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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 478


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 478: The Transformations of the 64th Commander Squad (I)

Therefore, he now became Wang Yuanyuan's protector. It could be said that without him sparing no cost to protect her, Wang Yuanyuan would surely already be dead on the city's walls. After all, with her terrible attack power, how could she not be attacked by the demons from all sides?

’’Die’’! Wang Yuanyuan's eyes became bloody red, charging straight at the Demonic Bear that was still unsteady from the landing.

One could faintly see that around Wang Yuanyuan, floated thin bloody red light. The incomparably thick killing intent swirling around her made her seem hard to describe with any other word than wild'.

Bang. With a stuffy sound, the Demonic Bear at the peak of the seventh step stumbled from the strike of Wang Yuanyuan's divine Soul Shield. Immediately, Wang Yuanyuan's strong performance followed. The divine Soul Shield came to an abrupt pause, bursting out with silver colored light. Space Splitting Sautédirectly bombarded the chest of the Demonic Bear of the seventh step, interrupting the waves he was about to release. Stepping forward, she released Bloody Storm causing seven shadows to mix with her figure, through her silver light and bloody murderous intent, she engulfed the body of that Demonic Bear violently.

Suppressed by Wang Yuanyuan's terrifying murderous spirit, the defensively formidable Demonic Bear could only use his arms to protect his face, trying to resist her frontal assault.

The terrifying lacerating force of Bloodstorm manifested without doubt. The Demonic Bear's body was blown to pieces, and in the midst of his bitter screams of rage, its thick arm started to reveal the dense bones inside.

’’Die!’’ Wang Yuanyuan, who disregarded the blood splattered on her body, shouted in fury. Bloodstorm was lifted high above her head, and a pitch-black radiance instantly permeated the whole sawtooth signalling Dimension Cut.

*snaps* The Demonic Bear's arms were cut, and the toughest part of his body, its skull was split open by that terrifying force.

The Demonic Bear was after all a powerhouse of the seventh step and even on the door of death, his body charged at Wang Yuanyuan, striking against the divine Soul Shield.

Wang Yuanyuan was totally fearless, her eyes brimming with even further rage. The instant the incomparably robust body of the Demonic Bear struck against the divine Soul Shield, her right feet abruptly stomped on the ground.

The surrounding human warriors could all see that the current Wang Yuanyuan looked like the brilliance of a diamond. Flashing in silver light at astonishing speed, she raised up Bloodstorm. A silver brilliance abruptly burst out from her, acting like a tornado, she suddenly charged at the body of the Demonic Bear, throwing it high in the air.

The Demonic Bear that was originally mince meat due to Bloody Cut was turned into countless fragments in the air. Filling the whole sky with a rain of blood, a sight that awed all the spectators.

This scene was already beyond being described shocking'. To say nothing of the demons, even the human warriors from the Temple Alliance were all filled with terrible fear. In fact, Wang Yuanyuan was now only a powerhouse at the peak of the sixth step, and had yet the break through to the seventh step. But the fighting strength she displayed was beyond horrifying.

The silver light was visible for over three seconds, before gradually scattering. Wang Yuanyuan was standing on her knee, taking large gasps of breaths. Be it Bloodstorm or the divine Soul Shield, all were devoid of light. Her body was still surrounded by a dense killing intent taking a thin red color. Only her face was quite abnormally pale.

A gold colored figure stood in front of her. Although the demons climbing up the city walls didn't dare charge at Wang Yuanyuan out of shock, that valiant knight stood there to stop any possible attack. Meanwhile, a gentle white light was released from his hand, falling on Wang Yuanyuan's body.

Zhang Fangfang's expression was quite unsightly, not because of the previous attack of the Demonic but due his heart aching! In fact, only he knew the cost of Wang Yuanyuan's previous attack.

The previous attack was Wang Yuanyuan's self-created technique, called Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado. Its formidable power could not be described using simple words. This all-out technique casting everything away was moulded by Wang Yuanyuan through incessant slaughter.

Zhang Fangfang asked Wang Yuanyuan in the past why she was attacking so recklessly.

Wang Yuanyuan gave him a simple reply, telling him, My comrades are all more naturally talented than me. If I don't put a lot more effort than them, I will fall behind. At the time the team reforms, I will become a more useful person for the team, and not let captain have to bear such a massive burden by himself.

Who could be as affected as Long Haochen about Cai'er's memory loss? As one of the members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, she felt that she kept becoming more and more useless as the enemies they encountered kept gaining stronger.

In terms of innate talent, she could be said to be the last in standings. In attack power, she was below Sima Xian, and there was nothing to say about their defense. And without any supporting abilities, what could she do as a warrior? She felt her utility to the team only kept going down with time.

At the time the Temple Alliance gave the order to temporarily disband their team, Wang Yuanyuan felt for the first time so powerless. The feeling of being unable to grasp her own fate with her own hands was just too painful. Their team collapsed and no one knew if they would be able to reform again in the future. Why was that? Because everyone wasn't strong enough.

For this reason, after returning to the Warrior Temple, seeing the battlefield at the southeastern stronghold, Wang Yuanyuan made her resolve that she would do anything possible to become stronger.

Insufficient genius could only be made up with strong efforts. So she stood on the city walls, standing in the front from beginning to end. As a girl and a female warrior, she used much more savage methods than men to increase her strength.

Wang Yuanyuan remembered deeply what Long Haochen said in the past, that as a fighter, the easiest method for one to increase their strength is to go beyond their limits. Every challenge pushing one to their limits will undoubtedly be an enormous driving force to progress efficiently.

Searching for her own limits in the midst of slaughter, every time she was exhausted, she would keep insisting on staking everything until the last second. At the time she managed to make it alive, she would naturally find out that her cultivation and techniques progressed at an astonishing speed. Keeping herself on the thread of life or death every time, she would only clench her teeth and bear the suffering until the end.

If not for this, how could she have progressed from a bit above 6,000 units of spiritual energy to reach 10,000 units, peak of the sixth step, in a mere year?

Her frantic murderous spirit and formidable weapons finally pushed Wang Yuanyuan to create her first personal technique, an extremely bloody and incomparably powerful technique.

Using the ability Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado requires one to apply Dimensional Storm on Bloodstorm, before forcing one's spiritual energy outside of their body, igniting their spatial attribute spiritual energy by the means of an incomparably bloody murderous spirit. This way, an extremely terrifying burst power will be produced. And the split second of the burst completely exceeds Wang Yuanyuan's regular level of power. But similarly, this bursting force comes with some backlash she has to endure.

Through constant training and boost, she finally succeeded. Although the ability Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado borrows its might from Bloody Storm, this is in the end Wang Yuanyuan's self-created technique! When used, as everything within three meters range from her will immediately be subject to an extremely direct and terrible attack. Unless the enemy's strength is great enough to crush her, and thoroughly destroy her weapon and her, Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado will be a fatal attack. Even with his tyrannical body, the Demonic Bear having lost the backup of his spiritual energy was directly reduced to shreds by this technique, which was something hard to imagine. Even powerhouses of the eighth step wouldn't dare proclaim themselves to be capable of doing that to a powerhouse of the seventh step.

The chief of the Warrior Temple Qiu Yonghao personally came to advise Wang Yuanyuan. Her paternal grandfather being the previous chief of the Warrior Temple before him. Before he died in battle against the Hell Demon God Marbas, he was the one who let the attendant of the divine sword wielder Ye Wushang succeed his position.

Being the one who succeeded the divine soul bloodline, Wang Yuanyuan was the last living bearer of this bloodline. No matter what, Qiu Yonghao was unwilling to see her have an accident. But Wang Yuanyuan's unswerving determination was just too strong. She told Qiu Yonghao that the last of the divine soul bloodline cannot be a coward, even if she is a girl. Left without a choice, Qiu Yonghao could only do his utmost by sending people to look after her, this way Wang Yuanyuan could get the best priests to treat her in case she gets wounded.

Her perseverance was paid back, as the strength flowing from her veins kept being stimulating, letting it mix with her murderous spirit. This produced a large amplification to the thin red light surrounding her body that has the ability of boosting her strength greatly.

With a flash of golden light, Zhang Fangfang duplicated into another him. That was his doppleganger born from the Spiritual Stove of Second Life.

He directly handed his heavy sword and shield to the doppleganger, who immediately took over the job, guarding the area assigned to Wang Yuanyuan.

Zhang Fangfang rapidly came to Wang Yuanyuan's side, lending his arm to support her until they were near the rear.

Wang Yuanyuan didn't try to be brave by forcing herself to stay up, Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado was something she wasn't able to control entirely. After each burst, her body would suffer a severe shock. And after taking the Forest Boa Body Foundation Pills made from the gall of the Forest Boa King, her external spiritual energy gained a substantial boost. This gradually made things better, but bearing the damage inflicted by that ability to her own body was still out of her capability.

’’Can't you stop fighting so hard? Don't you know how my heart aches for you?’’ Zhang Fangfang wrinkled his brows, staring at her with a look full of worry.

Under his watch, the bloody color in Wang Yuanyuan's eyes gradually came off, even showing some tenderness, ’’Thank you, Brother Fang.’’


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