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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 462


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 462: The Holy War triggered by Long Haochen?

After following with their eyes the departure of the army, Long Haochen's group resumed their journey, proceeding towards the land of the catastrophe. With the death of so many demon powerhouses , it would be good if they managed to get some demon crystals. Cutting their way into the mountain wasn't something only the demons were capable of.

Hearing a story was something, but encountering it was another. At the time Wang Yuanyuan, Lin Xin, Sima Xian, Cai'er and Chen Ying'er arrived, they couldn't help but be totally shocked. Deep inside, they came to imagine what kind of scene they would be subject to if they were present at the instant the mountain crumbled.

’’Boss, what should we do?’’ Sima Xian asked Long Haochen.


Long Haochen replied, ’’We shall dig out. Let's see how many magical crystals we can find. No matter what kind of demon they belong to, these demon crystals are all treasures. It will be given for Lin Xin's pill concoction.’’

’’Good, good.’’ Lin Xin immediately reacted with a smile. This demon operation had pleased this god of fortune of their team enormously. Bringing back all these good things, they were certain to fetch good price in the market or be of some utility to them. Chen Ying'er had collected over three hundred crystals which were of the sixth step at least, enough for McDull to be extravagant.

The corpses of many demons and magical beast, especially Forest Boas and the Devil Snake God Andromalius were collected by Lin Xin. He had the deep impression that after all this, his skills in alchemy were bound to improve tremendously. Becoming a great master was only a matter of time to him. After all, where could there be another alchemist with as many materials available to be used as flagrantly as him.

Long Haochen naturally had his own objectives in the act of clearing the battlefield here. With such a commotion, Temple Alliance couldn't possibly remain ignorant. And furthermore, Han Yu's news ought to have already arrived. Surely before long, some army troops would come to their rescue. After meeting with these troops, telling them the real story would be more effective than coming up with an unbelievable report. Besides, not collecting this many corpses and crystals of higher ranked demons would be a waste. These were precious spoils of war!

The glory of opening the way through the mountain was naturally left to Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan. Even without additional ability, the terrifying weight and crushing power of the Energetic Ball of Light made it the most ideal candidate for this task.

The group figured the path the Fiend King Safen took, and followed it by blowing their way up. One magical crystal after another reached Lin Xin's hands, but this guy seemed dissatisfied. That's because, the corpses of these demons were too mangled, and hard to make use of. After all, extremely severely damaged corpses would be hard to conserve, even with a spiritual transporting tool.

The work of cutting their way into the mountain didn't took too long before the reinforcements arrived.

Under Han Yu's lead, the group of elites arrived with shocked expressions at the sight of Long Haochen's group.

These elite troops were far less than their expectations, only totalling about three hundred. But when their distance was of two hundred meters, Long Haochen felt their presence, through sensing Han Yu's aura.

Wearing veils, assassins clad in grey color appeared to view, very rapidly encircling Long Haochen's group. These assassins didn't let out any aura, and couldn't be sensed at all.

Long Haochen's group slowly left the cave, moving slowly. This wasn't deliberate, as they had no choice but to walk slowly, because although these assassins seemed composed, it felt that as long as they made any sudden movements, these three hundred assassins, would swallow them like a deadly torrent.

’’Boss.’’ Seeing Long Haochen's group come out from the cave, Han Yu immediately called out to him in excitement. He also didn't understand what happened. How could a mountain fall on it's side? And why would Long Haochen's group be present here? And where were the enemies gone? His mind was full of questions.

Han Yu looked quite tired. Having travelled day and night, he was totally exhausted.

From the sound of Han Yu's voice calling out for his Boss', the hostility emanating from the grey clad assassins quietly disappeared. However, they remained unmoving and cold like air. Only a rather slight-built one advanced at Han Yu's side.

Long Haochen took large strides forward, telling him the words, ’’It was hard on you.’’

Han Yu replied in a pressed tone, ’’It's nothing. Boss, where are the enemies? These demons?’’ He was filled with anxiety: he had brought so many powerhouses from the Assassin Temple in a hurry, but upon reaching the destination, no demons were at sight. Wouldn't that be taken as a lie to the military? Their team definitely wasn't capable of taking such blame.

Long Haochen replied, ’’The demons have all retreated. Take a look.’’ Giving this reply, he pointed at the mountain behind them.

Han Yu was startled. The assassin on his side finally changed looks from his impossible expression, his aged voice sounding out, ’’Youngsters, don't tell me that you are the ones who caused the collapse of such a mountain, suppressing all these demon elite troops? From the images you brought back, this could very possibly be one of the top demon legion, known as the Demon God Emperor's second legion.’’

Long Haochen shook his head, ’’Not the whole, only a part of it. A large amount of Demonic Bears and Hell Demons, with a few Grand Fiends and Berserk Demons are crushed under this. I estimate the demons to have lost close to a third of their troops, before they chose to withdraw. Demon corpses are still stuck underneath, we have already cut a way in, you can just have a look.’’

With his sharp senses, he sensed that the assassin before him was undoubtedly an Assassin Emperor at the eighth step.

Following them, the work of excavation was undertaken by the assassins. To Long Haochen's shock, among these three hundred that had appeared, the assassins of the eighth step numbered twenty, and the remaining were all Assassin Kings at the seventh step. These were the top elites of the Assassin Temple, forming the Hidden Hall.

The Hidden Chivalrous Hall was formed of a total of thirty six assassins bearing the title of Hidden Knights', the cream of the cream that was chosen for this task.

Very rapidly, various informations were reported to them, proving Long Haochen's words. That Hidden Knight titled assassin that spoke to Long Haochen before had now a totally different expression on his face.

’’Young Demon Hunt Squad captain, you are heroes for the Alliance, and for our Exorcist Mountain Pass. On behalf of the million military and civilians forming it, I thank you.’’

Long Haochen saluted back to him with respect, ’’Respected Hidden Knight, I should be the one thanking you.’’

The senior revealed a smile, ’’I am the fourth Hidden Knight, commander of this operation. Thinking of having to undergo a fierce battle, I didn't expect to have only come for recovery of materials. I will report your contribution as things are. However, we have to return as fast as possible to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Oh, right, I haven't asked for your name yet.’’


Long Haochen replied, ’’I am the captain of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen.’’


’’Commander grade?’’ The fourth Hidden Knight appeared in shock. How could a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad be in possession of a forbidden spell ranked scroll? Even for Demon Hunt Squads, these things out to cost at least a million contribution points. And could a Demon Hunter even trigger a forbidden scroll of the earth element?

However, following his shock, he suddenly realized how Long Haochen had just named himself.

’’So... You are Long Haochen?’’ This time, the tone of this Hidden Knight changed totally.

Long Haochen nodded in puzzlement, ’’Yes that's me! Have you heard of me before?’’ From his point of view, the fact this senior had heard of his name should be related to his relationship with Cai'er. But even so, there was no need to act so shocked.

’’Of course, of course I heard of you before. You are extremely well-known! So it was actually you. Then it's no wonder, no wonder at all...’’

Hearing his words, Long Haochen was at a loss. Without waiting for his reply, the fourth Hidden Knight seemed to have suddenly become extremely impatient, ’’This won't do. Follow me as fast as possible, all of you. We will return to the Exorcist Mountain Path by flight.’’

’’Senior, what were you just...’’ Long Haochen was greatly puzzled by this senior, and the same went for everyone else. This fourth Hidden Knight's excitement sounded somewhat abnormal.

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, ’’Follow me first, I will explain to you on the way. At long last you guys are back.’’

Afterwards, he instructed the other assassins to return to the Alliance, and took the initiative to bring Long Haochen's group of seven back, spreading out their spiritual wings and directly heading towards the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

’’Senior, can you tell me now what happened?’’ In midair, Long haochen asked him once again.

Seeing the four wings spreading out on Long Haochen's back, the fourth Hidden Knight had another shock. This youngster is indeed quite an abnormal one! Whoah.

’’The demon armies are besieging us. Since you are finally back, you ought to know. ’’The fourth Hidden Knight replied.

Long Haochen nodded, ’’We saw that the demon approach had become especially tumultuous this time. The military force they have gathered is considerable. That's why we had to take the long route to head there, climbing over the mountain. That's how we ran across that second Demon Emperor Legion.’’

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, ’’This situation isn't only taking place in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, but at all the strategic points of the Alliance. The demons dispatched the overwhelming majority of their troops, launching a Holy War against the Alliance.’’

’’What?!’’ Long Haochen had already guessed that this ought to be an intense conflict, but didn't think things would be so serious.

A Holy War, meaning a war that wouldn't stop until total annihilation. This was a full strength clash between the two races. But the demons hadn't launched such a war for over two thousand years. Could they have gone mad?

The fourth Heroic Knight glanced at Long Haochen, ’’Do you know why a Holy War is happening now?’’

Long Haochen shook his head. How could he guess such a thing?

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, ’’The demons came very suddenly, about half a month ago, assembling enormous armies in each major human stronghold. They originally only surrounded them without attacking. The Alliance responded rapidly, transferring their inner troops, making a forced repatriation of the whole available forces, and warning the whole population to prepare for changes. The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu personally brought out the threat of a Holy War, with a single demand. If we could respond to it, they would immediately withdraw, otherwise, they would launch this army of millions of troops, to start a Holy War in the edges of the whole Alliance.’’

’’What was his demand?’’ For the demons to burst out so brazenly, Long Haochen was not only puzzled but moreover full of shock and curiosity.

The fourth Hidden Knight took a deep breath, before giving a simple reply, ’’It was you.’’

’’What? Me? Are you sure?’’ When Long Haochen heard that reply, he felt totally confused, and full of disbelief.

How could this be! Even if he escaped from Ah'Bao's hands, and caused severe troubles to the demons, every Demon Hunt Squad was the same! How could the Demon God Emperor make such a fuss over such a minor issue, triggering this Holy War just because of me?

The fourth Hidden Knight smiled bitterly, ’’No one understood the motives of the Demon God Emperor. But their motives are just as you heard. They wanted the Alliance to hand over you, or otherwise, this Holy War would be launched. This was his only request.’’

Not only Long Haochen had a grotesque look on his face. How couldn't it be the same for his comrades. A Holy War related to the extinction of one of the demon or the human race was actually triggered just because of Long Haochen. This simple reason was very hard to comprehend.

The nearby Sima Xian couldn't help but react, ’’Could this be because we destroyed a demon god pillar? But the news couldn't have spread so far. Even if he knew, he shouldn't have reacted so rapidly to that.’’

’’You... Just what did you say? You destroyed a demon god pillar?’’ The fourth Hidden Knight felt difficulty to even breath. His whole worldview changed totally. Could such a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad destroy a demon god pillar? How could this be? Just how?

Long Haochen was also totally puzzled, immediately denying Sima Xian's hypothesis, ’’It can't be because of that. Even if this war was sudden, the demons needed the time of one month to prepare for it. At that time, we were still in Jacques City. Is the Demon God Emperor crazy?’’

At the current time, he was in a confused state of mind, failing to understanding the motives of the Demon God Emperor. Most of all, he couldn't comprehend how he could have so mysteriously become the target of the Demon God Emperor?

Cai'er suddenly spoke, ’’Did the Alliance accept the condition of the Demon God Emperor?’’ She who had become so cautious after losing her memories, suddenly asked the most important issue.

The others had instantly become vigilant on that issue. Right! Did the Alliance accept the condition of the Demon God Emperor? After all, even with an even greater talent, Long Haochen was just a single person. Such a Holy War would surely put many people in a disastrous condition! Hence it wouldn't be impossible for the Alliance to abandon Long Haochen. It could be that this confrontation only took place because Long Haochen hadn't returned yet.

If things are really that way, then now...

Everyone glanced at each other filled with serious feelings of worry.

The eyes of every members gathered all onto the fourth Heroic Assassin Knight, waiting for his reply.


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