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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 472


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 472

Yang Haohan arranged for Long Haochen and Han Yu to stay at the headquarters.

Long Haochen was living next to his mother's home. After spending two days by her side, he started to train alongside Han Yu.

The Knight Temple's headquarters were situated inside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, deep underground. This was the real treasury of the Knight Temple. With the Knights' Sacred Mountain in the south side, these two were called great treasuries of the Knight Temple. Reportedly, the divine Thrones were in these treasures buried underground this. It's just that Long Haochen and Han Yu were now far from qualified to gain more knowledge about the divine Thrones.

To Long Haochen's surprise the Knight Temple didn't look as imposing the Assassin Temple or the Warrior Temple. That's because, inside the mountain, he could only discern a room made of rock, and couldn't even get a feel of where the real foundation of the Knight Temple was located.

Yang Haohan didn't give them explanation, only arranging a cave for them, before leaving. And he told them that at their cultivation level, they would need to be able to display all the abilities of the seventh step to come out from this cave.

Entering the cave, Long Haochen immediately had a feeling similar to when he was in Holy City's Alliance's Great Treasury. The surrounding fluctuations of spiritual energy were very strong. Their golden radiance gave an illusory feel.

Originally, he was walking in the same cave as Han Yu, but upon checking again, he found out with great surprise that the latter disappeared.

Surrounded by a pure spiritual energy of light element, gave a kind of pleasurable feeling. Abundant light essence filled Long Haochen's three great spiritual cavities at every breath he took.

Without hurrying his steps, Long Haochen sat down, his spiritual energy rising abundantly. However, he was far from his optimum state due to his lack of focus.

Since the day they returned from Andromalius Province, he did not have a single moment of calm. Several emotional upheavals followed after his return to the Exorcist Mountain, causing him to be greatly excited. Even the calmness brought by the divine Snail of Sun and Moon turned out to be ineffective.

However, the divine Snail of Sun and Moon gave him understanding of how to attain this state of calmness and focus. So Long Haochen knew what to do after sitting down. He needed to expel all his distracting thoughts, until not even the slightest one would remain. Only this way would he be able to attain a state of total cultivation, making the greatest progress in the smallest amount of time possible.

Shutting his eyes, the seated Long Hao Chen entered in his meditative stance. Synchronising with the soft light essence in the air, his face looked a lot more gentle.

In a flicker of golden light, Yating appeared without a sound behind Long Haochen. She sat cross-legged, and shut her eyes just like Long Haochen. The staff in her hands was aloft, and cliques of golden light gathered naturally in their direction.

Condensing and filtering all of it. What Yating was doing seemed simple, but it provided a massive help to Long Haochen. Having to deal with an extremely pure light essence made it a lot easier for Long Haochen to absorb it.

Yang Haohan silently stood in a room, and at his back were two other people. On his left side was a tall and round elder, looking quite pleased.

On his other side was a man clad entirely in grey, which even concealed his face.

In front of Yang Haohan was a crystal ball of over a meter diameter. Spreading out slight golden light, on that crystal ball appeared the cross-legged Long Haochen, inside the Temple's treasure cave.

Yang Haohan smiled, ’’To be able to remain so calm after entering the Illusory Cave, this kid has really grown. And he's not even eighteen yet! To show such a steady attitude, it seems that Xingyu was right. Through these years of experience, this kid really made something of himself.’’

That round elder at Yang Haohan's back snorted, ’’Right about what? I said long before, I wanted to take Haochen under my wing, but he just refused. Humph.’’ Saying that, he shot a glance to the grey clad man whose face was concealed.

Yang Haohan smiled, ’’Brother Long, don't be so cheap. Without Xingyu, would you have such a good grandson? And you haven't even introduced yourself to him. The glorious mission of protecting this grandson of yours is yours. Although he's your grandson, he's also the hope of the future of our Knight Temple. If he's wounded in any way, I will revoke you from the task of protecting him, and personally undertake it.’’

If Long Haochen were to hear these words, he would surely be greatly shocked. That severe looking elder was his biological grandfather. If he were to look at him face to face, he wouldn't find much similarity in his looks.

’’Give me a break from all this! You may be a bit stronger than me, but not by a lot. Even if the Demon God Emperor comes, I won't let him hurt my grandson in the slightest.’’ The round elder seemed to have suddenly gained a domineering aura. Some pure gold fluctuation regally surrounded his body, without a sound.

This elder named Long Tianying, is another divine Knight of the Temple Alliance, holder of the divine Throne of Order and Law, divine Knight of Control and Restraint.

Let alone Long Haochen, even inside the Knight Temple, only very few higher-ups know about the relationship between Long Tianying and Long Xingyu.

This was a standard rule in the Long family. No matter how strong the elders are, the younger generations must not borrow from their reputation, relying only on their own abilities. Back then Long Xingyu also relied on his own efforts, finally becoming a divine Knight.

Yang Haohan let out a sigh, ’’This time, the demons are coming tumultuously. The Holy War's outcome seems still hard to predict. Even the elders kept in reserve by the Alliance came out from their mountains, but the demon powerhouses are still a lot more than us. Hopefully the Alliance's battle plans will be able to be carried out successfully.’’

Long Tianying asked, ’’Isn't that just about procrastinating? We can keep dragging, and contest on the resources. Approaching it this way, demons are bound to lose. In this holy war, we are the only one with the ability to last indefinitely. You will see, a few years later, demonkind will be close to exhaustion in terms of food. ’’

Yang Haohan replied, ’’The Demon God Emperor surely thought of that before. Brother Long, don't be so optimistic.’’

The other grey clad person declared, ’’I am going now. Since Haochen returned to the Alliance, I can be at ease.’’

Long Tianying wrinkled in his brows, ’’Where are you heading for?’’

The grey clad man's voice was full of killing intent, ’’Demon rear.’’ After saying this, he turned and walked away big strides.

Long Tianying and Yang Haohan exchanged glances, ’’Brother Yang, after Haochen comes out from the Illusory Cave, I want to meet him, and carry out his examination personally. How does it sound?’’

Yang Haohan nodded, ’’This matter is to be left between you grandson and you. Do as you want. However, I'm not expert in city defense. The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass cannot do without you watching over.’’

Long Tianying nodded to these words, ’’I won't make it last long. I'm returning to closed doors cultivation, notify me when Haochen comes out.’’


Was Long Haochen as calm as he looked? That was not the case.

At the instant he shut his eyes, various images bubbled forth in him. Cai'er's figure holding her cane was the first, followed by the time of her sudden awakening as a god's chosen one. Then, it instantly changed into the time she was seated in her room, at the time they were separating.

After Cai'er, came the image of his father, who was strictly watching over him, and seemed to be telling him something.

Then followed his mother. Her eyes were still melancholic and sad. Since young, he was separated from his both parents for long periods of time. Having not been together for over ten years, they finally reunited with difficulty.

His father disappeared because of a difficult battle, and these last few years, his mother was subject to a pain no one could imagine.

The appearance of his comrades also surged to Long Haochen's mind. Since their first battle in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, to the great battle of the hissing caverns, then the episode in the Southern Mountain Pass, the Illusory Paradise, the Swamps of Gloom. All these scenes flickered very distinctly in Long Haochen's head.

In these circumstances, how could he keep himself calm?

Faintly feeling chills on his back, Long Haochen was fully aware that it was fortunate that he managed to keep calm, and didn't dare advance prematurely, otherwise, his mind could go mad. The worries that were filling him could be pushed down, but they were bound to affect his resolution gradually, affecting the pure heart of a god's chosen one.

His exchanges with the divine Snail of Sun and Moon were not many, but one of his most important points was that the god's chosen one of light was not the same as the others.

His greatest advantage is simply the perfection of his soul, and gifts. This is something that Cai'er, as the one chosen by the God of Death, couldn't compare to. But this perfection was also his biggest issue.

Being too perfect permits imperfections to appear easily. As a proof, at the times the past divine Snails of Sun and Moon appeared, didn't the god's chosen ones all sink into evil? Not only diverging from saving the continent, they instead became sinners. This was especially the case for that divine Gigantic Dragon or the master of the Tower of Eternity, Slumbering Calamity Elux.

Therefore, self-awareness is a very important point to the god's chosen ones of light.

At the time the divine Snail of Sun and Moon departed this world, he left Long Haochen only a shell, but before departing, his final strength help Long Haochen clean his heart. This was not something he did, but something he transmitted, instructing Long Haochen how to do.

Right, self-awareness. Only by remaining always self-aware, keeping a clear mind and clear heart, the Scion of Light will remain himself forever.

’’Thank you, divine Snail of Sun and Moon.’’ Long Haochen murmured sincerely.


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