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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 458


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 458: Surprise attack (III)

Having a total of four wings made him only faster. Although his cultivation didn't match the enemy, Long Haochen was surprisingly not an easy prey for that Fiend Commander of the eighth step to catch up. In the field of flight, Long Haochen was a proud disciple of the Tenth Holy Guard. The use of special maneuvers, using some very difficult movements, enabled by sudden accelerations was effective enough to outspeed the other party. On the other hand, the use of his four wings and his breathing enabled him to absorb some of the light essence disseminated in the air and recover spiritual energy.

During the time the Fiend Commander chased after Long Haochen, Yating's spell started to show its might.

Immense balls of light appeared one after another from the sky, heading straight for the core of the demons. Their aim was the group of Hell Demons.

The suddenness of the spell, along with its power that reached the peak of the eighth step, both proved out their utilities. At the time it started to descend, even the Fiend King commanding the group looked shocked.

Magic was not the same as other battle methods. It required chanting, be it for humans or demons. He never expected to be confronted so suddenly by a spell even Fiend Commanders of the eighth step couldn't do anything against, nor to be the aim of such a powerful spell.

This time, the strength of a powerhouse of the ninth step was thoroughly displayed. Although the Fiend King was aware of the fact that if the Hell Demons worked together, resisting this spell would be no issue, he didn't want to take risks. In case these meteors of light reached their ranks, the damage would be catastrophic. So he immediately intervened, planning to intercept the powerful spell himself.

Although the meteors of light had a restricted range, its was not limited by direction.

This was a strengthened version of the spell Light Meteor used by Yating before, or rather an area-restricted version.

All nine meteors were singularly smaller than the original Light Meteor, but added up together, their explosive force was a lot greater, and their area of effect became massive. With the support from Long Haochen's spiritual energy, Yating used this offensive light spell with huge area effect exceeding her own rank.

The Fiend King rushed there. The instant his body started to make its way, it lit up in a dark golden light, and the massive wings on his back spread out, flapped violently. Immediately, a huge dark golden sword appeared in his hands. This huge sword was glinting with an orange luster, unexpectedly showing its identity of darkness elemental Epic Tier equipment.

Among demons, this kind of equipment would not even be necessarily be available to demon gods! From this, the status of this Fiend King could be deduced.

The dark golden glint flashed in the air like a ray of light, and despite the massive build of the Fiend King, his movement was instantaneous, not restricted by his volume.

Immediately, the first meteor falling down came to a stop, abruptly blowing up, splashing in all direction like a rain of light.

But this was merely the beginning. The demons behind him only saw a figure full of awe, suddenly moving from one point to another in the air, totally unhindered. Each move of his produced a flicker of light, causing a golden meteor to come to a stop and explode. Although the air was still filled with an intense breath of light, the light essence didn't come into contact with any of the demons below.

At the time the Fiend King slashed onto the last golden meteor, the whole sky was glinting in gold colour. Golden Meteors Formation was a genuine Great Spell, aimed at a large area. Even though the Fiend King, in his capacity as powerhouse of the ninth step, managed to block it completely, he had to gasp for breath in pain after the skirmish. And in his face, none of the delight he should have from breaking this spell could be seen. On the contrary, this Fiend King looked extremely gloomy, as black as an old fry pan. That's because he came to realize that he had overlooked something.

Indeed, the Golden Meteors Formation was broken, none of it having reached their aim. But from the successive explosions from the meteors, each of them carrying a huge amount of light essence, how could the fluctuations disseminated not be extremely intense?

Light Meteor wasn't so simple as a spell carrying Yating's power. It absorbed a large amount of light essence from the area, before letting it burst in the form ofto a tyrannical attack. It borrowed power from the might of heavens!

A spell of this level would normally be likely to fail from the frantic accumulation of light energy, to say nothing about a situation where it was fired in such a short span.

In other words, even if the Fiend King caused the meteors to explode, they were still not neutralized .

A strong light essence surged in the sky, fluctuating, descending in magnificent shapes of microscopic specks of lights. This was an extremely destructive sea of specks of light.

Of course, the Fiend King of the ninth step didn't feel any danger, but some weaker demons certainly felt the threat.

At the time the storm of light essence appeared, the demons in the sky were few, but mainly composed of two groups, Demon Carriers and Demon Envoys.

At the beginning, when Long Haochen and Yating were discussing this spell, they didn't actually expect it to bring much damage to the demons. His main plan was to delay the demons from crossing the mountain. With his understanding and trust in Ninth Holy Guard, he believed that he would definitely show an even more earth shaking display than Yating afterwards, inevitably resulting in stalling for a great amount of time. Therefore, he thought of Yating's spell as a way to annihilate as many as possible of their support forces composed of the Demon Envoys and Demon Carriers.

How could this be accomplished? That was the role of the Golden Meteors Formation. If Long Haochen was the Fiend King in charge of the group, what would he do? It was after putting himself in his shoes that this plan came to him.

As a matter of fact, it turned out to be successful. The Fiend King really intercepted the Light Meteors, to prevent the Hell Demons below from suffering damage. But he lost in the process two thirds of the Demon Envoys and Demon Carriers. In such a chaos formed from light essence, even the surviving Demon Envoys were mostly greatly wounded. And this was for the luckiest of them, who were in the periphery of the area.

Propelled by the four wings on his back, Long Haochen made a turn, suddenly heading upwards, before sweeping across the Fiend Commander at his back. Immediately, his body flickered four times in a row, changing direction in midair every time, rendering the attacks of the Fiend Commander at his tracks unsuccessful.

The next instant, the wings on his left side suddenly vanished, and both wings on his right side flapped with great force. It was as if Long Haochen's body went out of control, spinning round and round in the air. In the meantime as he spinned, Aria of the Goddess of Light appeared in his hand, sweeping horizontally to stab at the Fiend Commander.

Don't attach too much importance to the difference of strength between the two sides. In fact the Fiend Commander didn't have any means to catch up to Long Haochen. In the aspect of flying ability, he was lacking by a mile compared to Long Haochen.

In speed of straight flight, Long Haochen's four wings didn't make him any inferior. And that was to say nothing of the fact Long Haochen had his numerous flying techniques.

At the current time, the Fiend Commander following Long Haochen was already at the lateral side of one of the two mountains they were circling around, increasing their distance from the demon army. Of course, Long Haochen had been keeping tabs to the changes of the army located there. In case the demons sent powerful reinforcement against him, he would immediately prepare to return through the Tower of Eternity.

However, they were obviously more preoccupied by the previous fall of meteors. The good news was that at least that for a moment, no reinforcement would come after him. As for these Grand Fiends, they were far from having caught up with Long Haochen and the Fiend Commander yet.

Seeing the sudden attack from Long Haochen, who had been fleeing all this time, the Fiend Commander unconsciously used the heavy sword in his hand to parry Long Haochen's horizontal blow.

With a tingling sound, Long Haochen changed trajectory once again in midair. From his previous spinning state, he actually borrowed force from the last block of the Fiend Commander, making his body stagnate in midair. Then a golden and a blue glow shone, resounding with a dragon cry was aimed straight at the Fiend Commander.

That was one of the supreme skills Long Haochen was most proficient in, the Dual Dragons of Light and Rain, powerful offensive technique combining both offense and control in one.

Long Haochen's counterattack was very sudden, at least fast enough to catch the Fiend Commander unprepared. But the Fiend Commander still deserved this title;after the first clash against the Aria of the Goddess of Light, his body came to a stop, and the heavy sword in his hand drew a circular trajectory. Accompanied with ear-splitting sounds, the sky was lit in bloody light, clashing head-on against Long Haochen's Dual Dragon Binding of Light and Rain.

If Cai'er had retained her memories and was present, she'd definitely identify that this Fiend Commander of the eighth step Long Haochen was confronted to was even more powerful than the one she killed before.

The might of this Fiend's Bloody Moon was enormous. The instant the two techniques clashed, the dragon cry from Dual Dragons of Light and Rain faded away, but that bloody moon was also crushed.

Both Long Haochen and the Fiend Commander were astonished, because they were both confident in their techniques. The difference between the two was that Long Haochen had a backup plan.

In the short instant following the launch of Dual Dragons of Light and Rain, Long Haochen who was in a standstill entered into the boundary of the sword's transparent heart. In his right hand, the Aria of the Goddess of Light shifted and aimed a chop at the sky.

From the significant time they spent flying, a great part of his spiritual energy was back. In particular, from the burst of Dual Dragons of Light and Rain burst, the light essence in the air increased. This was naturally a good opportunity Long Haochen wouldn't let go of. And that source of the spell being the spiritual energies of both Yating and him, the absorption was a lot faster for him. So his current spiritual energy was already half back. This was a display of the dominance of a god's chosen one. With the fact he took a few Great Spiritual Recovery Pills in addition, Long Haochen had recovered the ability to fight. After all, not many of his abilities needed him to have over ten thousand units of spiritual energy available for launch.


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