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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 480


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 479: The Transformations of the 64th Commander Squad (III)

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Seeing her fail after several more tries, they couldn't help but feel an even greater disappointment. But during that time, they learned that their daughter-in-law was actually pregnant.

Therefore, Chen Hongyu and Sanshui discussed in depth, and came to an audacious conclusion. That the one the Saint Spirit Robe responded to wasn't their daughter in law, but the child in her, their grandchild.

After coming to this conclusion, their daughter-in-law was retained in a private room inside the Spiritual Temple. The Saint Spirit Robe became her clothing, until the time her child was born.

After being pregnant for ten months, the scene of her child's birth was particularly stirring. The day her child was born, the Saint Soul Robe produced another blast of that intense resplendent light, coming off from the body of their daughter-in-law, curling around this girl. That was the summoner of the current sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Chen Ying'er.

This matter was classified as the greatest secret of the Spiritual Temple. Only Chen Hongyu, Sanshui and Chen Ying'er's parents knew of it.

Chen Ying'er's growth was very strictly monitored, which is the reason for her later rebellious attitude. Just as the ancestors from the Spiritual Temple had expected, the master of the Saint Spirit Robe required a very high innate internal spiritual energy. And Chen Ying'er's internal spiritual energy exceeded the level of ninety, making her the very first Spiritual Saint Girl ever born in the Spiritual Temple.

But as Chen Ying'er grew, issues started to appear on her body. She was able to cultivate, her spiritual energy raising at an astonishing speed, but she unable to use any summoning spell. Even the lowest ranked spells were no good. This put intense worry on Sanshui and Chen Hongyu.

After going through countless deliberations, reflections and attempts, they finally determined that Chen Ying'er's body deliberately sealed her genius.

This seal came straight from her gifted talents, and external forces weren't able to help break it through. But a seal of such intensity required Chen Ying'er to reach about the seventh step of cultivation to break it. But she was after all the Spiritual Saint Girl, and was gifted with an extraordinary ability, and that was the Creature Summoning Gate. But unfortunately, her cultivation was insufficient, making her unable to wield the power of the Creature Summoning Gate properly. Therefore she became the most unreliable member of Long Haochen's team as their summoner.

With the passage of time, things changed. Having obtained plentiful training in the Demon Hunt Squad, Chen Ying'er outgrew her rebellious and ignorant phase. Through incessant battles against demons, incessantly raising her cultivation, and seeing her comrades' progress, her scatterbrain t gradually disappeared, replaced with a longing for strength.

Even if the sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hunt Squad hadn't dissolved, she would probably have come back, to the Spiritual Temple, to attempt to break through the seal that had bound her for twenty years, becoming the true Spiritual Saint Girl.

A soft milky-white spiritual energy was moving rhythmically in this fantastic room. This private room should originally be used by the head of the Spiritual Temple.

It gave a large assistance for one's cultivation. Starting from the day Chen Ying'er came back, this became her territory. Having set herself free of all distractions, she entered a state of deep meditation.

When Chen Ying'er started meditating, she had the same thought as Wang Yuanyuan: I want to become a more useful person to the team. I want to help Captain.

Tomb Bringing Mountain Pass, Mage Temple.

Dark green hair was draping on his shoulder, and although it wasn't as long as originally, it reached at least the level of his back.

Lin Xin's appearance was quite sorry. His previous long hair was in disarray and beard had already surfaced on face, which became thin.

But his pair of eyes were especially bright, with a single minded look. This was enough to give one an undescriptible feeling.

Over this past year, one could say that he has been busy every single day. Starting from the day of his return in the Mage Temple, he asked for a private room from his grandfather, exploiting the large amount of resources brought back from the demon territory.

During this period, he made use of his good relation with the Alliance's Great Auction House to sell large amount of resources at low price, helping them to hold out in the front lines. At the same time, he gained a bond from the side of the Alliance's Great Auction House. That the Alliance's Great Auction House would supply him with the resources he needed.

The great-master that crafted Bloodstorm using the material from the Saw Skates was found by the Alliance's Great Auction House for him. Otherwise, with his ability, how could he find a great-master able to make a piece of Legendary Equipment in such a short time? That great-master said that this weapon was made for slaughter, and that through the blood of many enemies, fundamental changes would very possibly appear in it. In other words, this piece of equipment had the possibility to advance to the Epic Tier. The source of this possibility came from some of the blood of the Snake Demon God Andromalius provided by Lin Xin. Soaked in the blood of a demon god, Bloodstorm gained the possibility of evolution.

Lin Xin's body and mind were devoted in making pills. Relying on the existence of the Spiritual Stove of Heart of Fire, he made considerable progress in alchemy. As for ordinary Spiritual Recovery Pills and Spiritual Bursting Pills, he was able to produce large batches of it. Therefore, he obtained special awards from the higher-ups of the Temple, and the inner branch of the Mage Temple supplied him with large amounts of precious resources.

While making a batch of ordinary pills, Lin Xin also put a lot of effort in improving the process of his pill-making. First of all, he recovered the method to make the Forest Boa Training Pill, and used nine galls of the Forest Boas, with three Ice Immortal Fruits, and over a dozen other ingredients, succeeding in his objective. Among these, he used the gall and internal pill of the Forest Boa King to make a total of thirty five pills, enough for five per person. Including Long Haochen, everyone was sent a portion.

The Forest Boa Training Pills made from ordinary Forest Boas were over two hundred, and all were divided between everyone. Only thirty of them were handed to the side of the Demon Hunt Squads' Mission Tower, getting a large amount of contribution points in return.

After the Forest Boa Training Pills were done being made, Lin Xin immediately devoted himself to his most important field of research, and the one he was the most hopeful to complete, the Spiritual Boosting Pills.

At the time Long Haochen and Lin Xin just got acquainted, Lin Xin gave him a bottle of Spiritual Boosting Pills. Only, these were only useful for fifth step or below, and although their effects were not bad, its uses were limited.

Lin Xin understood clearly that to his comrades and himself, Spiritual Boosting Pills were the most important. With the growth of one's cultivation, gaining spiritual energy becomes more challenging. And furthermore, his Spiritual Boosting Pills needed to be devoid of side-effects, relying only on one's body to increase his spiritual energy. This required many precious treasures to be used, and also a lot of experiments.

Lin Xin used himself as an experiment subject, researching for over half a year. Sparing no costs for these experiments, he finally succeeded some time later. The pills he succeeded in making bore no restrictions, and could be consumed by any vocation without side effects.

Taking one would increase one's internal spiritual energy by a hundred units.

These Spiritual Boosting Pills were named Xin Pills, taking after his own name, showing how satisfied he was with his own work.

However, the Xin Pills didn't come without any restriction. The material required was precious, so after making three batches, Lin Xin stopped producing more of them.

These three lots made up a total of two hundred pills, but this did not amount to much after getting split among the seven of them. Nonetheless, it would help to increase everyone's internal spiritual energy by three thousand units.

However, this pioneering work was full of ingenuity. In theory, as long as they managed to keep killing demon gods and Devil Dragons, these Xin Pills could keep being made. After all, the huge carcass of the Forest Boa King was enough to make several hundred more batches of pills, as for the other treasures, they could be collected with the backup from the Alliance.

Outside of the Xin Pills, Lin Xin also had made brand new Cojoined Boosting Pills, with greatly reduced side-effects and a much greater boost.

One could say that this year, Lin Xin became formally a great-master alchemist thanks to the large amount of precious resources they collected.

Although he kept making pills day and night, and didn't spend much time resting, the continuous use of the Heart of Fire for refining required use of his spiritual energy. With Lin Xin's single-minded attitude and under this continuous use of his internal spiritual energy, Lin Xin's progress was even faster than Wang Yuanyuan who seeked for breakthrough through incessant slaughters. In the past month, while succeeding in making the Xin Pills, his internal spiritual energy formally broke through the seventh step, opening his second spiritual cavity.

After the most important pills were done being researched, Lin Xin spent the last month a lot more relaxedly. Through the enormous supplies from the Mage Temple and the Alliance's Great Auction House, great amounts of Spiritual Recovery Pills and Spiritual Bursting Pills were sent to the war front to boost the strength of the fighters in the battlefront.

In fact, the greatest benefit of the pills was that they could be used jointly with magic boosts. Merely one or two pills wouldn't affect the whole battle, but large supplies of pills had the possibility to overturn the situation in crucial times.

Pop. Blue fire ascended, enveloping entirely the immense stove inside. This way, three times the flames vanished, and Lin Xin's face looked tired. His butt sitting on the nearby chair, he succeeded in making another batch.

But this time, an anxious voice sounded out from the other side of the door, ’’Lin Xin, no good, Lin Xin she...’’


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