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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 446


Chapter 446: The Secret of the Aria of the Goddess of Light (III)

The feeble Haoyue immediately returned to his original world. And now, Long Haochen started to finally understand why the Demon God Emperor attempted to look for him in the past. That was because his power was a threat to the very root of the demons, given his capability to destroy demon god pillars.

Making a fist with both his hands, and holding them tight, Long Haochen turned back to look at the comrades behind him.

’’We won!’’

’’Yes, we won!’’

Long Haochen extended his right hand, and Sima Xian, Han Yu, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying'er placed theirs above his, one after another. Cai'er looked a bit hesitant, but still placed her tender hand above Chen Ying'er's in the end. Long Haochen than added his hand hand on top of hers. Then he suddenly gave out another loud shout, ’’We have won!’’

The pain he had these days seemed to have all been vented out, and gripping Cai'er's hand, he let the feelings that have been constrained in him burst out at once.

In front of his comrades, Long Haochen always showed his serious self, so this may be the first time he showed such an impassioned side. Only now did the others present beside him realize that this young knight that had been pulling them forward had still yet to reach his twenties.

The exuberant mood didn't last for too long, and after a temporary stir of emotions, Long Haochen returned to his usual calm and composed self. In a deep voice, he said, ’’Everyone let's rest and regroup by the entrance of the cave, before going to explore it. After this, we should leave this place as fast as possible. We don't know whether the other demon gods will show some reaction from the destruction of one of their seventy-two pillars. This place is definitely not suited for us to stay.’’

Everyone nodded at these words, returning to the cave to gather. The one who needed the most rest was Long Haochen, who sat down and focused on his cultivation, surrounded by the others, who were all resting on their own. Although the battle that just happened was short, everyone was mentally exhausted to different extent. Now that they could relax and let their guard down a bit, exhaustion immediately washed over them. Perhaps this exhaustion was piling up ever since the day they entered the demon territory.

The four holy guards were standing outside the cavern, calmly gazing afar. At this moment, due to the descent of the goddess of light and the destruction of the demon god pillar, the air in the Swamps of Gloom seemed been cleaned and have some fresh air. At least as far as the eye could see, the misty poisonous fog dispersed, and in this scope, the air even carried some the fresh taste of sunlight.

The Swamps of Gloom returned to their calm, and although this Land of Death wasn't so rich in breath of life, the aura of death once reeking was at least concealed by all the mud. The power of great nature was just that great and terrifying. Be it humans or demons, all living beings only seemed to be part of the food chain.

Long Haochen didn't rest for too long, and after roughly half an hour, his eyes were already open.

’’Sima, guard the entrance along with the ninth, tenth, and twelfth holy guards. If anything happens, have the tenth holy guard enter to inform us. The others, follow me.’’ Standing up once again, Long Haochen immediately gave these orders,

The reason for having Sima Xian stay was simple, the aftereffects from the Purple Godly Thunder still had yet to disappear. And if something happens inside the cave, he will have difficulty to respond.

Sima Xian nodded, then gripping his Gigantic Ball of Light, he sat on vines near the entrance of the cave. The ice specialist Eleventh Holy Guard then appeared and accompanied Long Haochen's group inside the cave.

The reason to take the Eleventh Holy Guard along was simple, first for his knowledge and experience, and then because a lot of his abilities were control-oriented.

Long Haochen was the vanguard, with Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan on his two sides. Lin Xin, Chen Ying'er, and the Eleventh Holy Guards were in the middle, and finally, Cai'er was in the rear.

Although danger didn't have high odds to appear on the rear, Cai'er still remained a close quarters fighter no matter what one would say. Given that her control over her abilities was growing with time, with her on the rear, Long Haochen would also be able to relax.

The greenish black vines lingered continuously, stretching without end.

But to everyone's astonishment, these vines seemed to be issuing a mild light. For this reason, while coming down, the cave wasn't dark.

The whole interior of the cave didn't look smaller as it kept stretching, and remained well proportioned from beginning to end. The inclination wasn't important either. The deeper they went, the light produced by the surrounding vines was instead even brighter.

With a faint flicker of green light, Long Haochen felt a bizarre feeling grow in him.

From the beginning, when he entered that cave, in his heart was feeling some resonance. Of course, he couldn't possibly know about the identity of the treasure inside in advance, but this feeling of closeness felt like it came from its element.

The Mirror Image Treasure Pig McDull gave him the information about this place from a rather far distance, which signalized that the treasure had some attunement to light. And when they baited the Devil Snake Demon God inside, Long Haochen had already a clear feeling that the information relayed by McDull was right, that this place contained an overwhelming existence of light.

At the time they were at the entrance of the cave, although the light element didn't feel overwhelming, it still contained an extreme purity. It didn't have the slightest impurity, which showed hardly any difference of level with Long Haochen's own attribute as a god's chosen one. It was only that this light attribute appeared a lot gentler than Long Haochen's, without any offensive vocation.

After entering the cave, Long Haochen didn't feel any existence of threat. However, the battle against the Saw Skate King serving him more than enough of a warning, no matter what the situation was, he stayed extremely vigilant. The battle against the Devil Snake Demon God and the Forest Boa King opened his horizons even further. In battle, strength was very important, but scheming also played an important part! For this reason, although the cordiality he felt from the cave kept getting stronger, Long Haochen didn't become careless. While spreading out his senses, every step he took was extremely careful and minute, and deliberately increased the distance separating him to his comrades behind.

McDull was already put down by Chen Ying'er, running in the front. Though, he wasn't as careful as Long Haochen, and advanced with his eyes twinkling, swinging his plump legs forward. Seeing him now, who would guess that this little guy would be actually able to imitate the appearance and aura of the Demon God Emperor?

A soft light spread out in the air, and the surrounding vines gradually became colored in the same jade color as the Forest Boa King. The whole cave had this dazzling look.

’’McDull, slow down a bit.’’ Chen Ying'er called him out suddenly from behind. But instead, McDull suddenly accelerated, running forward swiftly. The way forward suddenly curved, forcing a left turn at the corner. Like that, all traces of McDull's figure disappeared.

Long Haochen who was standing at the front of the group, naturally an intense start. The four wings on his back spread out abruptly, and traced an accurate golden arc at the arc of the curve, chasing after McDull. If the Tenth Holy Guard was here, he would definitely have exclaimed in admiration from the flight control of Long Haochen.

When everyone turned at the curve, they immediately stopped their steps, and the same went for Long Haochen. McDull was already grabbed in his arms, but in front of them appeared an overwhelming scene.

McDull kept groaning in Long Haochen's arms, letting out sounds akin to moans, visibly excited. Long Haochen's expression looked somewhat blank, because the scene before his eyes was really too stunning. Could that so-called treasure be...

At this time, the surrounding vines were already golden due to the reflection, and as soon as they took that turn, everyone immediately sunk into that golden ocean.

The intense light essence was totally devoid of impurities, and a soft and gentle golden radiance assaulted their eyes, sinking inside, and giving off an inescapable cozy feeling.

This feeling was really wonderful, especially for the light element wielders Long Haochen and Han Yu. Long Haochen tolerated it well enough because his own spiritual energy was originally an existence of this grade, so when bathing inside, he only felt that the thin golden mist was echoing with himself. Han Yu's senses being very sharp, he felt his internal spiritual energy boil violently, rinsing him of his impurities. Forcefully restraining himself, he still managed to stop himself from getting affected while groaning.

They were already at the end of the cave, where they found out that the intense light essence was an existence that Long Haochen absolutely didn't expect to see.

Reaching the end of the cave, it suddenly became enormous. The owner of that dazzling golden light was unexpectedly an immense snail.

The shell of this snail was over five meters long, and that glowing light was dispersed from that shell. Outside of its body glowed a translucent brilliance, while its inside was full of faint golden colored specks of light. Two long and soft horns were swaying around it, and it had a pair of pitch-black eyes. Also looking blankly at Long Haochen's group, its look especially stagnated on Long Haochen.

Its shell was indeed really beautiful, forming a close to perfect round. Circles of spiral patterns were gathered horizontally on it. Neatly organized and elegant, it seemed to be an infinite surface of reflected bright light. On its center lay a protrusion.

Although that was no more but a snail, Long Haochen and his comrades were all certain that it was the first time they had seen such a beautiful magical beast in their lives. Its beauty even surpassed a Starlight Unicorn in Long Haochen's mind, as if it was a part of light.

’’So beautiful! What kind of magical beast could that be?’’ Chen Ying'er muttered lightly. She asked the question present in everyone's hearts ,be it Long Haochen or the rest of the group, no one felt any threat from that existence.

However, that large snail didn't see them that way. As if sensing Chen Ying'er's amazement, it let out a swishing sound and retracted itself in its shell.


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