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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 445


Chapter 445: Secret of the Aria of the Goddess of Light (II)

Now that the effects of the joint magic between the ninth and the eleventh holy guards were gradually disappearing, the swamps were recovering their sogginess.

Lin Xin also came out from the cave. Seeing the satisfied look on his face, it was visible that the corpse of the Snake Devil Demon God was done being handled.

’’Boss should we go for a treasure hunt in this cave?’’ Lin Xin suggested in high spirits.

However, he very quickly realized that Long Haochen's attention wasn't focused on the treasures in the cave, and that he was instead gazing at the nearby demon god pillar.

That massive pillar had already lost its original splendor. Standing there for so long, it looked like nothing more than an ordinary stele. A huge snake shaped sculpture was spiralling around it, though the red light in its eyes was a lot dimmer.

’’Boss, you can't be thinking of attempting to destroy this demon god pillar?’’ Lin Xin unconsciously asked, but to his astonishment, Long Haochen actually nodded to him in confirmation.

Seeing Long Haochen, the others couldn't help but show surprised expressions.

Ever since the dark era from six thousand years ago, uncountable demon gods died, but until this day, none of the seventy-two demon god pillars were ever destroyed. With regards to this, the Temple Alliance put too much efforts, but even with the might of divine artifacts, they were still unable to destroy any of those demon god pillars.

But at the very moment, Long Haochen was actually showing the intent to destroy this demon god pillar. Even if everyone had trust and belief in him, they still had the feeling that he was overestimating his capabilities.

How could Long Haochen not know of the toughness of the demon god pillar? He after all personally saw what the result of the full force attack of the internal pill of the Forest Boa King against it. But he also knew that the seventy-demon pillars of the demon gods were their foundations. As long as these seventy-two weren't destroyed, wanting the Temple Alliance to defeat the demon race would be no more than wishful dreaming.

Currently, Andromalius was defeated by them, and his demon god pillar, exposed in front of their eyes. Since that was the last and weakest of the demon god pillars, how could Long Haochen not be tempted?

’’I want to try it out.’’ Long Haochen's tone couldn't be considered determined, but seemed somehow emotional. Affected by his emotions, everyone gradually started to carry solemn looks.

Sima Xian carried his Energetic Ball of Light, ’’Boss, let me try first.’’


Right at this time, a low roar came suddenly, breaking off Sima Xian's suggestion.

That low roar came from Haoyue.

Long Haochen looked at his old partner with amazement. Clearly, Haoyue's mood felt abnormal.

Seeing that massive demon god pillar, Haoyue's mind somehow seemed to be disordered. Long Haochen immediately sensed that Haoyue's mood was even going out of his own control.

With a sort of rashness that would be hard to describe, pain spread out from Haoyue's heart, even getting transmitted to Long Haochen.

His five large heads were lifted upwards at the same time, roaring in rage. Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green, Little Blue and Little Purple were sharing the same state of mind, filled with an indescribable rage, filled with a desperate wrath.

Immediately, an intense purple glow spread out from Haoyue's body.

Long Haochen realized to his astonishment that after this purple glow appeared, flames started to blaze all around Haoyue's body.

’’Haoyue, don't!’’ Turning pale with fright, Long Haochen attempted to stop him, because he sensed that Haoyue was igniting the very source of his own life.


Haoyue's five large heads were turned around at the same time, even raving with some cruelty at Long Haochen. Immediately, the pair of massive wings on his back unfolded, carrying his massive body straight towards the demon god pillar.

Purple flames were rising more and more violently, and at this moment Haoyue looked like an unruly kid, whose incomparable stubbornness was something even Long Haochen didn't managed to tame.

At the time his distance from the demon god pillar reached twenty meters, his massive body started to stagnate in the air.

Long Haochen suddenly had an impression, that as the purple flames rising around Haoyue drew closer, the demon god pillar was actually trembling a bit.

How could that be? The demon god pillar is shaking?

In the midst of Long Haochen's puzzlement, Haoyue made his move.

The intense purple flames abruptly started gathering above him. Immediately, Haoyue simultaneously roared with his five large heads, and five glows appeared, shot out from them.

These were five bizarre crystals, somewhat resembling each of his five heads. Colored golden, red, green, blue and purple, these five crystals were floating atop of Haoyue's five large heads. But as released, those purple flames were frantically rushing forth, as if following his intent.

The five crystals were slowly flying, forming a circular formation. Each of the five went in one direction, as that purple fire gathered in the middle of the area formed by the crystals.

The previously massive purple flames rapidly shrank to the size of a fist, but glowing with intense purple golden light.

Gradually, this purplish golden ball of light expanded, taking the shape of an arrow.

Haoyue's five heads growled simultaneously, after that, the arrow was sent almost immediately at the demon god pillar. While it was launched, Haoyue's massive body disappeared, and the five crystals returned inside him. One could clearly see that each of Haoyue's five heads was letting out blood, his body fluctuating with spiritual energy in the meantime.

Long Haochen had always been keeping watch over Haoyue's situation, and some of his spiritual energy having already recovered, he immediately dashed at him, the four holy guards following closely. Only the Tenth Holy Guard outran Long Haochen, immediately heading toward Haoyue, trying to bear his weight.

However, Haoyue was indeed too massive. As for his enormous weight, the wind specialized Tenth Holy Guard seemed unable to bear it, especially when getting in contact with the purple intent disseminated from him, weakening him.

This time, a yellow glint shone upon Haoyue, greatly reducing his weight. Long Haochen led the rest to gather and look over Haoyue.

In the meantime, the purplish golden arrow had accurately hit the demon god pillar. Under everyone's watch, it turned into a brilliant ray that made its way inside the demon god pillar, still unmoving.

Originally still somewhat hopeful, the expressions on the faces of the others darkened immediately. Right! Even if Haoyue is powerful, how could he damage a demon god pillar? It's almost a wonder why they were so expectant.

But as everyone was feeling Haoyue's sadness, Long Haochen suddenly cried out in alarm in front of the demon god pillar stormed by attacks, ’’Take a look’’

Long Haochen's perception was far beyond anyone else's, and as that purple glow of light disappeared, he also believed that Haoyue's attack turned out ineffective. But quickly, his feeling changed.

That was because he sensed the massive trembling from the demon god pillar before, replaced by a sense of deathly stillness, as if about to collapse. The aura coming out from it was full of desperation.

Purple light reappeared, spreading from the inside to the outside. In the beginning, that purple light was very weak, only rippling weakly on this demon god pillar. But as time went on, it started gaining in power, and tiny cracks started appearing on that massive demon god pillar.

Sima Xian shouted madly, violently swinging his Energetical Ball of Light. The spiritual wings on his back spread out, and advanced toward that massive demon god pillar at full speed.

A tremendous metallic sound came along with sorts of ear piercing whizzes, busting out loudly as it smashed against the demon god pillar.


The area hit by the Gigantic Ball of Light was actually destroyed, and countless dark green glows splattered around. A purplish golden color started to burst out from within at a freakish speed.

Vaguely, one could hear innumerable mournful screams coming out from that demon god pillar, as if many souls were targeted along with the massive destruction.

’’Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang...’’ With loud successive booms, the energetical substance, dark red light that seemed to form the demon god pillar started to scatter around, and the whole Swamps of Gloom shook from that.

A buzzing sound rang out in all the demon provinces, especially those gathered by the frontier. It seemed that all the demon god pillars were uttering sad calls from the destruction of that one, and even the Devil Dragon Pillar belonging to the Demon God Emperor was no exception.

Right, in the shared history of humanity and demons, a demon god pillar was finally destroyed completely on this day. In other words, no more Devil Snake Demon God would appear in the whole continent.

Long Haochen and his sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hunt Squad brought a new tide, as if symbolizing the turn of the battle between the human and the demon side that until now maintained parity.

Staring blankly at that destroyed demon god pillar, everyone was in a particular state of mind. Mostly, they weren't excited, but moved. It could be said that the hatred all of them had for demons was deeply rooted. The occurrence of the destruction of one of the highest symbols of the demons held even more meaning than their possible future breakthrough to the ninth step.

Many human powerhouses of the ninth step appeared in history, but this was the first time one of the demon god pillars god destroyed! An incomparably precious first time, the seventy-two demon god pillars just became seventy-one.

In some sense, the most important point was that Long Haochen and his crew proved that the seventy-two demon god pillars weren't indestructible. Destroying them was possible, and this information was just incomparably important to the Alliance.


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