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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 468


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 468: Warmth (III)

The others from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad very rapidly felt the recent changes in Cai'er. She became attached to Long Haochen, and except for their time of sleep, the two of them seemed to be stuck together all day. Long Haochen made her meals, and she accompanied him to wash the plates afterwards. No one disturbed them, even the loud sounds coming from the war outside seemed to be filtered out to their ears.

These days were only theirs.

Unfortunately, the fateful day came very fast, and interrupted them. Right at the eleventh day after the arrival of Long Haochen's group in Exorcist Mountain Pass, Sheng Yue once again appeared in front of them.

’’Haochen, I have good news. The Alliance decided to face the attack and meet it, preparing to clash with full force against the demon armies in this Holy War.’’ While telling them all this, Sheng Yue's eyes were filled with murderous spirit.

’’Eh?’’ Long Haochen looked at Sheng Yue in amazement, ’’Great-grandfather, then what about me?’’

Shen Yue had a slight smile on his face, ’’Let alone you, even I didn't expect that. Everyone actually showed unanimous support, and no one argued this verdict. You have formally become the future successor of the Knight Temple, and the Alliance will not spare any cost to protect you. Everyone was thinking the same. That your existence will be a terrible threat to the demons. When your strength grows enough, they will encounter their doom. As for our Holy War, its role will be to stall to see that day. Don't worry, everything is heading towards the greatest possible direction, and you don't need to worry about the battles. Although the demons took the initiative to begin this Holy War, their decision was very sudden, and are far from being prepared sufficiently. The horn of counterattack is waiting to be blown, the Temple Alliance has been preparing for just too long. The Demon God Emperor is indeed powerful, but attacking our Alliance won't be an easy thing for him. The winner cannot be predicted.’’

Hearing Sheng Yue's words, the members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad relaxed greatly. Although Long Haochen didn't worry, how could his comrades not be worried for him?

The decision of the Alliance was undoubtedly extremely inspiring. Now they had to put all their force in helping the Alliance to resist.

Long Haochen unconsciously clenched both his hands, ’’Great-grandfather, in this case, I am willing to give my life to the Alliance. Let my comrades and me return to demon territory to bite back at them. Their rear is surely empty. They will surely have demon gods guarding it. If we can get rid of some a few of them, it will certainly be a good hindrance to their Holy War.’’


Sheng Yue immediately refused his suggestion, ’’This won't do.


You are now the target of protection of the Alliance. How could we let you risk your life in demon territory? There will naturally be others to handle the enemies at the rear, it's not something you have to worry about. After coming to this decision, the Alliance has issued a compulsory mission to your team. You will have to go complete this, and after that, you will officially be recognized as a King grade Demon Hunt Squad.’’

’’Mh? What mission is it?’’ Long Haochen asked, greatly surprised.

Sheng Yue had a sly smile, ’’This mission can't be described as a hard one, but can't be called an easy one either. All of you are elites of the great Temples. Because of your relationship with Haochen, you also gained the approval of the Alliance. So the Alliance decided that during the following period of time, you will be pursuing your training to become the new generation to succeed to the Alliance. So you have to return to the headquarters of your respective Temples, obeying the assignments from your respective Temples, to be nurtured and trained. Until you all became qualified to graduate.’’

’’What?’’ Everyone cried out in surprise together. This compulsory mission was naturally a good thing for their individual growth, but this also meant that their team would have to be temporarily disbanded.

’’Won't do, we don't want to separate.’’ Lin Xin reacted eagerly.

Sheng Yue became stern, ’’Is that something you can afford? Your are part of the Alliance, and as Demon Hunters, obeying commands from above is your duty. That's the common consensus the Alliance came to. Gain the backing of every Temple, including mine. Over these years, you have already contributed greatly to the Alliance, but your strength is far from enough. Now that you are the direct target of the demons, letting you carry out missions would only end in disaster. So now, what you need the most is a stable environment. Most of all, Long Haochen cannot advance prematurely, and absolutely cannot go take missions.’’

Long Haochen pondered for a short time before hinting his comrades to calm down, and asked Sheng Yue, ’’Great-grandfather, then when is it that we will be able to reunite as a team?’’

Sheng Yue said with a laugh, ’’This won't be hard. First, they will have to all reach at least the seventh step individually, and as their captain, you will have to reach eighth step. And you will have to pass all the tests imposed by the various Temples. At the time the Alliance needs you, you can reform as a team. Oh right, you will have to gain various accomplishments in your own Temples as well. For instance, Haochen will need to be a Gold Essence Foundation Knight. So that's to say that you will have to prove yourselves to the Alliance. When you acquire the ability to protect yourselves, the Alliance will let you reform your team, continuing to carry out missions.’’

Hearing Sheng Yue's explanation, everyone became calm. They all understood that the Alliance was doing this for their own sake. The first objective was to avoid taking risks, letting them cultivate their talents. This was not only because of their individual importance, but more importantly because of the importance of Long Haochen and Haoyue's ability to destroy demon god pillars. One could say that since the Alliance took the decision to protect them, they will strive their hardest to achieve that. Stepping once again into the battlefield won't be easy for them.

Sheng Yue continued, ’’You have to maintain the utmost secrecy about your return here. All those aware of your return will keep silent for you. But because of your intervention in the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, it's hard to say whether the demons will get the news of your arrival here. So you have to set out as fast as possible, and return to your own Temples to pursue your training as fast as possible. Children, the Alliance is counting on your future. We know that after having been completing missions together for so long, you all have deep attachment to each other, and aren't willing to separate. But your lives are not only your own matters anymore, it relates to the future of the Alliance. So no matter what, you can't look down on the importance of this mission. To reunite as early as possible, you will all have to spend two hundred percent efforts in boosting your strength. Just imagine anyway, if one day you can have a strength comparable to the Demon God Slayers, who would possibly be able to restrict you?’’

After Sheng Yue's patient talk, Long Haochen nodded in silence, ’’Great-grandfather, thank you. We have also to thank the Alliance for protecting me. Be at ease, I will strive my hardest to improve. It's just that, Cai'er...’’

Reaching this point, Long Haochen's face immediately looked pale. Turning around and noticing that Cai'er also became pale, they went silent for a moment.

Sheng Yue sighed, ’’Cai'er has a lot to study, but will also need a long time of rest after experiencing this loss of memories. Since she recovered some memories after getting back here, staying in the Exorcist Mountain Pass is the best choice for her. Be at ease, I will have a good talk with her parents, hoping that they can help her the best they can. And given your talents, I believe that it will only take you a few years to accomplish the tasks bestowed by the Alliance. What's more, the Assassin Temple and the Knight Temple aren't that far. After you have some accomplishments in your training back there, won't you have the opportunity to see this girl? Be at ease. Even if the Alliance doesn't agree to lighten your tasks, when you pass twenty years of age, I will definitely personally send Cai'er to your side, for the arrangement of your wedding ceremony.’’

Hearing these words, Long Haochen and Cai'er who originally looked pale, immediately blushed, looking at each other . Cai'er seemed shy and happy, and Long Haochen had faint concern coupled with his joy. No matter what, he hoped for Cai'er to recuperate her memories. Otherwise, he would forever feel short of something.

The biggest issue was to have to separate from Cai'er. Twenty years old, this was a matter of having to wait at least two more years. When Cai'er is twenty, at least three years will have passed. Long Haochen was extremely unwilling to separate for so long.

Sheng Yue patted Long Haochen's shoulder, ’’Boy, you have to understand that this is already the best result for you. The Alliance could only do this much. You will have to immediately leave, not waiting any longer. I will assign your protection to experts from the Assassin Temple. As future newlyweds, this separation can only make your reunion all the better. Be at ease, I will take good care of Cai'er.’’

Pam Long Haochen kneeled down in front of Sheng Yue, ’’Great-grandfather, I'm the one at fault. It's because I didn't take good care of her that she ended up losing her memories. Since I'll have to part with her, I just have a small request. Just let me make a meal for my comrades and her before we separate, can I?’’

Long Haochen having said that, everyone's eyes became red.

Cai'er was the first to throw herself in Long Haochen's arms, ’’Haochen, I...’’



Sheng Yue raised his head, looking above to try to stop tears from falling from his eyes, ’’Okay, I'm giving you a half a day's more time. Tonight, you will have to leave. I will be arranging my men.’’ After this, his figure flashed and disappeared out of sight.

To be separated against one's will was a very painful thing.

Long Haochen's group was faced with such a situation. Ever since they formed as the first soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, they experienced too many things together. Everyone was together in situations of life or death, fighting against demons together.

Their emotions and relationship with each other was already not as simple as comrades' or friends'. They were comrades able to entrust their backs to each other. Good brothers and sisters, and fellow soldiers that had the resolution to sacrifice their own lives for each other.


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