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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 466


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 466: Warmth (I)

Long Haochen continued, ’’After killing the Snake Devil Demon God Andromalius, we faced his demon god pillar, trying our utmost to destroy it. Its toughness was really beyond our imagination.’’

Sheng Yue smiled, ’’That's for certain. You don't have to feel discouraged about that. In the past, many Titled grade Demon Hunt Squad attempted to destroy a demon god pillar without success. Ai, it has been six thousand years, and the matter of the seventy two demon gods leaves us the most helpless. This is the core strength of the demons. As long as these annoying pillars exist, the demons will never truly die. You don't have to be so sad. In the future, when you are strong enough, we will think of some way. Unfortunately, the only person with possibility to destroy a demon god pillar, Scion of Samsara died too young back then. Otherwise, maybe he could have caused a miracle.’’

Long Haochen gave a serious response, ’’But we succeeded!’’

’’Succeeded about what? What? Succeeded you saying?’’ Sheng Yue jumped in surprise. With his thin build, this jump simply seemed like an ape's.

Long Haochen continued, ’’We succeeded in destroying that demon god pillar, to destroy it thoroughly. In this world, there won't' ever appear another Devil Snake Demon God. And it's even hard to say for sure that the Snake Devil lineage will be able to survive.’’

Sheng Yue had his eyes wide open, staying still for over ten seconds in his posture.

’’You... Are you saying this for real? You actually destroyed a demon god pillar? No, it can't be. This hasn't ever happened before. Even if you are extremely talented, especially gifted, with your current cultivation, how could you possibly destroy a demon god pillar? This absolutely cannot be.’’

Seeing Sheng Yue's abnormal look, Long Haochen revealed a pained face, ’’But great-grandfather, we just did it. And this is the reason why the Demon God Emperor made capturing me the reason for this Holy War.’’

Sheng Yue's irregular breathing lasted for several minutes before calming down, ’’Are you saying that you have an extraordinary ability enabling you to destroy demon god pillars.’’

Long Haochen nodded, ’’It can be said so. But it's not me, it's my magical beast companion, Haoyue. I believe my comrades should have realized that Haoyue is an abnormal magical beast. Until now, no one has been able to tell to what race he belongs to. But he has an extraordinary ability, that doesn't seem to be of much utility against us humans. But it is very destructive against demons, especially demon god pillars. Haoyue consumed his life force as a cost to help us destroy that demon god pillar. If I am not guessing wrong, it's precisely because the Demon God Emperor guessed the threat Haoyue represented to the demon race, that he demands me from the Alliance.

Haoyue and I are bound by blood. As long as I die, Haoyue would hardly survive alone.’’

In the 64th Demon Hunt Squad, it was impossible to say that no one had noticed this detail. Merely, everyone was feeling very confused, and approved his explanations after realizing this bit.For a moment, the atmosphere became extremely serious.

Without doubt, having obtained the ability to destroy demon god pillar was a tremendous asset to the Temple Alliance. But now demonkind started all out Holy War. Would the Temple Alliance even have the strength to resist it? No one knew. The war was just a premise, the two parties were still at the stage of preparing their forces.

Over the past six thousand years, although humanity kept recuperating, they were in the end only occupying a part of the continent. The strength of demonkind also kept increasing, and they had no issue of fertility. While humans were amassing strength, how wouldn't demons do the same? In particular, higher ranked demons were far more than six thousand years ago.

Currently, Long Haochen and Haoyue's emotions were as stirred as one might imagine.

Sheng Yue went in a deep state of reflection. From the point of view of the Alliance, handing over Long Haochen would undoubtedly give them the opportunity to keep recuperating. But afterwards, would they get another opportunity to acquire the strength to destroy demon god pillars? This was hard to say. And to protect Long Haochen, the Alliance would have to incur the rage of demonkind. After all, for the prosperity of their race, any ruler of the demons in these circumstances would spare no cost to kill Long Haochen and Haoyue.

A long time later, Sheng Yue had a difficult tone, ’’Boy, you shouldn't let this out. This will very possibly make the situation unfavorable to you. Understood?’’

Long Haochen retained a calm smile, ’’Great-grandfather, there's nothing unfair. I cannot go against my conscience. As I said, I have no way to hand over Haoyue, he's my good brother. All I can do is speak the truth and leave it to the Alliance to decide. No matter what decision they come to make, I have no complaints. Great-grandfather, please lend me a room. Before the Alliance comes to a decision, I will be staying in the Assassin Temple.’’

Sheng Yue shut his eyes, waging war against himself deep inside. Having a good resistance to greed, what he hated the most in his lifetime was to encounter things going beyond his grasp. Without doubt, Long Haochen brought such a situation before him. He was unable to anticipate, how reporting this would result the Alliance's decision. When it pertained to the life of the millions of inhabitants of the Alliance, no one would be able to predict what the final verdict would be.

’’Great-grandfather...’’ Cai'er's voice suddenly sounded out, taking the shape of a dreamlike ringing shout. Long Haochen had a chill, looking beyond belief at Cai'er's direction.

Cai'er's look was just as lifeless, taking one step after another toward Sheng Yue.

Opening his eyes, Sheng Yue directed an astonished look at Cai'er. That was his great-granddaughter, that he was naturally the most familiar with. Cai'er's call seemed strange, greatly different from before.

’’I... I just remembered. You're my great-grandfather. Great-grandfather, father, mother... What about my father and mother? Why, just why didn't they come to save me? Why?’’

’’Cai'er, what's up with you?’’ Sheng Yue looked shocked, seeing Cai'er in such a state.

Long Haochen hurriedly stepped forward, joining Cai'er's side, ’’Cai'er, did you just remember? Remember everything?’’

’’Why didn't you come to save me... Why?’’ Not paying Long Haochen the slightest bit of attention, she only repeated these words. She continued to have a lifeless look, but tears kept flowing beyond control on her face. This sight was truly painful to see.

Long Haochen completely forgot about his own matters, looking at her, embracing her in a hurry.

But the current Cai'er was intensely stirred up. Her eyes were filled with despair and coldness, looking fixedly at Sheng Yue, in total daze.

’’Why? Just why did you throw me there? Why did you do this to me, you all knew...’’ A close to hysterical voice came out from her mouth, making everyone very tense.

Pu. Long Haochen softly hit her vitals, causing Cai'er to faint on the spot, her face still streaming with tears.

’’Just what happened?’’ Sheng Yue was dazed at his great-granddaughter's final question.

Long Haochen held Cai'er in his arms, wiping the tears on her face carefully, ’’That's my fault, I didn't manage to protect Cai'er...’’, he told Sheng Yue how she lost her memories. Of course, he didn't mention everything related to the Tower of Eternity, only mentioning that he had no other choice but to bring Cai'er out of the siege, having no other choice but to interfere in her awakening.

Hearing Long Haochen's explanation, Sheng Yue remained speechless for a while. He knew that this could absolutely not be blamed on Long Haochen. Who could predict Cai'er's sudden awakening? Long Haochen already did his best. Although he didn't tell the details, one can imagine that when surrounded by so many Demon Hunter Remover Squads, managing to break out was already a great feat.

’’Go. First return home for now.’’

The home Sheng Yue mentioned was inside the Exorcist Mountain Pass' office palace. Sheng Yue's home was located there instead of being in the Assassin Temple. As the chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass' military, his home was in a courtyard at the back of the office palace. Sheng Yue didn't put only restriction on the liberty of Long Haochen's group, only letting them stay here. Then he told Long Haochen that the matter would be reported to the higher-ups, so for now he had to wait for any information from the Temple Alliance.

At the time Sheng Yue said that to Long Haochen, he already thought through that matter thoroughly. This was the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and his territory. If the Alliance decided to hand him over, couldn't he just let this boy go? Everyone had their own personal reasons when they acted, and he was no exception. At the time he caught sight of Cai'er after her loss of memories, Sheng Yue's frame of mind changed completely. For the first time, he recognized his own mistake. For the sake of the Alliance and the Assassin Temple, Cai'er was subject to unbearable pain, to the extent that this memory would be the first to come back.

A pain etched in her bones.

If he didn't let her take the inheritance of the Dagger of Samsara, would Cai'er have to experience such pain? And this time, will Long Haochen be be sacrificed for the Alliance? Sheng Yue couldn't do that. He already made the thorough resolve that no matter what, he will protect Long Haochen and Cai'er.

The whole 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad lived there just like that. Although the Holy War's large shadow was enveloping the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Cai'er's home was extremely peaceful.

That day after Cai'er sudden emotional breakout, she finally ended up getting knocked out by Long Haochen. After waking up, her mood gradually pacified. After a few days of rest, everyone was gradually making sure that some of Cai'er's memories were back, but these were only a few memories, when she was three or four years old. It was evidently from the stimulation of the Exorcist Mountain pass, and the deep impression left by her great-grandfather Sheng Yue, that finally stimulate a few memories in her. Although this was only a small part, it was undoubtedly good news.


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