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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 471


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 471: Mother (III)

Bai Yue lightly shook his head, ’’This was just one of the reasons. More importantly, your father didn't want the small you to worry about him. We left because he had to fight the Seventh Demon God Amun. That's the reason why we separated. Soon after we returned to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, your father had a decisive battle against Amun.’’

’’What?’’ Long Haochen was astonished. Until this moment, he didn't know that his father actually had such reasons for leaving at that time. For a moment, he couldn't help but feel bewildered.

Yang Haohan, who arrived at his side at some point, raised his hand, pouring a gentle breeze of holy spiritual energy in him, easing Long Haochen's mind with its warmth.

’’Kid, calm down. With your father's strength, his odds of victory against Amun are at least of sixty percent. Although he has yet to come back from that fight, the demon side didn't announce Amun's victory either. This battle only belongs to the two of them.’’

’’Why hasn't father come back? Can he be..?’’ Long Haochen's head was full of worries.

Yang Haohan shook his head, ’’Your father is certainly still alive. That's because as a divine Knight, if he were to die in battle, his divine Throne would automatically return to the Alliance. But seeing that his divine Throne hasn't come back until now, he is still alive. It's just that we don't know where he is. He is certainly busy with important matters, and that's why he hasn't come back. Don't worry too much. We have been sending people in search of him all this time.’’

At Yang Haohan's explanation, Long Haochen finally calmed down. With his intelligence, after calming down, his brain started operating rapidly, asking the question, ’’Yang Haohan, since my father isn't back yet, that Amun should be taking part in that holy war, right?’’

Yang Haohan nodded, ’’Among the eight demon gods assigned to our Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass is Amun. With Saminaga, the two of them are commanding the demon armies alongside.’’

Long Haochen asked, ’’Then, could we ask that Amun about the whereabouts of my father?’’

Yang Haohan sighed, ’’ Hardly. Amun is not like the other demon gods. He is known as Berserk Demon God. Among the demons, no one is more fond of fighting than him. Even as the seventh demon god, he doesn't have subordinates of his race. Some time in the past, the Berserk Demon Clan wanted to enter under his wing, but were forcefully rejected. The reason for that was simply that Berserk Demons are too weak and unfit to be associated to him'. In Amun's mind, there's only fighting. He's also the demon god who slaughtered the most powerhouses of our Alliance. In times of battle, he's just a madman. But Amun has his good points. All he likes is good battles, and he doesn't even find it worth to attack ordinary soldiers far weaker than him. All the ones he slaughtered were the most strong powerhouses of our Temple Alliance’’

Among your father and Amun, there has already been over four battles, each of which was extremely bitter and none of them managed to finish the opponent. But they also built some friendship. Your father and Amun agreed that until a victor is decided between the two of them, they won't lightly let themselves get involved in battles. So even if Amun is there, he's actually mostly here as a deterrence against your father's existence. In the past the demons under him already launched many probing attacks. Those times, he didn't appear in any of the battles. From this, it can be seen that your father can't be in big trouble. Amun is also looking for him.’’

’’Berserk Demon God, Amun!’’ Long Haochen's fists were unconsciously clenched. In his head, the deepest memory was that of Long Xingyu's summoning the divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter. The lofty figure of his father was deeply engraved in his mind.

One day, I will also challenge this Berserk Demon God!

Yang Haohan smiled, ’’Let's go. I believe that in the future, you will certainly become an even more outstanding divine Knight than your father. I am full of expectations for the earlier arrival of that day. At that time, maybe you will be the nightmare of these demons. Go then, we have to go to town. In the immediate future, you are going to be pretty busy.’’

’’Mh?’’ Long Haochen cast a doubtful glance at Yang Haohan, unsure of what he meant. But he followed him to the city.

Seeing her son's mood easing down, Bai Yue secretly relaxed. Her face had imperceptibly a better look. Warmly supporting her son by the arm, she came to think, My little Haochen has grown.

While coming to the city, Yang Haohan told Long Haochen, ’’I got the news about you from Sheng Yue. Although we were originally had great expectations towards you, you gave us one nice surprise after another that were beyond our imagination. Becoming the youngest general grade Demon Hunt Squad ever seen, youngest commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. You are even more outstanding than your father in those days, and by a lot. When the old Qiu from the Warrior Temple told me that you would surely become a divine Knight before your reached your thirties, I used to believe he was exaggerating, but now, it seems that he was indeed right! Even before you reached eighteen, you already reached the seventh step!’’

Long Haochen's face flushed slightly, ’’Grandpa Yang, don't exaggerate. It's the first time I'm coming to our Knight Temple. I wonder, what have you planned for me next?’’

Yang Haohan had a smile on his face, ’’Are you thinking that we had you come back to hide you in a very secretive place, so that the demons won't find you?’’

Long Haochen was startled, but unconsciously nodded to his words. That was actually where his thoughts hinted.

Yang Haohan shook his head, ’’No, you're wrong. If were to do so, we would only be stifling your talent, and perhaps there would always be a shadow in your heart. Our report to the rest of the Alliance is one thing, but our plan is another. We have already decided to strive our best to nurture you. And the battlefield is the best place for a knight to be.’’

Long Haochen was pleasantly surprised. It was the first time he heard such news from the Temple Alliance, ’’Grandpa Yang, are you permitting me to step into the battlefield? That's perfect, so when is that for? Can I go now?’’

For some reason, after their team got disbanded, Long Haochen's infantile nature seemed to have been entirely set free. Losing some of his calm demeanor as captain, he seemed a lot more dynamic.

Yang Haohan laughed in spite of himself, ’’How eager of you! You will certainly have to step into the battlefield, but it won't be so fast. Han Yu and you will have to satisfy two conditions first, before being sent into real battles.’’

’’Please tell us.’’ Long Haochen asked without hesitation.

Yang Haohan replied, ’’Your cultivation has increased by quite a lot, but how about your technical side? I know that you bought some skills in Holy City, but they are far from enough. I will arrange a series of techniques for you to study and the first thing you'll have to do will be to familiarize yourself with their use. Don't think it will be so easy. Some techniques are not executable without great effort.’’

Long Haochen nodded. This was something he originally had to do.

Yang Haohan continued, ’’As a second point, you will have to become Mythril Foundation Knights. After getting your hands on Mythril Foundation Armors, your ability to defend yourselves will go up enormously. At the same time, it will make it even harder for the demons to spot your existences. These conditions can't be regarded as too hard, you can see from this that I am not making it too hard on you guys.’’

Long Haochen became overjoyed at these news, ’’No problem, no problem. I will strive my hardest to train in these techniques, to gain the right to step into the battlefield as soon as possible.’’

Yang Haohan let out a smile, ’’Oho? It looks that you aren't even putting the Mythril Foundation Knight test in your eyes.’’

Long Haochen scratched his head in embarrassment, still giving the reply, ’’I believe that I will be able to pass it.’’

On the other side, Han Yu had a pained face. He was now at the sixth step of cultivation, but to participate in the Mythril Foundation Knights' test, having the seventh step was basic requirement. And moreover, Mythril Foundation Knight are all existences at the peak of the seventh step. With Long Haochen's current strength, passing the test was no issue, but to him, it wasn't that easy.

Yang Haohan had a mysterious smile on his face, ’’Don't take this trial so lightly. You are not the same as the others. You have as special constitution as a Scion of Light, and are one designated as the next successor as our Knight Temple's chief. Any examination will be harsher on you than others. You will come to understand when the time comes.’’

’’Yes Sir.’’ Long Haochen gave this reply without batting an eye. The worse situation would be for him to be locked up in protection. If things went that way, it would really be hard to bear. As for some passing some trial, he was confident enough about that. Even if his current strength was insufficient, after some time of cultivation, he was bound to succeed. This was his confidence in his strength, as well as his talent.

The range of the Dragon Resisting Demon Pass was quite larger than the Exorcist Mountain Pass. It was in fact a very high mountain by itself, and the whole stronghold was dug on it.

After entering the mountain pass, Long Haochen had the faint feeling that an extremely terrifying aura was present in the neighbourhood of this mountain peak. Although he didn't know what this was, he could faintly guess that this should be an ultimate weapon of the Knight Temple.

Although the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass didn't have natural protection like the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, the vile weather made it very hard to get supplies in this side. To preserve the natural resources in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the humans would at least store three year of provisions. Be it in the front or the back, the surrounding area was a glacial land.

Although the great demon armies were garrisoned in front of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, their days weren't spent comfortably. Terrible ice storms happened almost every two days, and even powerhouses of the sixth step without defense from the cold of the camp, could hardly survive for a long time. But even these camps' defense would frequently be overpowered by the tempests.

For this reason, although the demon armies were already garrisoned for some time, their attacks weren't so strong. Using ice and snow they built a simple fortress, making it this way the demon armies a bit more comfortable. After all, to break through the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was not a matter of one or two days. This time, demons invested a lot, as if taking out the savings made for many years to courageously launch the assault.


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