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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 463



第一百六十二章 再临驱魔关(上)

Returning in the Exorcist Mountain Pass (I)

Hearing Cai'er's question, the fourth Heroic Knight let out a laugh, ’’Accepted? How could we possibly have accepted? If that was the case, why would the Demon God Emperor even send his second legion to ambush us?’’

’’Regarding the condition proposed by the Demon God Emperor, the Alliance diverged into two different sides. The first one was mainly supported by the Knight Temple, our Assassin Temple and the Warrior Temple's leaders. They were all violently opposed to delivering Long Haochen, and had no margin for negotiation. In particular, the Knight Temple expressed that if they decided to hand Long Haochen over, they would choose to quit the Alliance.’’

’’What?!’’ Hearing the fourth Heroic Knight's words, Long Haochen immediately felt his blood rise, his entire body shivering. The Knight Temple would actually quit the Alliance just for my sake?

The fourth Heroic Knight continued, ’’The Warrior Temple's reaction wasn't much inferior to the Knight Temple's. Qiu Haohan flipped a table, his eyes wide open. Mentioning it, as the chief of the Temple Alliance, Yang Haohan shouldn't be so categorical in his decision. Qiu Yonghao was the one who forced him to act this way. He said that if the Knight Temple was prepared to abandon you, the Warrior Temple would spare no cost to defend you. Then in our Assassin Temple's side, Temple Head Sheng Yue mentioned that as his grandson-in-law that you were, whoever tries to hand you over would have to step on his corpse to do that.’’

Reaching this point, the fourth Hidden Assassin Hero's face expression became odd. At the time of the meeting, he was also present as a representative for the Assassin Temple, and still remembered that weird situation very clearly.

The Six Great Temples' representatives hadn't even started the meeting as Qiu Yonghao made this declaration. Afterwards, senior Alliance Chief expressed that Long Haochen was the only successor for the Knight Temple. If the Alliance came to the final decision of handing him over, the Knight Temple would quit the Alliance. Adding to that Sheng Yue's declaration, total silence reigned over the whole room. Afterwards, chief Sheng Yue jumped up and down, shocking the heads of the three magic specializing Temples.

Originally, the Hidden Knight somewhat disapproved him. Wasn't it just a youngster under twenty years-old? Even if he was particularly endowed, and even if the Temple Alliance didn't plan on handing him over, there was no need for these Temples Heads to act so brazenly.

But finally, a change started to appear in his attitude ever since he met Long Heochen. Right! That's a Demon Hunt Squad Captain who can bring a Commander Grade Demon Hunt Squad to forcibly block the way of the Demon Emperor's second legion, and kill at least a fifth of them, wounding a third of their ranks. How could the Temple Heads not be concerned over such an issue? Given enough time, this youngster would surely become a legend for the Alliance in the future.

Hearing the words of the fourth Heroic Assassin Knight, Long Haochen was already beyond an emotionally stirred state. His heart seemed close to combustion, despite his firm disposition. He absolutely didn't expect that for his sake, these three Temple Heads would be so protective. Only by striving the utmost to serve the Alliance can he then repay these deep emotions.

The talk continued, ’’From the attitudes of these three seniors, the atmosphere of the whole meeting changed. Originally, many higher-ups of the Alliance were not familiar with you, but with that, you earned yourself a great reputation. Afterwards, the Mage Temple's chief stepped in, leading three other hall masters that came on behalf of the Mage Temple, and calmed down everyone, before analyzing the condition of the Demon God Emperor. First of all, the matter of the congregation was the condition of the Demon God Emperor, claiming a single person, and whether he would be taken out as a bargaining chip to avoid the start of a Holy War. This was in itself unusual.

Of the two possibilities, one was that they had originally planned on starting a Holy War, but were only looking for a pretext. And supposing you were already caught by the demons', it would then make sense as we wouldn't possibly be able to hand you over. The second possibility was that your existence could threaten the demons' rule. Only this explanation would make him view you so importantly. But no matter which motive, you couldn't possibly be handed over, so these three didn't need to act so emotionally. This is simply called being blinded by one's concern.’’

Hearing the words of the fourth Hidden Knight, Long Haochen's comrades finally relaxed down. Since the Alliance came to a consensus, Long Haochen was naturally safe.

The fourth Hidden Assassin Knight let out a smile, ’’The rest of the meeting turned out even more interesting. Long Haochen your inside information has been entirely revealed, as the Knight Temple couldn't possibly keep the information related to you hidden. After all, this related to the whole Alliance, and the second part pertained on introducing everything regarding you.’’

Han Yu asked, ’’Then, what did the Alliance decide regarding Captain?’’

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, ’’This wasn't discussed back then. It was discussed in private by the Temple Heads, so I don't know about the specific details. Only the order that if one found you, they had to immediately bring you to the closest stronghold. In all likelihood, you will have to meet with Head Master Sheng Yue to know his answer. At least nothing bad will come out.’’

In the process he flew to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the fourth Hidden Knight came to know more regarding this Demon Hunt Squad. Aside from Long Haochen, the others' spiritual energy didn't permit them to sustain such long times of flight. But don't forget the cheat-like ability Han Yu has to enable the group to go beyond their limits. So at midway, when everyone nearly exhausted their spiritual energy consumption, he activated the Spiritual Stove of Blessings of Light. In a short amount of time, everyone recovered their whole spiritual energy, its powerful utility even affecting the fourth Hidden Knight.

With his experience, he could naturally tell that this was a rare kind of supportive spiritual stove. But he actually never even heard of such a spiritual stove. Originally excited regarding Long Haochen's prospects, he came to gain interest in his whole team. As the saying goes, there are indeed no poor soldiers under a good general. With Long Haochen's astonishing strength, how could his comrades be lacking? Nonetheless, he didn't raise this question. Long Haochen's group pretended to have made use of an earth scroll, but by observing attentively, the mage in their team didn't use the earth element. More accurately speaking, there was no earth element user in this team.

The Exorcist City was just as imposing, but compared to the last time Long Haochen's group came, the city was even more lively. In the city, people were going in and out, truly a bustling sight. These busy people all seemed related with the defense of the city. Long Haochen's group even saw some guards transport heavy weaponry towards the outside of the city.

After obtaining the accurate information from the fourth Heroic Knight, Long Haochen felt somewhat heavy. Given his intelligence, if he hadn't guessed what the reason why the Demon God Emperor imposed such a condition to the Temple Alliance, he wouldn't be fit to be called a god's chosen one.

Haoyue, my good brother, just what kind of antecedents do you have!? In your own world, you're considered a terrible disaster, and this time, even the Demon God Emperor is showing such fear towards you, actually having no scrupple to trigger a Holy War. Is your potential so terrifying?

Long Haochen was indeed certain that the Demon God Emperor hadn't launched this Holy War for his sake, despite his status as a god's chosen one.

In the long history between demonkind and mankind, god's chosen ones had appeared before. For instance, this was the case for the Scion of Samsara of that time, wasn't it the same for him? Only one god's chosen one wouldn't possibly be enough for the whole demon clan to make such a big fiss. Because this wouldn't be worth it.

Remembering about everything that happened close to Haoyue, the answer easily appeared in Long Haochen's mind. First, at the time he confronted the demon gods for the first time at the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Long Haochen still remembered vaguely about the three rather lower ranked demon gods that they had encountered. That time, before fainting he seemed to have heard Haoyue's cry, who finally saved him. Although he didn't know what Haoyue did, he was certain that he was the one who intimidated these demon gods, enabling him to return with his future father-in-law Sheng Lingxin, without any death in the battle.

A short time later, he encountered for the Demon God Emperor for the first time. That time, it was for Haoyue's sake that he had come. At that time, Haoyue was still three-headed, and although he wasn't clear on why the detection of the Demon God Emperor failed, from the situation, he surely knew since back then that Haoyue would bring disaster to the demon race in the future, which explains why he came to the Exorcist Mountain Pass so eagerly.

The various things that happened afterwards were still clear in Long Haochen's head. Haoyue released his purple aura to cause various powerful demons to shrink back on various occasions. Among these included Ah'Bao. And the last element that confirmed Long Haochen's supposition for sure was this time in the Swamps of Gloom. Never could he have expected that Haoyue would accomplish what humankind never succeeded in over six thousand years. The destruction of a demon god pillar.

No wonder the Demon God Emperor would view Haoyue so importantly. His very existence was a threat to the core of the demons. If Haoyue and him were let to grow, perhaps demonkind would really face destruction by their hands. If such a day really came, it would be the best.

Long Haochen had never doubted Haoyue. The relationship between the two of them had always been perfect, each of them having a part of the counterpart's blood flowing in their veins. The reason for his strength greatly surpassing his other comrades could be mostly related to Haoyue. Moreover every evolution of Haoyue's brought a change in him, greatly reinforcing his spiritual energy.

He certainly wouldn't hand Haoyue over. Even if he died in the process, he had to protect Haoyue with his all. But of course, if he died for real, with the effects of their contract, Haoyue would unfortunately follow him in this fate.


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