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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 467


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 467: Warmth (II)

Unfortunately, soon after seeing their daughter, Sheng Lingxin and his wife had to return to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. With the start of the Holy War, although they were feeling extremely sorry for their daughter, their heavy responsibilities weren't something that could be ignored.

’’Haochen, are you there?’’ Cai'er stood in front of the neighboring room, softly knocking onto the door.

Right now, her memories just returned, her emotions were indeed greatly affected. But over the past few days, under the assurances of Long Haochen and the others, and with the care shown by her parents and great-grandfather, she gradually calmed down. After all, her memories weren't all back, and what already passed was unchangeable, and she overcame it little by little. Over the past two days, her mental state was close to complete recovery.

In the room, Long Haochen's familiar voice wasn't responding. A while after she knocked, she went in to confirm that no one was indeed present, finding it quite strange.

Ordinarily, Long Haochen would be cultivating in his room.

After she calmed down, she thought a lot about the recent matters. Although Long Haochen was temporarily living here, be it him or the rest of the team, everyone was filled with uncertainty. Ever since losing her memories, the one who had been spending the most time with her was Long Haochen, who could be said to have meticulously taken care of her. Although she was still unable to remember the things that happened between the two of them, she was a girl, and had her own emotions. As time passed, even in that amnesic state, she gradually came to accept Long Haochen. At least now she wouldn't be blushing so clearly when Long Haochen took her hand and struggle against it.

All this time, he was the one who made sacrifices for her. Now that such a major event happened, she should be the one to comfort him. Now that she had realized this, Cai'er took the initiative to look for Long Haochen in his room, only to find out that he wasn't present.

Could the Temple Alliance have given their decision on that matter? Thinking this, Cai'er felt very tense, attacked by an indescribable pain, feeling that her breath was unsteady.

But, how could he not tell me anything?. No, he wouldn't leave like that.

Simply said, she was blinded with concern. Cai'er didn't even notice, but unknowingly, Long Haochen already held an important position to the amnesic her.

Cai'er, what are you doing? Right at this time, this question was raised to her.

Turning her head, Cai'er saw Chen Ying'er come out from the nearby room, curious about her.

As if she found her savior, Cai'er joined Chen Ying'er's side, ’’Ying'er, do you know about Haochen? Did you see him? Why isn't he in his room?’’

Chen Ying'er replied, still puzzled, ’’Of course he's not in his room right now. He's preparing a meal for you! Didn't you know that ever since we came back, everything you eat is prepared personally by Boss' hands.’’

Her whole body shivering with a feeling that would be hard to describe, she just realized that all the pores of her body felt relaxed. All her previous worries dissipated, to be replaced with concern and warmth. The rim of her eyes suddenly became red.

So he's actually preparing my meals? At a time that he could be abandoned by the Alliance at any time, thinking of it, I should be the one preparing his meals, not the other way round.

Seeing her expression, Chen Ying'er who got the confirmation that she actually didn't know, didn't conceal her jealousy, ’’Cai'er, you're such a lucky girl! Did you know? The day after you regained some of your memories, Boss said that your mind was unstable, and that he had to make good food for you to eat, so that you can feel better, then he said...’’

At this point, Chen Ying'er suddenly stopped.

Cai'er's sluggish looked suddenly became shiny, ’’What else did he say?’’

Chen Ying'er's eyes reddened slightly, ’’He said that in the future, maybe there won't be another chance like this. He wanted to treasure his time with you, since that's all he can do for you.’’

With a flash, Cai'er abruptly disappeared from Chen Ying'er's view. Looking at the shadow remnants from where she disappeared, Chen Ying'er let out a sigh, talking aloud, ’’Cai'er, you're really enjoying a good fortune. If one day, that guy treats me like Boss treats you, I'd even accept death.’’

There were several kitchens in the Exorcist Mountain Pass' Office Palace. In a little one, Long Haochen was at work.

This kitchen was small, and under Long Haochen's request, it was reserved for his use in the past few days. Currently, he was adding firewood to the stove while paying attention to the state of the cauldron.

A strong sweet smell already filled the air, accompanied with a noticeable smell. In the pot were three Flying Dragons, which were of course not real dragons, but a very nutritious kind of bird not even categorized as magical beast.

The day just started, as Long Haochen ran around to get the three Flying Dragons handled, preparing them as a soup. Occasionally adding heat, and sniffing at the scent of the soup, he took care of the other meals after making sure that there's no issue.

As a poor child in charge of the family, Long Haochen started to learn cooking alongside his mother at six years of age. Although his talent in the field was not particularly praiseworthy, at least the taste wasn't too lacking. He was also the one stewing the soup made up from wild herbs for his mother back then.

His current living conditions were obviously beyond compare with the past. Long Haochen wanted to do some of the things he yearned to do before the Alliance reached its decision.

At this time, contrary to the expectations, his thoughts were not really oriented so much towards his parents. That's because he didn't want to inconvenience them with his own matters. Having not met them for so many years, he could only pray for them in silence. For the time being, cultivation was naturally not what he yearned the most for. If the Alliance decided to hand him to the Demon God Emperor, then what use would there be to cultivate some more? He couldn't possibly gain the strength to overtake him in such a short span of time.

So all he wanted was to do something for Cai'er. As his age grew, Long Haochen understood that he would soon be eighteen. What he felt for Cai'er wasn't simply a little liking, but the love that only exists between two people of opposite gender. That's because, every time he thought of Cai'er, no matter what she wanted, granting that would be his greatest joy.

Cai'er's memory loss was the most painful experience he ever had. The future was uncertain, and he didn't want to think about it, only hoping to be able to stay together with her a little longer. Every day, being able to look at her and do something for her was enough.

Cai'er silently stood behind the door of the kitchen. Approaching discreetly, she looked at the busy Long Haochen.

Clad in a clean white apron, he was at work in the kitchen. Currently , he looked like a young cook, with none of his grandeur as a Demon Hunt Squad Captain.

Unconsciously, Cai'er's sight went fuzzy. Feeling as if her heart was pierced ruthlessly, she felt her throat choking, unable to say a single word.

As he was in the midst of preparing a meal, Long Haochen's face moved suddenly, and his right hand was raised, releasing a flash of golden light that opened the door, coming face to face with Cai'er whose eyes were hazy with tears.

’’Cai'er?’’ Long Haochen was surprised to see her here.

’’Haochen.’’ Cai'er suddenly threw herself at him, crying out loudly in his bosom.

Unable to make head or tail for the reason why she was crying, Long Haochen however dropped the vegetables and dewdrops in his hands. Her clothes were dirty, and he could only push her away feeble-mindedly with his hands.

’’Idiot, what's up with you?’’ Long Haochen asked in a supple voice. Hearing him call her a fool, she couldn't help but be filled with warmth. In the past, Cai'er liked calling him that way. He was her personal idiot!

Cai'er didn't reply to that. Since she jumped at him crying, Long Haochen could only helplessly put the vegetable knife down, both his hands placed behind her, to take her in his arms.

Cai'er's body was just as soft as before. It was only that as her age grew, her build became even more slender than before. Embracing such a soft girl, Long Haochen could only feel peace.

But this feeling was not totally the same as before. Although he was finally able to hug her again, he knew that the current Cai'er was not completely healed. Currently, she was only emotionally moved, and not in deep love like in the past. But this was still good, ain't it?

’’Haochen, in this world, no one is as good to me as you.’’ Cai'er lifted her head, telling Long Haochen these words.

Long Haochen chuckled at these words, ’’That's for sure. If I'm not good to you, to who would I be good? As long as you can get better, I'm perfectly satisfied with that. Don't force yourself to remember the matters of the past. Honestly speaking, I was really frightened at that time. Now, I'm actually not so willing to see you recover your memories. That's because if they are recovered, you will undoubtedly come to be reminded about that painful time.’’

Cai'er lightly shook her head, ’’No, I will definitely remember everything. That's because you exist in my memories. I really want to remember about the emotions I had in the past by your side. Maybe it's exactly because of these painful images that I want to understand the feelings you have towards me.’’


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