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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 455


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 455: The Demon Elites in the Demon Resisting Mountain Range(III)

’’That won't do. Boss, it's too dangerous.’’ Lin Xin said with almost no hesitation. Long Haochen's battle plans were spoken nonchalantly, but in fact, coming in close range to grab the attention of this demon army was no trivial matter! In fact, among their ranks were Demon Carriers. Their mucus fluid affected a large area, in case one gets hit, even with Long Haochen's cultivation, escape would be almost impossible.

Hearing Lin Xin's words, Long Haochen's tone became strict, ’’We are Demon Hunters, so braving danger is natural to us. And no one is more fitting than me for this task. Be at ease, I will have the help from the four holy guards and Yating. Haoyue's strength is also back to eighty percent, and with the concealment from the Tower of Eternity, there's no way I'd be unable to escape. Furthermore, if I am only by myself, escaping will be even easier. So having me charge is the best option. I cannot let these demons enter the range of the Alliance no matter what. Otherwise, many people will surely be put in a terrible situation. Who knows how many of our compatriots will be harmed by these demons. Time is precious, we have to act with haste.’’

Saying these words, Long Haochen took the initiative to press his way forward, only stepping on the rocks with the tip of his feet. As if he was gliding downward, his body remained in midair, with his spiritual energy restrained.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian glanced at each other, immediately heading down. Although they weren't as strong as Long Haochen, their speed was still a lot faster than when going up.

Chen Ying'er gloomily commented, ’’And yet again I've no part to play in. I really feel more and more useless.’’

Cai'er sat down beside her, and also started complaining, ’’Aren't I the same? He never brings me when doing these kind of things! He clearly thinks he's strong enough by himself.’’

Seeing Cai'er throwing a tantrum of sorts, Chen Ying'er anger suddenly disappeared. Raising the corners of her mouth, she let out a laugh, ’’Cai'er, I like seeing you like this. You're so cute. If I was a man, I would definitely go after you.’’

Cai'er blinked her big eyes, looking at the direction where Long Haochen left, answering the point, ’’He's really not going to be in danger right?’’

Lin Xin let out a mischievous laughter, ’’Be at ease;it won't be the case. As Boss said, having him go by himself is really going to be the safest. Vice-captain, I am realizing that you are showing more and more concern for him. Is it that your memories are resurfacing?’’

Cai'er shook her head, ’’I still can't remember. I just have the feeling that I somehow know him. And also, he's treating me so well. Being with him make me feel safe.’’

Chen Ying'er exclaimed lightly, ’’I'm envy you. Compared to a certain someone, Boss is really so much stronger. If I got to know him a bit younger, maybe I would have snatched him from you.’’

Cai'er winked once more, ’’You don't seem so capable of it though.’’

’’Puhuhu’’ Lin Xin had difficulty containing his laughter, Chen Ying'er was staring with some surprise at Cai'er. However, seeing her pure beauty, she finally ended up discouraged. Right! Who could possibly snatch Long Haochen from Cai'er's hands.

Travelling from peak to peak, Long Haochen only felt as if he had become wind at this point, despite having not released his spiritual wings. Because the rays of light released from his spiritual wings were extremely bright, he would very easily be found out if he did, whereas he had to do his utmost to conceal his aura at this very moment.

Over ten thousand units of spiritual energy was transferred at every breath Long Haochen took breath. As the three spiritual cavities in his body were absorbing light essence in the air, his body felt a lot lighter. But under the effects of the biting cold, his descent wasn't so fast, as he seemed to stick to the ground.

A faint twisting light appeared on Long Haochen's forehead, looking close to the anti probing protective barrier ability of the Demonic Eye.

Long Haochen obviously didn't use any ability of mental type, but never forget about his exceptional mental force.

Although he wasn't a powerhouse of mental type, thus making him unable to directly use mental force, given the extreme heights reached by his mental capacity, even a direct attack of the Demonic Eye's Mental Shock would not show much effect. Long Haochen wasn't able to use related techniques, but had the ability to transfer his powerful mental capacity, concentrating it all around his body, to form a layer of mental barrier. This was a different approach leading to the same result as the Demonic Eye's technique.

However, as his mental capacity was entirely being used and covered the surroundings of his body, he was unable to use it to cover his surroundings. For this reason, this kind of method for using mental force could only be used to conceal himself when far away.

Being a Templar Knight of the seventh step, being able to move unhindered in this mountain was naturally no issue to Long Haochen. Making sure to follow the path shown previously by the Demonic Eye, he pressed his way forward.

Of course, going alone was a lot faster than when he was accompanied by a crew. As this short trip went on, the distance separating him and the demons gradually shrank.

Because it was in the south, the vegetations present here was lesser, only composed of some low height trees.

Concealing only Long Haochen was perhaps feasible, but concealing an army of several thousand demons here would really be difficult.

For this reason, when Long Haochen went through the third mountain, he was already able to see the path the demons were taking with his exceptional eyesight.

Looking from afar, these demon powerhouses seemed to be forming a locust shape, as they advanced at flying speed towards the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

They really deserved being called demon elites. Their travelling speed was incredibly fast, also, they were extremely calm, not making any superfluous noise, nor any fluctuations from their spiritual energy, as they climbed by relying solely on their tyrannical physical constitutions.

Without a doubt, the weakest in physical abilities within these demons were the Hell Demons, so they were carried and defended on the backs of the Demonic Bears, placed in the middle of their formation. However, in contrast with their weak physical constitutions, they had very powerful magic. Although he had never crossed swords with one before, Long Haochen was able to imagine the terrifying sight that would arise from a joint attack of this whole group of Hell Demons. Even if they were to attack the Demon Resisting Mountain Range from the front, that would still cause terrible losses on the material defenses of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, or even damage the soldiers themselves.

In grouped battle or city defense, mages would have the greatest impact. So among the fortifications of the Six Great Temples, the Mage Temple's is known as the hardest to break through.

Fixing his eyes on the army's rapid advance, Long Haochen sunk into thought for a short time, before making his resolve very quickly.

At least for the moment, he couldn't act yet. Seeing the demon army in such a neat formation, if he were to choose this time for a surprise attack, the Demon Carrier's mucus would perhaps instantly come. And that time, his only means of escape would be to borrow power from either Haoyue or the Tower of Eternity. Unless left without other options, causing a commotion in such a situation was out of question.

So he had to wait for this elite army's formation to start becoming disorderly. That would be the time to strike.

Of course, he wouldn't foolishly aim for those heavily protected Hell Demons. That would be making a huge overestimation of his own capabilities. The envoys and carriers in the sky were his targets.

The fact that both were specialized at support was no reason to underestimate their utility. With their presence, the human mage scouts would be blinded, making them invisible to the human armies until reaching the point of contact.

I need a plan. Long Haochen preserved a certain distance from the demon armies, while following them from behind. Like that, they advanced together towards the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

At the moment, they were already in the second half of the night. At most in two hours, the sun would start setting. But the night was moonless. This was the period right before dawn, which would often be the darkest of the day. As the sky was pitch-black, it made it hard for them to find their way.

Right at this time, a faint purple glint suddenly shone from afar. Long Haochen unconsciously gazed up to the sky, a smile drawn on his face. He knew that the opportunity he was waiting had come.

This purple light caught the attention of the large demon army. This army of elites was extremely united, actually instantly coming to a total stop, immobilizing themselves. All the demons kept watch, and a moment later, dense smell of darkness filled the air thoroughly.

Right at this moment, in the region lit up in purple, a loud band sounded out, seemingly swaying the whole Demon Resisting Mountain Range. Immediately , series of rumbling bangs followed tightly, violently shaking the surroundings from that particular peak.

In those faintly discernible glint of gold and purple color, one could see traces of great amount of rock dropping from the sky, falling down at mad speed towards the bottom of the mountains.

Meanwhile, another mountain peak started to produce the same loud rumbling sounds, with a large amount of rocks falling down from the mountain.

At this time, the demon armies were passing through a mountain cavity, so the falling stones were descending from peaks from both sides. Being just halfway through the path, they couldn't make it in time for escape. This was a situation where they could neither advance nor retreat.

Although this was in the midst of the mountain, the peak and the bottom were separated by over one kilometer. The sudden appearance of these falling stones and their speed made their terrible power not the slightest inferior to the spell of the sixth step Falling Stones Rain.


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