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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 461


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 461: Forbidden Earth Spell (III)

Ninth Holy Guard, just how did you do that? It's simply mad, exceeding my imagination.

Long Haochen unconsciously pat the golden skull on his chest, remembering the odd expression on the face of the Ninth Holy Guard at the time of their separation. His soul's fluctuation seemed to carry some cruelty, malevolence and excitement.

Very clearly, the Ninth Holy Guard had already decided on this plan at that time.

To have been able to cause the fall of a whole mountain, even by borrowing the forces of the other three holy guards, it remained a fearful feat, definitely able to match a forbidden spell level magic. Right, a forbidden spell. If I am asked by the side of the Alliance, I can perhaps only explain that by the use of an earth elemental forbidden scroll.

In truth, even if this spell used by the Ninth Holy Guard was powerful, it had yet to reach the strength of a forbidden spell, or could only be said to reach the edge of this boundary.

If this was a real forbidden earth element spell, the result would definitely not be the fall of a single mountain. A real forbidden spell would cause the whole mountain to shatter instantly, turning into a rain of meteors smashing the enemies.

But don't believe that all powerhouses of the ninth step are able to use forbidden spells. Even some exceeding two hundred thousand units of spiritual energy would not necessarily have the ability to execute a forbidden spell.

Making full use of a forbidden spell required a great elemental affinity, and the incantation has to be completed from beginning to end for success. Forbidden spells contain a great deal of uncertainty, and a forbidden spell won't necessarily be extremely powerful. Only when used in a suited situation could it show devastating results.

Demons are after all outsiders that don't come from this world. So the demon forbidden spells were almost all created over the past six thousand years. Their number aren't few, and all had very harsh prerequisites for activation. Only a demon god in the top ten could be certain of being able to put a forbidden spell to use. And this would be hard to guarantee for the lower ranked demon gods. In fact, this depends on the level of understanding and other aspects of the user himself.

Although the Ninth Holy Guard caused the fall of a mountain, the spell he used consumed a lot less spiritual energy than a forbidden spell would normally cost. Otherwise, how could he have completed it? But even so, this spell was sufficient to prove the gap between the other three holy guards and him.

Until the Ninth Holy Guard completed this spell, Long Haochen had yet to understand the reason for the huge respect the other three held for him.

What the Ninth Holy Guard just put in use was a combination spell, associating several spells of his element. The whole process was actually not so complex, but as one might well imagine, accomplishing that would not only require massive spiritual energy, and to rely on a mountain as base. This needed extremely meticulous calculation, control, rhythm , and to go through all sort of complex process to find the core material points.

If this mountain peak was just a bit larger, the Ninth Holy Guard would be unable to complete this spell. This proved that luck stood at the human side.

Relying on his powerful abilities of the earth element, the Ninth Holy Guard directly drilled into the mountain's body, before destroying it from the inside. Of course, the point wasn't to destroy the whole mountain, but to cause it to lean toward the side of the demon army before wrecking it. And during this time, the demons were still distracted and confused by the spell Yating activated.


The first spell used by the Ninth Holy Guard was called Fossil Softening. It uses a large amount of rock, transferring large amount of earth essence inside, to soften it, creating gaps inside of the mountain body, before enlarging these gaps.

When the gaps reached a certain level, he put all his power into the Gravity Technique, executing the forbidden spell Mountain Flooding on this mountain range.

To say nothing of the terrible might of this spell, the mere creativity to create such a spell surpassed the level reached by the mages of this age by a vast distance. Of course, the current Ninth Holy Guard had to pay an enormous cost in the process, requiring him to go into a long period of deep slumber with his other holy guard mates. Nevertheless, they were not very needed by Long Haochen for the time being. After returning to the Temple Alliance, he wouldn't lightly summon them to make use of their help. After all, they have in the end their own status as creatures born from necromancy, which would easily give birth to some unnecessary misunderstandings.


’’Still, what a shame.’’ After this short time of excitement, Long Haochen couldn't help but beat his own left palm with his right fist.

Indeed, if the Temple Alliance had a troop of elites lying in wait nearby, after the sudden attack from Mountain Flooding, perhaps all demon would reach the end of their fate in this Demon Resisting Mountain Rage.

His comrades still being in the mountain range, Long Haochen didn't dare tarry over these matters any longer. Sitting on a proper cross-legged posture, he rapidly recovered his spiritual energy. With his level of cultivation, his three spiritual cavities and his qualitative advantage as a god's chosen one, the whole process of recovery took him only a quarter of an hour. Having just absorbed so many valiant souls, the Tower of Eternity wasn't stingy at all to its new master. The concentration of light essence here was at least ten times stronger than outside.

With a glint of golden light, Long Haochen returned to the Demon Resisting Mountain Range. He restricted the light emanating from him as much as possible, as the instant he appeared, his figure made its way into the needle leaves forest underneath. This was a place he had arranged before departing.

The chaos at this place was not abated. Even from there, Long Haochen was able to hear the distant yells. Mountain Flooding's might thoroughly stopped the demons there. There were trying their utmost to help the dying and heal the injured. After all, the terrifying force of such a calamity was close to a natural disaster, where the wounded were far more numerous than the dead. Visibly, they would be stuck here for close to a quarter of an hour.

Long Haochen didn't attempt to step closer. He understood clearly that this time, the demons were not only weakened, but also very sensitive. The Fiend King of the ninth step could only be eager to encounter him.

Letting his senses raise to their peak, Long Haochen silently focused his attention on the movements of the other side, letting a smile gradually draw on his face. The damage inflicted to the demons turned out to be even more severe than his expectations. Although he didn't get to examine the details closely, he was able to sense that a large amount of demons were lying on the ground.

The best news were that at the time the mountain fall occurred, the ones who suffered the largest loss were the Demonic Bears and Hell Demons, the most powerful part of their fighting strength. In particular, the five hundred Hell Demons, could be considered to be five hundred Magic Leaders or Great Magic Leaders in the battlefield. But now, not a lot f them were left alive. Even those who weren't smashed to death were mostly shaken to death.

Not stopping over for any longer, Long Haochen decided to do the best he could. Although the enemies were seriously wounded, they weren't something their Demon Hunt Squad could contend against. The goal having been reached, he naturally chose to regroup with the others.

The Fiend King Safen was at this time coughing blood. He took the initiative to dig into the mountain to try to save as many of his subordinates as possible. Relying on his strength of the ninth step, all his interventions would reduce the rocks in an area of dozens square meters, and stop the waves from spreading in this area.

But right in front of his eyes, none of the crushed corpses were recognizable, simply reduced to mincemeat.

The relatively lightly wounded gathered with the group of Berserk Demons that managed to make it alive. The soldiers in good condition they had only amounted a third of the whole army. And at least a thousand of powerful demon soldiers were deceased in the previous event.

No matter what, this loss was unbearable in Safen's eyes. His rage was uncontrollable.

’’RAAH’’ Safen bellowed loudly at the sky, madly crushing the rock in his way with his fist, and covering the surrounding hills with holes.

’’Don't ever let me know who you are!’’ The Fiend King Safen roared madly at the sky, remembering about the golden figure that disappeared just before. Four wings, he had four wings!

’’Order everyone to bring the wounded and retreat!’’ The surprise attack having failed, ending with disastrous losses, the demon soldiers under his command were mostly injured. He had no other choice left than withdrawing. The Temple Alliance was very possibly already aware of the situation here, so if they stayed any longer, they would perhaps be unable to leave afterwards.

Filled with overflowing rancor, the Fiend King, chief of the second legion corps Safen rapidly evacuated his subordinates.

’’Boss, what magic spell did you just use?’’

When Long Haochen and his comrades joined force on the hilltop, he was almost instantly surrounded by the others. Although this place was quite distant from the land of destruction, the terrible explosions spread towards the whole Demon Resisting Mountain Range. The terrible noise was naturally heard by them as well.

Long Haochen told them the whole story, astonishing the whole audience.

’’The Ninth Holy Guard actually had such power? Could he have unleashed a forbidden spell?’’ Lin Xin sounded full of admiration. To a mage like him, the feat of having stopped such a powerful army was really shocking.


Long Haochen shook his head, ’’I am certain that this wasn't a forbidden spell. It should be the good use of his magic abilities in perfect association with the terrain. Still, you have to learn from the holy guards. Be it in terms of experience or strength, they are far above us. We have still a lot more to learn from them. ’’

Wang Yuanyuan asked, ’’Captain, since they were beaten to such extent, do you think they would continue this assault?’’

Long Haochen shook his head, ’’On my way back, I sensed that they were retreating. After all, their objective has been exposed and they suffered such damage. As long as their commander is not retarded, he would certainly not insist on this attack. The Demon Resisting Mountain Range is lacking of nothing besides mountain. If the same thing happens to them again, wouldn't they go mad? But this is good too. If the demon armies think about sneaking into the Demon Resisting Mountain Range again, I'm afraid that they would have some lingering fears from this experience. Who could expect the sudden collapse of a mountain?

Everyone smiled in agreement. Such results were simply grandiose.

At the time the demon armies finally left from the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, the day was already up. Fate seemed to have taken the side of humans, as far as the demons were concerned, they suffered was a crushing defeat.


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