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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 473


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 473: A letter coming from the frontlines (II)

Not trying to contradict his own feelings, he instead let them burst out entirely. Long Haochen knew that just by sensing their existence, the suffering in his heart and the continuous absorption of light would both dim down. After who knows how much time, he finally entered a meditative state.

Sitting on Long Haochen's back, Yating sensed the changes in Long Haochen most effectively. As a light fairy, her affinity with light was incomparable to anything else in this world, because her body could be described as a manifestation of light.

At the time Long Haochen just started cultivating, in Yating's senses, her master was only just silently absorbing light essence. But as he calmed down, and really entered in meditative state, Long Haochen's body appeared to be transparent to Yating's eyes. Taking breaths successively, he seemed to have entered a state of Brilliant Body. And the light essence Yating helped him absorb started to be insufficient for him.

In fact, it was after her fusion with the Saint Spiritual Stove that Yating gained the ability to process spiritual energy. Through her, light essence didn't only become extremely pure, but also highly concentrated. The fact that Long Haochen managed to keep such a monstrous absorption speed made it so that at each breath of this, his internal spiritual kept strengthening.

This was one of the benefits in the brilliant heart of a scion of light. With his heart devoid of any impurity, Long Haochen gained the greatest blessing of the goddess of light. With light essence entering him naturally, how could his cultivation speed not be fast?

In this warm light essence, Long Haochen gradually soaked, soaking very deep inside. He gradually let go of everything burdening his heart, gathering all his attention in the comprehension of light. The brilliance around his body started to gain intensity, to the extent that through the crystal ball, Yang Haohan took notice of these gradual changes.

However, this divine Knight of Defense and Planning couldn't possibly watch Long Haochen for too long. The war was on the horizon, and he had many other matters to handle.

This month was known in the later generations' record as the continent of Shengmo Dalu's Moonbath.

Demons and humans had amassed rancor for several thousand years, and let it burst out all at once. With the Six Great Strongholds as battlefield, the demons attacked while the Temple Alliance defended.

Reportedly, in every of these main battlefields, when looking down from a height, one could see blood evaporate in the air.

This was a meat-grinding war: be it in attack or defense, the demon side's loss was far higher than the humans. But the demons' military was also a lot more populous than the humans'.

At the start of the battle, the humans' defensive instruments proved out to be of massive use, causing great losses to the demon side. But as the battles progressed, these instruments started to be ruined. Now all the humans could rely on was the terrain advantage.

This was a showdown confronting two races, without need for war mobilization, all the warriors in the Temple Alliance used their flesh and blood to protect the last bits of human territory.

On the rear were plains, where their families of everyone lived;the Knight Temple, the Warrior Temple, the Assassin Temple, the Mage Temple, the Priest Temple and the Spirit Temple.

Powerhouses of any of the Temples had only one thing in mind in this Holy War: fight with their all.

Although the demon offensive was fierce, the human willpower was just too tenacious. The forces amassed over several thousand years by the Temple Alliance were truly imposing, and large amount of goods and troops kept amassing without end, to support the unending battles against demons.

At the time of this Holy War pertaining to the fate of these two groups, the fuse and main perpetrator of this war, Long Haochen, was sitting calmly in the Knight Temple's Treasure Cave, cultivating assiduously.

Holy City, Alliance's Great Auction.

Feng Ling'er was overlooking the financial report of this month. She had already started to gradually take control of diverse affairs in the Alliance's Great Auction. After the start of the Holy War, the Alliance's Great Auction House entered a state of emergency. All their weapons and equipment, resources, material, magic crystals were put out of the auctions.

The auction house had accumulated a lot of goods, which were all supplied to the Alliance without exception.

This was originally the meaning of the Alliance's Great Auction House. As its successor, Feng Ling'er knew very clearly that the Alliance's Great Auction House actually didn't belong to her family, but to the whole Temple Alliance. The reason for showing it as an independent force was to conceal the real strength of the Alliance.

At the start of the Holy War, the financial resources accumulated by the Alliance's Great Auction House proved to be essential. The various auction houses became the biggest providers of weapons and tools using spiritual energy. Through a strict process of collection in the Great Auction House, the various powerful weapons, magical crystals and even many types of magical cannons-like weapons were transported to the front line.

This was wealth accumulated through thousands of years. The whole process was not even totally clear to Feng Ling'er, because many of the depot of the Great Auction House were classified as total secrets, only to be unsealed at times of great wars against demons.

Rubbing her eyes out of tiredness, Feng Ling'er leaned on a seat, her limpid eyes filled with an intense worry.

Will the Alliance really make it? The demons' arrival was just too sudden. In fact, the Demon God Emperor actually took a person as condition of ending.

And that was this captain! Weren't they right in the heart of the struggle?

Thinking of this point, for some reason, Feng Ling'er felt as if her own heart tightened. Faintly, a tall figure appeared in her head.

A bright bald head, and a straightforward smile. The most unforgettable thing was the imperceptible sense of satisfaction she had when he looked at her.

’’Is he... Still alive?’’ With a slight shiver, Feng Ling'er unconsciously tightened her fair hands.

Right at this time, knocks could be heard.

’’Enter.’’ Feng Ling'er immediately suppressed her surging emotions. Lowering her head, she refocused her sights on the account book.

’’Miss Ling'er, a letter has come for you.’’ A staff member opened the door and placed a letter on her desk, before performing a respectful salute and leaving.

A letter?

Feng Ling'er unconsciously seized that letter. It was a parchment with a magic imprint on, for secrecy's sake. If forcefully taken, the seal would disappear and cause the contents of the letter to self-destruct. Only a specific incantation could open it.

Beside this scroll, was a letter, hinting to the incantation in question.

Feng Ling'er had a lot of experience receive letters in this kind of parchments, but at the time she discovered the words hinting on those incantation words, she got up in excitement.

’’Call out my name, little pure flower. Haha.’’

’’Bastard! It's that bastard! Only he would call me this. It's the bastard Sima Xian. So you were still alive...’’ At the time she said these last words, Feng Ling'er couldn't stop her tears from falling down.

In this period of war, just being alive seemed to be the greatest happiness.

’’Dang.’’ With a loud sound, the magic imprint on the parchment was deactivated, and the scroll unfolded.

That person's handwriting wasn't praiseworthy, but by chance the words were still legible.

’’Miss Ling'er, my apologies for calling you little pure flower once again. If you can see this letter, it means that you can still remember my name. Sima feels extremely honored about that. I have a piece of good news and a piece of bad news to tell you. The good news is that I am still alive, and am already back in our Alliance, in our Priest Temple's headquarters located in the Southern Mountain Pass. The bad news is that I am still in the front line, and my Demon Hunt Squad has temporarily been disbanded. As a Discipline Priest of the new age, I will make sure to defend our Temple.’’

’’I originally didn't want to write this sealed letter. I estimated that even if you were to see the contents, you'd only sigh in disdain upon receiving it. But ever since returning from the demon territory, in the joy of being alive, I unawarely think of you in my dreams every night. So I couldn't help but write this letter to you.’’

’’Love at first sight is a blessing, but also a great pain. I really want to see you again, but just don't know if I will have another opportunity for that in this lifetime. Someone like me doesn't have any extravagant demands. It doesn't even matter if you like me. Please take this letter as a farewell. I hope that you be able to achieve happiness in the future. Even in god's embrace, I will be praying for you.’’

’’Please be at ease. As a man that likes you extremely deeply, I, Sima Xian, am not a coward. I will pour every drop of my blood in the battlefield until the end. Every time I battle against demons, I come to think that for every demon I kill, you will be a bit safer. My head and my Energetic Ball of Light are made of the same steel. ’’

Foolishly gazing at this letter, Feng Ling'er stood unmoving for a long time. Tears started to gradually drip from her face, and a particular emotion buried in her heart seemed to have resurfaced.

Fiercely, she grabbed a parchment and the time she picked up a pen, she found out with surprise that her hand was actually trembling slightly. After stabilizing her emotions with difficulty, she rapidly wrote on the parchment.

’’Bastard, you know clearly well that I am unwilling for you to call me little pure flower, so why do you keep doing this? I hate you, and hate your freaking baldie face. But if you die in the frontline, I will hate you forever. You have to come back to me alive, no matter how long it takes. Also, send me letters. If your next letter doesn't arrive within the next three months, this girl will immediately marry off, not even letting you die at peace.’’

In the blink of an eye, three months passed. No one expected that, but the first one to come out wasn't the clearly stronger Long Haochen, but Han Yu.

In three months' time, Han Yu learnt all the abilities of the sixth step he was given, including many secret techniques. The Illusory Cave is the place where the real techniques of the Knight Temple were present. Inside are not only the conventional techniques, but also secret techniques left by successive generations of divine Knights! Those who gained the right to enter all gave heroic contribution to the Alliance, and would become part of the new generation that would lead the Alliance.


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