken through that time?

On the borders of the Southern Mountain Pass were mostly powerhouses from the other five Great Temples.

Demons formerly launched several full swing surprise attacks against priests. Although these operations would undoubtedly make the demons end up in a sorry state from the damage, the damage sustained by the Priest Temple would only be higher.

Just how hard is it to cultivate a high ranked priest? Yet in the battlefield, higher ranked priest are weak, and the methods at their disposal for surviving are very limited, their offensive abilities even more limited.


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