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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 456


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 456: Surprise attack! (I)

However, this army of demon was really well trained. When suddenly targeted by such an attack, they still didn't show any signs of panic. All the Hell Demons gathered together, guarded singularly by all the Demonic Bears, making their pairings a good match. The Berserk Demons and Fiends also showed response from their own sides. More precisely, a half of the Fiends flew to the sky, intercepting the falling stones in the sky. At least with their act of smashing the rocks to pieces, their volume lessened.

Also, another portion of the demons headed to the offense, directly flying to the two sides, at a very rapid speed.

Without a doubt, it was Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian that appeared on the two sides. They found it very difficult to find such a fitting location to get in move.

Long Haochen didn't worry for their safety at all. Everyone having fought demons for so long together, obviously knew what to do. The Demon Resisting Mountain Range was the best place possible to conceal themselves, relying on their spiritual stoves, equipment, and abilities. If the demons wanted to ambush them, things would be easier said than done. By retreating right after the moments of action, they wouldn't give the enemy any chance to surround them.

Long Haochen also took advantage of the chance and closed the little gap behind. Swiftly summoning the four holy guards along, explaining to them the situation before their eyes as well as his objective.

’’Try your best to make the enemy conspicuous, while delaying their advance.’’

Among the four holy guards, the three last ranked all looked at the Ninth Holy Guard, who looked back at the other three holy guards, before looking at Long Haochen, ’’Master, what level of importance shall we attach to the task of delaying or killing these enemies?’’

Long Haochen replied without hesitation, ’’Very, very important.’’ The Ninth Holy Guard nodded in response to him, before looking at the other three holy guards, saying in a heavy voice, ’’Then please let me borrow your strengths.’’

Then he looked at Long Haochen once again, ’’Master, this time, after helping you settling this issue, we will need to lie dormant for over a month, to recover from the consumption of soul force.’’

Long Haochen had a great surprise. Right when he wanted to inquire about that, the other three holy guards started speaking in a sort of special language. Their movements were very organized. As soon as they started to surround the ninth holy guard, their bodies shivered violently, then the soulfire in their eyes pulsed intensely.

With shock, Long Haochen saw creamy white color separate from their eyes and transfer into the Ninth Holy Guard's body.

The aura of the three holy guards weakened at an alarming speed, but conversely, the body of the Ninth Holy Guard enlarged at a monstrous speed, almost taking a mere instant to break through from the peak of the seventh step to the eighth step, without stopping at all.

This is...

After a short time of shock, Long Haochen realized that the three Great Holy Guards were transferring their soul force to the Ninth Holy Guard.

And that wasn't an ordinary soul force, but the soul force in their very root. Otherwise, why would they weaken to such extent?


A red glow of light took the initiative to return in the Eternal Melody. That was the Twelfth Holy Guard. Long Haochen immediately lost sight of his existence. It appeared to be as he said, he went in profound sleep. The Eleventh Holy Guard lasted only a little longer than the Twelfth, and then the Tenth followed.

The whole transfer took them only ten seconds and no more. When the three Great Holy Guards all disappeared, look Haochen found to his shock that the Ninth Holy Guard had undergone a heaven splitting change. His body was the same size, but the orange soulfire pulsing in his eyes had acquired a faint golden gloss. Meanwhile, the milky white colored bones seemed to have gained a flaming glow. Right after nodding to Long Haochen, his body soared, facing the direction of the mountain peak on the side. Disappearing in a blink of eye, he left Long Haochen only a message before that. That he would stall against these demons, and prevent them from covering the area between these two hills.

Although he had no idea what the Ninth Holy Guard was planning, Long Haochen had absolute belief in these holy guard's loyalty. Moreover, the Ninth Holy Guard's action of drawing support from the other three holy guards' soul force couldn't possibly be a common technique. In a flash of light, Long Haochen summoned Yating to his side. Meanwhile, the falling stones finished falling from the sky, and Sima Xian as well as Wang Yuanyuan already withdrew. After finding out about the disappearance of the danger, this army of demons was bound to continue advancing. To them, this was nothing more than having gotten caught by the Temple Alliance. But since they were already so deep inside the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, they couldn't retreat as if nothing happened. After all, even if these elites couldn't surprise the Exorcist Mountain Pass with their attack, the Alliance would definitely not be able to block their advance easily.


It was for this reason that Long Haochen wanted to delay them, and for that, he had to make these demons feel they are under threat. Only this way would he be able to force them into a defensive formation. After exchanging a few simple words with Yating, Long Haochen disappeared in a flash, appearing behind Yating. Placing his hands on her back, he poured his extremely pure light elemental spiritual energy into her body.

This was Brilliant World, an ability that not only Yating could use, but Long Haochen too. Long Haochen was a knight, not a mage, and although he was able to use light magic, most of them were support oriented. Even if these could be of use in battle, it would only be magic targeted at influencing himself, and couldn't be long ranged attacks. Otherwise, wouldn't knights just be strong in every era?

But Yating wasn't the same. Being a light fairy, she was a light mage through and through. Her affinity to light far surpassed a human mage's. And from the large amount of vitality she absorbed in the Illusory Paradise, plus her fusion with Long Haochen's Saint Spiritual Stove, Yating already evolved close to the level of an advanced fairy. Her strength kept increasing along with Long Haochen's cultivation, because she lived in Long Haochen's spiritual cavities.

And she could also be said to be half the reason for Long Haochen's speed of cultivation.

Just like Yating reached the seventh step of cultivation because of Long Haochen's help, her ability of condensing light essence went into a whole new level.

Slowly lifting her staff, she caused the surroundings to lit up. Resonant chants were let out from her mouth, like a carefree and relaxed touching music.

The fluctuations of Long Haochen's and Yating's spiritual energies rapidly gained in intensity. His golden eyes also became more and more brilliant, the four wings on his back spreading out. At this time, he didn't have any more need to conceal himself. His spiritual wings and Yating's lightly flapped, and in this state, their absorption speed of the light essence reached a colossal level.

How could the gathering of an incomparable amount of intense light essence not attract the attention of the demons? Almost immediately, the Carriers and the Envoys in the sky discovered the activity going on there.

The Envoys let out sharp hisses as warning, and immediately, a group of twenty Grand Fiends led by a Fiend Commander of the eighth step came by flight in their direction.

With a Fiend Commander of the eighth step as commander, the group of Grand Fiends of the fifth step was no weaker than the one Long Haochen's group encountered in the Desolate Hissing Cavern, and moreover, they had plenty of room to get reinforcement.

The enemy's actions were naturally perceived by Long Haochen, but he didn't show the slightest reaction. Remaining inattentive to the enemy, he poured his spiritual energy into Yating's body. Now, what he had to do was to do everything to support Yating in completing this spell.

The current Yating looked ethereal, like a bottomless pit, and even Long Haochen was totally unaware of what her fairy language incantation was for. But he was certain that this was a spell Yating had never used before. As for its level of power, there was no way to know before Yating completes it. But his confidence toward the holy guards as well as her was absolute.


Long Haochen's location was about two thousand meters away from the Fiend Army. Although this wasn't a very close distance, the flying Fiends didn't need much time to cover it.

And furthermore, the Fiends weren't the only one to come by flight. They were followed by a Demon Carrier, to restrict Long Haochen.

After all, Long Haochen was at the ground level. Unlike Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian who had it really easy to escape atop the mountain, and only had to pierce through the rocks in their way while borrowing power from their spiritual wings to make themselves very hard to pursue. The Demon Carriers' speed was also limited.

Visibly, the enemy had already gotten quite close. Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, showing the qualities of a Templar Knight as well as the calm of a Demon Hunt Squad Captain.

At this very moment, in Long Haochen's senses the location of every single demon appeared very clearly. Even the way they were prepared to attack appeared very clear to him.

While lifting up his two hands concentrating the power from Brilliant Body, a dense orange glow rushed forth before him, almost instantly covering Yating and him in its scope. That was the powerful Guard Knight defensive skill, Shield Wall.

Despite being the same skill, the defense this time was not the same as the time Long Haochen used it for the first time in the Swamps of Gloom. The time they were there, he had to protect the whole team, but now, the only ones he had to defend were Yating and himself.

The orange shield seemed to appear only on two sides, just like an immense shell, protecting the two of them. An orange luster came out from its center, and if one looked by afar, he would feel that the current divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon felt as if an orange color was inlaid within.

The first attacks to reach weren't the Fiends', but the Demon Carriers' mucus. Bringing about a strong stench of green mucus in large scale, which rapidly covered a thousand meters range.


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