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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 451


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 451: divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon (II)

’’Yes.’’ Everyone replied.

The four wings on Long Haochen's back slowly spread out, and everyone released their wings, arranging in the formation he instructed.

An orange glow shone on his left arm, once again raising the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Light. In his right hand appeared the Aria of the Goddess of Light. This was the most powerful set of equipment Long Haochen had ever possessed.

A golden ring of light rapidly came out of Long Haochen's body. That was Faith Halo, accompanied with Guardian's Favor, Angel's Blessings, Toughness Halo, enveloping the whole group.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light held high above his head, started letting out white heat. His crystal clear eyes shone with a sacred aura. From the Aria of the Goddess of Light, the white heat came out bursting in a flash. Flapping the wings on his back with force, Long Haochen suddenly rose to the air, spreading it into the air.

These weren't exactly flames, but holy power, taking shape all around him. Releasing it like surges of flames in this way, even if it was through the use of a godly sword such as the Aria of the Goddess of Light, it was bound to take a huge toll on Long Haochen's spiritual energy.

But the result was as expected. With his holy power spreading out in such a way, all poisonous fog within a range of a hundred meters disappeared.

’’Go!’’ Long Haochen let out a loud shout, that the others didn't dare neglect. Following him closely, while preserving the formation, their spiritual wings soared in the air.

Long Haochen's flying speed was really fast, and almost instantly, he reached an altitude of over a hundred meters. Then, taking a slight pause, he waited for his mates to catch up. Meanwhile, the radiance from his holy power kept gaining in intensity, breaking up a large portion of the surrounding poison.

Very rapidly, everyone gathered to his side, elevating at a rapid speed. At this time, Long Haochen realized that when spreading out his senses, his perception of the surroundings had become a lot stronger than before.

As expected, the poisonous fog in these Swamps of Gloom was really thick. Even after rising above five hundred meters from ground, they still had yet to leave the range of the poison, with the dark green color still present as far as eye could see. If not for the illumination from Long Haochen's holy power, their line of sight would be pitch black.

’’Be careful everyone.’’ Long Haochen gave a sudden shout, before immediately letting out an orange radiance from his left hand. All everyone got to see was a wide expanse of orange light sprinkling from Long Haochen's hand, enveloping the whole group, before their surroundings turned into an orange world.

What's this? The Shield Wall Technique used by Guardian Knights? It can't be? Everyone was filled with curiosity and shock. Right, what Long Haochen just used was the Shield Wall Technique used by Guardian Knights.

To say nothing of his comrades, even the man himself didn't expect the power of Shield Wall to reach such a level.

Ordinarily, a Guardian Knight's Shield Wall would form a defense only in one direction, protecting the whole body, but that area wouldn't exceed ten square meters, making it a powerful unidirectional defensive skill.

At the time when Long Haochen's Shield Wall, his thoughts were only at forming a defense above them. But who could have expected that after his spiritual energy was injected into the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, it would suddenly let out its orange light. Long Haochen felt as if his senses were attached onto that shield, before the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon expanded by itself. Its original diameter of one meter unexpectedly reached the massive length ten meters, before turning into the shape of a massive orange shell of light enveloping everyone. Deep inside, Long Haochen felt that the divine Snail of Sun and Moon released an aura similar to the sun, making the soft fluctuations of spiritual energy it let out hard to describe.

This gave him a mysteriously reassuring feeling.

’’Pop, pop, pop...’’ A series of knocks could be heard, but inside the Shield Wall, no change could be seen. Even its user Long Haochen didn't feel any impact.

More shockingly, the orange colored divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon suddenly became transparent, like an orange ice crystal, making them able to see through the shell.

With the help of the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, Long Haochen saw that as the surrounding poisonous fog kept getting dispersed by his holy power at an increasingly faster speed, the danger that his instincts suddenly felt was a group of ten centimeters long winged insects. These flying insects had very fierce looks, large heads. Half of their head consisted of a large mouth and the fierce teeth on it. On their backs were wings, that kept letting out green poisonous fog, as they attempted to bite through the defense of the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Individually these flying insects would be nothing more than a joke for Long Haochen's group, as these looked to be at most magical beasts of the second or the third rank.

But in spite of their size, their numbers were really terrifying. The whole outside of the Shield Wall was completely filled with these insects. Even if their attacks were repelled one after another by the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, their numbers were enough to make the external poisonous fog be blotted out. This was terrifyingly a group of at least a billion Poison Flying Insect.

Long Haochen's group then understood what was the most terrifying species in these Swamps of Gloom. When numbers reached a certain threshold, it was bound to produce a qualitative difference. To say nothing of Long Haochen's group, even if the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was here, his only possible way out would be to escape back to the ground.

In this situation, the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon showed an incredible toughness. In itself, it didn't have any offensive ability that could be of harm to the enemy, but was able to rebound the flies, and spread out soft light fluctuation. Every time these fluctuation spread out, a large amount of these flying ants would get shot back, and none of them ended up able to bite at its main part.

At the same time, Long Haochen found out that the spiritual energy consumed by the Shield Wall was in the contrary really tiny. Even when the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon covered such a large area, the consumption of Long Haochen's spiritual energy was only at five percent. Considering his total spiritual energy was a bit more than 14,000 units, this little consumption was almost nothing. It would take only a few breaths for him to recover it through his three spiritual cavities.

’’Fly at full speed to rush out of here!’’ Even if the poisonous fog was even wider, it still had an end. It wouldn't make sense if flying out of it was impossible.

Under the protection of that orange brilliance, Long Haochen's group flew for over a thousand meters, before finally seeing the light again.

As they rushed out of this encirclement, the Poison Flying Insects that were surrounding the Shield Wall finally disappeared. However, everyone inside the Shield Wall was still drenched in cold sweat.

The number of flying bugs was really terrifying. So they were actually the origin of all that poisonous fog. In over a kilometer of poisonous fog, all the space was occupied by those flying insects. There had to be millions and millions of them for that! Without an incredible piece of omnidirectional defensive equipment such as the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, even if a powerhouse of the ninth step stepped in it, he would hardly meet another end than that of food for the Poison Flying Bugs.

As they dashed out, upon reaching the end, the outside divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon darkened by a lot, visibly from the corrosion caused by the poison fog. Had they remained in this poisonous fog any longer, Long Haochen wouldn't dare be certain that the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon would have lasted.

And furthermore, the most terrifying thing was that, in the poison, no other elemental existence could be transferred. At the later stages of his flight, Long Haochen had to rely on his own reserves of spiritual energy, without a way to recover spiritual energy.

It was already the evening. Twilight was shining upon the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, making its orange glint milder, and remarkable.

Long Haochen stopped Shield Wall, taking a breath at the direction of the setting sun. A large amount of light essence immediately flew towards him, replenishing his previous consumption.

Right at this time, Long Haochen suddenly felt a burst of heat from the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. Looking at it, it had a somewhat transparent look. In a flash of light, the shield vanished gradually into his left hand, causing him to lose control over it.

How could this be? Long Haochen was stunned. Was the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon unable to bear the previous corrosion?

Attempting a few times, he was unable to summon the divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon back. It looked that he was yet far from having discovered the mysteries behind that piece of Epic Equipment.

A fresh and clean air filling them, everyone took calm breaths just like Long Haochen, letting the lingering fears still filling them go away.

Lin Xin laughed out, ’’Boss, now that we did destroy a demon god pillar, can't we call ourselves heroes of the Alliance, of humanity?’’

Seeing his excited look, Long Haochen couldn't help but let out a laugh, but didn't utter a word in response.

On the side, Han Yu responded, ’’You are right, but we were heroes from the beginning. The instant we became Demon Hunters, it was already the case. Demon Hunter is a lifelong occupation. This duty may end in three circumstances. The first is by a decision of the Alliance, the second is the case that we aren't able to keep fighting. But the most possible one is by death in the battlefield. As long as the demon side doesn't go extinct, we, Demon Hunters will have to keep contending against them. For the sake of the Alliance, we cannot care about our own lives, and for the humanity, we have to be willing to sacrifice our own lives. How couldn't we be heroes?’’

Lin Xin extraordinarily became silent. His boast stopped, but it still didn't change the fact that on the faces of every Demon Hunter from the 64th squad appeared smiles in spite of themselves.

To fight for the sake of the people, for the sake of humanity. To them, this was only natural.


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