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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 457


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 457: Surprise Attack (II)

But unfortunately, the Demon Carrier's ability had found the wrong target. If Long Haochen was instead using his former Glorious Holy Shield, its powerful ability would immediately show weakness. But what kind of existence was the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon? Even a powerhouse of the ninth step would have difficulty in piercing its defense.

And in fact, as a god's chosen one, and a Templar Knight, Long Haochen's most powerful abilities weren't offense oriented but defense oriented.

The green mucus descended, immediately encountering the soft rebound of the shield. Despite its viscosity, the area of ten meters surrounding Long Haochen and Yating didn't get covered in any of the mucus, all of which were repelled by Shield Wall.

This was the first time Long Haochen brought out the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon in real battle, and undoubtedly, the results were top notch.

Right at this moment, under the lead of the Fiend Commander of the eighth step, the Fiend Team also arrived.

The purity and the force of the light essence released from Yating's body shocked all the demons present, or rather birthed fear. This total accumulation of spiritual energy produced terrible fluctuations that could burst at any time, making all the demons with least bit of intelligence to feel its threat.

For this reason, a Fiend Commander of the eighth step was dispatched. After all, the Fiend King at the ninth step wouldn't go act personally.

The Fiend Commander didn't have his brothers launch a probing attack first. His perception being the greatest, his sense of urgency was just as great. The dark red heavy sword in his hand drew a large curve, aiming straight at Long Haochen's Shield Wall.

Bang! With a dark red light flowing all over the place, terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy burst out, crushing all the vegetation in the surrounding hundred square meters, as the terrible darkness element energy even made it so that those Grand Fiends didn't dare get close.

However, the Fiend Commander's attacks were futile. Inside the Shield Wall, Long Haochen was entirely covered in golden, and the spiritual energy released by Yating instead became even more fragrant, this being precisely the Bright Vengeance following divine Obstruction.

The combination of Shield Wall with divine Obstruction formed the most complete defense for a Guardian Knight to protect his comrades and himself. Moreover, Long Haochen was using the Epic Tier Equipment divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Long Haochen was now already at the seventh step of cultivation, but when fighting head on, he had the strength to confront a powerhouse of the eighth step. Originally, the reason why the battle that he fought with Ah'Bao was so disadvantageous was that his cultivation was really too inferior, thus why he suffered such a loss.

At the time the Fiend Commander's attack clashed against the shield, Long Haochen realized clearly that his fighting strength had been increased by the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. An originally single point attack was spread all over the shield.

That rebound of the shield kept repeating itself sixteen times. At every quiver, a massive dispel of attack power came. This way, the trembling that finally reached Long Haochen's hand was negligible. In other words, even if Long Haochen hadn't used divine Obstruction, the mere Shield Wall would have been enough to resist the attack from the Fiend Commander, something Long Haochen didn't even expect.

Of course, it wasn't like the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon could be used by anybody to counteract opposing attacks. Wouldn't that simply be defying the natural order? First of all, divine Snail of Sun and Moon had only appeared three times in history. Gaining its approval could only be done by a god's chosen one of light attribute.

Secondly, a certain strength was also necessary for the god's chosen one who gained its approval. Long Haochen happened to be at the seventh step of cultivation, which was just enough to be qualified. And even so, he had yet to reach the level of strength to unleash its full might.

In other words, the seventh step of strength was the bottom line.

To another powerhouse of the seventh step with a shield at Epic Tier, blocking the attack of a powerhouse of the eighth step wouldn't be anything of a surprise. But one shouldn't forget that the attributes of the shield and Long Haochen concorded, making them even more likely to resist the attack.

Since he acquired the shield, except from being unusable at certain times of the day, Long Haochen didn't find any issue regarding the shield. On the contrary, he kept finding it more and more formidable. Its size was malleable, going up to a limit of a hundred meters in length, from the size of a palm. The most remarkable aspect however was that even when enlarged to its limit, the decrease in defense wasn't significant, but when shrinking to the minimal size, its defense was comparable to a divine tool.

The Fiend Commander's attack being parried, his body was repelled before falling to the ground. The shield's repelling force wasn't so great, but it still astonished him, letting him feel the great defensive strength of the item.

At this time, the Grand Fiends were already surrounding him, and without need for any order, they jointly attacked him from all directions. The divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon started to look like a lofty mountain, unyielding no matter which attack came.

Of course, Long Haochen's spiritual energy was still consumed to some extent against such series of attacks;but Epic Tier equipment nonetheless deserved their reputation. The divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon had only one ability, and that was defense. Its consumption of Long Haochen's spiritual energy was especially negligible. If the situation remained this way, resisting the attacks of these Grand Fiends for several hours was no issue.

The Fiend Commander snarled to the sky, directing his heavy sword at the direction of the sky. Letting out glints of red light, it reverberated with a loud sound. The red light rose up, and in the process, rapidly raged toward the opposite direction. This was a signal to the rest of the army, that the enemy they encountered was hard to handle.

Immediately, the Fiend Commander started to wield his sword with two hands, letting a strong darkness attribute spread out from it. Then his underlings Grand Fiends gathered behind him, forming a row, one after another. This seemed like... the Cojoined Spiritual Gathering ability prided by the Fiend Clan! In fact, it was originally by researching the crystals from the Fiend Clan that Lin Xin had created the Cojoined Spiritual Pills.

Immediately, the strength of the Fiend Commander started increasing several-fold. Waves of darkness spiritual energy bubbled forth, and the darkness sword in his hands glowed in an increasingly intense light, gradually becoming covered in dark flames, extending over thirty meters in range. A really terrible sight.

Long Haochen was extremely calm. He understood clearly that even if this Fiend Commander had the cojoined boost from his underlings, his total cultivation won't possibly be boosted break through the ninth step from that. The ninth step is after all a massive bottleneck, that even Andromalius couldn't pass even through the means of something as majestic as a demon god pillar. Therefore, his next attack would at most reach the boundary of the eighth step.

The divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon combined both Shield Wall and divine Obstruction, giving Long Haochen the certainty of being able to block the next strike.

During this entanglement, Long Haochen could clearly sense that Yating's spell was about to be complete.

A dark red fire suddenly lit up, taking the shape of a gigantic edge of blade, rushing over while producing thundering blast sounds. Tearing up a large area of air, it's terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy caused the ground under Long Haochen and Yating to sink.


A gigantic dark red blade of light ferociously struck that orange colored shield, letting place to a shocking scene. An orange and dark red ring spread out, and a languid dragon cry could be heard from the sky.

All the Fiends behind the Fiend Commander instantly fell on the ground, from the massive shock that spread from his attack. The Fiend Commander was also blown seven steps back. His two hands holding his sword were also numb.

No matter what, he was unable to imagine how it could be that his attack that reached the peak of the eighth step was still be unable to break through the opponent's defense. And the next instant, he found out that brilliant fireworks were starting to soar.

Series of golden light were surging, bringing about a dazzling and incomparably thick light element in the air. Every bolt of golden light that ascended expanded at monstrous speed, to the extent that even as it gained altitude very quickly, it didn't seem any smaller.

With a flash of golden light, Yating disappeared in Long Haochen's chest, her spell having finished, without even the energy left to witness the results of her magic.

The orange colored light vanished, as Long Haochen swept a cold glance at that Fiend Commander. Flapping the four wings on his back, his figure flashed, immediately fleeing afar.

The Fiend Commander obviously was unwilling to let go of him like that. With a hiss, he promptly chased after him using his enormous fiendish wings.

Although Long Haochen had repelled the opponent with his previous attack, he wasn't any better off either. After all, that blow was at the peak of the eighth step. But still, thanks to the toughness of the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon and its joint use with divine Obstruction, Long Haochen didn't receive much damage.

However, this consumed a good amount of his spiritual energy. The previous attack caused the remaining amount of Long Haochen's spiritual energy to plummet abruptly.

As the time he spent using it increased, Long Haochen's understanding of the shield also went up. He also came to grasp the ability of this shield. Even if his spiritual energy was nearly exhausted at this point, the enemy could not inflict him the slightest bit of damage.

However, the current situation meant he was clearly not fit to go handle that Fiend Commander. He still had to provide support to the Ninth Holy Guard, and don't forget that a large portion of his spiritual energy had already been consumed by Yating's spell. Choosing to face the enemy in such circumstances, when considering that their reinforcements weren't present nearby, would simply be stupid.


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