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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 454


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 454: The Demon Elites in the Demon Resisting Mountain Range (I)

Han Yu's eyes lit up, immediately seeing through Long Haochen's intention.

Clearly, if this group was heading out from the mountain, they would most likely be humans. But if they were headed for the mountain, the probability of them being demons would be much higher. Humans would after all rarely set defenses in this area. For this reason, regardless of whether these sudden troops are humans or demons, they were probably headed for a raid.

The Demonic Eye lightly swayed its tentacles. Being a mental type magical beast, its utility could sometimes be even greater than higher ranked magical beasts. Being able to float, it simply flew without a care towards the place where he detected some presences. If one paid careful attention, he would realize that a slightly distorted area surrounding the body of the Demonic Eye. That was its mental fluctuations. With these, any scouting spell in contact with the area would react as if it was air, unable to register the slightest reaction, especially the ones launched from a distance.

The Demonic Eye just returned. The whole process of scouting the whole area only took him only about a quarter of an hour. On his return, without need for Han Yu to say anything, it's huge eye let out a silver white luster. Immediately, brilliant rays were shot in front of the group, revealing a scene in front of everyone's eyes.

Seeing the scene, Han Yu was greatly startled, ’’Oh, so you gained yet another ability upon evolving. It's actually able to store images. How great!’’

The others couldn't help but sigh in awe before that sight, staring at it. Immediately, serious expressions appeared on their faces.

The ones that appeared in the scene were demons. They were silently riding over the mountain, climbing over the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

One could clearly see that among these demons, some were floating and dispersing distorted light waves all around them. They belonged to a small demon clan, called Demon Envoys. They specialized in mental attribute, but still couldn't compare to a commander ranked Demonic Eye. Their cultivation, roughly, at the fourth step, made them capable of using a mental protective screen like Demonic Eye.

Because, the Demonic Eye surpassed them in cultivation by a great margin, despite both being mental attribute magical beast, he still discerned their presence clearly .

The Demon Envoys numbered at least thirty. Having fierce-looking ugly faces, they were about the size of human infants. Their mental fluctuation covered the entirety of the demon armies.

These demon troops weren't huge, only roughly five thousand in number. However, from Long Haochen's understanding of them, these were definitely elite troops.

Aside from Demon Envoy, in the sky were Demon Carriers, sharp tongued with large hollow bellies. Although they don't have many abilities for combat, their strength in restricting others was something Long Haochen's group saw and experienced personally. Back then, it was because of those that Tian Qing's king grade Demon Hunt Squad they had encountered nearly died when surrounded by the Jacques Demons. Among the ground troops, roughly a thousand Berserk Demons were standing at the front. From the Demonic Eye's record, one could clearly see that this thousand Berserk Demons were clearly elites, among which over a hundred Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons stood as leaders, each one of them leading nine ordinary Berserk Demon.

Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons have strength at the sixth step, and the most powerful of them can reach the seventh step. As for the elite Berserk Demons, they ought to be roughly at the fifth step of cultivation.

In fact, Berserk Demons are an elite race. Among them, the total count of Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon totalled no more than two hundred. Their fighting strength on the ground wasn't simply limited to them being a valiant crew, but an unyielding group of soldiers until death. The Temple Alliance describes them generally as Mad Demon believers, making clear from this how valiant as a fighter they are.

The thousand plus Berserk Demons aside, the real main force of these elite troops consisted some true powerhouses. First were the five hundred Demonic Bears, of tremendous build, extraordinary strength and unpierceable defense. Even the most ordinary Demonic Bear was at the sixth step. To an army, having existences such as Demonic Bears was like equipping an extremely solid independant shield to its troops.

Behind the Demonic Bears came five hundred demons of a kind Long Haochen's group had never seen. These demons let out specks of light from their bodies, looked humanoid at first, but if one took special care, they would notice that their bodies were actually floating in midair, above the ground. Clad in cloaks, all their hands were grasping staves flickering in the same light as their bodies.

’’What kind of demons are these?’’ Wang Yuanyuan asked in puzzlement, ’’They shouldn't be Star Demons right? They are all supposed to be clad in orange color, making them very easy to identify.’’

Long Haochen's face became serious, ’’These should be Hell Demons, experts in darkness magic. Among demons, the two pure magic focused demon races are really powerful. The first is naturally the Star Demon Clan hailed as the most powerful clan of magic users. Relying on the Great Prophecy Technique, their position among demons has never been swayed. But another powerful kind of magic focused demons exists, and it's the Hell Demons, from the pure magic clan of the same name, that we are seeing before our eyes. Their chief is the fifth demon god currently, Hell Demon God Marbas, of majestic position within demons. In fact among demon gods, one could say that the ones with real influence could be said to be the Moon Demon God Agares, the Star Demon God Vassago, the Demon God of Death Saminaga and this Hell Demon God Marbas. I didn't expect this group of Hell Demons to show, and actually have over five hundred members. They should be at least at the sixth step of cultivation, and there is bound to be some over this level among their ranks.’’

A thousand Berserk Demons, five hundred Demonic Bears, Hell Demons and then, three thousand Grand Fiends, led by another Fiend, reaching eight meters in height, with blood colored wings on its black. At the time this powerful Grand Fiend appeared in the Demonic Eye's image, it stopped a second later. Clearly, the Demonic Eye feared getting discovered by him.

’’Could that be a Demon King ranked Fiend?’’ Han Yu let out a gasp.

Long Haochen silently nodded, ’’Should be the case. Some say that the Death Demon God Saminaga has under his lead four Grand Fiend Demon Kings, while some say that there are six of them. All are powerhouses of the ninth step, treated as brothers by Saminaga. This troop is really too fearful. I cannot say whether we are lucky or not.’’

Everyone naturally understood what Long Haochen's words meant. Their luck could be said to be good because they discovered this demon troop. At least they would have the opportunity to send a warning sign to the Templa Alliance. But what was there to warn them about? In front of this elite corps they only felt helpless, what could they do? The level of danger was as one might well imagine, far surpassing their whole encounter in the Swamps of Gloom.

The greatest danger in the Swamps of Gloom was the unknown. But the demons before their eyes were a real crushing threat. To say nothing about them, even a Titled Demon Hunt Squad would definitely not confront such a powerful and fearful demon troop head on.

Even with the strength of the demons, they would certainly at most be able to dispatch ten elites troops of such scale. This was five thousand of them, among whom both the long distance attackers and close quarters soldiers are from high standing races! Even if their equipment could not compare to humans, their individual strength could only be described as terrifying, being an army reaching at least the sixth step. In fact, the humans could not possibly even gather two teams of this scale.

Lin Xin wrinkled his brows, ’’Are they looking to raid the Alliance from inside? If this army manages to enter the Alliance, I don't even dare imagine the consequences.’’

Long Haochen nodded in silence.

Han Yu informed Long Haochen, ’’Captain, I have the information. This army is trying to avoid getting detected as they advance. I can certainly go faster by myself. I will be bringing the Demonic Eye with me. With his mental screen, I can surely reach the Exorcist Mountain Pass before them to call for reinforcements. At least, I will be able to inform the people defending the Demon Resisting Mountain Range. I believe that they will have their own ways to inform the troops on the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. ’’

Long Haochen blinked, and replied after pondering for a short time, ’’Okay. Then thanks for your trouble. Be extremely careful. We will be trying our utmost to buy you some time.’’ Since such a powerful team already entered the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, they could absolutely not waste any time. The earlier they informed the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, the more favourable the situation would be for them. Thus, he made the prompt decision to immediately go with Han Yu's suggestion.

Originally, the best candidate to go inform them should be Cai'er.

Being an assassin, she certainly surpassed Han Yu in speed as well as concealing abilities. But the issue was that now that she hadn't her memories, the degree of uncertainty of letting her do this job was just too great. Long Haochen really didn't dare let her handle this task. Everything aside, what if she lost her way in the Demon Resisting Mountain Range?

Immediately after summoning the Demonic Eye, Han Yu immediately descended the mountain from the other side. Before he left, Lin Xin specially pressed him to accept a few bottle of spiritual energy recovering pills. It was very clear that Han Yu had to head for the Demon Resisting Mountain Range at his fastest speed. This without a doubt would come with an enormous consumption to him.

After Han Yu left, Long Haochen formed a circle with the others, ’’This demon troop isn't anything we can possibly contend against. Not only us, but even the Demon Resisting Mountain Range can honestly not. We are not experts in the aspects of military affairs or reinforcement transfers, so all we can do is to let the Demon Resisting Mountain Range know about this attack as soon as possible. Han Yu will need time, so we will have to attack this problem from two angles at the same time. First, we have to force them to expose their whereabouts, and also delay them as much as we can. But this is without doubt extremely dangerous. Ying'er, you will stay here and not participate in this operation. Lin Xin, the same goes for you, the two of you are mages, for whom escaping will be too hard. Cai'er, will remain here to protect you two. Yuanyuan, and Sima Xian, you two will be covering the left and the right side, heading for high mountains on both sides. Take them by surprise, using your strength to cut through the mountain. Then with the rocks in the mountain, make some noise. The noisier the better. Then come back, and regroup with Ying'er and Lin Xin. I will be attacking them in close range, and see whether I can find the chance to kill these Envoy Demons.’’


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