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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 449


Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 449: Starlight divine Beast, divine Snail of Sun and Moon (III)

’’The God of Light is the protector of the world. And I, divine Snail of Sun and Moon, and my kin hoped to restore peace in this world. It's just that until this day, we have yet to really succeeded.’’

At this point, the divine Snail of Sun and Moon clearly became more emotional. Long Haochen listened to him calmly, but for some reason, he unconsciously got the feeling that the words of the divine Snail of of Sun and Moon were extremely important for him to listen.

’’The mission of us, divine Snail of Sun and Light, is really majestic, but at the same time, our fate is tragic. The time the first divine Snail of Sun and Moon appeared, at the same time came a Scion of Light, another Starlight Beast of that time, so called god's chosen one by you humans. That was the Gigantic divine Dragon. The story of that little skeleton was quite one-sided;the reality was really more painful.’’

’’The exalted God of light picked the dragon race because of the great power of dragons, and their ability of self protection, thus making them incomparably powerful with bestowment of the physique as god's chosen one. However, our god overlooked the greediness of the dragons. Perhaps dragons don't necessarily have a tyrannical character, but their natural desire for beautiful thing is incredibly strong. As a result, my ancestor became the first target of tragedy, having been attacked by surprise after that Gigantic Holy Dragon gained his trust, only to become food. That way, that Gigantic Holy Dragon awakened and became a formidable Gigantic divine Dragon, ruling over the world for over a thousand years.

However, he had a defect in his heart...

As his rule was coming to its end due to his greediness, the God of Light became incomparably grieved towards his actions.

As living beings kept reproducing in the continent, the humans gradually revealed their brilliance. Perhaps the human's inner heart could be even darker than the other races, but humans had a creativity that all the other races didn't have. For this reason, our god finally chose a human to become his spokesperson. That was the second Scion of Light, that we were born to protect.

’’My ancestor from this time was fortunate, or at least during his early period. Accompanying that Scion of Light in assiduous training, he saw him become an outstanding talent, that led the human armies and defeated that Gigantic divine Dragon, relying on his understanding of the enemy, and finally became an heroic dragon slayer by killing him. At the same time, this announced the start of the human rule over the continent, known as glorious era of the continent.’’

’’Then, wasn't that a perfect situation?’’ Long Haochen couldn't help but blurt out.

The tone divine Snail of Sun and Light started to sound suddenly furious, ’’Perfect? It was only perfect for humans. In his youth, he was indeed a perfect person. But upon getting older, at the time he started to reach the end of his life, do you know what he did?’’

Looking helpless, Long Haochen shook his head.

The divine Snail of Sun and Moon coldly said, ’’From who knows where, he heard a rumor that eating a starlight beast could grant immortality.’’

Hearing those words, Long Haochen felt a chill on his back. Immediately, he started to grasp his hands fiercely. The others were also overwhelmed with shock;although the divine Snail of Sun and Moon didn't say it explicitly, they clearly understood the following course of events from his words.

’’Then he betrayed his best friend, the best friend who sacrificed everything for him, all for the sake of an illusion, the possibility of immortality. From this came out the real nature of your human race. My second ancestor finally ended up unable to escape the same fate as that first ancestor, but his pain was even greater. That was because he was reduced to the state of food in the hands of his most trusted and beloved person.’’

’’Then, the time I descended onto this world, as the third one of my kind, I had the memories of my both ancestors engraved in me. For this reason, I hated all of you, humans, bitterly. I didn't want, no matter what, to choose to support the human side. I had to find an even better race in this world, to unify it under a better rule.

However, I have no choice but to admit that the human creativity made the continent very beautiful. If a new ruler were to be born, it would very possibly bring about a great calamity. How could I bring myself to bring that kind of outcome? I was really at a loss, and started to lose sight of the reason for my birth. If this world was so peaceful, there should be no reason for a divine Snail of Sun and Moon to be here.

But afterwards, I finally understood. The reason for my birth was very simple. After reproducing for several thousand years, even if you, humans were powerful, beautiful, and your society, science and technology advanced remarkably, the bad human nature gradually came out, and all their dark and filthy sides started coming to the surface. Not long after that, I ran into my supposed target of support, the Scion of Light of that era. But to my anger, that Scion of Light was still a human. Why did it have to be another human? Could it be that our god could only acknowledge this kind of race rooted in evil?

But I had no choice, as I had my own mission. And then I finally understood the reason why my ancestor was so dead set on that Scion of Light. A human Scion of Light is an almost flawless existence. His kindness, courage, wiseness and power, almost his whole being could be seen as something perfect. I unawarely ended up attracted by him, but right as I was about to express my desire to support him with my all, something happened. He seems to have had a very intense experience, and completely changed, becoming mad, incomparably mad. Then he ran, splitting ways with me. At that time, I was perplexed and didn't understand what he experienced. Even now, I still don't know. But at the time he returned, twenty years later, he had become a terrifying existence. Something even a god would fear. That was the one you were speaking about, the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.

At this point, Long Haochen couldn't help but let out a gasp, unconsciously looking at the Ninth Holy Guard.

At this moment, the Ninth Holy Guard became extremely stirred.

’’Little skeleton, if you know the reason why Elux became that way at that time, could you tell me? That would clear up the doubt that had remained in my heart all this time.’’ The divine Snail of Sun and Moon asked the Ninth Holy Guard.

The Ninth Holy Guard appeared at a loss, before shaking his head, ’’I don't know either. At the time I encountered master, he was already known as the Slumbering Calamity Elux, the most powerful necromancer of all time. So you were really the divine Snail of Sun and Moon of that time. I still remember that you had a conversation with master, but disappeared after that. Could it be that master didn't tell you back then?’’

The divine Snail of Sun and Moon lightly shook his head, ’’That's right. After his return, I discussed once with him, hoping to understand and to persuade him. But the Elux from that time had already changed completely, becoming totally hysterical and unreasonable. He seemed only preoccupied with strength, but I could see that his soul was contaminated by something, deceiving and filling him with wrath. I don't know why he did that, but I can be certain that something happened to his body.’’

’’As the spokesman of order and peace that I am, he invited me to accompany him in changing the world, cleaning all the human filth. But how could I commit such disastrous acts with him? In the end, none of us managed to convince him, and all I could do was to leave, leave forever, in order to avoid encountering the same ending as my ancestors. Since then, I haven't met him ever again.’’

At this point, the divine Snail of Sun and Moon stared at Long Haochen's face with a firm look, ’’For this reason, the Scion of Light you are, shouldn't come to a hasty verdict. It's true that Elux was the origin of the terrible catastrophe that fell upon humans, but I am certain that some extreme pain was filling his heart, causing even his nature to change in such way. In reality, the kindness that is so symbolic of Scions of Light still remained in the depths of his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn't have let me go, and wouldn't have harmed a single civilian in the terrible war that followed later.’’

All he did was to defeat the human armies and slaughter many of the nobles. I hope to understand him, to understand the story behind his acts. I don't know what happened to Elux, but I dare say that it must have been a very significant event.

’’In the blink of an eye, so many years passed already. Everything that was here before disappeared, and Elux isn't here anymore. I know about the descent of the demons as well. Perhaps, it could be to punish you humans for your greediness and evil nature that they appeared. I also sensed your appearance. The Scion of Light is pure, but the purer an existence is, the more it is intolerant to little imperfections. If there was a quality I could hope to give you, that would be tolerance. No matter when, and no matter what experience you will encounter, if you can remain magnanimous and tolerant in all circumstances, perhaps will you see the world differently.’’

Hearing the words of the Snail of Sun and Moon, Long Haochen nodded earnestly, engraving all the words of this ancestor that lived in fear for close to ten thousand years in his mind.

He couldn't deny the evil nature of humans, and this was the first time he heard these stories about the former Scions of Light, the words of the snail rang a loud alarm bell in his heart.

’’Thank you for your warning, senior. In my current state, I have no way to protect you, but I will engrave inside of me everything you told me. I will maybe come to look for you in the future, and I hope that at that time, I will be able to stand in front of you with a clear conscience.’’

Long Haochen's words were earnest, and the comrades by his side seemed to be all staring at him. Everyone had accepted to obey him willingly, and could attest that at least since they met up, Long Haochen could absolutely have a clear conscience regarding everything he did.


However, the divine Snail of Sun and Moon shook its head to these words, letting out a sigh, ’’Unfortunately, I cannot see you. Can you guess what I realized over these past thousands years regarding my kin? I finally understood what my two ancestors did wrong. But in this life, even if I attempt a new try, I won't commit the same mistake.’’


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