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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 474


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 474: A letter coming from the frontlines (III)

Long Haochen and Han Yu had the qualification, besides Long Haochen being a god's chosen one, they made the unprecedented accomplishment of destroying a demon god. This feat alone bestowed them the qualification.

After coming out, Han Yu was informed that Long Haochen was, against all expectations, still inside . Learning this, he chose to cultivate behind close doors without hesitation. One of the condition Yang Haohan gave him was to become a Mythril Foundation Knight. Although he already learnt all the abilities at the sixth step, his spiritual energy was still far from the ten thousand units.

Yang Haohan came to observe Long Haochen who knows how many times, but his expression wasn't as calm as the beginning, on the contrary it started to show some worry.

The Holy War had been going on for three months already. The Dragon Resisting Mountain was subject to enormous pressure, and as divine Knights, both Long Tianying and himself joined the battle long ago. Just two days ago, he was in a large struggle against the demon god of death Saminaga. In terms of cultivation, Yang Haohan was quite inferior, but by the means of the great might of the divine Throne of Defense and Mercy, he stopped the advance of the Demon God of Death.

The Saint Knights and Templar Knights of the Temple Alliance were all blood soaked every day, resisting the enemies in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. The ice and snow on the ground in over a kilometer circumference was dyed red, and both sides' casualties were incalculable.

Although there were natural ressources kept in reserve in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, it was not the same as the other strongholds. In a situation of siege, it would be very hard to get supplies from the Alliance, and even news was difficult to be transmitted. With such consumption Yang Haohan didn't know for how long this mountain pass would last.

The demons outside already got reinforcements three times, and the damage inflicted by the vile environment to the demons was very high. Their fighting strength was far from being displayed at their maximum because of this.

The several hundred ice mages defending the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass also proved out to be of decisive use. They all drew support from the natural stronghold formed by the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass unceasingly reinforcing its defense, attacking the enemies.

Haochen, how is it that you are not showing the slightest movement? Looking at the enormous crystal ball in front of him, Yang Haohan murmured resolutely.

Indeed, since entering the Illusory Cave, Long Haochen was seated and cultivating in that place. At the start, Yang Haohan praised him for being able to cultivate calmly, but now it has been three months, and Long Haochen was still the same state, cultivating cross-legged all this time.

His body let out faint golden ripples, and his whole body had the transparent feeling from the use of Brilliant Body. At every breath he took, his body spread out a golden radiance that flickered indistinctly.

Without a doubt, he wasn't encountering troubles. But wasn't this meditative seance too long?

Yang Haohan whose experience regarding cultivating was plentiful understood that Long Haochen was now in a state of deep meditation. But it was unheard for a single session of deep meditation to last so long.

Deep meditation would generally occur to powerhouses of the eighth step or above. That's because after reaching this level, the spiritual energy would raise to a really high speed. But an overly fast increase of one's spiritual energy would result in unsteady foundation. Occasionally needing to cultivate in a state of deep meditation enabled a better elemental absorption, and a better harmonization.

For Long Haochen who's a god's chosen one, Yang Haohan didn't find it extraordinary that he would be able to perform deep meditation at the seventh step of cultivation. But generally, deep meditation would generally terminate after about a month. For one session to last longer than that was very rare.

Of course, as the time of meditation lengthened, its results would naturally become better. It would also mean few distracting thoughts, and being able to bear loneliness. After all, being soaked daily in the light essence was a very lonesome and tedious process.

Yang Haohan didn't expect at all that three months was, to this session of Long Haochen's deep meditation, the mere beginning.

Time passed, day after day.

Both humans or demons, had a limit to their workforce. After the frantic attacks of the first few months, the demon attacks gradually slowed down. The Demon God Emperor passed two diplomatic notes to the Alliance, demanding Long Haochen, only being answered with flat rejection. As for Long Haochen, it appeared as if he had evaporated, not appearing from beginning to end.

The battles were still ongoing, and just as the Alliance hoped, no real demon powerhouses came out in the initial stages, both sides displaying their strength little by little. However, the strangest thing in the Alliance's eyes was that the Demon God Emperor, even in his position as the greatest demon powerhouse, had yet to join the battle.

And that was not only him, but also the Moon Demon God, and the Star Demon God who had yet to come out. And in the same way, the Devil Dragons, Moon Demons and Star Demons had all yet to be deployed.

Right because they had yet to take part, the Temple Alliance did not dare lower their guard even as the battle dragged on.

The guards of the six forts were all under extreme pressure. In fact, one should know that in case the Demon God Emperor brought the Moon and Star demon gods in the battlefield, none of the forts could possibly hold out. Of course, the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God and Star Demon God would inevitably face the ultimate resistance from the strongest Demon Hunt Squad, and that would be the inevitable decisive battle.


After analysing their intelligence, they deduced that it should be due to some last restraining fears in the Demon God Emperor's heart that he didn't launch a final clash. After all, in case they didn't turn out successful, the loss would be enormous! Although the demon side held the advantage, they had no way of totally overpowering the human side. The most likely result was to see both sides mutually injured.

And the mutual destruction of the both sides could happen in many ways. If the cost for this result was the life of the Demon God Emperor, the demons would definitely not be able to bear that. After all, against the humans' creativity and knowledge, plus all the resources the Temple Alliance accumulated over all this time, they would surely be a lot faster to stand back up. In contrast, an absolute powerhouse such as the Demon God Emperor couldn't be something they could regain in one day or two.

A prolonged battle could definitely not be said to be advantageous to the demon side, but the demons' ferocity surpassed the Temple Alliance's expectations. As the demon side didn't have sufficient food supply, the corpses in the battlefield became their means of nourishment, be it the human or the demon corpses.

This cruel fact was a large blow for the humans. It turned out that the Demon God Emperor didn't mind having a prolonged battle.

One year following the start of the Holy War, the Temple Alliance's total population went down by a tenth, while the amount of demons declined by twenty percent.

The setback was considerable for both races, and the whole continent could be said to be in total turmoil due to the Holy War.

In a tent in the midst of the Demon God Emperor's army.

Feng Xiu was sitting upright on his throne. The whole tent was actually devoid of any demon troops, absolutely empty. Only one person was sitting inside, and that was the Moon Demon God Agares.

Your Majesty, if this goes on, we don't know for how long we'll last. The food is really too scarce, and food is starting to rot. When the weather warms up, the situation will become more serious. Just like the summer of the last year. Agares started to show some worry in his face.

Feng Xiu asked calmly, Second brother, then what should we be doing?

Agares let out a cold smile on his face, A decisive battle, against humans. They cannot possibly stop joint full attacks from the three of us. As long as we smash one of the human strongholds, our armies will be able to invade them thoroughly. The other battles will undoubtedly get affected by that. And at that time, all humans will die, and we will gain control of the whole continent.

The demon god Feng Xiu shook his head, If I wanted to thoroughly wipe out humans, I wouldn't have been waiting until now. Wouldn't the start of the Holy War have been the perfect moment?

Oh? Agares seemed gave the Demon God Emperor a puzzled look, clearly not getting what he meant.

Feng Xiu stood up slowly, both hands behind his back. Gazing at the door of the tent, his look seemed to pierce the heavens, setting his eyes into another world?

In truth, if we hadn't given humans time, they would have gone extinct since long. Maybe we didn't have the ability to wipe out humans at the time of our descent in this world, but with the elapse of time, starting from the second generation of Demon God Emperor, the overwhelming majority of the continent was controlled by us. We had already had a Holy War directed against humans, and they lost completely all strength. But, my ancestor, second Demon God Emperor didn't choose to do so. And he left a secret instruction, ordering his descendents that no Demon God Emperor may lead the demon armies to annihilate all humanity. Do you know why?

Certainly, what Feng Xiu said was an absolute secret. Hearing that, Agares was stunned.

Your Majesty, I wouldn't dare. Agares stood up in a haste, bowing down in respect.

Feng Xiu strolled to his front, supporting his head with the hand, I am willing to disclose this secret to you because my faith in you is absolute. We cannot annihilate humanity, because if we lose them, demons are bound for destruction. Coming to this world, we relied on plague to create the demon race. At the beginning, it was in truth only us seventy-two brothers. Our innate talents have an immense defect and that's ourselves.

You know clearly where we are from, and how we came to this world. Although we can pass on our strength, there's nothing more we can create. If we wipe out all humans one day, or reduce them all to slavery, given the current demon mentality, a short time later, humans are bound to go extinct from the continent. Following this, all races will suffer the same fate. In the end, only us demons will remain. But how can we survive only by ourselves?f


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