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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 459


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 459: Forbidden Earth Spell? (I)

Long Haochen's hollow strike was extremely inconvenient for the Fiend Commander who was in the midst of his offense. His sword that was in an offensive flow was forcibly retracted in midair. He did so because he realized that if he kept his attack going, Long Haochen's divine sword would undoubtedly strike him first. Therefore, he could only change plans.

This was the use of the 'sword's transparent heart'. The next instant, Long Haochen could be viewed as a part of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, observing the enemy from the point of view of the sword. The reason for his last strike to be so aggressive was not because he predicted the enemy's next move, but because he completely saw through his sword's intent. This attack looked as light as a feather, but was something that opponent had to block no matter what, since it was in the way of his only escape route. This was how he gained the upper hand in a mere instant.

Back then, even Ah'Bao whose strength was far above this Fiend Commander suffered a huge loss against Long Haochen's unified sword intent. And that was against the old Long Haochen, the current him being even more proficient in his understanding regarding sword intent.

After that, Long Haochen executed a series of seven sword strikes, each one carrying the same hollow feeling, while being filled with boundless spiritual energy. These seven sword strikes forced the Fiend Commander to draw back seven times. When he stumbled from the last attack, a mouthful of black blood spilled from his mouth. Just think, for a powerhouse of the eighth step who had to resist seven attacks in a row, leaving him with no choice but to draw power from his inner reserves, what would be the backlash inflicted? In fact, Long Haochen could be said to have made use of his technique in the sword to have compelled the Fiend Commander into wounding himself.

And at this moment, the Fiend Commander finally realized the extent of Long Haochen's strength. This human who looked like someone who had at most reached the seventh step of cultivation was a threat to his life. Thus, he even considered retreat. That was a high level demon, not one that would be fearless before death such as Dual Bladed Demons or Berserk Demons.

Unfortunately, Long Haochen wouldn't let him go. After the seven sword strikes in succession, he not only forced the enemy to draw back without pause, and caused him to wound himself in the process, but also caused his own vigor to grow to its peak. Now, one could clearly see that Long Haochen's whole body was glinting with a white glint.

The ability Holy Sword was originally could only be used on one's weapon, but at this moment, Long Haochen made use of his comprehension toward sword intent and control over the light element as a god's chosen one, to turn his whole body into the Holy Sword state. At the same time, his right hand and right arm were glinting in incomparable transparence, precisely from Brilliant Body.

In simple words, those seven strikes from before were simply a way for him to charge energy. After this sequence, blasting the Fiend Commander away, wounded, Long Haochen came to a slight pause, not to recover his strength, but quite the opposite, because his bearing was close to its peak, and that now was the time to get the opponent locked.

His both hands grasping the handle of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, at the time Long Haochen's divine sword was once again raised up, the Fiend Commander suddenly felt as if the sun was about to pass through his body. A sharp sword intent was locked onto him completely, to the extent that he didn't even dare consider escaping anymore.

Even a strong existence such as the Fiend Commander of the eighth step felt his mind going somewhat blank at this time, because he was unable to make head or tail of what to do in this situation, or how to reply to the strike before his eyes.

However, he had like every living being a survival instinct. When sensing that his life was insignificant in front of the enemy, this Fiend Commander of the eighth step came to a prompt decision. Abruptly biting his tongue, and forcefully cutting off its upper part, he spouted a mouthful of blood, lit up in a scarlet color. This was the Demonic Collapse Technique only possessed by high ranked demons, that Long Haochen had encountered once against the Snake Devil Demon God Andromalius.

Merely, this Demonic Collapse Technique felt different from the version used by the Snake Devil Demon God Andromalius. Andromalius used the demon god class version, conferring a great boost, while making the side effects slightly smaller. But after this Fiend Commander would be done using the Demonic Collapse Technique, even if he didn't die from that, his cultivation would at least be forcibly dropped to the sixth step. Of course, compared to death, the cost of a loss of cultivation wasn't much.

The light fluctuations from this side attracted the attention of the demon army at the other side, resulting in the Fiend King giving the order to head there, at his best prudent state. That was because he didn't know how many enemies there were. Ever since seeing the previous crowd spell of the eighth step, he came to believe the human force that came to intercept them was considerably strong. As the commander of this elite army, he didn't dare become careless.

At this time, dark purple glints of light kept bubbling up from the five hundred Hell Demons. They were chanting at rapid speed, and in each of their hands were purplish red crystals, acting as their staves. The dark purple glints took the shape of an immense barrier, covering the whole demon army inside. This was their best defensive formation. With five hundred Hell Demons acting jointly in defense, even a powerhouse of the ninth step wouldn't possibly be able to break it without an especially powerful weapon. Now that the Fiend King sensed powerful fluctuations of light essence coming from the other side of the mountain, he couldn't care about the life or death of his underlings on that side, compared to the defense of the whole army.

A bloody red light shone on his chest, before scarlet bloody fog spread out from his body, covering the whole army. This was element control was close to the level of the domain of a ninth step user.

From the other mountain, the incomparably sharp sword intent could already be sensed, causing the Fiend King to feel a chill. It was no wonder that his estimation was so high, since sword intent didn't have a direct conversion into grade. Through the sword intent spread out from the Aria of the Goddess of Light, Long Haochen reached a level of comprehension extremely close to the divine sword wielder Ye Wushang from past. How could this level be no threat for the Fiend King?

There's no way he could have expected the team he brought in the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass to be in trouble so quickly. At this moment, even without these human powerhouses here to block them, because of the loss of the Demon Envoys, they would very rapidly get exposed. At this pôint, the Fiend King already started to consider retreat. It wasn't for the lack of courage, but because demons couldn't afford losing so much of their elites.

Among this demon army, powerhouses of the eighth step numbered at least three hundred. In fact, aside from the top five clans, no force among the demons could possibly assemble such an army. If the losses kept growing, the rage of the Death Demon God Saminaga would surely be awaiting him. Perhaps he would be directly punished by the Demon God Emperor.

A sparkling and translucent white light formed a light blade in the air, leaving a trail of flames in the air.

This light appeared in a flash, before vanishing completely. In the air, Long Haochen's figure dazzled, before the Aria of the Goddess of Light returned in his body.

His current face was extremely pale, clearly a result of massive consumption of spiritual energy. And in truth, his spiritual energy was barely enough to keep him floating. But his opponent was clearly a lot worse off. Although the Fiend Commander managed to keep himself floating, one could clearly see that on his face was a dead person's expression. Letting out a trail of blood from his head to his toes, his whole body was totally split by Long Haochen's previous strike.

This was strength, absolute strength. His sword intent combined with the Aria of the Goddess of Light caused Long Haochen's imposing manner to transcend its peak. Without sufficiently good equipment, even a powerhouse of the eighth step would hardly be able to resist him. And the most fearful thing was Long Haochen's battle experience. Before, he made himself seem weak and escaped so brazenly to attract the enemy into pursuing him. And from his counteroffensive to the death of the Fiend Commander, only a few breaths of time had passed. The whole battle was within his grasp, and he didn't give the Fiend Commander the slightest opportunity to display his real strength.

Long Haochen was certainly very young, but his experience was a lot richer than other people of his age. Just how many times did he risk his life in battle? How many desperate crises did he overcome up to now? Each of these experience became a part of his strength, transforming him. In merely a few years, he could already be compared with many of his precursors in terms of attitude and battle experience, and this was without mentioning all the powerful skills he acquired from the Holy Guards in the Tower of Eternity.

Flapping his wings with difficulty, he took advantage of the instant before the death of the Fiend Commander to absorb him in the Eternal Melody. Then Long Haochen changed his stance, facing the mountain peaks. From what he remembered, the Ninth Holy Guard flew over from there just before. But why was it that no fluctuation of spiritual energy could be sensed from there up to now?

Having borrowed strength from the souls of the other three holy guards, the Ninth Holy Guard's magic could be said to have reached the peak of the eighth step already.

While watching attentively the mountain in front of his eyes, Long Haochen rapidly returned to the ground, taking a new Great Recovery Pill, recovering his spiritual energy rapidly . In the meantime, he changed into a black gown, taking advantage of the night to conceal his figure.

At least up to now, the plan had been going smoothly! Now, all depended on how the Ninth Holy Guard would fare. Ninth, you have to be faster, otherwise, we won't be able to intimidate these demons.

That's just the way it is! Demons aren't fools either;and after this short moment of caution, they would soon notice no further movement from the other side, as well as the disappearance of the fluctuation of light elemental spiritual energy, it would the same as if they were back in the original situation.


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