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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 470


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 470



Long Haochen and Han Yu were travelling together, accompanied with four Hidden Knights. At such a crucial stage for the war, this was the most Sheng Yue could dispatch of his forces. And their task was of course to escort them north, until they reached Knight Temple , the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

In the legends of Shengmo Dalu, it was said that dragons used to live in the north-east. For the sake of resisting dragon invasions, human from ancient times had established this Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to withstand the dragon invasions.

Compared to the other mountain passes, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was in a rather smooth terrain, completely covered in snow and ice. Snow was falling all year around, and outside the mountain pass, in a very large range, terrible cold spread all over, and frequently, the weather phenomenon would be as severe as forbidden spell Ice and Snow Tempest. The almighty great nature became the natural barrier of this mountain pass. Therefore, despite the Knight Temple being the leader of the Six Great Temples, their Demon Resisting Mountain Pass was not frequently under attack. Moreover, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was originally set to counteract attacks from the dragons. Among the Temple Alliance's great six passes, this was the most imposing one, which also possessed the most mighty weapons inherited from the ancient times.


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