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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 464


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 464: Returning in the Exorcist's Mountain Pass (II)

But Long Haochen's pressure was really hard to bear. No matter what one said, Haoyue and him were the reason for the Holy War initiated by the demons this time. Forces of over ten million in the demon side were opposed to the resistance of an army of over a million humans. The terrible situation that the people were going to be put in was obvious.

The fourth Heroic Knight directly brought them to a meeting room in the Assassin Temple, before making his report in a hurry.

Without any outsider present, everyone unconsciously focused their eyes on Long Haochen. Every one of them was filled with complex feelings, with only Cai'er at a loss.

At the time she entered the Assassin Temple, her expression seemed to have changed. Faintly, Cai'er felt a sense of familiarity with the place.

’’Boss, is something weighing in your mind?’’ Lin Xin looked at Long Haochen with some concern.

A large scale invasion, the Holy War launched by the Demon God Emperor. These news struck the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad hard. And moreover, Long Haochen was in the core of this storm. How could his comrades be free of worries?

Long Haochen shook his head with no hesitation, ’’It's nothing. We will just have to listen to the arrangements the Alliance is planning for. You all heard what the fourth Hidden Knight said. I am only thinking of fighting for the sake of the Alliance right now.’’

’’Yeah, we have to fight for the sake of the Alliance.’’ Sima Xian's eyes flickered with an ominous glint, itching to rush to the battlefield.

The others nodded in turn, having steadied their minds. Long Haochen was the soul of this team, and although he couldn't be said to have been flawless on the past missions, at least he was very reliable. As long as his mind is steady, there won't be issue, and everyone would naturally be a lot better.

Actually, Long Haochen's current frame of mind was bound to be complex. Only he understood the real reason that the Demon God Emperor started this Holy War was to get his hands on Haoyue and him. If he stood up, maybe this whole war could be ended, but could he do that? The answer was uncertain. This was a war between two races, and even without this trigger, along with the continuous human growth, this Holy War would sooner or later erupt. And Long Haochen may be the Scion of Light, but that doesn't prevent him from cherishing his life as well! More importantly, the one who would have to pay the cost of his life to stop this war wouldn't be him, but his good companion and good brother Haoyue.

Everyone had their own selfishness. Even with the cleanest and holiest heart he could possibly have, Long Haochen remained in the end a human. He also had selfish desires of his own: how could he just look at Haoyue dying like that? This was absolutely impossible, but he wasn't also willing to see the people in terrible situation because of the Holy War.

Therefore, his mind was in total disarray. He already had the resolution that no matter what the final verdict of the Alliance would be, even if he was handed over, he would support this decision until the end. And he already resolved himself to report the threat presented by Haoyue to the demon race to the Alliance, leaving everything for them to decide.

Making such a decision was very painful to Long Haochen, but at the same time, he felt a lot more relaxed after doing it. At least he could now forgive himself. At worse he would be sacrificed by the Temple Alliance, and if things really ended this way, he would only choose to die in battle alongside Haoyue.

The presence of fourth Heroic Knight was very effective. The surrounding space slightly shivered all of a sudden. Long Haochen's sharp eyes were locked onto a single place, his right hand made a sudden move, before immediately returning to its previous position. The next instant, a grey figure stepped on the floor, stepping forward. That was the chief of the Assassin Temple, Sheng Yue.

Sheng Yue's look was attracted to Long Haochen seeing him withdraw his hand. And his eyes seemed to have a different look. His second target of view was naturally Cai'er.

When Cai'er came into contact with Sheng Yue for the first time, her body shivered slightly, and her lost look seemed to have crackled slightly. Looking blankly at him, she seemed to have entirely gone stiff.

Sheng yue believed that his great-granddaughter was in a state of excitement from seeing him, but didn't pay her any more attention, looking back towards Long Haochen. But he still didn't say a single word, lifting his hand, grabbing Long Haochen's head underneath.

With Sheng Yue's strength, the mere flicker of his five fingers caused a astonishingly cold killing intent to spread out instantly, causing the temperature in the whole meeting room to plummet. A terrible oppressive force instantly surrounded Long Haochen's body.

Who would have thought that this senior would act aggressively immediately upon arriving? And Sheng Yue's speed reached such a degree that at the time his hand was lifted, it immediately appeared in front of Long Haochen's eyes, grabbing him without giving anyone a mere chance to react.


Long Haochen's reaction speed being incomparably fast, at the time Sheng Yue's look fell once again on him, he felt a sense of crisis. Originally sitting on a chair, he didn't immediately stand up, because he didn't have the time to do so. His right foot stamped onto a nearby chair, making use of it to slide backwards. Meanwhile, his right hand advanced, pointing to the emptiness as fast as lightning.

One could see that in this mere instant, Long Haochen's right hand shone like a golden crystal. With a sharp sound of hiss, a bolt of sword qi was shot in the emptiness, and an orange glint of light protected Long Haochen under its scope.

Pop. The golden sword aura directly hit Sheng Yue's palm, encountering no obstruction and delaying his right claw-like hand. At the time this right claw descended for the second time, and what it hit was the Shield Wall erected by the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Long Haochen's Shield Wall ability was unleashed almost instantly. With the addition of his full power sword intent strike, Sheng Yue's right hand only managed to streak across the surface of the Shield Wall. The divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon let out another orange glow of light, pushing him backward without any harm inflicted to Long Haochen.

The coordination of the whole team was displayed right then. Although no one understood why Sheng Yue would act against Long Haochen, their experience fighting side by side was really plentiful. Down to the extent that right after Long Haochen just started to act, the others immediately followed.

Sima Xian's right hand was swung, letting the Energetic Ball of Light liberate strident noises as it smashed toward Sheng Yue. And it simply obstructed his way, letting him no way to keep attacking Long Haochen.

A resonant phoenix cry followed instantly, Lin Xin having no hesitation to trigger his Phoenix of Heart of Fire. Facing a powerhouse of the ninth step , was there another choice but to go all out from the beginning?

Han Yu's Scarlet Wild sword carried a frantic aura, as it chopped forward, in front of Sheng Yue's path, aiming at his knees.

Wang Yuanyuan's divine Soul Shield flew over, aiming straight at Sheng Yue's neck. Han Yu and the rest were covering the top and the bottom, and with the addition of Sima Xian, they could be said to have stopped all Sheng Yue's possible routes.

What shocked Sheng Yue the most was that at the same time these little guys reacted, overflowing flames burst out. The terrifying might of the Devil Dragon filled the whole room almost instantly. To say nothing about the mere room, the whole Assassin Temple ought to have sensed the presence of this dragon might.

Cai'er was the only one who didn't make any move. She was still in a completely dull state, standing unmoving foolishly, and thinking of something no one knew about.

Sheng Yue was indeed worthy of his reputation of Assassin Temple chief. Facing the siege of these youngsters, despite his inner shock, his reaction wasn't slow at all.

His feet slightly moved, and in a flash after avoiding the Energetic Ball of Light ramming from the side and pushing it with his right hand, his body floated horizontally, kicking with his both feet at Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu's attack

These youngsters were still only at the sixth step of cultivation. Sheng Yue having reached the ninth step, although he didn't look down on them, he wouldn't possibly use his full strength against opponents of this level! So he only used the most basic spiritual energy operating, reacting by the means of his instinct.

But against Sheng Yue's expectations, he was too careless. He had indeed underestimated the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad too much, especially the formidable power of Sima Xian's Energetic Ball of Light.

When Sheng Yue tried to cut through it, in his imagination, this weapon had to be very heavy, but Sima Xian's spiritual energy was bound to it, so he would surely be sent flying. Drawing force from the propelling power following his attack, he would kick the two attacks from the flanks, after that dealing with the hissing phoenix unleashing blue fire would be no issue.

But the instant after his right hand came into contact with the Gigantic Ball of Light, Sheng Yue realized his mistake. That stupid-looking weapon was actually a lot more frightful than he imagined.

With strident sounds of blast, Sheng Yue felt a powerful force shake his hand. This was the Crush, Absorption and Triple Blast abilities from the Gigantic Ball of Light.

If it was only that, Sheng Yue wouldn't sustain any wounds with his spiritual energy over a hundred thousand units. More crucially, at the time of using the Energetic Ball of Light, Sima Xian utilized his Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder. Therefore, the instant Sheng Yue's right hand touched it, purple lightning suddenly burst out, ramming straight at his palm to spread widely into Sheng Yue's whole body.

With such strength of spiritual energy, wounding Sheng Yue was unthinkable for the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder. However, the paralysis triggered by the thunder took effect.

To a powerhouse at the level of Sheng Yue no detail could be deemed insignificant in times of battle. Even if it made contact for less than a second, this shook off his whole plan.

The two feet he shot in the air went numb, before colliding with the Scarlet Wild Sword and the divine Soul Shield.


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