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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 475


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 475: The Revelation from Great Prophecy Technique (I)

The Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu suddenly had a depressed and frustrated look, ’’If only us remain, there will be no enemies left to find. And we will only be able to destroy ourselves. And in the end, we seventy-two brothers will have no choice but return back through the seventy-two demon god pillars, as this world will have become full of barren land, just like that world we used to live. Thoroughly destroyed. ’’

Agares calmly nodded, ’’Yes. We were unable to create anything, much less make use of the things in this world to create new ones. In front of our darkness attribute, any organism would hardly take a satisfying shape. You are right, if humans are really destroyed by our hands and entirely ruled over, we will only be walking towards destruction.’’

Feng Xiu smiled to him, ’’It's good that you understand. For this reason, the Temple Alliance was actually raised in confinement by us demons, so that they don't grow too strong. We couldn't let them be wiped out, and had to let them develop. Only this way would our living conditions become better. Wars are just a show. Since we are raising them in confinement, we cannot let them become too powerful either. Meanwhile, it's only by borrowing their hands that we can reduce our own numbers. Achieving a balance will be most profitable. And that's one of the reasons for me launching this war. ’’

’’After over several thousand years of growth, the forces humans accumulated are just enormous. We had to weaken them to such extent. Otherwise, some time later, their horn of counterattack is sure to blow.

This is something we cannot afford. To them, making this Holy War a prolonged battle seems very effective, but isn't it the same for us? There will be a need for a decisive battle, but the time has not come yet.’’

Agares wrinkled his brows, ’’But what about Austin Griffin? What's to be done about him? Looking at the humans, we won't be able to reach an agreement.’’

The Demon God Emperor's eyes became cold at once, ’’We need to destroy Austin Griffin, that's a matter of fact. No matter what the cost is, he cannot be left alive in this world. Compared to our self-destruction, Austin Griffin is a far more terrifying thing. Andromalius' death was the alarm bell to us. He is another important reason for this Holy War..’’

Agares replied, ’’But can we really catch him? We'd need to have control over every single place in the world for that!’’

Feng Xiu shook his head, ’’That's not the case at all. Third brother went in seclusion for one year. I had the premonition that he will come out today. As the brain of our demon race, he will tell us what we should do next.’’


Hearing him say this, the Moon Demon God Agares was greatly shocked, ’’Are you saying that third brother...’’

Feng Xiu nodded with a sad look on his face, ’’Yes. For the prosperity of our demon race, third brother paid too much of a price. But this was the best choice.’’

’’Boss is right. This was the best choice for us.’’ An orange figure condensed in the air, and the Star Demon God Vassago soundlessly appeared in front of the Demon God Emperor and the Moon Demon God.

From the looks, he didn't appear any different than in the past, but if one was to carefully observe him, he would find out that his expression was a lot more bleak than usual, less expressive, and he looked a lot more tired and aged.

Seeing him appear, the Demon God Emperor couldn't help but feel excited, unconsciously stepping forward, ’’Third brother, how is your body?’’

With a smile on his face, Vassago shook his head, ’’It's nothing, Boss. I just lost some of my life expectancy. But this time's Great Prophecy summon was worth it. Want to hear about the result? ’’

Feng Xiu forced a bitter smile, ’’If I had the choice, I would have preferred you to avoid doing that. You didn't just lose a bit of your life expectancy. I can sense that your life force has decreased by at least a hundred years. And the life expectancy of your Star Demon Clan is originally not that long. This time, your body has been quite damaged.’’

Beside him, the Moon Demon God Agares also walked by, holding Vassago's shoulder. Although he didn't say anything, his expression was full of emotion.

Emotionally, the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, Star Demon God were without doubt the closest of the crew. But the Demon God Emperor had after all his own obligations, as the ruler of the demon race. If the survival of his race was threatened, even his own child would be sacrificed without hesitation. For this reason, the Moon Demon God and the Star Demon God were actually his closest people. They were like a pair of brothers for the demons. So even if the Death Demon God Saminaga's Fiend clan was considerably powerful, it would pale in front of the Star and the Moon Demon clans. So in front of Agares and Vassago, Saminaga was very respectful.

Vassago smiled, ’’All right, second brother, no need to be like that. I'll feel bad if you treat me that way. Life force can still be recovered after being lost you know. Let me tell you the results then, they are very important to us now.’’

Reaching this point, his expression became serious, and vaguely, one could see his eyes gradually turn into a limpid orange color. The Demon God Emperor nodded to him, his eyes filled with concern.

Vassago continued in a serious tone, ’’This year, my Great Prophecy Technique was used to the greatest extent, using up my only chance of prediction' in this life. In accordance with Boss' plan, the forces we'll use in this war against the Temple Alliance are mostly the low and middle grade demons, meanwhile we'll be doing our utmost to conserve our supreme forces. This way, we will retain an overwhelming advantage compared to them. According to my predictions, if this Holy War keeps going, the result will be neither side winning.’’

Vassago muttered to himself irresolutely for a short time, before continuing, ’’The strength of the Temple Alliance is even greater than our imagination. Even though we will finally achieve victory, it will only be a tragic victory. Something we are absolutely unwilling to see.’’

The Demon God Emperor nodded to him, asking, ’’The strength of the Temple Alliance is even greater than our imagination? In which aspect?’’

Vassago replied;’’This is something I didn't manage to predict. I only sensed that the Temple Alliance is concealing an extremely terrifying strength. I'm unclear on the origin of this force, but I am certain that it's not from those Title grade Demon Hunter Squads. These existence are quite threatening, but they are after all rare. The force they kept concealed could barely resist the third of our forces. But unless at a last resort, humanity should not borrow use from it.’’

Hearing this, the Demon God Emperor's expression became suddenly severe, ’’I didn't expect humans to have such a force in reserve. Seeing the spontaneity of this Holy War, hidden forces are the most threatening ones. No matter what, the humans will surely be forced to use that force they have kept hidden in this war.’’

Vassago shook his head, ’’That's not for sure. You don't need to worry boss. This force kept by the humans is indeed threatening, but it has a decaying property. It doesn't seem that it can be used for too long, or they would self-destruct from that. And this time should come within twenty years. In other words, if we don't force humans to a matter of life or death, this terrible force should be no threat to us.’’

Agares asked in puzzlement, ’’Could it be that humans won't take the initiative to use this force?’’

Vassago replied, ’’That's the thing I find strange. In what I sensed from Great Prophecy, the humans are also greatly afraid of this force, going as far as to reject it. So I am sure that unless the crucial moment close to humanity's destruction comes, they won't likely use it. This force shouldn't come from the Six Great Strongholds. If I am not mistaken in should come from the human Holy City.’’

Hearing him, the Demon God Emperor became taciturn for a time. Very visibly, Vassagi's words impacted him quite a lot. This force could shake the demon rule! Making the word ’’terrifying’’ come out from Vassago's mouth wasn't so easy.

’’So third brother, do you think we should take the initiative to finish the Holy War as soon as we can?’’ The Demon God Emperor asked.

The Star Demon God Vassago shook his head, ’’No. Quite the opposite, we have to keep this Holy War going. We just have to avoid compelling the humans to their last means, because only this way will Austin Griffin come out.’’

Reaching this point, his expression became grim. In comparison, Austin Griffin was a lot more severe than that terrible force kept by humans that was beyond their control.

’’This year, my Great Prophecy targeted Austin Griffin for the longest time. His current growth has advanced to some extent already. Although that's not enough for him to threaten us for real, he's by no means weak. Finding him through this war against humans is impossible. But Austin Griffin's threat is growing by the minute. We will have few chances to kill him, among which the greatest one will be in roughly two years. From my estimate, he will appear in demon territory at that time. That's our best chance. The only premise is that we are to pressure the humans to a great extent enough during the Holy War, or he won't necessarily come to our rear.’’

The Demon God Emperor's eyes glistened, brimming with a killing intent refrained inside him. But even so, Vassago and Agares could feel a powerful pressure being released from their boss.

Vassago raised his head, enveloping the three brothers in an orange light. His lips hummed, muttering some words. Only Feng Xiu and Agares were able to hear these words.


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