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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 476


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 476: The Revelation from Great Prophecy Technique (II)

Hearing him, Feng Xiu's shock became more and more visible, ’’Third brother, this is too dangerous, you...’’

Vassago shook his head in silence, ’’Boss, you should know about the threat of Austin Griffin. Since this is our greatest chance, we cannot let it go no matter what. And this plan is for the best. If faced head on, he will very likely flee. And if he escapes this time, he will be on extremely high alert. And that time, be it us or this world, I'm afraid that both are going to be...’’

Feng Xiu appeared upset, ’’It's my fault. I should have attached more importance to him before. That bastard Andromalius... He actually died in the hands of Austin Griffin even before maturity, and let his demon god pillar be destroyed. This is something we will never be able to make up for.’’

Vassago responded, ’’That's why we have to grasp our only chance in this war. No matter how great the cost we pay, we cannot give Austin Griffin the slightest chance.’’

The Demon God Emperor nodded at him slowly, ’’Okay, let's do it as you say. This matter can only be known to us three brothers. Let's keep it hidden from Saminaga and the others for now. One year, we still have one year in front of us. I will let the humans feel my wrath in this war.’’

Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Knight Temple's headquarters.

Yang Haohan and Long Tianying were seated, silently standing in front of the crystal ball.

It's been a year, a whole year had passed. And Long Haochen was actually still in deep meditative state. If not for the fluctuations of spiritual energy becoming stronger and stronger and his breath remaining normal, they would have believed Long Haochen to have passed away in a sitting posture.

A year! The session lasted for one year!

During this year, even Han Yu managed to successfully break through the seventh step, and reentered in the Illusory Cave to learn abilities of the seventh step.

But Long Haochen still had the same look as when he entered, having not even got up once from beginning to end.

’’Brother Long, should we take a look at him?’’ Yang Haohan suggested with some worry.

Long Tianying shook his head, ’’No. Since his aura didn't weaken at all, we cannot disturb him. I believe that this kid is acting within the norms. Can't you sense that? From the fluctuations of spiritual energy surrounding him, it's already at saturation. Now all he needs is a breakthrough.’’

Yang Haohan replied, ’’I haven't even noticed, I was too concerned about him! What a genius! He's now trying to break through the bottleneck of the eighth step, right?! I really didn't expect that he would use such a method to bring us a nice surprise like that. And I originally believed old Qiu to be overestimating him. Now it looks that even he might have underestimated him. If he really succeeds, he will be the first Saint Knight below twenty born in our Temple Alliance.’’

Long Tianying, ’’This kid's attitude is even more flawless than my expectations. I believe that he will surely succeed. However, the bottleneck between the seventh step and the eighth step isn't that easy to break through. It requires not only a lot of effort, but also a burst of understanding. Let him keep trying. If within three months he doesn't achieve any breakthrough, I will immediately summon him. Otherwise, in case he becomes impetuous, this could affect his future cultivation.’’

’’Yeah.’’ Yang Haohan nodded silently.

Right at this time, in the crystal ball, the body that had remained unmoving for a year shook for a moment.

This shudder didn't look serious, but the two divine Knight instantly stood up in reaction, opening their eyes wide.

The shaking around Long Haochen started to grow in intensity, taking the shape of layers of golden light spreading out from his body. The shaking around his body seemed to resemble seismic waves.

’’An accident?’’ Long Tianying was greatly alarmed.

’’No, it's not that.’’ Yang Haohan grabbed Long Tianlong who was about to rush out, ’’I heard about a technique that Long Haochen created, called Ripples of Light. Through the vibrations of spiritual energy it produces powerful attack and defense. He shouldn't be having an accident.’’

Right at this time, the shaking around Long Haochen's body became lighter, both his hands lifting up. Unfolding in slow motion, his whole body smoothed, seemingly becoming more lanky.

The soft light floating around him stretched out.

Immediately, a vast golden glint spread out of him, in full flow. One could faintly see that on his brows, chest, and belly, balls of lights were moving rhythmically.

Suddenly, his eyes opened. At that instant, even the divine Knights Yang Haohan and Long Tianying felt the surrounding air tremble.

A light burst out from his eyes, spreading around his body. Sweeping the air, full of substance, it bubbled forth to the whole room.

Along with Long Haochen, Yating got up and opened her eyes. Compared to Long Haochen, she didn't look much different, but her eyes had gained brilliance and tranquility. And her body seemed to have gained even more aura of life.

Yating had already acquired a physical body, but if one was to touch, they'd find out that her body was ice cold. Only at the times of launching light abilities would it warm up to some extent because of the fluctuations of light. And the surface of her body would feel stiff at touch. After all, she was made up of dense light essence;her body wasn't real.

But in this instance, not only her life energy gained in substance, but her whole body felt more real. In her soft movements, one could see that her skin seemed very flexible, just like a real human beauty. Even advanced elven gave off a lot less substantial feeling.

Yating spread out her wings at Long Haochen's back, making a hugging motion. The next instant, in a glint of light, she disappeared in Long Haochen's body, merging inside.

Compared to one year ago, his body wasn't much different. To him, time seemed to have stopped during this year of deep meditation. Not having the slightest filth on, even his beard and hair didn't grow. Only his eyes were full of light.

Just as Yang Haohan had determined, his cultivation rose to the peak of the seventh step, his internal spiritual energy reaching 30,000 units.

This year of deep meditation was a period of preparation to Long Haochen. It cleaned his heart and his spiritual energy.

After reaching the peak of the seventh step, he attempted to break through a few times, but didn't find the path of the breakthrough successfully. So he didn't keep forcing himself, letting this long session end.

At the very moment, although inside of this Illusory Cave, he had a very transparent feeling. With a flash of light, a bottle of water came out in his hand. Drinking a few gulps, he let the water permeate through his body.

Immediately, he stretched out his body once again, cracking his bones, after which he seemed to have gained a bit in size.

Not hastening to take his next movement, he only stood there silently, seemingly caught in contemplation. Quite a long time later, he slowly turned back, heading to the depths of the cave.

Seeing Long Haochen disappear, Long Tianying and Yang Haohan couldn't help but turn back and look at each other. Exchanging glances in disarray, the two divine Knights had a kind of strange feeling.

’’He's going to study techniques? Not going to attempt a breakthrough?’’ Long Tianying reacted the first.

Yang Haohan replied, ’’Not easy to say. I believe that he's trying to find a chance.

Do you think we should tell him the trick to break through the eighth step?’’

Long Tianying replied, ’’We should originally have told him, but seeing how fast he reached the peak of the seventh step, I don't really want to. If he can get to the eighth step from the peak of the seventh step through his own comprehension, his future breakthrough to the ninth step will have a great advantage. After all, these two bottlenecks are differents routes to the same destination. We have to believe in him, and let him slowly settle down.’’

Yang Haohan nodded silently, ’’I also think that's for the best.’’

’’For how long have I been cultivating?’’ While coming out from the Illusory Cave, Long Haochen muttered irresolutely to himself. He felt that he had been spending a very long time cultivating, wanting to terminate it several times but feeling the monstrous growth of his internal spiritual energy, he chose to endure loneliness.

The three spiritual cavities in his body were entirely full, and his whole body was full of energy.

How should he break through the eighth step? While walking in the Illusory Cave, Long Haochen reflected on this very important question.

Maybe this was because he had been sitting for too long, but his whole body felt a bit sore. His qi and blood was rapidly flowing under the urge of his spiritual energy.

Suddenly, the sight in front of him changed. A door appeared in front of his eyes, with the number seven on it.

Long Haochen stopped his advance, looking at that seven. Thinking to himself that he cannot directly break through from the seventh step, and this should be because his accumulation was not enough. My spiritual energy is already sufficient, I should find inspiration in abilities. Maybe I'll achieve some results this way.

Pushing the door with his hands, it felt very firm.

Light rushed forth, and Long Haochen's body seemed to have become a transparent golden crystal. To him, using Brilliant Body didn't come with an excessive consumption. The Brilliant Body he had as a god's chosen one had a special property, making it a perpetual Brilliant Body. Just by using spiritual energy normally, the boost from Brilliant Body would immediately appear, without need to consume extra spiritual energy.

With a stronger cultivation, the boost of one's natural talent to his strength would increase.


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