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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 479


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 479: The Transformations of the 64th Commander Squad (II)

Zhang Fangfang was startled. Over this year, during the many times Wang Yuanyuan and him went through fire and water, she almost seemed totally immersed in her slaughter. And this was the first time she expressed her thanks to him. For this reason, he felt his whole body shiver, his suppressed feelings gushed out. Holding her in his arms, he felt that even if he were to die in the next instant, that would be worth it.

’’Yuanyuan, you...’’

Wang Yuanyuan didn't resist, letting him hold her, slowly shutting her eyes. She was the aware of how enormously Zhang Fangfang had helped her.

Zhang Fangfang didn't only save her life, but also her heart.

Immersed in slaughter, even a male warrior would very easily lose himself, to say nothing of a female warrior who would hardly have great willpower. Every time Wang Yuanyuan lost herself in slaughter, her heart was filled with only ruthlessness, she saw Zhang Fangfang help her ease her heart. Because of Zhang Fangfang's existence, her heart could retain some warmth, and not be taken over by all this.

’’Brother Fang, I don't know how I could repay you for all this. If you are willing to accept me despite all the bloody stench on my body, I will give myself to you after the end of this Holy War. ’’

Wang Yuanyuan's words left a torrential shock in Zhang Fangfang's ears. He looked at Wang Yuanyuan blankly, completely speechless for a moment out of excitement.

She... is willing to give herself to me?

’’Yuanyuan’’ Zhang Fangfang couldn't help but embrace her tighter.

’’But I cannot marry you.’’ Wang Yuanyuan's next words immediately pulled Zhang Fangfang back to reality, falling firmly to the ground.

Wang Yuanyuan raised her hand, gently stroking his face with beard grown all over, ’’Sorry, Brother Fang. For as long as I can remember, I pledged to devote this life to exterminate demons, and not get settled down and marry someone. I belong to my team, and will resist against the demons with Captain and the others until the end. All I can give to you is my body.’’

’’No, Yuanyuan. Marry me, and I can follow you in killing the enemy! Moreover, my team is already disbanded.’’ Zhang Fangfang said hastily.

Wang Yuanyuan shook her head, ’’That's not the same. If I marry you, I will worry about you. I like you but don't dare love you. All I have is hatred, hatred for demons in my heart. Sorry.’’

Zhang Fangfang looked at her with a blank face. Seeing that tears were spilling over her face, he didn't feel any resentment toward her l, only feeling pain for her, making it hard for him to even breath.


Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Pass. Located between the mountain passes on the south, the east and the southeast, this was the location of the headquarters of the Spiritual Temple.

The Odin Town where Long Haochen lived when he was young was very close to this Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Pass.

During the first year of the Holy War, the one which sustained the lowest damage within the Six Great Temples was that Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Pass. Relying on torrents of summons, they repelled the demon attacks one after another, while bringing support to the side of the most burdened, Priest Temple in the Southern Mountain Pass.

In the depths of the Spiritual Temple, inside an hexagonal room was an elegant girl, sitting cross-legged.

This was a very peculiar room underground. Circles of bizarre decorative designs were visible all around, the most fantastic thing being that these designs were all very meticulously carved. If one was to pay careful attention upon observing, he would see that all these sculptures represented a magical beast. In this hundred square meters room, the count of magical beast sculptures was almost innumerable. And the exceptional beauty of these decorative designs was closely related to the fact that many magical beast crystals were inlaid on these sculptures. These crystals filled the room, just like a large carpet made of gems.

Soft white radiance was surging from the sky. As it revolved around the girl, one could see some gates of light in the midst of these white rays of light.

The expression on the face of the girl was solemn and serene, with a sacred feel to it. She was clad in a white gown, with decorative designs similar to the ground on it, also embroidered with many magical beasts embroidered. Though, the number of gems inlaid on it was few.

This few' was when comparing the count to the large number of crystals on the ground. On her gown were seven gems, all colorless and transparent, hanging down from the back of her cloth. Separating on the two sides of her collar, they formed a shape encircling her waist. These seven transparent crystals produced a dense reflection of this room, spreading out a kind of fantastic transparent undulations.

If some higher ups of the Spiritual Temple were present, they would definitely be in great shock, because the gown worn by the girl was extremely important to the Spiritual Temple, close in value to the divine Thrones in the eyes of the Knight Temple.

Saint Spirit Robe. This was a genuine divine tool passed down since thousands years by the Spiritual Temple. As for its antecedents, it was made from the crystallisation of the heart's blood of powerhouses from several generations of the Spiritual Temple.

On this Saint Spirit Robe were a total of a hundred and eight soul pellets, accumulated by the Spiritual Temple over five thousand years, and was just done being made one thousand years ago.

This genuine divine tool was also the only divine tool in the hands of the Spiritual Temple. Its process of craft used the marrow juice from one thousand eighty magical beasts. It was soaked in some special metal, to be made flexible, and tough to the limit, before absorbing the soul of the one thousand eighty magical beast, giving birth to this gown.

The soul pellets inlaid on this gown were special existences produced by the summoners of the Spiritual Temple. Summoners would forever only have one spiritual cavity, only the other vocations, that were able to raise the number of their spiritual cavities by continuously gaining in spiritual energy, resulting in a boost of their strength.

The fact they had only one spiritual cavity made it a lot harder for them to cultivate than other vocations. Through the research of many ancestors, an alternative was found: an extraordinary cultivation method, called Spiritual Energy Pellet Production Spell. Through this method, spiritual energy could be gradually solidified, to be stored in the body. This would not only help with its purification process, but also enable to raise the limit of spiritual energy, achieving the result of empowering their cultivation.

The production of the first spiritual pellet, as soft as cotton, will come with continuous increase of one's cultivation, becoming firmer and firmer, until becoming close to a gem. But to reach such a level without the destruction of the pellet, one needs reach at least the ninth step of cultivation. And when summoners of the ninth step die, their spiritual pellets are left, just like demons' magical crystals.

In other words, the Saint Spirit Robe worn by this girl was made of a hundred and eight ancestors' spiritual pellets.

To say nothing of the demons, even the other five Temples didn't know of the existence of the Saint Spirit Robe. From the day it was made, this divine tool had yet to be shown. The reason for that was simple: no one was able to dominate it.

The spiritual pellets left by a hundred and eight powerhouses of the ninth step belonging to the Spiritual Temple. Just what terrifying power would come out from the convergence of their spiritual energy? Although it was made one with the souls of one thousand eighty magical beasts, becoming a lot softer, the terrifying power and level attained by the released spiritual energy made even powerhouses of the ninth step unable to control it.

Since a thousand years ago, the Spiritual Temple had been trying a lot of ways, but never managed to make use of the Saint Soul Robe. Therefore, this divine tool stayed concealed in the deepest parts of the Spiritual Temple. Only the successive generations of Temple chiefs and auxiliary heads knew about its existence.

The situation was only made a bit better a bit more than twenty years ago.

Through the past thousand years of research, the Spiritual Temple found out that to dawn this Saint Spirit Robe, not only spiritual energy strength was needed, but also to gain its approval.

Only someone that could achieve a very high level of intimacy with magical beasts could gain the blessing of the Saint Spirit Robe.

In the past three hundred years an almighty being blessed with an innate internal spiritual energy of eighty-one units appeared. After he became the chief of the Spiritual Temple, and paid his respects to this Saint Spirit Robe, he obtained a response from it. At this time, the Saint Spirit Robe let out a faint light and a very cordial aura towards him.

This Temple Head tried wearing the Saint Spirit Robe, and finally succeeded. But at the time of his tests, he found out that he was only able to display a third of the strength of the Saint Spirit Robe. In other words, he didn't gain a high enough approval from the Saint Spirit Robe. But even this way, the strength that was displayed by the Saint Spirit Robe already exceeded r the epic weaponry class by a lot.

After coming to conscientious reflections, the Temple Head resisted with great difficulty to the impulse in his heart, and decided to return this Saint Spirit Robe to the Temple, not using on the battlefield. Ever since that time, the Spiritual Temple had another rule. That all summoners of the sixth step or above had to pay their respects to this saint robe. Of course, the saint robe was concealed in a sculpture of the ten thousand beasts god.

Using such a method to look for a summoner achieving an even higher level of approval from the saint robe was a desperate attempt, but in truth, it turned out quite effective.

In the past three hundred years, over a dozen summoners managed to stir the Saint Spirit Robe. Without an exception, all were gifted with rather high levels of innate internal spiritual energy. But unfortunately, none of them finally managed to wear this robe.

Over twenty years ago, at the time a female summoner paid her respects to this Saint Spirit Robe, a miraculous scene followed. The Saint Spirit Robe released a never- before seen resplendent light. Immediately, that summoner was taken as a celestial being, immediately pressed by the chief and auxiliary chief of the Temple to remain in the Temple.

This female summoner and the temple chief and auxiliary chiefs shared an exceptional relationship. She was the daughter-in-law of the chief of the Spiritual Temple Chen Hongyu, and its auxiliary chief Sanshui.

When Chen Hongyu discovered that his daughter in law was able to stimulate the saint robe to such extent, without need to bring up this nice surprise, he immediately came to the joint decision with his wife Sanshui to let her have a fitting trial with the saint robe.

But their previous excitement very rapidly submerged to disappointment. That's because after the Saint Spiritual Robe was put on her, their daughter-in-law was totally unable to draw out any of its power.


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