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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 465


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 465: Returning in the Exorcist Mountain Pass (III)

Sheng Yue was extremely strong, but that was only physical strength. What he collided with was Legendary Equipment.

Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu were kicked away, but Sheng Yue also wasn't good off. Characterized by their frantic glints, these two Legendary Equipment devastated his paralyzed body, delaying him even further.

Right at this moment, the Blue Fire Phoenix reached him, instantly gushing out with red-hot flames, and bursting out with terrible might that almost engulfed Sheng Yue's whole body.

Phoenix Heart of Fire. This was the only ability of a fused spiritual stove, and it caused Lin Xin to suffer an enormous backlash every time he used. Originally, at the time he had just obtained this technique, he managed to use it to block a Zombie King of the eighth step, wounding him to a great extent.

Sheng Yue was naturally stronger than a Zombie King, but the biggest issue was that, he was caught unprepared. Lin Xin was becoming progressively more proficient in controlling fire. So, at the time he intervened, the power in his Phoenix Heart of Fire already accumulated, all of which burst out upon colliding.

’’You little rascals.’’ Sheng Yue cursed loudly, busting out with a sparkling grey light. His sharp aura immediately cut the throat of the blue phoenix, causing it to disappear in a flash, and everything returned to normal.

With a kick after another the group of males including Long Haochen whose Shield Wall retracted after being sent flying.

But Sheng Yue didn't keep attacking, confronting the Devil Dragon that was occupying half of the room with a grotesque expression. He was highly alert.

’’Ying'er, stop it. The senior doesn't have any malicious intention.’’ Although Long Haochen was in pain from the kick, he ordered in a hurry.

The might of the Devil Dragon was just too great. Causing the Assassin Temple to misunderstand wouldn't do any good.

With a flash of black light, under the dumbstruck gaze of Sheng Yue, the previously aggressive Devil Dragon turned back into the shape of a frail little pig held in Chen Ying'er's arms, even showing a taunting look.

Sheng Yue's mouth and eyes twitched, cursing at them one more time, ’’What a group of little rascals you are. Why did you become so fierce? Is this uncle a demon?’’

Sheng Yue's look was indeed hard to look at. His clothes were scorched along with some of his hair. A burn even appeared on his left cheek. That was truly a sorry figure.

Sheng Yue wanted to find a private place to curse at himself. All he did was to try out their skills a little! It was to the extent that he was disgraced. These little rascals, don't they even know about being lenient?

But surely he couldn't say these words out loud. Grudgingly looking at Long Haochen's group who was standing back up, he shouted in a rage, ’’You have grown up quite well haven't you? To dare go against this uncle.. Should this uncle just come and teach you a little lesson?’’

’’Great-grandfather, please spare us. This wasn't intentional.’’ Long Haochen hurriedly advanced with a smile on his face, paying his respects as a junior in the form of a salute.

Sheng Yue snorted, ’’You little one are the worse of all. Don't you know how worried you made us? So what about me coming to lecture you? From what I see, you little bunch of bastards have shown quite interesting reactions. Is there such bitter hatred between us all?’’

Seeing Sheng Yue's sorry figure, everyone naturally understood that this elder was only trying out Long Haochen. Now they didn't even dare to laugh at the scene, keeping their heads down without muttering a word.

’’So you have finally grown up haven't you?’’ Sheng Yue raised his hand, hitting Long Haochen on the head. The pained Long Haochen showed a grimace, not daring to make a sound. He didn't expect Sheng Yue to be so careless, having been reduced to such a state by them so rapidly. Unfortunately it was too late to think of avoiding earning this person's wrath.

Sheng Yue felt quite depressed! Because he figured that he wasn't even able to vent out. After calming down for a little, he felt secretly apprehensive. Even if he had been careless, he was still a powerhouse of the ninth step! A hundred thousand units of spiritual energy was standing in front of them, and what was up with these guys' equipment! For a Demon Hunt Squad who had just raised themselves to the commander grade to take out so many Legendary Tier equipment. Just from where could they have come? And in particular, Long Haochen's shield was letting out an orange glow. Epic Tier?

Sheng Yue seemed to have underestimated the strength of Long Haochen's group. In fact, the last time they came, they could at most be regarded as a brilliant younger generation. But this time, they could already display comprehensive strength in front of this senior. This was simply a leap of strength.

’’You're at the seventh step?’’ Sheng Yue's wrath gradually vanished. Unconsciously, he asked Long Haochen this question. He still clearly remembered that at the time Logn Haochen unleashed that sword energy, he was on the boundary of Brilliant Body.

Long Haochen nodded in response, ’’Yes, great-grandfather.’’

Sheng Yue had a great startle. Making a guess was one thing, but getting a confirmation of the fact was another. Just how old was he? Absolutely below twenty. Wasn't he just fourteen of fifteen the last time they met? Just how many year has it been since then? And already at the seventh step? Then it was no wonder that the Demon God Emperor would want to capture this guy. Seventh step, is he at this stage for real? At what age did I reach that level back then? Wasn't it at thirty five?

Sweeping his look on the whole group once again, the look on Sheng Yue's face finally appeased. Of course, his cold demeanor sounded laughable when coming from such a sorry looking shape... Of course, Long Haochen's group absolutely didn't dare laugh out loudly?

Right at this time, severe knocks sounded out from the outside.

’’The situation is all right here. I am the one who brought an imitator to mimic the dragon aura of a Devil Dragon.’’ Sheng Yue shouted out. He could obviously not let himself be seen by his subordinates to avoid losing all face.

Hearing him, everyone outside immediately calmed down.

Sheng Yue stared fixedly at Long Haochen for quite a long time, nodding, ’’Not bad. These past few years, you seem to have matured quite a lot, and your strength grew quite a bit. You have finally made it back. The fourth Hidden Knight should have already told you. The Holy War has started.’’

Long Haochen nodded, ’’Great-grandfather, the blame is on me. I am willing to accept whatever punishment is dealt by the Alliance?’’

’’Getting dealt by?’’ Sheng Yue's voice was abruptly raised up, ’’Farts! What fault is on you, do you think of yourself to be qualified enough? What are you to put your head in affairs you have nothing to do with? Just tell if you want to be beaten up. Can the Holy War between the demons and the Alliance be started over a single person?’’

Although Sheng Yue's words sounded harsh, he took a reprimanding tone intentionally. But Long Haochen felt warm , naturally able to sense Sheng Yue's concern from his words.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, following the talk, ’’Great-grandfather, it's really the case. Listen to me, this matter is very important to the Alliance. No matter what decision you take, I won't have any complaint. I won't hide from the Alliance either, I trust that you will make the best choice.’’

Seeing Long Haochen's serious look, Sheng Yue suddenly realized that things weren't as simple as he imagined. Wrinkling his brows, he covered the whole room in an ice-cold layer, covering the whole room.

’’What do you want to say?’’ Sheng Yue wrinkled his brows.

Long Haochen replied, ’’Great-grandfather, I am certainly the cause why the Demon God Emperor started this Holy War. About this, even my comrades don't know, but as the person involved, I am very clear of the cause why the Holy War started. I feel very sad about it. I really don't want to see the people being put in terrible situation. But this matter is related to my closest comrade. There's no way I could hand him over, so I ask the Alliance to take the final decision. No matter how the Alliance decides to handle me, I will accept the treatment.’’

Hearing such serious words, not only Sheng Yue had an unsightly expression, but the same went for his comrades with the only exception being the dazed Cai'er. The others were all opening their eyes wide in shock. They were also full of questions about the motives of the Demon God Emperor. Hearing Haochen's words, that this Holy War was indeed related to him.


Sheng Yue's cheek showed signs of twitchingsquirming/wiggling(?). His voice suddenly became more gentle, ’’Boy, don't worry. You great-grandfather is listening to you.


You know, no matter what happens, your great-grandfather will be standing on your side. No one can punish my great-grandson. And you have to remember, don't ever tell someone else about what you told me. Even inside the Alliance, not everyone thinks the same as me. Now tell me what you have in heart. As long as I can be of help, I will give my all to help you.’’

’’Yes.’’ Seeing Sheng Yue's concerned look, Long Haochen nodded with all his force. He almost had an urge to cry. Sheng Yue was Cai'er's great-grandfather, but this time, he felt a strong warmth feeling emanating from this irascible old man. And family love had always been Long Haochen's weak spot.

’’Great-grandfather, at the time we left the Alliance, we took a total of sixteen Slaughter Missions. Less than half a year later, we have succeeded in completing all of them. Among these missions, the hardest one was to kill the last ranked demon god Andromalius.’’

Sheng Yue was once again in great shock, ’’What? Are you saying that you killed a demon god? Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius?’’


Long Haochen nodded in reply, ’’A great part of it was related to luck.’’ At that moment, he detailed the matter of their encounter with the Devil Snake Demon God, and how they took advantage of the conflict between the Forest Boa King and Andromalius, and how both sides ended up close to killing each other.

’’A great achievement. Even an Emperor grade Demon Hunt wouldn't necessarily manage to kill a demon god under the protection of his demon god pillar. With such an achievement when you are not even in your twenties, you guys are simply legends for the Alliance.’’ Even with his harsh character, Sheng Yue couldn't help but feel amazed hearing Long Haochen's story. These children risked their lives and at such young age to kill a demon god, this was truly a huge achievement.


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